Top 10 Best Air Purifier In India

By Trusha Patel

The pollution levels around us are on the rise. Not just the outside environment or air, but even the air indoors is equally polluted, with or without our knowledge.

Modern homes are full of gadgets and electrical equipment that make our way of life convenient. What we are unaware of is that these gadgets deteriorate the quality of air and make us sick. The best air purifier in India is your utmost need under such circumstances. 

An air purifier is needed not only to purify or filter the air around you, but it also makes the surrounding air fit for a healthy lifestyle. Air-borne diseases seem to show their effect only in the long term.

Thus you might feel fit and fine at present, but at the same time, you might be suffering inside unknowingly. And when it comes to our health, we can not take that risk. And as they say it, prevention is always better than cure.

Therefore, in this article, we have enlisted a few of the most renowned and most popular air purifiers that are in huge demand in the Indian market.

Top 10 Best Air Purifier In India Review

1. Mi Air Purifier 3 with True HEPA Filter and Smart App Connectivity

  • HEPA filtration technology to filter the dust mites and allergens
  • LED touch display for user-friendly model
  • Smart Control compatible with Alexa to let you operate the device using a smartphone
  • 360 degrees coverage to purify the entire room evenly

The MI Air Purifier is the Best Air Purifier in India with its HEPA filter technology. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. This air purifier removes 99.97% of the particles having a diameter of 0.3 micrometers, that passes through it. It has the best efficiency standard amongst all kinds of filters. Thus this purifier takes care of your health like no other.

It has got a LED display that shows various features like temperature, humidity, wifi-connection, working mode, e.t.c. The air purifier has smart controls. You can operate it using your smartphone and other smart devices like Alexa and google assistant. Thus it is a smart choice for modern and smart homes. 

The Mi Air purifier can cover a total of 360 degrees area, which is standard for most Indian rooms. It even supplies fresh air to every nook and corner of the room. With a three-layered composite filtration, it is especially advisable for patients with breathing problems like asthma. 

Final Words:

The Mi Air purifier 3 delivers diligently on all its claims. With an effective coverage of 484 sqft, smart control, and noiseless working, it is undoubtedly one of the best air purifiers you can choose for your house. 

2. Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier, removes 99.97% airborne pollutants with 4-stage filtration

  • 4-stage Vitashield ultrafiltration that gives multi-layer filtration
  • Standard room purification within as less as 12 minutes
  • Air quality indicator to alert you regarding the air-standard
  • 100% O3 free filtration to keep you healthy and away from breathing problems

The Philips 4-Filter Air Purifier is wonderfully designed by one of the leading Electrical gadget manufacturing companies in India. This purifier has a 4-stage vital shield ultrafiltration technology that can filter out harmful particles and toxic gases like TVOC and formaldehyde. It also has a super thick HEPA filter that filters nanoparticles and keeps away all kinds of air-borne diseases. 

This purifier can purify the entire room within a short span of 12 minutes. Thus it is a quick solution to all your air-purification needs. The innovative auto-purification mode controls the speed of the air purifier based on the air quality of the room. Artificial Intelligence technology detects the quality of air in the room and accordingly monitors the air purifier. 

Final Words:

The Philips Air Purifier is listed as one of the best air purifier in India because of its smart night-sensing mode. If the night sensing mode is turned on, then the purifier operates in dim light mode and also operates noiselessly. This mode makes the air in the bedroom fit for sleeping and supplies fresh air throughout.

The purifier has an indicator that alerts you when the filter of the system needs replacement. You can avoid all kinds of unintended alterations with the child lock settings. Thus, to sum up, this purifier is the best choice for every household.

3. Coway Professional Air Purifier, Special Green Anti-Virus True HEPA Filter (Coway Sleek Pro (AP-1009CH))

  • Green Anti-flu HEPA technology to prevent not just dust and pollens but also microbes and allergens
  • Efficient multi-layer filtration to filter both macro and microscopic particles
  • Four-speed presets to reduce manual labor
  • Noiseless functioning that does not interfere with your sleeping patterns

The Coway Sleek Air Purifier is also amongst the top best air purifier in India because of its advanced 3-stage filtration technology. This comes with a pre-filter that is meant for large dust particles like human hair, pet hair, or fur e.t.c. Then there is a urethane carbon filter system that mainly deodorizes the surroundings.

It is especially helpful for people who smoke. It removes all kinds of odor with 98% efficiency. The last layer is the most important Green anti-flu HEPA filter that terminates all kinds of germs and microbes from the surrounding air. 

Moreover, the speed of this purifier can be controlled manually. There are four preset options for speed control in the system. And if you are unsure about the speed that needs to be set up, then you can simply turn on the auto filter mode. It will automatically sense the presence of dust particles in the surrounding air and set up its speed accordingly. 

Final Words:

This air purifier with a HEPA filter covers an area of 355 square feet and has 360 degrees air rotation. The one-touch speed control makes it very easy to use, and this also works noiselessly. This purifier has a mood lamp that can be turned off at night while sleeping and left on during the other times of the day.

4. Honeywell HAC25M1201W 53-Watt Air Purifier For Room (White)

  • CADR rating of 250 cubic meters per hour that ensures fresh air all the time
  • Three-stage pollution control to ensure triple safety on your health
  • Washable pre-filter to give you freedom from calling the customer care now and then
  • Ozone-free filtration that does not have any adverse impact on your health

The Honeywell air purifier has vents on two sides, as well as the bottom. This ensures an all-over 3-directional airflow to every part of the room. This also augments the rate of suction of polluted air. The speed of the air purifier is also very high, and it only takes 10 minutes to circulate fresh air in your living room or bedroom.

Honeywell understands your needs. For homes with children, it becomes very difficult to keep the electrical gadgets out of the reach of the toddlers. Thus this air purifier comes with a child lock that would prevent your child from changing any kind of settings in the purifier while playing. 

The most important advantage of this air purifier is that it is extremely cost-effective. It consumes very little electricity, thereby saving a lot on your electricity bills. The filters are washable and have a long life. Thus once bought, this air purifier will last you a lifetime. 

Final Words:

The Honeywell 53 watt air purifier can therefore be considered as the best air purifier in India because of its minimum energy consumption. It consumes electricity equivalent to 1-3 CFL lamps and thus can be used all through the day without worrying about the electricity bills.

5. Philips High Efficiency Air Purifier AC2887, with Vitashield Intelligent Purification, removes 99.97% airborne pollutants with numerical PM2.5 display, ideal for master bedroom

  • Intelligent Vita-shield Technology that has AI to detect air quality
  • 10 minutes fast purification that does not need you to wait for long
  • Terminates 99.9% germs and allergens and keeps you healthy and fit
  • A tower design ideal for bedroom and living room

Coming from the House of Philips, this is on the top list as it is one of the best air purifier in India because of its excellent vita-shield technology. This air purifier has a healthy air protect alert that lets you know when the filter requires replacement. And unless the filter is replaced, the air purifier would not work. This ensures that there is absolutely no chance of ineffective purification. 

This air purifier has got a CADR rating of 344 cubic meters per hour and can completely purify the room in 10 minutes. The vita-shield technology, along with the aerodynamic design makes it a perfect choice for your home.

Not just dust particles or pollens, this air purifier even terminates all sorts of allergens and bacteria in the surrounding air. It is proven to supply air that is 99.9% free from allergens and germs. 

Final Words:

Philips is known to manufacture the best air purifiers in India, so you can blindly depend on the brand name. Coming to this specific product, besides its sleek and trendy design, it is filled with the best features that you can expect from any air purifier. Thus at an affordable price, this air purifier is a must-buy gadget for your house.

6. AMERICAN MICRONIC 22 Watts Air Purifier With HEPA Filter

  • HEPA filter technology to prevent pollens and pet hairs besides dust mites
  • Manual control ionizer lets you set it up based on your need
  • CADR rating of 220 cubic meters to supply fresh air real quick
  • Compact design that does not take up much space

The American Micronic Air Purifier can be fairly considered as the best air purifier in India as it comes with an advanced 3-layer filter protection technology. It ensures that you and your near and dear ones are in the best of health and pink of spirit.

The first layer of filters catches all kinds of pet hair, pollens, and other comparatively large particles. The second layer helps in deodorizing the room. The third and most important layer traps all the allergens and microbes.

Furthermore, this air purifier has a pre-installed ionizer, which helps to eliminate suspended particles by producing negatively charged ions. This ionizer can be controlled manually, and thus you can turn it on or off based on your need—the timer function of this air purifier sets it apart from all other competitors. 

Final Words:

With an optimal coverage area of 220 cubic meters, this air purifier supplies fresh and allergen-free air to every part of your house. The timer function of this always allows you to set the running time of this air purifier to 1,2,4 or even up to 8 hours. The speed of the air purifier can also be controlled. Moreover, its compact design is sure to attract the attention of all your guests.

7. KENT Aura Room Air Purifier 45-Watt with HEPA Technology (White)

  • Beautifully crafted outlook on a white background to add to the aesthetic value
  • CADR rating of 180 cubic meters which is more than enough for standard rooms
  • Inbuilt ionizer to keep away pollutants and let fresh air circulate
  • Child lock facility to let you use this purifier without worrying about your child

The Kent Aura Air Purifier comes under the top 10 as it is the best air purifier in India because it is bound to stand out amongst its competitors due to its extraordinary outlook. You can choose from a variety of designs n white background depending upon your choice and your room.

Having said that, this air purifier is also filled with essential features besides its look. The 3-layer HEPA filter protects your loved ones from all kinds of air-borne diseases.

The in-built ionizer is an added advantage in the case of this air purifier. It releases negatively charged ions. These negatively charged ions force the pollutants and allergens to move towards the wall or other stationary surfaces. As a result, the surrounding air remains free from these allergens. The activated carbon filter helps in absorbing the odor and deodorizes the room. 

Final Word:

The Kent air purifier has an extremely user-friendly control panel. It comes with a pedestal installation facility and thereby is very easy to install and operate. This air purifier has an 8 hour time setting function for the convenience of the users. Also, it is very cost-effective and durable. Thus wait for no further and install the best air purifier in India in your bedroom and say goodbye to all kinds of air-borne diseases.

8. Honeywell Air Touch i8 42-Watt Air Purifier (Champagne Gold)

  • CADR 300 cubic meters rating making it highly efficient and powerful
  • Triple protection HEPA technology to prevent bacteria and dust particles
  • Added Car air-purifier that keeps you safe even inside the car
  • Real-time pollution check and auto adjustment in accordance

The Honeywell Airtouch i8 Air Purifier is also known as the best air purifier in India with a CADR rating of 300 cubic meters and is very efficient and powerful. It has a highly versatile coverage area. The unique feature of this air purifier is that it can sense the real-time air pollution rate and adjust the speed of the fan of the purifier accordingly.

Whenever the air quality of the surroundings drops below a certain level, the turbo mode of this purifier is turned on, and within 12 mins, the surrounding gets purified. 

The triple protected HEPA filter helps to keep away all kinds of air-borne diseases and allergens. This air purifier has an extra car purifier with it. You can install this in your car, and you would not need to worry about the air quality in your car as well. Thus this gives you all-round protection at an extremely affordable price.

Final Words:

The Honeywell air purifier is a combination of sleek and compact design with all the modern features. The HEPA filter, combined with the activated carbon deodorizer, makes this a suitable choice for most households. The car purifier prevents contamination of the air quality even inside your car. This lets you breathe freely by segregating pet hair and pollen. Thus you can now travel with your pet in the car without any worry.

9. Mi Air Purifier 2C with True HEPA Filter (White)

  • CADR rating of 350 cubic meters per hour to purify the entire room quickly
  • 360 degrees air circulation that allows the fresh air to reach till the corners of the room
  • Washable and replaceable filters, making this purifier a cost-effective option
  • All-over vents to allow the suction and supply of air very fast

The MI air purifier is fit for rooms with dimensions of 452 square feet. This air purifier has vents on all sides, thereby allowing more air to be sucked in and out of the system very quickly. This results in efficient purification and faster action of the purifier. The air purifier is designed in the fashion of a tower for its better efficiency and function. This supplies clean and fresh air to every nook and corner of the room. 

The filters of this air purifier make it the best air purifier in India. It comes with washable filters that can be replaced. The most convenient feature is that you can change the filters yourself without needing to contact a customer care executive. This is ideal for those houses where all the persons are working and accommodating a suitable time for a repair-person is next to impossible.

Final words:

This purifier also gives you warranty, which can further be extended up on extra payment and procedure. It has a real-time pollution control technology that indicates the air quality in your room every time. The easy operation and maintenance of this device set it apart from the rest of this category.

10. Blue Star BS-AP490LAN 915 CMH 88-Watt Air Purifier (White)

  • Microbe sterilizer to eliminate microbes and microscopic organisms
  • Timer up to 24 hours to allow uninterrupted sleep
  • Bright LED display to let you use the device even in the dark
  • 7-stage purification that allows the passage of anything but fresh air

The Blue Star Air Purifier can also be considered as the best air purifier in India because of its advanced 7-stage filter protection. The high-density aluminum pre-filter prevents all kinds of dust particles and bigger dust mites. The cold catalyst filter deodorizes and prevents gases like TVOC and formaldehyde.

The anti-bacterial filter resists bacterial growth. The microbe sterilizer terminates air-borne microbes like E Coli, fungi e.t.c. SensAir technology automatically detects the level of pollution in the air inside your room. And depending upon the quality of air, it automatically maximizes or minimizes the performance and speed of the air purifier.

Thus you can be guaranteed that you will breathe only fresh and healthy air if the BlueStar air purifier is installed in your room. This air purifier has a timer function that can be set up to a maximum of 24 hours. Thus you can sleep without having to worry about switching off the air purifier.

Final Words:

The Blue Star air purifier is highly cost-effective as it consumes very little power and saves a lot on your electricity bills. The Bright LED indicator shows time and helps in easy operation of the device. This purifier can be operated by both touch and remote control. To sum up, this air purifier is completely worth your money. 

Buying Guide of an Air Purifier:

Choosing the best air purifier in India for your house that too at an affordable price is not at all a very easy task. Moreover, the market is filled with a wide range of these devices with various features and eye-dazzling models. And therefore, we are pointing out a few things that you must keep in mind while trying to choose yourself the best air purifier for your home.

  1. Filter Type: The most important factor that you should take into consideration while choosing an air purifier is its filter technology. There are numerous filter types available in the market. However, the following are the most popular:
  • HEPA
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Photocatalytic Oxidation
  • Germ and microbe Sterilizer
  • Ionizers
  • Heat filters

These are the most common and popular ones. Try to choose an air purifier that has any of the above filters installed in them, and you’ll not need to worry about the air quality.

2. CADR Rating: This is nothing but a scale that measures the volume of fresh and pollution-free air that an air purifier can generate in a range of time. The full form of CADR is Clean Air Delivery Rate. As the name portrays, it is an important factor in choosing an air purifier. Mostly the CADR rating in good air purifiers varies from 250-500 cubic meters per hour. So try and choose an air purifier that has a high CADR rating. 

3. Size of the room: The size of the room where the air purifier is to be installed plays an important role. It can be divided into three main categories. 

  • Small Room: Average area of 155 square feet. For such rooms, a desktop or mini-tower model of air purifier would be best.
  • Average room: Average area of 300 square feet. For such rooms, a tower type air purifier would be suited. These kinds of rooms include bedrooms and living rooms. 
  • Big Room: Average area of 500 square feet. A tower or console type of air purifier would be suited for such rooms. 

4. Specific needs: Some houses have certain particular needs. For example, you might have a pet at home, or maybe someone at your home is suffering from breathing problems like asthma or the like. Then, air purifiers are a mandate in such kinds of houses. Pet hair or fur can cause severe diseases if they are not disposed of properly. And as they tend to remain embedded in most upholstery, thus it is quite difficult to get rid of them. Therefore, air-purifiers that are specifically designed for such purposes should be chosen.

Thus, consider the above points, check out your budget, and only then choose the perfect air purifier for your house.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do air purifiers make noise?

Generally, there is a faint sound that can be heard when an air purifier operates. However, with the advancement of technology, most of the air purifiers today are designed in such a fashion that they operate noiselessly.

Q2. Do air purifiers consume a high level of electricity?

No. Air purifiers consume very little electricity. The best air purifier in India is designed in such a way that it consumes very little wattage. Moreover, an air purifier does not run all day long. They have auto-sense air quality technology, which can sense the air quality automatically, and only if it falls below a certain range, the air purifier starts operating. Also, there is timer technology that will automatically turn off the air purifier when the set time is reached. Thus one need not worry about the electricity consumption rate.

Q3. What is CADR Rating?

CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. It is indicative of the total volume of pure and fresh air that an air purifier can supply in a time range. This system of the rating was introduced by the  Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers.

Q4. In which room should I place my air purifier?

Generally, air purifiers are placed in bedrooms or living rooms where a person spends most of his time. However, they are very portable and thus can be shifted from one room to another based on the person’s need.

Q5. How much space do I need in a room to be able to place an air purifier?

Air purifiers are compact in design and occupy very little space in a room. There are various models of air purifiers, each of which is different from the other one. However, on average, they occupy an area of 500 – 700 square feet.


We hope this informative article will surely help you understand your needs and select the best air purifier for your house. Choose wisely and let us know, through your comments, if you would like to know more about this topic. 

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