Top 10 Best air fryer in india

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

Some health-conscious call it ‘healthy fryers’ or Air fryers but these have significantly gained popularity in recent time and for a good reason. Golden chips, crispy chicken, fish fillets, onion rings or other fried food are tempting with great taste and texture that makes a satiating, mouth pleasing meal but still they leave an ill effect on health.

Scrubbing oily dishes can be painful with traditional cooking, but a new hassle-free best air fryer in India can quickly make your recipes healthier and quicker. This cooking appliance allows you to prepare your favourite friend meal within a fraction of calories at the comfort of home. 

If you wish to get yourself a convenient and useful kitchen gadget that is beneficial for your health and pans, then you need to invest in the best air fryer in India.

What is an Air fryer?

The easiest way to cut calories without compromising on your favourite dish is Air fryer. Air fryers are designed to deliver crunchy fried food without adding copious amounts of oil. The food is cooked by circulating hot air in the inner chamber resulting in a crisp texture of food without using oil. The product circulates hot air around the food, ensuring every bit of area is exposed to oil and heat.

An ingenious chemical process is involved known as “Maillard reaction” that creates texture and flavour with deep-fried meals with about 75% of less fat. Not only is the best air fryer in India cook food with less oil compared to traditional methods, but instead, they are efficient in preparing compared to ovens.

Air fryers are like miniature ovens with small in size but high in terms of capacity to cook food by heating the air inside the oven. Either they have a knob, proper buttons or annoying touchscreen to monitor. They are great not because they require less oil, but they serve tasty and juicy dishes every time.

Top 10 Best Air Fryer In India Reviews

1. AMERICAN MICRONIC - 1500 Watts Digital Air Fryer (Silver & Black) 8 preset programs, 2021 Model (Digital)

  • Efficient in versatile cooking, baking, frying or tasting.
  • Adjustable temperatures give you the flexibility to choose optimal temperature as per your cooking requirements.
  • Turbo tunnel Fresh air technology has a healthier side for cooking food without or less oil.
  • Temperature control allows you to set the cooking time accurately from 0 to 30 minutes.
  • Stay cool handles insulated to give protection against heat and electricity.

American Micronic brand is engaged in producing budget-friendly home appliances. It is the most demanded air fryer due to compact beauty and can cook most foods quickly.

The best air fryer in India, with a curvy body, gives more space for food and attractive look appliances. The product immediately impresses you when you take it out of the box due to its size and lightweight, which make it easy to stow. The product is worth air fry, grill, roast and bake, giving overall succulent meat and seafood.

The American Micronic Air fryer operates through a powerful 1500W motor with a working capacity of 3.5 litres to make sure there is plenty of delicious food around the family.

If you are a gym bunny and want to go for zero oil, then American Micronic Turbo tunnel current Air technology can help you do wonder. The air inside the fryer circulates hot air evenly, and a non-stick basket ensures that food is cooked without sticking to the pan.

With the help of a regular knob, you could Adjust temperature till 200 Degrees Celsius for cooking, baking, grilling or frying. The stay-cool handle in the product ensures you don’t burn your hand while pulling off your favourite food from the air fryer.

2. GoWISE USA GW22638 3.7 Qt 1500W 8-In-1 2.0 Electric Air Fryer With Digital Programmable Cooking Settings, Black

  • Best selling model with over million units sold worldwide
  • Versatile for frying, roasting, grills and baking
  • Fully adjustable time and temperature controls
  • The recipe book includes about 50 recipes
  • Eight preset features an indicator sounds when food is ready
  • LED indicator notifies when your cooking time has been reached

The family-sized best air fryer in India with high 3.7-litre capacity gives you plenty of spare room in your kitchen and to your meals too. As per the capacity, you can cook for 3-4 people without any worries. As for versatility, The Go wise Air fryer is loaded with multiple smart programs that would offer you to cook anything from roasting potatoes, cooking muffins and much more.

The high tech fryer features adjustable temperature between 80 degrees to 200-degree centigrade. The tractable timer option, you could go up till 30 minutes and beeper remind you once your food is ready. The chips and chicken are cooked satisfactorily within a stipulated time. Easy to clean, all you need is to detach the basket and wash it simply. The surrounding top heating element can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

We admire the ergonomic machine is to handle, the door is easy to slide, and controls are easy to navigate. The strong and study air fryer gives reliably delicious results with the crisper outer skin and juicy inside.

Overall, we loved the fryer as it produced decent results. Still, you need to do a little experiment and find out what temperatures and timing work best for attaining satisfying results. Though it challenges to use zero oil, we still recommend you to brush or spray some oil.

3. Prestige PAF 4.0 2.2-Litre Air Fryer (Black)

  • 1400 W wattage pronto heats up and cooks food faster
  • Knob control time and temperatures make it easy to operate
  • Frying, grilling, roasting and baking can be quickly done
  • Easy to clean and maintain removable baskets
  • 2.2 Liters capacity enough for 2 to 3 members

One more outstanding product from Prestige is the 2.2 Litre air fryer at affordable pricing. Enjoy food, chips, snacks, meat without guilt with a Prestige air fryer that is a healthy alternative to fried food. With advanced features and knobs to control the temperature and timer.

 Design-wise the curvy black body with high capacity frying basket gives more room for hot air to rapidly circulate so that you can get delicious meat and fried food with less oil. The safety switch halts the air fryer when the basked is pulled out during the cooking process. It resumes back from the point where it has stopped when the basket is inserted back. 

There is a vent aesthetically designed that makes oil and smoke filters that make your kitchen free from odour. The air fryer cooks without oil or consumes little fuel that makes your food healthier and crispier.

The non-stick basket is easy to remove, clean and maintain, which makes it easier to afford for a homemaker. The company and elegant design make it better suited for kitchen countertop, in my opinion. The controls are simple, straightforward, and you can get things done in less time compared to an oven.

4. BMS Lifestyle 2.5 Liters Up To 200 ° C 1400 Watt LED Display Air Fryer (2.5 L)

  • High capacity frying basket with non-stick coating
  • Skillfully designed smoke vent to keep the kitchen fresh and free from unwanted odour
  • Digital controls enable you to have complete control over the frying process
  • Box design gives ample room for frying food
  • The cool-touch handle gives you the flexibility of pulling out the basket
  • 5.8 QT capacity ideal for four family members

At first, you might find its look as different; it’s more as a square rather than an oval. It’s effortless to use, all you need is to remove it from the box and do not spend ages studying the instruction booklet. The product isn’t solely for air frying; it performs well in grilling, baking and much more.

With 1400 W power, the best air fryer in India can preheat in seconds, and its element is designed to transfer heat well within the interior for even cooking. The boxy microwave style shape cooker is compact compared to your average microwave and also works better. The non-stick basket can be easily disengaged while the contents could be shaken and flipped in mid of your cooking program.

The handle gives you the adaptability of holding the basket and pouring content without burning your hand. Digital touch screen works smarter for controlling and managing time and temperature. With 8 built-in programs, you get endless possibilities to cook pizza, fries, pork, shrimp, steak and much more. The XL air fryer gives you more space and pleasurable experience while cooking.

You can move around while letting your food cook; the auto shut off timer once the food within the stipulated time.

5. Stok Air Fryer Max LED Digital Touchscreen with 8 Presets, 6.5 Liter 1800-Watt Electric Hot Air Fryer Oven & Oil-Less Cooker for Roasting (29 Recipes in one Book and Metal Grill Free in Box Package)

  • LED touch screens with a preset menu that can make your cooking easier
  • Pans and basket are dishwasher safe
  • Detachable pan with a handle that provides you with the ease of putting in and pulling out food
  • 5.5 Liter basket serves once for a family of 4 to 5
  • Eight built-in functions for ensuring the right cooking time
  • Adjustable temperature from 80 to 200 degrees and timer up to 30 minutes

 The first thing that would grab you attention about the STok Air fryer, it’s oddly shaped square capsule. In our test, the Stok Air fryer produced crispy and succulent meat. It is comfortable and lightweight to use. With thousands of positive reviews and over 400 people described it as “easy to use”. Even some users mentioned it as a time saver and best air fryer in India.

Box-shaped helps to fit comfortably in your cabinet or at the countertop, but it would take up a bit of space. It is a relatively uncomplicated appliance and quick in terms of heating elements. With 6.5 Liter Non-stick pan you could swiftly cook for 4 to 5 people without any issues. Users have tried to cook about 2.5 Kg of chicken breast, resulting in proper brown without oil.

Since the product has a wide basket, the food could be spread out to get more even and crispier results relatively quick compared to other air fryers which forces to pile up food on top of each other. We even tested homemade fries, and it looked and tasted just like they had been deep-fried in a vat of oil.

It includes a metal grill for easy cooking of pizza, bread or other food of your choice. The basket is dishwasher safe, but the grill is not, so you need to put little effort into cleaning it. The eight automatic cooking programs with intuitive digital display allows you to cook food 30% faster and in an easy way.

6. KENT Hot Air Fryer, (16033), 1350W, Fry, Bake, Grill, Roast & Steam, 8 Pre-set Menu, Less Oil Usage, Smart LED Touch Panel

  • Fast and uniform heating to circulate and maintain the right temperature
  • Versatile functioning allows you to grill, fry, bake and steam
  • Smart LED panel with a preset function allows you to easily cook your food
  • 1.4 Kg of basket capacity works well to prepare food quicker and easier

Without a doubt, Kent has been a leader in supplying many home products, and it is proud to launch the best air fryer in India. The product is efficient in using about 80% of less oil without compromising crispy taste. Kent Air fryer is wonderfully affordable with some prominent splendid features you need. The product is neither too big nor too small, but it is great for those that do not have much space to work.

It’s distinct from others due to brand popularity, trust and functionality. It requires a spoonful of oil to cook or no oil whatsoever. We have tried to cook tofu, fries, and it came out perfectly and came out as it was cooked on a flaming hot wok. Thanks, to rapid hot air technology that transports heats uniformly to all parts and sides with high intensity.

The heat penetrates deep inside the thick pile of food and gives you a healthy alternative to cooking methods. Versatile in its job, you can show up your culinary skills of frying, baking, steaming and grilling your favourite snack or dessert. With the smart LED adjustable gauge allows you to rightly cook mode depending on the type of meal you want to enjoy. The digitalize screen allows you to customize temperature and time as per your cooking demands.

The fryer includes a present programs solution for dealing with your favourite dishes like meat, fish, chicken, fries and much more. Neither the drawer nor the basket is dishwasher safe, spend little efforts to deal for cleaning it manually.

7. Inalsa Air Fryer Crispy Fry-1200W with Smart Rapid Air Technology, Timer Selection and Fully Adjustable Temperature Control, (Black)

  • Rapid Air technology ensures oil-free crispy fry every time
  • Detachable for easy pouring and cleaning
  • Adjustable thermostat and timer selection allows you to manage your dish settings for cooking
  • 1.8 L basket capacity and 2.3 L cooking capacity well suited for small families
  • Easy push-button handle for convenience of handling

The barrel-shaped and stainless steel housing, Inalsa air fryer is one of the classier looking air fryers available in the market. The product yields higher respectable results, giving food extra crunch and light browning.

The modern design with a glossy finish, the versatile air fryer features the latest technology in a compact frame. Wisely made to fit your countertop but still, 2.3 Liter air fryers can work easily for members of two in the family.

The knob style controls time and temperature for frying your ideal dish. You could set up a time to 30 minutes between 80 degrees and 200 degrees. Roam while you cook without supervising it, the auto power cut features turn off power set once it has been completed.

Powerful 1200 W motors heat up the fryer within a couple of minutes so that you could cook food faster compared to conventional ovens and at the same time cut down the calories. The broad handle makes serving food easy and convenient with just the press of a button. Basket is handy, non-stick and dishwasher safe. You could easily detach the basket for cleaning and emptying food.

The power light and heat indicator update you about the cooking status of your fries, chicken, steak, fish or bake any dessert.

8. Wonderchef Air Fryer Crimson Edge, Compact, with Auto-Shut Off, Non-Stick Frying Basket, Timer and Temperature Control Function, 1.8 litres, 2 Years Warranty, 1000W, Red

  • Sleek and compact design easily adjusted on your countertop
  • Knob designed temperature and timer settings allow you to cook conveniently
  • Non-sticky basket and grill support you to cook without oil
  • A 1.8 Liters food basket can cook fries for 2 to 3 people
  • 1000 watts motor efficient in heating up
  • Two years of manufacturer warranty included

The Wonderchef Regalia compact fryers are an affordable option along with stylish design and 30 minutes timer. You can use a knob controller to adjust the temperature from 80 to 2000 degrees for cooking chips, chicken, meat, vegetables, bakes, fish and much more.

The 1.8 L non-stick crisping basket is ideal for small families. The parts are not dishwasher safe, so you have to invest some time for cleaning it. Online reviewers reckon this product to have in your kitchen due to its low price, smart layout and compact dimension which gives you a whole host of cooking options from grilling, baking, steaming, roasting and much more. You need to have some patience when learning to master it.

The version comes with a capacity of 1.8 Liters that is enough to serve 2 to 3 people. It operates through 1000W and is designed with a knob that offers you to manually operate time and temperature for your cooking demands. The automatic shutdown features cuts off power supply when your food is ready.

Once cooking is finished, you can pull out the drawer with the help of a handle attached on it. We recommend you to clean with light-handed as the coating can par off easily.

9. BALTRA Passion 2.5-Litre 1400W Crispy Air Fryer with Smart Rapid Air Technology,Timer Function & Fully Adjustable Temperature Control(Black)

  • Non-stick coated frying utensils for zero oil cooking
  • Rotating knobs allows you for better cooking results
  • 1400 Watts powerful motor for quicker cooking
  • Auto shut off when food is cooked
  • Detachable accessories so you could remove and clean

Though it is not so popular compared to other renowned brands, it is still efficient in its job. If you are not a brand-to-go person, then Baltra passion is for you. We tested the product initially for cooking French fries and couldn’t stop noshing on. The air fryer produced a combination of crunchiness, tenderness and flavour that gave the authentic taste of fries, making it so delectable.

We tried chicken, fish and other things too. It came out as if it had been deep-fried. It doesn’t have digital controls; therefore, you have to set up temperature and timer precisely through knobs. With a few more parts, the air fryer is easy to clean and is not dishwasher safe.

The product allows you to microwave, convection, bake, and fry all in one appliance. With a 1400 Watt powerful motor, the product can heat up easily within 2 to 3 minutes. It comes with some free accessories like Spatula, tong, oil brush and much more. The non-stick coated utensils can help you cook with zero oil or a spoon of oil.

Overall, the functionality and performance make it a robust product that assures for tasty and crispier cooking.

10. Prestige Electric Air Fryer PAF 6.0

  • Knob controls for timer and temperature setting
  • Non-stick layer empowers you to cook food without adding much oil
  • Smoke vent to extract out unwanted odour and smoke of your kitchen
  • Easy in cleaning and maintaining
  • Versatile air fryer for grilling, roasting, baking, frying and much more

About 90 per cent of reviewers positively gave five stars to the product and many praises for its performance. Prestige 2.0 Liter air fryer temperature ranges from 80 to 200 degrees with 30 minutes of a timer which is easy to adjust with a knob. Using the little to no oil, the air fryer is an alternative and healthier way to cook your favourite foods. 

With 1200 Watt powerful motor, it is efficient in circulating hot air quickly and uniformly to your favourite food. A 2.0 Liters capacity allows you to serve tasty air fried food for your families and small gatherings. The list of food you can make up with products is really staggering. You can perform multitude functionals and temperatures settings for baking, grilling, frying and much more.

The compact design is easy to store on your countertop or table as it requires lesser space. The non-stick coating allows the hot air to be circulated rapidly and evenly. No need to add fuss while cooking delicious food, let your dishwasher do the job of cleaning the product. While cooking in an air fryer, there are chances it produces smoke. Prestige has aesthetically designed vent that allows smoke and odour out.

Buying Guide For Best Air Fryer In India:

Types of Air Fryers:

Air fryers basically perform the same functioning of air heated and blasted around the inside of the appliance, similar to a fan oven.

Air fryers with pull out tray: These types of air fryers include a tray or basket to add food in the slot, and you can’t check out the progress of your food without pulling out.

Air fryers with bowls: These types of fryers have a wider bowl and a window in the lid so you can peek at the food without disturbing the process. In contrast, some have stirring paddle too.

Factors to buy Air fryers:

Due to convenience factors, the popularity of air fryers has spiked over the past few years, resulting in tons of models and brands in the market. Of course, buying your own is not an easy task; you need to consider many factors. We have examined how versatile each machine is and grasp their models, temperature and much more.

We also rated them as per their designs capacity and useful tools included in the box. Below we have listed some best air fryers in India, keeping a few considerations in mind. 


Do you want to invest in a product that is big enough to cook main meals for multiple people, or do you want a small one as per your family? Before buying the best air fryer in India, we take into consideration the amount of food to be cooked on a regular basis. While considering size, a major issue you need to consider is counter space for air fryers. Many homemakers prefer small options that are easy to stow when not in use.

A small air fryer has a capacity of 1 to 2 litres that are sufficient for a single meal or snack. If you would like to cook for a family, you need to look for products that have 3 to 4 litres of space or choose one of 9 litres so you can cook enough for guests around too.


Compared to ovens, the best thing about air fryers is you don’t need to preheat them, which relatively saves your time and energy bills. However, there are certain foods when you need an appropriate temperature to cook properly.

Whether you are baking cakes or making your own bread, you need ovens that can reach 250 degrees C. Air fryers can hold heat up to 200 degrees and still there is a range of products with different temperature limits. You need to consider the food you like to cook with your air fryer.


The wattage determines the strength of air fryer performance. Most of the air fryers run from 1200W to 1500W that is suitable for every meal you cook. An air fryer with different cooking modes, adjustable temperature, time settings, then you don’t need to worry much. Make sure the power of the air fryer is compatible with our kitchen wattage.


Some air fryers are as smart as ovens and much better with additional features including bells and whistles. If you are not a frequent chicken eater, you can still love the practicality of an air fryer and own one. They not only fry food in a healthy way but can also bake, roast, dehydrate and much more. When buying check for extra functions that complement your personal choice.

Grill Mode:

Some air dryers give you the option of frying while some have an extra option of grilling food. For cooking meat or fish in a healthier way, grill mode is best.

Extra cooking rack:

Some models are built with a second apartment that lets you cook multiple foods at once, so you can save time as well as energy. You could make french fries and roast chicken without mixing them together.


If you want to make an appetizer or desserts, there are different accessories to create a personalized dish. Some come with grills, liners, pans and much more while some manufacturers sell only basic models.

Whilst most models include standard basket or grill, there is a range of accessories as per your cooking style that can turn fryer into a mini oven.


Airfryer can range from basic Rs. 4000 to Rs.25,000. All depends on the functionality, design, brand, accessories and much more. Check the price or rather value of the product. There is nothing graver than an overpriced outcome. The product you are buying should be good enough to warrant the price and features.


Newly upgraded models of the best air fryers in India have several features like a cool-touch handle, safety button, automatic shut off and much more that prevent baskets from falling off while pulling out food. These features are crafted, keeping customer safety in mind.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Most of the air fryers are built with removable racks and baskets that are dishwasher safe. However, some components, including mesh basket, a grill can leave the food in between them for which you need to clean it manually.

Some tips while using an air fryer

  • You always allocate your air fryer in your kitchen. Keep the air fryer on a levelled and heat resistant countertop. Ensure there are at least five inches of space behind the fryer to give way to exhaust.
  • Preheat the air fryer for optimal results. All you need is turn on the fryer and set the timer for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Get equipped with the right accessories. If you are in love with baking dishes or cupcakes, then you should get adequate accessories for the purpose.
  • Buy a kitchen spray bottle. Spraying is easier compared to drizzling or brushing, and overall you use less oil.
  • Use an aluminium foil sling about 2 inches wide and 24 inches long to place on a baking dish or cake pan for ease of holding. Fold or tuck the end of foil into an air fryer basket and return the basket to the air fryer. You can remove the pan easily by holding the end of aluminium foil.
  • Don’t overcrowd the basket. It can be tempting to cook more at times, but overcrowding can degrade the performance and prevent food from being crispy and browning evenly.
  • Flip food over halfway or give a few shakes during the cooking time for evenly browning of food.
  • Add water in the drawer while cooking greasy or fatty foods; this would prevent smoking.


What can you not cook in an air fryer?

You can cook everything in an air fryer literally. Whether you want to defrost frozen food, make cookies, bake bread or crisp chicken, an air fryer does its job. Avoid putting wet batters or cheese since they would create a mess and do not cook appropriately.

How do you add oil in an air fryer?

You don’t need to add a can full of oil. Air fryers are designed to cook food smoothly but with just little as a tablespoon. If you want to completely avoid using oil its ok, you need to shake or frequently flip to avoid sticking.

Is air fryer function the same as a conventional oven?

Yes, we could say to some extent. Air fryers can grill, defrost, bake and do many more things that traditional ovens cannot do.

Why do air fryers smoke?

Have you ever tried cooking food in a pan without any oil on it? It produces smoke, right? Another reason is smoking high-fat content tends to drain. You could pause the cooking and drain excess fat to avoid smoking.

Why do cooking times differ?

Not all fryers are designed equally. The internal shape of the fryer determines how the air flows and how hot hair will contribute to cooking a portion of food. We recommend you to frequently check the cooking process through the window. You should use a temperature guide until you are not sure about cooking times.

Beyond factors, what should I look at while buying?

Beyond basic factors, air fryers are a relatively new innovation and technology improving rapidly. The older models might be not so advanced in cooking and baking. Also, they might require more oil and possess lesser secondary functions. So you need to go with the best air fryer in India with the best technology and upgraded mode.


Many people query if they really need an air fryer. Our honest opinion is yes; if you have workbench space and want something that can make up your mealtimes easier, then this one’s for you. It can save time, effort and expand your options for healthier cooking.

The best air fryer in India should produce decent results of cooking food without grease along with being budget-friendly. Some people like basic and cheap appliances that are efficient in their job, while some prefer a full decked out cooking experience. Buying an air fryer with essential features like size, price, value for money are some basic criteria you must look for.

Digital fryers tend to cost more compared to mechanical fryers. In the same way, stainless steel fryers are higher versus the plastic one. No air fryer can achieve desired results in one go; you have to follow trial and error methods to know the right settings, timings to cook a brownish and well-prepared meal.

From dozens of testing done with multiple products, we have evaluated and enlisted some of the air fryers that fairly deliver crispiness, juiciness and evenness in food. Always buy the product from a renowned brand that offers at least a year or two of manufacturer warranty.

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