7 Best 32-inch Smart TV In India 2021

This article is a roundup of the best 32-inch smart TV in India for all you beginner folks who want to invest in a smart television but do not prefer very big TV screens. 

Let us begin without further ado. 

Best 32-inch Smart TV In India

1. Oneplus Y Series LED Smart TV

There are many brands that have very recently jumped on the smart TV manufacturing bandwagon. OnePlus is one such brand that has recently started selling their own smart TVs. 

OnePlus Y Series model we have here is one of their latest launches and is a 32-inch, fully black, smart LED TV. It has an HD Ready resolution of 1366 x 768p and an excellent refresh rate of 60 hertz. This refresh rate is a fantastic feature since it means your display is much clearer.

OnePlus also has an excellent range of connectivity options. It has two HDMI cables for connecting set-top boxes, Blu-Ray players, and gaming consoles. It also has two USB ports to connect hard drives, pen drives, and other USB devices. More ports let you connect more devices and are convenient for the user. 

OnePlus has a Dolby Audio system for the sound and powerful 20-watt box speakers. This sound is rich and immersive and ensures that you can enjoy high-quality, crystal clear audio with everything you play on your OnePlus. 

As with all intelligence, OnePlus television has a wide variety of content that you can watch from many different streaming websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime. There is also a voice command through Google Assistant, and you can easily give orders to your TV, and it will do it.

2. Mi 4A PRO HD Ready Android LED TV

Mi 4A PRO is a newer model from the brand and has already been acclaimed for its features and advantages. Mi 4A PRO is 32 inches in size and has an HD Ready display. This type of display gives stunning quality and has such authentic colors. It is almost as if you saw it live!

Mi 4A PRO is equipped with Patchwall 3.0, the latest version. This page brings all your content and streaming platforms to one place to make your life easier. You can browse and watch thousands of movies and series through these platforms. You never have to worry about being bored at home. 

Mi 4A PRO offers ports to connect your set-top boxes and gaming consoles, hard drives and pen drives, and other HDMI or USB devices without hassles since it has 3 of the former and 2 of the latter. 

It is equipped with the DTS-HD sound system and has two powerful 20-watt speakers. This makes your viewing experience even better with rich audio and clear dialogues that fill the room. 

This Mi 4A PRO Android Smart TValso has Chromecast built-in and Google Voice Assistant to control your TV using just voice commands. There is a ton of content you can stream and all with just a voice command!

3. Samsung Wondertainment Series HD ready Smart TV

The 32-inch smart TV in the Wondertainment series by Samsung has a pack of cool features that can make watching a lot more exciting and fun. 

The Smart TV has an HD Ready resolution and an impressive refresh rate of 60 hertz. This value is the most preferred in TV displays since it gives you an optimized viewing experience while making sure your screen is updated regularly. 

The 32-inch wondertainment series has an impressive new feature, one where your TV can turn into a music system! Yes, now your TV can double up as a virtual music system to give you a great experience, that too with different modes. 

This series has a High Dynamic Range (HDR) which gives you a brighter and better display. It allows you to see all the colors on screen even when it is dark, so you are going to have a rich video quality.

You can also use your Samsung TV as a computer. A mode is provided to convert your TV into your personal computer and start working. You can surf the internet, mirror your laptop screen onto the TV, or access a remote computer from the comfort of your sofa. 

Samsung Wondertainment also has an intelligent sensor that can choose tailor-made content for you instead of wasting time searching for what you like from so many choices. With platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and so many more, you never have to worry about running out of content to watch.

4. LG HD Ready Smart LED TV

LG 32-inch TV was released just in 2020 and has already become famous for its affordability despite being a smart TV. The LG smart TV has a myriad of features, all packed into one beautiful body.

The slim TV has thin bezels to give more space to the screen, and it can make viewing easier for the user due to its wide viewing angle. The design is sophisticated yet straightforward, and the dark Iron Gray color adds to its elegance and class.

The LG TV has two HDMI ports for connecting your game consoles or set-top boxes and one USB port for connecting hard drives or pen drives. This is especially useful if you want to connect another device to your TV or watch content stored in a drive on your TV. 

The LG HD Ready TV has a WebOS built-in and access to a ton of content from multiple streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney Hotstar. You can also go online and surf the internet or find online content to stream on your TV directly.

The sound system on this television is the DTS Virtual:X, and it is equipped with two 10 watt speakers. With the Dolby Atmos audio on your TV, you are guaranteed to have an immersive sound and theatre-like experience while watching the content you love. 

5. Kodak 32-inches HD Certified Android LED TV

The Kodak 32-inch smart TV is a 2020 model and has done well for itself, no doubt. The TV is extremely affordable but also comes with a lot of features. 

The TV has an impressive 500 nits of brightness that brings a great deal of clarity and detail to your display. Even darker scenes will be more precise and of higher quality with this feature. 

The Kodak TV is enabled to apply various levels of contrast to your screen so you can have the best image quality possible. This is a great boon when you are playing a game on your TV. 

The Kodak 7XPRO series has over 5000 apps and games built-in and leaves no doubt that you will never run out of content to watch or games to stream on your TV. It comes with every possible streaming platform you can imagine, like Netflix, MX player, Disney Hotstar, and whatnot.

The TV has a dedicated remote control that is basic yet contains all the features. It has shortcuts for all the leading streaming platforms like YouTube, Prime Video, and Sony Liv. The remote is slim and sleek and is easy to handle as well. It also comes with Google Assistant so you can use voice commands to control your Kodak TV.

6. TCL 32-inch HD Ready certified Android Smart TV

The TCL 32-inch TV has an HD Ready resolution of 1366 x 768p which guarantees maximum quality images. It comes with an impressive 60-hertz refresh rate. Higher refresh rates ensure a smoother transition between images, thereby resulting in an excellent motion picture. 

TCL types of television has an A+ grade display HD Ready panel. This panel meets the expectations of the highest industry requirements. This feature means it has a very minutely detailed quality and rich colors filling the screen. 

TCL has also included Micro dimming as a feature in this smart TV. Micro dimming essentially analyzes each frame in the picture or video. It adjusts it in such a way that when viewed as a whole, the video or image quality is wonderful. You can see more colors on the screen and increased quality in pictures.

TCL also offers good connectivity options via two HDMI ports and two USB ports. You can easily connect your laptop, pen drive, or hard drive to the USB port and gaming consoles or Blu Ray players via the HDMI ports. 

In addition, the television also some exciting features like intelligent sound. This new feature is capable of detecting the content you are watching and adjusting the volume accordingly. You no longer have to worry about having to change the volume every time you change the channel!

7. VW 32-inches HD Ready LED Smart TV

VW 32-inches has an excellent display resolution of 1366 x 768p and a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. A higher degree of wide viewing angle means you can comfortably view the screen from different angles without having to strain your neck. 

The VW TV has an exciting feature called the Cinema Zoom. This feature allows you to choose between two different viewing modes. When you are viewing a movie, you can opt for a widescreen and when you are watching other types of content or playing a game, perhaps, you can change it to a normal viewing mode.

VW has the M-Cast, which has access to all the possible streaming platforms and thousands of movies, music, and videos. You can access all the best content right there on the screen without a worry in the world. 

It has the screen mirroring option, which allows you to mirror whatever you are watching on your laptop or phone directly to your VW TV. You can also choose to connect your PC via wires. You can also connect your headphones and enjoy your favorite music and movies.

Which 32-inch Smart TV Is The Best For You?

Smart televisions are quite the rage now, with a wide range of them being manufactured by almost all television brands. Even some new brands have stepped in with their products recently. 

From the list of top 32-inch smart TVs in our list, there are different factors based on which you can choose the best one for you. Below are a few tips and recommendations to help you get by. 

Now is the time to invest in the Mi 4A PRO HD Ready LED TV if you are a budget-conscious user. As one of the most affordable televisions on the list, the Mi 4A PRO is also feature-rich with a lot of exciting new attributes. 

If you are okay with shelling out a few extra bucks in exchange for a lot more features, the Samsung Wondertainment series is your best choice. For a minimally additional cost, you can have access to a lot more wonderful features and content.

If you are somewhere in the middle, not ready to spend much but would still like to have access to some exciting features, look no further than the OnePlus Y Series Smart Android TV. It has both affordability as well as variety and offers a lot of impressive features that are way more worthy than what you pay for them.

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