10 Best Badminton Racket in India 2021

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

We spend more than fifty hours every year searching and testing the right badminton racket for us, and we think that Yonex Muscle Power 29 Lite and Li-Ning Super Series G4+ are the best badminton racket in India for most people. They are quite lightweight yet very sturdy and can deliver a hard stroke, but they cost much less than the high price range badminton rackets. They also can provide a good grip with an upgraded design methodology. 

Badminton rackets are the essential needs for every badminton player. There are different levels of badminton games, for which you need different types of rackets. Moreover, kids also love to play badminton for fun. Depending upon the client’s requirements, badminton rackets are available in a lightweight, secure grip, t-shaped joint, isometric head shape, graphite composite frame material e.t.c.

Are you a badminton player and looking for the right badminton racket for you? Here we have some great options for badminton rackets from which you can purchase as per your needs. 

You must have thought that the rackets are quite an expensive one! Absolutely not; the rackets are much affordable with all the upgraded features.

There are multiple numbers of brands like Yonex, Li-Ning, Cosco, Nivia who manufacture great quality badminton rackets at an affordable price.

Best Badminton Racket in India 2021 Reviews

1. Yonex Muscle Power 29 Lite Badminton Racquet

  • Grip Size – G4-3.25 Inches
  • Head-shape – Isometric
  • Badminton material – Aluminium
  • Even balanced badminton
  • Built-in T-joint
  • 24 pounds string level

The grip size of the Yonex badminton racquet is G4, the grip is denoted by ‘G,’ and it is 3.25 Inches. The weight is meant by ‘U,’ and the weight of this badminton is 85-92 grams. This badminton is available in two colors, one is black, and another is white. 

This racquet is perfect for medium-level players with 24 pounds string level. The specialty of the Muscle Power 29 badminton is that it is light-weighted and durable. It is evenly balanced and can be used in all levels of badminton games. 

Yonex manufactures this badminton with high-quality material, and Aluminium makes this badminton strong and durable. The strong built-in T-joint can hold the front section that provides super support while playing the game. This racquet is developed in Japan and made in Taiwan. 

Overall – If you have a limited budget but still want to buy good quality badminton, then you can go for this Yonex 88g racquet. Within the range, it can be considered as the top notch racket. As it is light weighted, you can easily play with it at your learning stage. 

If you purchase this racket, then the badminton will come by wrapping with a cover. The box of this badminton is designed with the modern aerodynamic concept that provides better swing speed. So, overall this racket is the right choice, and without any doubt, you can purchase it. 

2. Li-Ning Super Series G4+ Badminton Racquet

  • Light-weighted – 83gm
  • High tension racket
  • Classic design with attractive graphics
  • Playing level – advance
  • Medium flexibility
  • Aerotec beam system

Li-Ning SuperSeries SS racket is a super tension bearable badminton racket with medium flexibility. The weight of this badminton is 83gm, as it is quite light-weighted, you can play with this racket in the initial stage. With the grip size S2, it can provide a super grip while playing the game. 

Li-Ning badminton is made of high-quality carbon graphite that gives high tension and excellent balance. For this material, it can bear steady strokes and high tension. The rigid carbon helps to reduce the weight of the badminton for improving the strength of it. 

For providing easy and free control, this badminton has a 7.0mm top-slim high tensile shaft. It also can provide a perfect balance with aero-dynamically moving inertia and the racket weight. High-tensile slim shaft makes this racket perfect for top-level badminton players. 

Overall : This badminton is manufactured with the Aerotec beam system that provides full support while playing the game with advance calculation practicing data. Its shape and structure are extremely strong with high intensity, for that players can give high performance in several shots. The design of this racket is made by engineered to reduce air resistance. 

The dynamic-optimum frame technology made is going to be the highlight feature of this racket. By reviewing all these features, this badminton will be perfect for any badminton player. The optimum dynamic feature provides an effective defensive area for this racket. 

3. Cosco Cbx-450 Badminton Racquet

  • Built with aluminum and carbon material
  • Frame Material – Graphite Composite
  • Weight – 85-89gm
  • Head shape – Oval

Cosco Cbx-450 racket is the best racket that can be used during the training period. It is built with aluminum and carbon that makes this racket the pure pleasure of playing. The material of this badminton provides super support to handle a steady stroke. 

The weight of this badminton is 95±5 balance(mm) and 304±10 Tension (Ibs). G5 is the shaft grip of this racket by which you can get a strong grip while playing badminton. Moreover, it is light-weighted 100g, so you will feel comfortable playing with this racket. 

For 100% accuracy and high performance, it has a graphite composite shaft. The shaft with the graphite body makes this badminton a high-quality product that can give accurate shots. The head shape of Cosco badminton is oval, and overall the design is perfect. 

Overall : If you want a good quality badminton racket for your training, then you can buy this one. Also, it is a budget-friendly and durable racket which is perfect for badminton trainee. By reviewing all these features, this racket can be considered as the buyable racket. 

If you purchase this racket, it will come with a full-cover that protects the racket from any kind of damages as it is built with high-quality carbon, which gives high tension, which makes badminton extremely strong and durable. Kids can also play with this racket as it is light-weighted.

4. Yonex Nanoray 18i Graphite Badminton Racquet

  • Weight – 77gm
  • Tension – 30lbs
  • Frame – graphite
  • Playing level – All
  • Nylon shuttlecock

Yonex Nanoray light badminton racket has 77gm weight with 30lbs tension. It is available in two colors, one is white, and another is black. The grip size is of this badminton is G4-3.25 Inches that provides super grip while playing the game. In this series of Yonex badminton, nanomesh with a carbon nanotube is inserted into the top frame of the racket. 

The string level of this badminton is 30 pounds, and all level badminton players can play with this high-quality racket. The frame is designed with a square-shaped isometric shape to maintain the same length throughout the vertical string. This feature also makes the horizontal strings strong that can produce a sweet spot in every direction. 

The frame is built with the graphite that makes the badminton strong and durable. Because of the hardy material, it can handle a heavy stroke and can provide high intensity. The aero-dynamic contouring of the top-side of the frame reduces the air resistance so that air can flow faster across the curvy surface of the badminton during the swing. 

Overall : No doubt, Yonex provides the best badminton features in this racket within a budget-friendly price range. As the weight of this racket is super light, it can provide speedy swing energy. All these upgraded features make this racket the stand out racket.

If you purchase this racket, it will come with a full cover to keep the racket secure from external damages.

5. Nivia N-Ray 100 Badminton Racquet

  • Weight – 77 grams
  • Isometric frame
  • Full composite racket
  • Larger sweet spot
  • String tension – 22 lbs
  • Playing level – beginners

Nivia N-Ray racket is very light weighted 77grams, which is perfect for the beginners. A new badminton player can easily play with this racket, which provides 22 lbs string tension. As it is light-weighted, you can make powerful and steady strokes with ease. 

The frame of this badminton racket is isometric with a larger sweet spot. This racket is perfect for the entry-level players who are searching for a light racket. As the string tension is 22 lbs, it can handle heavy stroke during the playtime.

Nivia always produces a high-quality badminton racket, which is quite durable and long-lasting. As it is made of an aluminum frame, it becomes very light-weighted. This feature allows you to deliver the right strokes and will increase the chance of winning the game. 

Overall : As this badminton is budget-friendly, you can easily purchase it whenever you want. Moreover, Nivia always manufactures the best sports appliances, so do not think twice about buying this Nivia badminton racket. To give extra protection, it comes with a full cover, so that it won’t get damaged. 

Within an affordable price range, you can get all these features in this badminton racket. That’s why it can be considered as the valuable racket.

6. Silver's SB 503 Badminton Racquet Combo

  • Perfect for above six years
  • Shaft Material – Steel
  • Supremely light-weighted
  • Shuttle – synthetic bottom with a white feather
  • Strung is available

Silver’s badminton racket is ideal for those people who’s age is above six years. Silver manufactures this racket with advanced technology, which can be compatible with the market price. This badminton combo is perfect for kids as it is extremely light-weighted. 

As it is a combo pack, you can get two pieces of badminton racket with one full badminton cover and one shuttle box at an affordable price. The shaft material is steel that makes the badminton light-weighted, yet very strong. Most importantly, it can provide a high flying speed of the white feather shuttle-cocks.  

This badminton is designed in such a way that it can give you a perfect grip with a strong joint section. It has cloth lining on the frame to avoid slipping the cock due to sweat. For the beginner-level players, this combo badminton pack is ideal 

Overall  : Silver never compromise with the quality of the products; they manufacture badminton, shuttlecock, and tennis e.t.c. With improved technology and high experience, they can produce modern designed badminton rackets. So, badminton players can easily grab this racket for delivering high performance in the match. 

If you’re a passionate badminton player, this racket is for you. You can buy this one. It is quite affordable, sturdy, lightweight, and durable. With its sleek and modern design, you can deliver powerful strokes. By reviewing all these features, it can be considered the best badminton for beginners. 

7. SUNLEY Phantom 2 Piece Badminton Racket

  • Number of badminton – 2
  • Number of shuttlecock – 6
  • Durable
  • Provide good grip
  • It is for kids

SUNLEY Phantom badminton racket is very affordable and perfect for kids. In this combo, you can get two pieces of badminton racket and six pieces of the shuttlecock. So, whenever you want to change your shuttlecock, you can just take another one from the set. 

At the lowest price-range, SUNLEY provides a good number of cocks and two badminton sets, which other brands will not provide. Though the price is very low, the quality of this badminton racket is quite good, and kids can easily buy this with their pocket money. Moreover, the design and the color of the badminton is very attractive and stylish. 

Another important thing is, it has a good grip that allows you to hit a powerful stroke. If you want to purchase badminton set at a reasonable price, without any doubt, buy SUNLEY badminton racket set. Kids or teenagers who want to play badminton, it is the right badminton racket for them. 

Overall : This racket is not for the badminton players, SUNLEY produces this racket for casually playing purpose. The grip of this badminton is very comfortable, which increases the chance of winning. The strings of the racket are high quality and durable. 

At this price range, this is one is the bang for buck. If you want to buy a good quality badminton racket at an affordable price, then order it as soon as possible. 

8. Li-Ning SS-20 G4 Carbon-Graphite Badminton Racquet (Black/Orange) with String & Bag

  • Weight – 87g
  • Beam system – Aerotech
  • High-tensile slim shaft
  • Dynamic optimum frame
  • Playing level – Advance/Intermediate

The weight of this badminton racket is 85-87gm that is demoted by 3U, so it is perfect for advanced or intermediate level badminton players. It is available in blue or gold color with high flexibility. The grip of this racket is 3.25 inches that are demoted by 3.25 Inches. 

The stabilized torsion angle improves the torsion, so the racket can give better performance. This feature helps you to deliver high-quality strikes. This badminton racket is made of carbon-graphite that makes the badminton durable and cost-effective. 

Li-Ning brand always manufactures high-quality sports appliances, which increase the chance of winning the badminton match. The design of this racket is made of 7 mm slim shaft, and craftwork is done on the unique elastic material. This unique design balances the anti-torsion and rebounds performance. 

Overall  : This high-quality badminton racket comes at an affordable price, so you can buy it and win your badminton match by giving hard competition. The whole set of badminton comes with a kit bag that provides extra protection to the badminton racket which has all the advanced features. 

The Aerotech beam system makes this badminton strong enough that it can provide a high-intensity frame. This feature allows players to give high-performance hits while playing the game. Moreover, it has 28-30 lbs string tension that makes the frame quite powerful. 

9. Silver's Pro-170 Marvel Plus Badminton Racquet

  • Head shape – oval
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for six years
  • Material – Aluminium
  • Strong grip

Silver’s Pro-170 badminton is perfect for six years above people. In this badminton kit, there are two rackets, one box of shuttlecocks, a racket cover, and two PVC grips. At an affordable price, you can get all these things, so you should buy this Silver’s Marvel plus racket. 

The frames are formed with aluminum material with shafts of steel; this makes the racket lightweight and durable. The grips of this badminton are made of polyvinyl chloride; thus, it can provide a firm and sturdy hold for longer durations. The grips can also absorb sweat; therefore, it reduces the chances of slipping the badminton from your hand.  

The design of this badminton is very attractive, and it has an oval-shaped head for providing better performance. The wide sweet spot ensures better shots with powerful strokes. The weight of this badminton is 94-96gms, and with 3/4th covers, you can keep it safe. 

Overall  : By reviewing all these features, Silver’s badminton racket can be considered as the highly rated one. The shuttlecocks are made of synthetic bottoms with white feathers. The material of this racket is lightweight and attached with a PVC grip, which makes the badminton better than other rackets. 

Silver’s badminton racket is highly recommended for the beginner. You can buy this racket for providing high-performance against the opponent. Its modern design makes this racket attractive as well as stylish. 

10. Yonex Muscle Power 22 Plus G4-3U Badminton Racquet

  • Weight – 80-84.9gm (4U)
  • Grip size – 3.25 Inches (G4)
  • Material – graphite
  • Built-in T-joint
  • Even balance

Yonex muscle power 22plus badminton racket is made of graphite that makes the racket sturdy and stable. Its weight is 80-84.9gm that is denoted by 4U, as the weight is not very heavy, all playing level badminton player can play with this racket. The grip size is 3.25 inches that are denoted by G4, as the grip can absorb the sweat, you will be comfortable while holding this racket. 

This racket is available in black and blue color, and it is developed in Japan, made in Taiwan. The string level is 24 pounds that ensure high intensity and powerful hit while playing the game. It has a built-in T-joint that makes the badminton strong and durable. 

This Yonex ultra-lightweight badminton racket can provide speed in swing energy; it is quite stable, stronger, and thinner. No doubt, this racket will meet all your expectations and allows you to deliver better performance in badminton games. 

Overall : Though the price of the racket is quite affordable, YONEX doesn’t compromise with the quality of the racket. So it can be considered as the . If you buy this racket, it comes with a full cover to prevent it from external damage. 

How to choose the right badminton racket for you?

Badminton is the most important sports equipment. Depending on your ability and playing-level, you have to choose the correct badminton racket for you. Here are some points which should consider before buying a badminton racket. 

Weight of the racket :

Badminton’s weight is denoted by ‘U’ if the number is smaller, the weight of the badminton will be heavier. An ideal badminton weight should be between 80g to 100g. The weights are written below. 

  • 4U: 80g – 84g
  • 3U: 85g – 89g
  • 2U: 90g – 94g
  • 1U: 95g – 100g 

For beginners or the trainees, a lightweight badminton racket is highly recommended. If the weight of the racket is 3U i.e., 85g to 89g, you can easily control it. Moreover, with the lightweight badminton racket, you can get quick stroking speed. Also, you can change different strokes rapidly, which is essential for a badminton match. Lightweight rackets are easy to hold, you won’t feel any pain in your wrist and shoulder, and it also reduces injuries. All measurement weights badminton rackets are available in the best badminton racket in India.

Most of the single players use a 3U racket to get more stability, and the double players use 80g-84g (4U) racket for getting super speed so that they can deliver high performance against their opponents. 

Balance Point 

The balance point is another factor which you should consider before buying it. To understand the balance of the badminton, you just need to bend the head to check how much it tilts. 

  • Head-heavy balance 

In this type of racket, more mass is present towards the head of it. So, it can provide powerful strokes, and it is suitable for those players who play outstanding games. The head-heavy balance type is also included in the best badminton racket in India

  • Head-light balance

This type of badminton racket has less weight towards the front or head of the racket. So, it is very easy to control, and it can provide fast swing during the playtime. This light-head racket is ideal for the double player who needs to respond immediately against the opponents. 

  • Even balance

The even balance badminton racket is produced in such a way that it can provide the middle ground between head-light and head-heavy balanced racket. The even balance racket is suitable for beginner level players. Once you have become an expert in badminton playing, you can just switch to a head-light or head-heavy balanced racket.  

String tension 

For most of the players, 1mm sunken-depth of the string is perfect, and you can purchase a badminton racket by considering this thing. You can test the tension of the string by pressing your hand against the strings. 

If you want to deliver higher strokes, you need a higher tension racket. For the starting level players, 22-23 lbs tension racket is right. The tension level of badminton varies in a different region as temperature effects on string tension as the string has the tendency to expand in a hotter place, so higher tension badminton is required for tropical region people. So, search for the best badminton racket in India as per your requirement. 

Hand Grip 

The handgrip is an essential factor that you should consider before buying badminton, and a handgrip depends on the size and type of racket. 

  1. Types of badminton grips 

Towel and synthetic are the two types of badminton grips. Towel grip is suitable for soaking sweat and also soft in hand. But this may cause germs and bacteria. That’s why towel grip needs more replacement than synthetic grip. 

Synthetic grips are less messy, but it is not that capable of absorbing sweat. 

     2.   Size of badminton grips

There are four sizes badminton grips are available. Bigger grips can provide a tight grip to hit powerful strokes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Que: u003cstrongu003eWhat is the right badminton racket for beginners?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eAns:u003c/strongu003e For the beginners or the badminton trainees, the right badminton racket must be the light-weighted one. The Lightweight badminton rackets are easy to hold and comfortable to grip. It also reduces injuries, so light-weighted badminton rackets are suitable for beginners. 

u003cstrongu003e2. Are different grip sizes and weights available for a particular badminton racket?u003c/strongu003e

u003cbr/u003eYes, some brands manufacture badminton rackets in different weights and different grip sizes. Yonex is one of those brands that produce 1U,2U,3U, and 4U weighted badminton with varying sizes of grip. All sorts of weight and grips sizes are available in the u003cstrongu003ebest badminton racket in India. u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003e3. What is the correct string tension that one should consider while buying a racket?u003c/strongu003e

The correct string tension is different from the starting level to high-level badminton players. For the beginners, 20-23 lbs string tension is appropriate. For high-performance badminton players, 24-27 lbs and world-class badminton players 28-34 lbs string-tension badminton racket is required. 

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