10 Best Baby Walker In India 2021

By Trusha Patel

Every newborn deserves the best and finding the suitable, appropriate, the best baby walker in India for them is a huge responsibility. A baby taking his/her first steps is one of the most adorable things in the world.

But at the same time, it is also essential to create a safe atmosphere and surrounding for the child. It is our responsibility to take proper care of the kids and make their surroundings non vulnerable to even tiny accidents.

If you’re wondering how to do this, then the best option for you is to get a baby walker, which supports and safeguards your child when they are walking. It protects the child from falling, stumbling upon objects and surfaces, thereby reducing the chances of accidents.

It would be ideal if you pick the Best Baby Walker because there are a lot of varieties and specifications you need to consider before buying one. We are here to save your efforts and time as we will list out the list of best baby walker India. 

Best Baby Walker India 2021 Review

1. Sunbaby Baby Walker (Red) w/Kids Activity Rattle Toys for Babies Cycle, Adjustable Height, Thick, Safe & Comfortable Seat, Rotatable Wheel, Music Button, for Infant of 6 to 20 Months (Pink)

  • Built of smooth and cozy cushions which ensures comfortable seating
  • Easy to store and fold; hence requires very less space
  • Three different modes of adjusting the height of the walker
  • A musical button and a set of toys to play with for the child
  • Easy to wash and safety locks that ensure the safety of the height adjustment

Starting with a best baby walker India, this cute little baby walker is highly attractive and an absolute eye-catcher. Equipped with all the essential features and putting safety as a priority, this baby walker comes in a lot of stunning colors too. 

The back and seat cushions are really smooth and well built which ensures maximum comfort for the baby. It is easily movable as four wheels are attached to the baby walker which are 360° movable. 

The toy attached to the side and the music box are two other reasons that the baby will have a great time here. It is recommended for the babies aged 6 months to two years and the height adjustment button and safety locks will help in a long and durable use of it. 

2. Mee Mee Baby Walker with Adjustable Height and Push Handle Bar (Blue)

  • An attached handlebar to the back of the walker for easy movement
  • The separate base for feeding the baby and to keep plates
  • Seating can be adjusted and the universal wheels which can rotate completely
  • Soothing and calming hippo music with comfortable seating
  • Multiple toys setup within the walker

The best baby walker India in the premium section. Stuffed with a lot of features and built of premium quality materials, this is a wonderful product with a fantastic design. 

The theme of a baby hippo is cute and adorable and a great companion for the kids. The music box plays some wonderful tracks for the babies and they also have a bunch of toys to play with. 

The bright colors and good quality, cozy seating at this price range is a huge deal. There’s a two-level height adjustment with locks. Easily movable with an attached 360° wheelset and a handle at the back. 

The toys are removable, so as the food serving base at the front. It is recommended for babies of 6 to 18 months old. There’s a footrest for the baby when the walker is moved with the handlebar. 

3. Sunbaby Hot Racer Musical Height Adjustable Baby Walker with Toys (Yellow with Orange)

  • Simple design at an affordable price range
  • A bright and attractive set of colors with a marvelous eye-catching pattern
  • Flexible height adjustment system installed
  • A toy and a music box available
  • Easy to wash and fold and a stopper to restrict the wheels from moving away

Yet another mid-ranged and attractive walker from the house of Sunbaby. This is the best baby walker when it comes to the simple design with a well-balanced structure. 

It comes with a handlebar, with a set of eight universal wheels which ensures easy movement of the walker. Also, there’s a stopper in the middle to keep the walker stable. 

It comes out with a cute little butterfly toy and a music system. The cozy seating with a smooth backrest ensures optimum comfort. A three-level height adjustment system is highly flexible which can be adjusted easily with bare hands. 

The walker is easy to clean and easy to store with its folding capacity. It comes out in a bunch of different combinations of colors and patterns which are really bright and attractive. The flexible and removable food base adds to the specifications of the baby rest. 

4. Luvlap Sunshine Baby Walker, Height Adjustable with Light & Music Toys, 6m+ (Green)

  • Flexible height adjustment features, which can be down up to three different levels
  • An affordable bundle of music, toys, lights and maximum comfort for the baby
  • Almost all of its parts can be removed and reattached easily
  • Dual vacuum stoppers for quickly restricting the movement of the baby walker works like a break
  • 8 universal wheels which can turn 360° movement
  • A handlebar and a footrest when the baby walker is in movement

An ideal pick for a baby walker for the kids of 6 to 18 months old. With a great design, a brilliant color combination, and an attractive pattern, this baby walker from Luvlap is definitely a stunning eye-catcher. 

Equipped with all the major features, this baby walker is undoubtedly the best baby walker India in its range. A multifunctional base with toys, music, and light is one of its major attractions. 

Almost all the pieces are easily removable and re-attachable and in this way the cleaning process is easy. It has a handlebar, supporting ease of movement with eight universal wheels. 

The emergency stopper powered by dual press down a vacuum is also an important highlight of this baby walker. 

5. PANDA Creation Adjustable Musical Walker (Pink)

  • One of the most cutest baby walker you can ever get
  • Falls under a mid-range, with an adorable animal-shaped design
  • Shaped like a square, which ensures maximum seating capacity and comfort
  • Perfect for kids of the age of six months and above up to 2 years
  • Wide space for toys and music for the babies

A square-shaped baby walker which is an absolute piece of beauty and all the cuteness. This baby walker is a funny animal-shaped one with a cute teddy’s head in the front. 

The square shape provides the baby walker a highly comfortable seating and a smooth backrest. The baby can freely move within the walker with the extra seating space. 

Multiple toys and music options in the tray in the front is both attractive and entertaining. The eight wheels which function 360° makes the movement easy. The walker is easily washable and detachable. 

The height can be adjusted manually and is highly flexible too. So in the category of some cool and beautiful baby walkers, this one from panda is indeed the best baby walker you can make a go for. 

6. BAYBEE Smart Witty Plastic Round Baby Walker with Adjustable Height and Musical Toy Bar Rattles and Toys Ultra Soft Seat-Activity and Wheel for Kid 6 Months to 2 Years

  • Easily adjustable toggle to adjust the height and store the baby walker
  • 360° rotating wheels with a stand, a stopper to keep it from moving
  • Technically designed in a way that the baby can walk in the right form
  • Simple looking attractive design with bright color combinations and patterns
  • En71 certified products which are of superior quality

Unquestionably the best baby walker India when it comes to the most lightweight baby walkers. Hence the portability of the product is much easier and it is foldable and easily storable. 

It is designed technically in a way the walking position and style of the baby are structured right from the first steps. It is recommended for babies of at least 6 months to the age of 18 months.

The oval-shaped design provides maximum comfort and a padded backrest is a worthy addition. En71 certification is the most superior one in the European nations and it approves of the quality of the materials and it’s built. 

The parts can be removed and assembled manually which makes the cleaning of these much easier. It has multiple funny toys with music in the tray placed in the front. 

7. BAYBEE Smart Witty Plastic Round Ultra Soft Seat Baby Activity Walker with Wheel, Adjustable Height and Musical Bar Rattles and Toys (Blue, 6 Months to 2 Years)

  • A much affordable option and the best value for the money spent in the budget category
  • Attractive design equipped with multiple toys and music
  • Easy height adjustments and the portability too is way easy with eight 360° wheels
  • The perks of having a round shape with great seating space
  • En71 certification which approved the quality of the inputs used

Another Best baby walker from the house of BAYBEE Smart Witty series which is a much affordable and budget option with an impeccable set of features. One of the best things about this baby walker is the round shape which provides more seating space to the baby. 

The extra padded backrest provides maximum comfort to the baby, with a technically shaped design that facilitates the right posture when the baby walks. 

Moreover, it is easy to fold, manually adjustable, and portable. The wheels can take any turn and a smooth grip enables sudden stops in a movement without disturbing the baby. 

The bunch of toys in the front tray are equipped with music facilities that the babies are going to love. The product is available in multiple color variants too. 

8. Panda Musical Baby Walker With Tray 6 Months - Red

  • Attractive animal shaped design, looks and details are simply fascinating
  • The front tray is equipped with music, light, and toys
  • A really strong base which provides great support to the seating area
  • Eight universal wheels with 360° rotating capacity
  • Easy to adjust the height manually with the growth of the baby

One of the specialties of the baby walkers from the house of PANDA is all of them are known for their looks and finishing which is a funny animal-themed. No wonder they produce Best baby walkers in India which are both affordable and of top-notch quality. 

The front tray consists of toys and a face of an animal which is funny and pleasant. The toys are equipped with music boxes, entertaining the babies. The seating is of superior comfort quality whose height can be adjusted manually, without using any tools and just with the press of a button. 

The baby walker is easily foldable hence the portability and washing of the parts of the baby walker are not at all a concern. Moreover, the strong base, made of quality plastic, is solid and supports the seating area very well. 

9. LuvLap Grand Baby Walker & Rocker, Height Adjustable with Light & Musical Toys, 6m+ (Blue)

  • Premium range of Baby Walker cum rocker with best in the class features
  • Height can be adjusted easily, with 3 different positions
  • Almost all the parts are detachable and cleanable
  • Ease of portability with all the wheels which rotates 360°
  • An attractive tray for the toys in multiple numbers, with light and music

If you are looking for an advanced, best in the class baby walker, here is a baby walker cum rocker from the house of LuvLap. This is unquestionably the best baby walker when it comes to the premium range. 

It is a two in one convertible walker cum rocker, which can be adjusted quite easily. Also, the height is flexible and can be adjusted to three different positions. 

The hand liver is placed within the back of the walker which also has a wide footrest when the walker is moving. 

A bunch of toys with music and lights are placed above the food tray which can be detached when food is being served. The 360° wheels make it easily portable and the whole walker can be stored easily with minimal efforts. It is recommended for the kids’ age 6 months to 18 months.

10. GoodLuck Baybee Round Baby Walker for Kids | Music & Light Function with 3 Position Height Adjustable kis Walker,Fun Toys & Activities for Babies/Childs (6 Months to 2 Years) (Green)

  • One of the most affordable options and an ideal pick for a budget baby walker
  • En71 certified products which approve of the quality of the product and inputs used
  • The extra padded backrest is a major reason behind the good level of comfort
  • All the detached inputs can be washed and cleaned using a machi
  • An attractive set of toys with a cool design

There are many baby walkers available in the budget category but the ones which provide the best value for money are really rare. GoodLuck Baybee round baby walker is one among them and the best baby walker India

With a bunch of Impressive features, this baby walker is a total rockstar in the market. The design and detailing of this are really attractive and wonderful. It also has the perks of being around walkers which has more listening power.

The limited set of tires is easily portable and also pretty easily washable. The bunch of colorful toys and music are soothing and fantastic. The product is completely safe and free from accidents as per the En71 test results.

Buying Guide for The Best Baby Walker 

As you have seen the best baby walker India under different categories, now it’s time to find out how to pick the best baby walker for your kid. There is a set of criteria to be considered before making the buying decision so that you will never have to compromise with the quality and features of the best baby walker. Also, we will list out why your baby needs a baby walker. 

How to pick the best baby walker? 

Comfort: The first and foremost thing to consider while buying a baby walker is comfort. Most of the baby walkers currently come out with an extra padded backrest, a soft and wide footrest for the baby when the walker is on the move.  

Ease of Movement: Almost all of the baby walkers have four to eight wheels which can rotate 360°. So these wheels can move anywhere without any hassle.

Only some of the baby walkers come with a handlebar to push the walker forward, which makes it easier to handle. Also, the stopper, which is placed under the walker to hit brakes at emergencies and to restrict the unnecessary movement of the wheels. 

Ease of Washing: Apparently if the baby is going to spend a lot of time in the walker it is important to make and keep it clean and free from germs. So the walker requires proper cleaning and for that, the parts should be detachable and re-attachable easily. 

Adjustments and Modifications: When the baby grows up, the walker should be able to adjust itself to the height of the baby. Walkers are usually used for a period of 18-24 months and they should be prone to height adjustments manually. 

The Built: The baby walkers are usually made of good quality plastic and it is important to make sure that the inputs used are non-hazardous and completely safe for the use of babies. Check for the certifications too if possible. 

Other Features: There are some other features to consider as a food tray beneath the toy surface, which can be used to feed the baby. The number of toys, music adjustments, lights, etc is some other features the baby will enjoy. 

Why does your baby need a baby walker? 

Has the question ever bothered you before you decide on which baby walker to pick and why? It is important to learn why the baby needs a baby walker before you pick out the options available. 

Safety: When the baby starts walking, it is essential to make the surroundings child-proof. Unknowingly the baby can get into accidents, trip down, or get in contact with any sharp edges, the outcomes can be drastic. 

Therefore the baby walker here is an ideal option to overcome this problem by getting a baby walker that holds the baby and keeps the baby within its body in maximum comfort. 

Movement: A baby walker makes it easy for you to move with the baby around. It is difficult to carry the baby every time as it requires a lot of physical effort and therefore the better idea is to get a baby walker so that you can go out or move with them without having any hassles. For example when you are taking them for a walk in the park 

Comfort: Apparently when they feel uncomfortable, the babies usually cry and it is tough to handle them sometimes. So, therefore, the baby walker with comfortable cushions and a padded backrest with a wide and smooth footrest makes the baby comfortable every time. 

Hence you don’t have to worry about the comfort that the baby is getting from the baby walker. 

Support: A baby walker supports the baby very well when he or she is taking their first tiny steps. Some of the advanced baby walkers nowadays are designed in this way so that the posture of the babies when they walk is corrected right from the beginning. The walkers provide them with all the support for their feet movements. 

Walker cum Rocker: Is your baby facing trouble to sleep on time lately? It is a difficult task to make them go back to their sleep and get some of it on their own. 

So the best option here is to get a walker cum rocker which is available in the markets. 

Many advanced baby walkers have the two in one inbuilt feature of a rocker and as you know a rocker is highly efficient in making the children sleep with its to and fro movement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Walker good for babies?

Baby walkers are good for the babies, even though people doubt it. They help the babies to walk in the right posture and keep them safe. 
The baby walkers are far advanced now with a lot of features for the babies. Baby walkers to an extent make the job of parents easy. Hence it is a good choice for babies. 

At what age baby walkers can be used?

The popular baby walkers in the market are built and they recommend its use to the children from the age of 4 months. Baby walkers can be used until the baby is 24 months or 2 years old. 

You also need to make sure that the kid is able to sit properly before he or she starts using a walker. When they learn how to walk, make sure the baby’s foot touches the ground and the head is held up.

How long can a baby stay in a walker?

It is advised not to let the baby stay, use, or play with the walker for more than 15-20 minutes at a time. It is because the baby will get too dependent on the walker for walking and that’ll cause trouble. So it’s better not to stay on the walker for a long time.

 Do Paediatricians recommend walkers?

The use of walkers is a debatable topic among pediatrics but many of the pediatrics do recommend the walkers when the child is taking too much time to learn to walk. 

In these cases, the walkers can be good support and assistance to the baby. The walkers also help in correcting the posture of the baby when he or she is walking. 

Are walker cum rockers really useful?

Yes. The two in one walker cum rocker is an advanced baby walker which also brings in the benefits of a rocker. This function is available in most of the premium range baby walkers. 

This adds to the comfort of the walker, as the baby can take a nap easily on a convertible rocker. They can be converted to and fro with the click of a button in some premium range of walkers and manually adjustable in others. 

Are baby walkers good for baby’s legs?

The overuse of baby walkers is not recommended for the babies as they will get over-dependent on the walker even to take tiny steps. So it is advised to give some time for the baby to take tiny steps and later the walker can be used for a limited time to correct the walking posture and comfort.

In what month after birth can a babysit? 

A baby can usually sit when he or she is 6 months old. Most of the walker manufacturers ask their customers to only use the walkers when the baby can sit and not before that. Also, a baby can sit on its own in 8-9 months.  After that, they will be fine on their own.


The baby walkers are really a great tool for the babies to learn and practice walking in the right way. Moreover, the walkers currently in the market are highly child friendly and safe which also helps with additional comfort. 

Extended use of baby walkers can affect the baby in a bad manner, so choose the right baby walker from the affordable category, keep an eye on the child every time he or she is in the walker and the walker itself will keep them entertained. 

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