Best Baby Bath Tub in India

By Trusha Patel

Bathtubs for babies are an essential requirement for giving a clean bath for the newborns and the toddlers. It is an act which requires proper attention and care. We present you some of the best baby bathtubs you can look out for and a buying guide to check out before making a purchase decision.

Top 10 Best Baby Bath Tub Review

1. Intex Inflatable Kids Bath Tub, 3 Ft (Multicolor)

  • 3 feet pool with an attractive colour combination
  • Extremely lightweight and easily movable
  • One of the best baby bathtubs in the economic mid-range category
  • Easy to use and handle, also can be used in both indoors and outdoors

One of the best baby bathtubs you can go for in the mid-range. A simple inflatable baby bathtub with three attractive rings which is also an absolute eye-catcher. This bathtub would be most appropriate for the babies of age 1-3 years old. 

This moderately priced baby bathtub doesn’t require any assembling or similar processes. Indoors or outdoors, Intex Inflatable baby bathtub is a wonderful bathtub you can rely on as kids will surely enjoy this.

2.Intex Inflatable Baby Pool, Multi Color (2-feet)

  • One of the Best budget and most economical buys among the baby pools
  • Two feet pool, easy to store and maintain
  • A mini version with the same features and benefits of its next one
  • It can be used anywhere, easy to handle and use

A smaller version of the kid’s bathtub from the house of Intex is undoubtedly a great buy for the value of money paid. Three colourful, attractive rings of air which forms the body of the Inflatable baby pool with a soft base where kids can have all the fun. 

Moreover, the base is designed in a great way which restricts the kids from getting hurt, and the bubble-like surface can hold up to 8 kg of weight. 

3.Sunbaby Baby Anti Slip Big Plastic Bathtub with Bath Toddler Seat Sling Non Slip Suction for Bathing,Baby Shower,Bubble Bath-Combo Pack-White

  • One of the safest and most comfortable baby bathtubs on this range
  • Best amongst the premium baby bathtubs in a mid-range category
  • Size adjustable baby bathtub with an ergonomic design
  • The baby bathtub is slip-resistant and comes with an armrest

From the house of Sunbaby, one of the biggest suppliers of the baby care products, this premium baby bathtub is a real show-stealer. One of the best made designs so far in this category, with the extensive range of features installed, the bathtub focuses more on the comfort and safety of the baby.

4. Cho-Cho Inflatable Bath Tubs® European Standard Inflatable Baby Bath Tub with Pump

  • One of the biggest bathtubs available at this price range
  • Simple and stuffed with all basic features and made of European standard
  • One of the best baby bathtubs with the best value for the money spent
  • Lightweight and portable enough

A simple baby bathtub with a unique design and basic set of features. The size and comfort of the bathtub are its primary attractions, and at this price range, it is a great buy. Moreover, this baby bathtub can be used for a long time, until the baby reaches a proper age. 

5. LuvLap Baby Bath tub with drain plug, Ergonomic and spacious, Soft Curved, Durable Non Toxic material (Blue)

  • Best suitable for kids under the age of 36 months as the size would best suit them
  • Added features like easy to remove the plug for draining of water
  • Ergonomic design with curved and smooth edges providing maximum comfort
  • An additional soap case which is easy to pick and place back

A simple baby bathtub from the house of LuvLap which is undoubtedly a gem among the bathtubs for kids at a mid-range category. With an attractive look and a set of mind-blowing features which contributes to the added comfort and safety, this bathtub deserves a closer look.

6. Baybee Amdia Baby Bath tub for Toddlers, Anti-Slip Kids Bathtub for Baby Shower, Baby Bather for kids up to 2 Years (Blue)

  • Built of the top quality PP material which ensures endurance
  • Comfortable recliner for the newborns as it makes it more comfortable and convenient
  • Attractive design and ergonomic structure adding to the comfort
  • The body resists slippery and skidding to a greater extent

An elite quality baby bathtub from the premium range of kids bathtubs. The design itself is its biggest attraction as they help you with better handling of the bathtub and makes it more comfortable for the baby. The bathtub also uses superior quality PP materials for the entire body, which are tested completely child safe.

7. FWQPRA Bathroom Baby Supplies Plastic Baby Tub and Bath Sling (87cm x 50cm x 21cm) ABS Plastic Material-Baby Shower Anti Skid- Durable Quality Color may vary (Multi)

  • Comes with a brilliant water level indicator, highly useful while bathing
  • Highly secure and comfortable, with an anti-slippery base
  • Easy to drain the water with the help of the cap on the base
  • Ergonomic design and extremely lightweight in nature

An ideal pick for you from the extensive range of baby bathtubs at this premium range. The set of features which comes with the baby bathtub is simply mind-blowing and are the biggest highlights of the product. Moreover, the ergonomic design and the weight as light as a feather are also some major advantages of the baby bathtub.

8. My Giraffe Baby Bath Tub

  • One of the best baby bathtubs in the economic range of products
  • Built of top quality plastic, best value for the money spent
  • Extremely lightweight and very simple structure makes it easy to store and maintain
  • Attractive colour combination and design at an affordable price

If you are looking for a less sophisticated baby bathtub, with a plain structure and good safety and comfort features, My Giraffe Babies Bath Tub would be a great pick. It is made of top quality plastic and is extremely easy to handle and maintain for a long time. 

9. YFXOHAR Baby Bath Tub Anti Slip with Drain Plug 3 Month More Baby White and Green Color -Size 70 x 42 x 23 cm

  • One of the top-rated baby bathtubs in the mid-range category
  • Smooth and simple design with an attractive dual colour combination
  • Extremely lightweight and easily movable baby bathtub
  • Provided with a drain plug for easy removal of stained water

A simple baby bathtub with ergonomic design and a smooth and sleek touch. The dual colour combination is one of the most attractive parts, which combines perfectly with the structure of the baby bathtub. The baby bathtub is also extremely lightweight and easy to move, handle, store, clean and maintain.

10. Sunbaby Combo of Baby Anti-Skid Bathtub with Newborn Bather Sling Chair and Infant Potty Seat –Pack of 3 (Bath Tub,Bath Sling,Potty Seat-Pink)

  • Eye-catching design with beautiful prints over the body
  • Attractive colour combination with an ergonomic design
  • Splendid range of features along with the top quality built
  • Additional equipment which can be set with the bathtub

One of the biggest perks of this bathtub is its marvellous design and a great colour combination with added patterns. Moreover, a bunch of different equipment is also provided with the bathtub, which will help you in taking care of the baby. Furthermore, the premium quality built falls in the elite range of baby bathtubs.

Buying Guide for Best Baby Bath Tub

Infants, especially newborn babies, have a lot of requirements which are special and needs to be fulfilled at any cost. Moreover, it is our responsibility to provide the kids with the best. 

They need to be in a surrounding where they are properly cared and nurtured. It affects their physical growth and features and also has a large effect on their mental growth and development. Therefore it is essential to create the best growing environment for the babies, provide them with every known comfort and safety. 

When it comes to the case of bathtubs, which are mostly used for the kids of age 0-4 years old who can’t take a normal shower, these bathtubs are specially designed and manufactured for the babies which also makes sure their bodies are cleaned properly and regularly, and moreover it’s leisure time for the kids. 

Therefore keeping the comfort of the kids and their safety as the primary concerns, there are a lot of baby bathtubs available in the market. We are here to save you from the confusion on what to purchase and what all features to look out for before you make your purchase decision. 

Best Baby Bathtub Buying Guide: Features to Consider 

1. Safety 

Whenever the topic comes to purchase of any equipment related to the kids, safety is the first and foremost concern. The same goes with the bathtubs for the babies, as they need to be built with care and also handled properly in order to ensure maximum safety for the kids. 

The body and the floor or base of the baby bathtub need to be furnished properly and should contain no sharp edges or slippery surfaces at all in its construct. This is the primary responsibility of the manufacturer, and also as a buyer, you need to be sure that the product is verified by all safety certifications and a good one to use. 

2. Comfort 

Comfort is the second most important concern when it comes to taking care of babies. Apart from being safe, the products should also provide flexibility and maximum comfort to the kids while they are doing something. Same applies to the bathtubs too as they should be comfortable enough for the kids as they can have a good cleansing bath and enjoy their time in the water. 

There are a lot of products with a variety of features promising maximum comfort to the kids. The products must be picked wisely, which will add a decent amount of comfort to the kids in their surroundings. 

3. Design 

The design of the baby bathtub is something which comes along with the comfort and also a major deciding factor of comfort. The design refers to both the internal and external outlook along with the features which are built within the baby bathtub. The attractive patterns and colour combination of the bathtub is an important part as these factors will easily catch the attention of the kids. 

Moreover, the patterns and designs inside the bathtub will also arouse their interest, and they will enjoy their playtime inside the bathtub. Therefore you need to pick an attractive, ideal design which they will enjoy and make them fall in love with the cleansing of the body. 

4. Additional equipment

Usually, there is a lot of equipment packed along with the baby bathtub, which gives you the benefits of time-saving and also better bathing experience for the babies. 

In most of the cases, the package consists of a recliner or a seater along with the bathtub which will help in proper seating of the baby and also creates a comfortable platform for the baby while he/she is taking a bath. Therefore pick the best deal when it comes to the pack of the bathtub, which includes the most number of additional equipment at a reasonable price. 

5. Price 

Price is another important concern and an unavoidable one as you can find a large variety of baby bathtubs in the market which vary a lot in the prices. You can get a basic baby bathtub at an affordable, economical price and also a complete pack of the baby bathtub and all other essential equipment along with it at a premium price. 

Therefore you need to make your choice wisely and make sure that the purchase won’t burn a hole in your pocket. You need to go for the one which offers the best value for the price paid too. 

6. Drainage

One of the most important factors which have mostly gone unnoticed is the drainage of the water which has been used for bathing. In most of the baby bathtubs which fall under the premium range, there is always a cap provided which can be removed and installed used to drain the stained water from the bathtub. 

The water becomes contaminated quickly and will stay on it will cause health disorders for the baby. It is advised to drain the water and fill the bathtub with fresh water whenever the baby is taking a bath. 

7. Cleaning and maintenance

The baby bathtubs are pretty much different from the normal bathtubs, and its cleaning and maintenance procedures are also very different. You need to clean the baby bathtub more often and should maintain hygiene and cleanliness. 

You can make use of the washers, soaps or other hygienic liquids for cleaning the baby bathtub to its best and do this on a regular course. Water is a major contaminating body, and it should always be taken proper care. Therefore go for a baby bathtub which is easy to clean and easy to maintain for a long time. 

8. Portability 

Unlike our normal bathtubs, some of the baby bathtubs are portable while some of them are fixed. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Evidently, the portable bathtubs are a little bit more beneficial when it comes to comfort, cleaning and experience if the bathtub qualifies with all the safety concerns. 

The portable bathtubs are usually lightweight, and hence they can be easily moved, cleaned and maintained. Moreover, they can be placed both indoors and outdoors where the baby can have a nice bathing experience. You should also check for the safety concerns where the portable bathtubs need to have a safety bush which restricts its unusual movements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. At what point can a baby have a tub bath?

The newborn baby only needs a bath twice or thrice in a week. At first, the newborn babies are given just the sponge bath and only when their body is firm enough, which is usually after a couple of months, they are given their first tub bath. The tub bath needs to be really careful, and proper measures need to be taken.

2. How do you bathe a newborn in a tub? 

First of all, you need to fill the tub with two-three inches of lukewarm water and lower the baby to the bathtub. You need to support both the baby’s head and body with two hands while you’re doing it. 

You can either use a baby sponge or a baby washcloth for giving them a cleansing wipe all over the body. During this process, you also need to make sure that the water won’t enter the nostrils and the ears of the baby when you are willing the baby’s face.

3. Do you really need a baby bathtub?

It’d be highly unprofessional, and inappropriate bro bathes a baby without a proper bathtub. It is unsafe and prone to accidents when the baby is given a bath without taking proper measures. 

At the same time, the baby bathtubs come with all set of features and safety measures inbuilt which also provides a comfortable surface for the babies while they are given a bath. Therefore the baby bathtubs are better than other modes of bathing a baby.

4. How can I wash my baby without an advanced premium baby bathtub?

 If you have a normal baby bathtub which has no additional specifications and features, you need to follow more instructions and need to be more careful while you’re bathing the baby. 

First of all, you need to place the baby in the centre of the bathtub and make sure the bathtub only has a proper amount of lukewarm water. You should be close to the baby and make sure the water doesn’t splash unevenly. You can either use a sponge or a washcloth for wiping the whole body and rinsing it properly. 

5. How to protect the baby’s ears while bathing?

First of all, never ever use soap on the face of the baby. It is too early to use soaps, and it might leave uncommon allergic reactions when the soap is applied. Also, there are possibilities of them entering the nostrils and the ears of the baby. Therefore strictly avoid the usage of soaps at any cost. Moreover, be sure that you are rinsing the baby properly, and a lot of water is not used near the ears.


All of the products mentioned here are handpicked ones which comply with the safety concerns and also provide maximum comfort for the baby. So make sure you go through the buying guide and make the right purchase for your baby. 

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