10 Best Air Blower in India 2021

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

Everyone wants to clean their space so that it can give the feeling of happiness, so does our researcher and writer research so much. To get a neat area, they have searched several products for days just to pick the best one.

Black and Decker are known as the best air blower in India because it is the one which helps to clean the entire dust from your surroundings. It is ideal for personal and commercial uses.

The use of air blowers can make our life easy and convenient as it is the product of regular cleaning. You can get options like speed selector as per your utility as well as it also has the easy to dust cleaning box, which you can remove to clean it easily. Well, it is not the end as we have prepared a complete buying guide for the best air blower in India.

How many types of air blowers are available in the Indian market?

Three major types of air blowers that are easily available in the Indian market that you should know before shopping for air blowers. 

  1. Walk-behind: It is designed for the large lawns which you can take and walk freely.
  2. Handheld: It is designed for small lawns that you can use for small debris.
  3. Backpack: The bigger air blower that one can carry over back when cleaning.

What factors to consider while shopping for an air blower?

Well, any shopping requires special consideration, and when it comes to shopping air blower we always look for the factor like:

  • Type: It should be on the top while picking the best air blower in India. It should be chosen as per your needs.
  • Power: The power consumption of the air blower is the must check. It should be better to check so that you can get the things done before purchasing it. 
  • Speed: An adjustable speed feature is what you need to check in the air blower. This helps in better use and flexibility.
  • Cost: It is the device that can come at an affordable price, so any brand that charges a higher amount should need to review twice. As well as you should compare why they are charging so high.
  • Noise: It is useful to clean the surroundings to ease your work and give you comfort so any discomfort, sound, or noise would not be right. 

Best Air Blower in India 2021 & Buyers Guide

1. Bosch GBL-800E 820-Watt Air Blower

  • It comes with an adjustable option in speed.
  • The power consumption is 820w.
  • The product has a 4.3 mA3 capacity of airflow.
  • You can get suction mode.
  • It has a compact size and lighter weight.
  • The price tag is cheap.
  • Multi purpose cleaning mode as you can clean the air conditioner, heater, refrigerator, etc.

Bosch is a valuable product that is known as the best air blower in India due to its speed technology. It comes with the 4.3  capacity of the flow of air to locate the dust and grab it. The functionality is kept simple for keeping in mind the general users, so those who do not have an idea using the air blower before can get no problem.

It has an extreme power range of 820 watts along with 4.5 mA3 per minute. It appears the most stylish product in the category of the air blower. The machine is designed using the suction mode so that part of the car internally gets clean properly. It is handy to carry and can quickly move from here to there.

Every single specification is supreme with quality as experts have tested it for a long time before starting the manufacture for the customers. The chances of error are very less or no. The company further offers a manual guide for the customer so that they do not have to worry about any features and their understanding.

So, satisfy your hunger about air blowers by getting this product as well as you will recommend this to your native or friends to buy it after knowing the advantages.

2. BLACK+DECKER VH802 800-Watt Vacuum Cleaner and Blower

  • 0.9 lt. Bowl capacity with transparency.
  • It comes with a turbo brush.
  • Effective blowing technique used.
  • It comes with Additional attachments.
  • 220-240 voltage along with 800 watts power.
  • It is better customer support at any time for anywhere.

Black & Decker also has a variety of products or the best air blower in India list.800 Watts strong capacity of power, this vacuum cleaner is right to use in the office and home to clean most tin dust particles. 

The company is giving the dust collecting container in the transparent form so that you can see the process of collecting dust efficiently. It has 900 ml capacity so that at once, you can clean your entire space at one go.

The device comes with the turbo brush so that it can keep protection of your motor and promote hygiene for long. The product simply has eight kinds of attachments, which you can use, such as multi-purpose brush, turbo brush, extension tubes in two quantities, hose with the best flexibility, shoulder strap, etc.

To help their customer, the company is also giving a warranty along with the user manual. If any of the customers are able to understand the operation of the air blower, they can read the manual and read it.

The company in their air blower is giving a voltage of 220 watts to 240 watts. With all the fancy features, the rates are very minimal and cheap.

3. Stanley 600-Watt Variable Speed Blower

  • It comes with a nozzle made up of rubber.
  • It gives uber flexibility.
  • It comes with the attached Vacuum cleaner.
  • The lock feature is also there.
  • A 3-meter long cord is given to move.
  • Ergonomically styled and designed.
  • 600W rating of power.
  • It has both suction and blows.

The yellow color used in the air blower of the Stanley is enough to grab the entire attraction of the people. The best air blower in India has high demand, and it is known as the best Amazon choice product. 

Stanley is offering this machine with the attached vacuum option that adds stars to the product. It is demanding because of the way it cleans up space. The comfortable product has the smartest range also.

No matter what space is, it would work unconsciously well. It eradicates the dullness and makes things shine. The wattage of the device is light with a stylish outer structure and color. 

The product is designed using the nozzle that is again made up of rubber material to grab the dust quickly by blowing the air in a particular area. Safety is the measure of concern when we use the electronic device, so the company is giving safety features like a lock. You can simply lock the machine after use. 

An air blower should have long, long cable so that the machine can move freely in every corner where cleaning is required. With 699 of rating power, it has both suction as well as blows options.

4. Bosch GBL 620-Watt Air Blower

  • The weight is minimal for easy carrying, just 1.7 kg.
  • The overall dimension is 33.40mm x 23.19mm x 22.40mm
  • It has a 3.5m per minute rate of airflow.
  • The ideal of versatile cleaning.
  • Useful of personal or professional space.

Bosch has a variety of products available in the sector of the air blower. Every blower by the company known as the best air blower in India. So, any product you picked by the company would be right for you.

The company always promises to their beloved customers to give the most excellent service and clean up space in the office, home, garden, etc. Not only this, it can be treated well with machinery parts, woodwork, sites, etc.

It is an entirely trustable brand that you should get in your home — moving towards its features; then, it has 620 watts of total power consumption.  The power consumption is so good to grab all the dust. The device has the power to perform onerous operations well. It is perfect in overall operational things. 

Every material used in the making of air blowers is shortlisted after the advice of the experts. It has unbreakable material used, so whenever you use it in multiple places, it can give the best service. 

Apart from that, the product has received a significant rating on Amazon and is known as the best selling product as well. The price of the model is kept as considering the budget of the customers.

5. Black + Decker BDB530 530-Watt Air Blower

  • Huge bad for dust collecting.
  • It also comes with a vacuum facility.
  • The device is easy to operate.
  • It has a lock feature.
  • It controlled airflow direction due to the nozzle of a rubber.

What can be better than an air blower which has the power to work as the vacuum cleaner for you? The specially crafted Black and decker air blower is the best air blower in India. It comes in the beautiful orange color so that you can place it anywhere without decreasing the look for your interior.

It makes a great deal with a vacuum feature, which also increases its affordability and durability. It has the potential to clean space in less than a minute on which you used to spend an hour approx. Everyone knows the brand as the company has been in business for years. 

The client base is also so strong because of the constant quality offer by the company. The machine has 530 power watt capacity. It can clean or gather all the dry or dead leaves from your lawn or garden as well as work on the delicate electronic device smoothly.  

It has a capacity of 3.5 per minute of airflow. The company is giving the motor that is uber in quality as well as DIY based.  It can satisfy all your needs at just a few bucks of spending. In case of further queries, you check the Amazon rating also.

6. FERM EBM1003 Mini Air Blower

  • It comes with a cheap price tag and affordability.
  • It has a dual use; vacuum and air cleaning.
  • The weight is extremely light and small.
  • The trash can be collected in the vacuum bag.
  • It comes with a long cable for moving freely up to 3 m.

The problem of daily cleaning can be solved by the use of the FERM air blower. It makes a busy life a little easy. The method is simple, but the work is sufficient. It comes with the feature of ultra-lightweight as well as known as the best air blower in India.

It is ideally designed for the purpose of saving your precious time. You do not need to put your heart in cleaning as hands like FERM are enough, though.It has a fast working process as well as comfortable handling so that you do not have to feel extra pain. 

Apart from that, the makers offer 400 watts of power capacity in the machine. The machine can further offer a 3-meter cube/min speed.  It is ideal for its price and reasonable rates. Every feature is used after the valuable advice of the experts so that you do not have to worry about anything.

The device also has the nozzle made up of rubber, which goes easily in the direction where you direct it and clean the space so well that you can not do it by hand also. The wire or cable is also long so that it can go to the extreme corner.

7. Elmico 100% Copper Binding Variable Speed Air Blower

  • It has 100% copper binding.
  • Useful to clean PC and other electronic devices.
  • Speed is adjustable.
  • It comes with quality blowers.
  • It is fluffy and light-weighted.
  • Useful for garden cleaning and collecting dead leaves.

ELmico Air Blower is another best air blower in India that you can peruse through the broad rundown of this at Amazon. It comes under the lowest of your budget as it is low prices tagged.

Every product under the name of this brand has got excellent rating by the customers who are using their product. Talking about the uses of this so that you can use it to clean apparatuses in your office to appliances in your house. It is made utilizing this top notch quality material.

The air blow speed of this product is just 2.5 per minute so that a single particle of dust can be captured by this and go to the dust collecting bag. You will get speed at its best with 7500-14500 rpm. This is the highest RPM that a machine can give.

You will get your hand on the 500W integral asset that is further outfitted with a reliable engine that produces high weight, voluminous, and quickened air.

The company offers this product at the cost that can suit the bank balance of every customer as well as it has mind blowing customer support for the users. You can pick this product and we sure you will recommend it to others as well.

8. Cheston CHB-30 Plastic Electric Air Blower

  • Easy speed selector.
  • It comes with a safety locking feature.
  • It has a power capability of up to 550 watts.
  • It comes with a nozzle made up of plastic.
  • Regulate air flow very nicely.

Cheston has many products under the category of best air blowers in India, and CHB30 is among the most suitable and sufficient fans that you can get. This has the features and power that can stop your search for the best air blower.

Well, it does not have much power capacity, but the benefit is that it will consume less electricity, and your bill will be less. The more power of the blower, the more electricity is consumed by it for operating. Well, the capacity is not that low as 55o watts still you will get. 

If you want this for your home then, go for it. It comes with the nozzle for smooth airflow as well as it helps to direct the air in the direction where it should be. From electronic parts of outer car structure to home appliances and gadgets, it is useful for each and every purpose.

It also helps as the doctor to maintain the devices like refrigerators, Ac, etc. which can start misbehaving due to dust. The company or manufacturer has kept safety in mind and attached the lock-on button so that after your use, you can effectively lock the machine, so it won’t do any misbehave.

9. DONGCHENG Gaocheng Electric Air Blower

  • The speed of the motor is 16000 RPM.
  • 550 watts power capacity.
  • The material is hard that won’t break.
  • It gives constant airflow.
  • Useful for garage, home, garden, and professional space.
  • It comes with a carbon brush design.

DONGCHENG is not the common household name in the air blower product, but it has a 5-star rating by those who are using it. This is the hidden gem and known as the best air blower in India also. There is nothing extraordinary you will get in this product, but whatever you will get is exceptional in quality for sure.

Moving towards the feature of this product so, first of all, it comes with a power capacity of 550 WATTS. This is the average wattage that most of the air blowers offer in their product.

The makers have used unbreakable plastic, so whenever you insert the device in the compact place to clean, it won’t get a break. The speed of the air blow of DONGCHENG is 2.3 per minute.

The weight is also like the way you want so that you can move quickly. The product is ideal for cleaning sidewalks, home floors, electronic devices where you can not see the dust by naked eyes, garage, and professional space.

The product has a carbon brush for effective dust cleaning, but you will be required to change its contact interval so that the motor of the device is safe and works for long.

10. JAKMISTER 675 W Unbreakable Plastic Air Blower

  • Warranty over manufacturing.
  • 675 W wattage/power capacity.
  • Unbreakable plastic is used to make the outer structure.
  • RPM is 16000.
  • Ninety miles is the air blowing speed.
  • It also comes with a carbon brush to clean.

JAKMISTER air blower is one of the leading blowers in the Indian market which always comes in the list of best air blowers in India. The makers had used eye-catching features so that it can go in every home.

The more evident quality of the motor is very intense as it comes with the wattage of 675 watts. The air blows with a pressure so that the dust can go in quickly and lock it in the bag of dust collecting so that it can not come out until you clean it.

Not only for cleaning home floors and things as it can also be used for industrial purposes and use. Apart from that, it has the power to work in the car, AC, and other parts where the usual human hand cannot go. 

Most of the benefits are identical to a vacuum cleaner. It comes with durability and extended-lasting features to attract as many customers as they can. There is nothing that you will not like in the air blower of this company, and even the rates are kept minimal so that it can suit the pockets of every buyer.

The product has received an excellent rating on Amazon also, so you can check before buying it to make yourself 100% sure about the product.

Top brands that deal in the air blower?

Top 3 brands that you can consider in any condition because it always tops the rank in the best air blower in India, such as:

  1. Black & Decker
  2. Cheston
  3. Bosch 

Frequently Asked Question

u003cstrongu003eQ. Can we clean dust from air blowers?u003c/strongu003e

Well, the truth to be told is the standard form of the vacuum cleaner. It is ideally designed to clean dust fast and effectively. So, it is ok to buy this in place of a vacuum cleaner if you do not have an extra budget.

u003cstrongu003eQ. Is this product can be taken in home cleaning?u003c/strongu003e

The question is fundamental as most of the buyers look for the answer. So, yes! You can use it anywhere. Whether you want to clean home or office, the function of cleaning would be the same. It can be best to clean the kitchen and other corners where your hand can not reach. 

u003cstrongu003eQ. What about the total consumption of electricity by air blower?u003c/strongu003e

An air blower can perform as per the watts capacity of the device. If it has more power, it will work on more electricity. You will see lots of products with different ranges of ability. So, whatever product you will purchase, the consumption of electricity will depend on it.

u003cstrongu003eQ. Can air blowers be used as vacuum cleaners?u003c/strongu003e

A vacuum cleaner is something where there is no air but, air blower by name is different from that. Every air blower doesn’t come with the vacuum tube. It may vary product by product or brand by brand. Before purchasing the product, it would be good if you peep into the specification.

u003cstrongu003eQ.How many things can be cleaned by an air blower?u003c/strongu003e

A single blower can work in various ways, such as removing or soaking the dust from simple gadgets, woodwork, and every little space. It is good to clean the electronic shops.

u003cstrongu003eQ. What about its cleaning process?u003c/strongu003e

It is made to eradicate your cleaning load completely, and that is the reason it comes with the dust bag as you get in a vacuum cleaner. It helps to store the entire dust which you can empty after cleaning efficiently.

u003cstrongu003eQ. Is it safe without any fear of accidents?u003c/strongu003e

It is an electronic device that helps to clean up things, so we can not say it is entirely safe. Well, the chances are very less as most of the tools have modules specially designed for this purpose. You always get a safety handbook with the product at the time of buying, so read it carefully. 

u003cstrongu003eQ. Can top brands offer a warranty? u003c/strongu003e

Of course, most of the brands have the option of a warranty from six months to a year or two. Some offer a motor while some have the deal for an overall machine. But, it doesn’t mean you use it roughly.


This is the entire story about the best air blower in India. Whenever you are into buying an air blower, consider this buying guide mentioned above. As it is prepared by the expert’s advice just to help you out whenever you are stuck in a situation. 

Well, if you refer to this, you will not be stuck somewhere even. After reading every tip, you need to choose the best air bowler from the list of top air blowers available in the country. You can compare specifications along with price and durability. Apart from that, readers are free to ask their doubts in the comment section as well. 

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