Top 10 Best Baby High Chair in India

By Trusha Patel

Feeding an infant is not as easy as it might sound. They are very proactive and hardly settle down in one place. However, proper nutrition during the growing years is extremely important for the optimum growth of the child’s physical as well as mental health. Thus, here we have brought you a list of the best baby booster seats for eating that will make every meal of your kid a fun activity for your naughty junior.

Top 10 Best Baby High Chair/Feeding Chair Reviews

1. Summer Infant Pop N' Sit P Booster

  • Easy to set up within almost no time with pop and fold technique
  • The detachable tray that can be easily fixed and removed at your fancy
  • The tough make of the chair makes it fit to be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Comfortable and convenient carrying case for easy transportation and carriage of the chair

Feeding your baby is no more a headache with this high chair at your service. Be it indoors or outdoors; you can use this pop-up chair to feed your baby in peace without having to roam from one place to another. It is a safe option with a removable tray and seat strap and the best space saver high chair.

2. Summer Infant Sit N Style Booster

  • The tray is dishwasher safe and can also be removed according to your fancy
  • Reliable strap to secure the booster to a chair and 3-point restraint system
  • You can, in fact, fold and store in a small place
  • The handle is comfortable and can be carried with one hand

The Summer Infant Sit ‘n Style is your versatile companion for feeding your proactive baby without any headache. The cool and trendy design is also convertible, and thus, you can store it conveniently in one corner of the room. The compatible dishwasher tray is another added advantage of this best baby eating chair.

Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat, Multi Color

  • Available in multi-color and the trendy design attracts attention
  • The snap-on lid helps in keeping the surface of the tray clean
  • The crevice-free sit is easy to clean and also does not hold back any crumbs
  • Adjustable height to three different levels for your growing child

The Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat is undoubtedly the best baby booster seat for eating in this price range. You also get the liberty to choose from a wide range of colors for your baby, and the trendy design is sure to attract the attention of the baby as well as your visitors. This easy to clean and portable chair is one of the best baby feeding chairs in the market.

4. Chicco Mode Booster Seat, Baby feeding chair with 3-height Adjustments & Safety belt, For babies 6m-3y (Fancy Chicken, Yellow)

  • The trendy and fun chicken design of this booster seat attracts the attention of every baby
  • Adjustable height for a wide age range varying from infant to toddlers
  • Adjustable tray positions that help you to seat your baby comfortably while feeding
  • Universal attachment technique allows you to fit this booster in any and every kind of chairs available

Chicco is a well-known brand in the market for exclusive quality of baby products, and this booster seat is no different. The most attractive feature of this best baby eating chair is that the practical, as well as the fun design of the chicken head, makes it attractive to the children. This is indeed one of the best baby booster seats for eating and has both safety and comfort combined into a single product.

5. Trugoods Baby Booster Seat/Swing Multipurpose Kids Feeding High Chair

  • Big food tray for easy access and better placement of the food plates
  • Unisex, stylish and adjustable design for comfortable usage
  • Universal compatibility with all kinds of chairs
  • Baby seat cum swing, multipurpose use with adjustable strings

The Trugoods Baby Booster Seat is a multipurpose seat cum swing that ends all your worries about feeding your proactive child. It is incredibly light-weight and can be carried along to restaurants or short trips. It is available in a wide range of colors, and you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Roll over image to zoom in LuvLap 4 in 1 Convertible High Chair Cum Booster Seat (Pink)

  • Multipurpose 4-in-1 convertible chair for through usage
  • 3-levels of safety guards to keep your child safe and sound
  • Replaceable dining tray that can be washed and cleaned easily
  • Comfortable backrest and footrest for overall comfort

The LuvLap chair cum booster is one of the best baby booster seats for eating. This booster chair can be used as a High chair, Booster seat, low seating on the floor as well as low chair. The chair’s height can be adjusted to three different levels, and the food tray can be easily washed. It is one of the best baby eating chairs, which is designed to keep both comfort and safety in mind.

7. SYGA High Chair for Baby KidsSafety Toddler Feeding Booster Seat Dining Table Chair with Wheel and Cushion (Blue)

  • The metal frame and plastic table makes this chair long-lasting and safe to use
  • 3-in-1 convertible chair for multipurpose use
  • Stain-resistant, dishwasher safe tray that is easy to clean and is provided with a socket
  • The height and reclination of this chair can be adjusted as per need

The SYGA High chair for Baby Kids is easy to fold and store at any corner of your room, and thus it is one of the best space saver high chairs available in the market. As your kids grow, they surely need more space, and the old high chair might not fit them. This chair is designed to suit your growing child’s needs and can be adjusted in various reclines and heights.

8. R for Rabbit Marshmallow High Chair for Baby, Multiple Recline Position High Chair with 7 Level Height Adjustment and 3-Recline Modes with Adjustable Footrest, 6 Months to 5 Years (Green)

  • Adjustable footrest and 3- levels of reclination for ultimate comfort
  • Not just one or two but 7-levels of height adjustment to suit your needs
  • Smart folding functionality to meet up the problem of space crunch
  • High mechanical strength for long-lasting and safety

The Rabbit Marshmallow is one of the best baby booster seats for eating with 7-levels of height adjustment to suit the growing baby’s needs. You can also fit it within a limited space and need not worry about the space crunch as it can be folded and put in one corner when not being used. Not a single tray, but this chair comes with a double meal tray, which can be easily washed and adjusted.

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When folded, this multipurpose high chair adopts a pyramidal structure that occupies almost no space and can be fitted anywhere. It has a steel support frame that adds to this high chair’s extra strength and makes it excessively stable. The tray can be adjusted in the back and forth position in 4 different ways for ultimate comfort and is the best baby high chair.

10. BAYBEE Beautiful-The Convertible Baby High Feeding Chair Cum Study Table with Cushion (Pink 5in1)

  • Made from exclusive plastic that ensures complete safety of the child
  • The seat-padding is spill-resistant and can be washed regularly
  • Three different reclining positions and leg rest for comfort while eating
  • Excellent device to develop dining habits in your child

This BAYBEE Beautiful convertible high chair is the most delectable baby high chair in this price range. It can be converted to 7 different patterns according to your need. This is considered to be one of the best baby booster seats for eating.

The Complete Buying Guide

We are generally extra cautious when we are talking about our child, and thus choosing the best high chair for our child is not an easy job. A high chair not only helps you to feed the baby without running around here and there, but it also is the first step in developing the correct table manners for your child. Thus it plays an essential role in choosing the appropriate feeding chair for your junior.

As parents, you will surely look into the child’s safety at first before considering any other criteria; however, here we have listed a few things that you have a check through before finalizing your decision to buy the high chair. 

  1. Safety: Since the health of your child is concerned, this should be your priority. Ensure that at least a 3-point harness is present along with straps. The wheels of the high chair must have a locking system so that the chair can be fixed at a place while feeding the child. Also, check that the height can be adjusted according to your need; otherwise, the child might get imbalanced on a very high chair. 
  1. Style of the high chair: There are generally two types of high chairs available in the market. Traditional High chair and Multipurpose High Chair. As can be inferred from the name itself that the first variety is the older version that can only be used as a high chair, whereas the multipurpose versions are a 4-in-1 or even more convertible variety that has various functions and are considered the best baby booster seat for eating
  1. Food Tray: Another significant factor in choosing the correct high chair for your child is a suitable food tray. The food tray must be replaceable and washable. Also, check that it can be adjusted as per the height and needs of your child. 
  1. Adjustable seat height and foldable: Most of the houses have an issue with space these days. Thus it is better to choose a foldable variety. Ensure that the height of the high chair must be adjustable so that it is appropriate for your child’s height. 
  1. Price: Last but not least, do check for the right price and do not pay those extra bucks for features that you would not ever require. For this, make a list of the things that you want in the baby high chair and tick them out as you choose a product. Thus, choose the best baby high chair within your affordable range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. At what age can a babysit appropriately on a high chair?

A baby can sit confidently and safely on a high chair, not at least before the age of 6 months. When the baby can sit on his own starts his solids.

Q2. Why is a high chair essential for a newborn?

 The high chairs are not recommended for newborns. Babies post 6-8 months, when they can sit properly, get very proactive and seem to roam around every time, it becomes challenging to get them settled in one place and feed them. SO, the high chair will help you to make them sit in one place and help them feed in peace.

Q3. Can the Best Baby High Chair be used to bath babies?

No, baby high chairs are not supposed to be used for bathing babies. Bathing the baby in the high chair will cause damage to the chair, and it won’t last long.

Q4. What are a few things that one must search for in a baby high chair?

Without getting into the details here, we will just mention a few essential points that one must ensure to have in the best feeding chair for babies:
* The most important thing is to check if the wheels can be locked so that the chair can be kept fixed in a single place.
* You should ensure that the feeding tray for the baby must be detachable from the chair. This helps in easy removal of the tray after feeding the baby.
* The feeding chair must have a folding system. This helps you to adjust the size of the chair according to the need of your baby.

Q5. Are there any belts present in a feeding chair?

Yes, all feeding chairs are provided with straps for securing the babies’ position so that they do not fall off the chair. 


Hope our suggestions and recommendations were helpful for you and do not forget to let us know if you want us to address something more about the best feeding chair for babies, in the comment section below.

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