7 Best Air Coolers under 15000 In India 2021

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

We have spent more than 50 hours to find the right air cooler for our home. An air cooler is an essential thing for making our rooms cool during the summer. However, different types of air coolers are manufactured by various brands. For those people, who are willing to buy an air cooler, we think Havells Freddo I Desert 70 liters Air Cooler (White, Brown) will be the best choice for them. Its completely collapsible louvers can prevent entering insects and dust into the air cooler, this feature makes it the best air cooler under 15000.

7 Best Air Cooler(s) under 15000 In India 2021

Our Pick

Havells Freddo I Desert Air Cooler -70 Litres (White, Brown)

  • Moto type is Aluminium and capacity up to 30 Ltr.
  • It can deliver cool air with 3500 m³/hr speed; this assures cool air circulation for large areas.
  • Easily operatable by full functional remote.
  • Completely collapsible louvers can prevent entering insects and dust into the air cooler.
Budget Pick

Symphony Touch 80 Room Air Cooler 80-litres, 4-Side Cooling Pads, Fully closable louvers, Multistage Air Purification, Cool Flow Dispenser (White)

  • Total capacity up to 80 liters and cover a large area, room size up to 135 cubic meters.
  • It has 4-side cooling pads with fully closable louvers.
  • Followed i-Pure technology that comes with multistage air purification filters - dust filter, bacteria filter, smell filter, and allergy filter, all these filters deliver fresh air.
  • Power consumption - 205 watts and voltage - 230v/50Hz.
Upgrade Pick

Crompton Optimus 65-Litre Inverter Compatible and Portable Desert Air Cooler with Wide Angle Air Throw (White)

  • Auto drain switch - By turning on the auto drain switch, water can be easily drained out from the back of the air cooler.
  • Extra-large ice chamber can provide maximum cooling comfort.
  • The large opening on top makes it easy for you to clean the water distribution tray and the blockages; thus, the longevity of the product will increase.
  • It is made of ABS and thermoplastic material; thus, it can be considered as the best air cooler under 15000.

USHA 100SD1 Desert Cooler - 100L, White

  • 3685 m3/hr faster airflow and low power consumption -190 W.
  • Autofill tank and 3 side honeycomb medium, this makes it the best air cooler under 15000.
  • For cooling directly at seated level, it comes in a new tall design.
  • Works on inverter also, and it has motorized vertical louvers.

Havells Freddo 70-Litre Cooler (Grey/White)

  • Completely collapsible louvers and triple-level insect and dust protection.
  • Water tank cover.
  • It has a humidity control feature and a silent cooling fan.
  • 3500 m³/h air delivery, 3 side dust filter nets, and 116 m³ colling space.

Orient CD6501H Desert Air Cooler - 65 Litres, Black

  • Aerofan technology-based fan that made of high-grade materials, these special blades provide air circulation with minimum noise.
  • Low power consumption, pump motor functionality ensures smooth cooling operation in low electricity bills.
  • Inverter capable fans, and prevent mosquito breeding in the air cooler.
  • An advanced water distribution system ensures faster cooling, so it can be considered as the best cooler under 15000.

Voltas Grand 72 Desert Cooler - 72L, Off-White

  • Comes with honeycomb cooling pads
  • Turbo air throw and total capacity up to 72L
  • Swing control oscillating
  • Honeycomb cooling pads

Tranding Air Coolers Under 15000

How to choose the right air cooler for your home?

For making your summer more comfortable, you need to buy the best air cooler under 15000. In the recent few years, technology, components, and the performance of the air cooler have been upgraded, though the working principle remains the same. So, before buying an air cooler, you need to know about some important features of it. 

Indoor or outdoor air cooler 

Indoor air cooler is traditional types of air cooler that comes with wheels to move them easily. It has a small size water tank, and it is perfect for a mid-size room. You will get indoor type the best cooler under 15000

An outdoor air cooler is quite larger and needs a stand for its placement. In previous days, this type of air cooler was fixed unit, but the advanced design makes different portable features with it. However, a large water tank is attached to it, and it is suitable for medium to large size rooms. 

Cooling Pad

For every air cooler, the cooling pad is the most important thing that you need to consider. The cooling effect of the air cooler depends on the type of cooling pads. The cooling pads absorb the poured water and make the air cool by passing through them. Better cooling can be possible if the cooling pad is thicker. 

Cooling pads are mostly made of cellulose or aspen material. With the combination of synthetic fiber and wood shavings, aspen pads are made. These aspen cooling pads are cheaper, shorter life, lower water retention capabilities, and need high maintenance. These pads can also damage during the installation time. 

In modern design, air coolers are made of cellulose pad, also known as honeycomb pads. It has a higher water retention capability that increases cooling efficiency. It is thicker than aspen pads and needs low maintenance. It is quite durable and does not need frequent replacement like aspen pads. The honeycomb pads are capable of surviving a longer life. 

Water tank capacity 

The air coolers follow an evaporative cooling method. In this method, water is transformed into water vapor, which reduces the air temperature blown by the fan. Buy that air cooler, which has a large water tank. If the water tank is larger, the air cooler will run for a longer time. For a large room, an air cooler is required that has a large water tank. You can get the best coolers under 15000, and the water tanks come in large sizes. Personal air coolers have 20-30 liter water storing capacity, and desert type air coolers have 31-50 liters capacity. 

Water lavel Indicator 

The water level indicator allows you to identify the water level in the tank very easily. Now you don’t have to peep around through the fan grill or cooling media. 

Remote control 

Nowadays, modern air coolers come with digital remote control panels like ac remote control. It will be convenient for you to control the fan speed by the remote control. Most of the best air coolers under 15000 have a remote control with it.

Copper fan motor 

If you want a buy an air cooler, then it’s better to buy that cooler, which has copper made pump internals and fan. As copper is considered as a very efficient conductor, it can consume low power and can have a longer life. 

Air coolers that work on inverter 

The best air coolers under 15000 have a unique feature that it can work even on inverters also. This type of air coolers consumes 50% less power than normal air coolers. If you face constant power cuts in your home, then this type of air cooler will be the best option for you. 

Ice cube tray 

An ice cube tray is added to the water tank with the portable and indoor air coolers. For quicker cooling, this feature has been added. However, excess amounts of ice can prevent evaporating and reduce cooling. Thus you need to know the process of using this ice cube tray. 

Frequently asked questions by the buyers 

How long does air cooler keep water?

The evaporation rate simply depends on the humidity of the air. Most of the water tanks are designed in such a way that it can work for 3-6 hours without refilling. The outdoor large water coolers require continuous water in the water tank. 

How often do you need to change the cooler pads?

Cooling pads of air coolers are made of aspen or cellulose material. If you have the cooler with aspen pads, then you should change it at the beginning of a season. However, cellulose pads are long-lasting and durable that it needs to be changed every 3 to 5 years. The best coolers under 15000 have cellulose pads for better performance.

Where should the air cooler be placed in a room?

The air cooler should be placed in front of the window of your room. The hot air pass through the air cooler, and the evaporation process becomes faster. As a result, the fan releases the cool air into the room. So, it is essential to make good ventilation in your room to draw out the humidity. You need to open the window for this process.

Which is a better air cooling pad? Aspen or Honeycomb?

Both aspen and honeycomb cooling pads are used in different air coolers. The quality differs by the capacity of absorbing water and how efficiently it can pass the air through it. Aspen pads are 75% efficient, and honeycomb pads are 85% efficient. The best air coolers under 15000 come in both aspen or honeycomb cooling pads.

Do Evaporative coolers use a large amount of water?

The amount of water that is used depends on the fan speed and the humidity of the day. The portable air cooler use up to 4 liter/hour.