Best Barbecue Grills

By Trusha Patel

A barbecue Grill is a luxurious cooking device that can be used for grilling any food items like, meat, fish, some vegetables, and also some fruits like pineapple. Especially, Barbecue grills come under three different categories, electric, gas-fueled, and charcoal. It is also available in two types, indoor and outdoor bbq grill machines. However, if you want to eat grilled barbecue chicken anytime in your home, then here, we have listed the best barbecue grills from which you can choose any of the options. At any household party, you can use this griller for making yummy grilled barbecue chicken with your friends and family. So, before buying the barbecue grill, go through the below-written buying guide.

Top Best BBQ Grillers in India-Review

1. H Hy-tec HYBB-06 Terrace Garden Picnic Barbecue

  • Installation: Portable and easy to install
  • Warming rack: Yes
  • Grill oven type: Charcoal based
  • Foldable legs: Yes
  • Finish: Powder coating
  • Powerful and durable grills
  • Perfect for outdoor usage
  • Environment friendly
  • Seven skewers with adjustable height
  • Great design and excellent quality

The H Hy-tec terrace garden barbeque is an outdoor-based seven grill barbeque perfect for open-air house parties. You can also pack everything as everything is foldable and put it in your car’s trunk, and go somewhere with it. Whether you are at a park or beach or doing rafting or hiking, you can have the best portable barbeque.

Installation for this thing is straightforward, as, with the help of the user manual, you can assemble the whole thing in no time. You can take it apart anytime for cleaning, and it has significantly fewer moving parts. The design is very ergonomic. The wooden grab handles are easy to hold on to while moving the thing from one place to another, even if it’s hot; thus, it is one of the best barbecue grills.

The warming rack of the barbeque is designed so that the food on the grills is at an optimal distance from heat so that cooking can be perfect. Since it is a charcoal-based grill, you will be able to get that smoky flavor on all the items you cook. The legs of the barbeque are foldable, and there is a powder coating done on the whole thing. This helps in minimizing the emission of harmful gases and pollutants, thus making the product green.

2. H Hy-tec HYBB-01 Mini Portable Barbecue

  • Skewers: Four
  • Detachable legs: Yes
  • Grab handle: Yes, wooden
  • Charcoal tray: Yes
  • Food grills: Yes
  • Very portable and convenient
  • Easy to set up in just two steps
  • Solid build using sturdy iron material
  • Ergonomic wooden grab handles
  • Warming rack for optimal cooking

The mini portable barbeque by H Hy-tec is a go-to choice for many of us who want simple and small barbeque. It has two detachable legs, and the whole thing is portable and compact. You can easily pack the entire item and carry it wherever you wish to go for a good time like park, beach, etc. The assembling and setup for the barbeque are very easy and are done in just two simple steps.

Due to easy installation, it is easy to take it apart for cleaning purposes. Once done, you can put it back together very quickly. You can keep it in a small place in your kitchen or storeroom. It is an excellent choice for camping and grilling. It is a charcoal-based barbeque, and a charcoal tray is available with it. There are in total four skewers that are available with the barbeque.

The grab handle is made of wood which makes it easy to move while barbequing. The quality of the handle is excellent, and the design is ergonomic. The warming rack can hold metal grills and is designed very intelligently. They keep the grilling item at an optimum distance from the heat source so that cooking can be adequate.

3. Prestige PPBW 04 Barbeque

  • Cooking base: Coal
  • Utilitarian warming rack: Yes
  • Installation: easy assemble
  • Legs: Detachable
  • Size: Portable size
  • Wooden grab handles
  • Easy to clean
  • Can keep food warm for a long time
  • Best for picnics, parties, and weekend gathering
  • High-quality build

The Prestige PPBW barbeque is a contemporary styled barbeque that is best suited for home use. It can be used for small house parties or family gatherings. The barbeque uses coal for cooking and can be carried from one place to another place very quickly. Thanks to its portable design and detachable parts, you can pack it and take it anywhere you want.

The barbeque has cross legs which can be detached as well. The coal base is at the bottom of the grill, where coal is burned. Above that, the utilitarian warming rack creates that perfect distinction between the food skewers and the heat source. This results in optimum cooking of the food item. The grilled mesh is made of good-quality iron. The whole barbeque can be put together quickly as assembling is very easy. This makes the cleaning process easy as well.

There are wooden grab handles attached on the side of the barbeque, which are heat insulators. One can grab them while the barbeque is hot but will not feel the heat so much. This makes the barbeque mobile and can be moved safely from one place to another. You can fit three skewers on this grill without any problem. All of these salient features make it a perfect buy for your home.

4. Chefman Charcoal Barbeque Grill

  • Total grill: One
  • Number of Tons: One
  • Skewers: Six
  • Cooking base: Charcoal
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Spring handles for carrying and easy handling
  • Handle material is wooden, and the design is ergonomic
  • High-quality barbeque grill
  • Metal barbeque tray

The Chefman Charocal Barbeque Grill is an excellent choice for many families as it cuts no corners in maintaining the quality and features of a good home barbeque. At the same time, it’s very cost-effective due to the attractive price point. The barbeque comes with six skewers and one Grill mesh. There is also one Tong available with the product. It is a charcoal-based barbeque.

The product’s overall design is very compact, making it very portable for carrying to multiple places. The build quality is also fantastic, making it a sturdy piece that can be roughly handled while transporting. The whole body is made of rustproof iron. Due to its simple design, it can be easily cleaned without any hassle. It is a perfect choice for home parties, picnics, or weekend gatherings; thus, it can be considered the best charcoal grill.

The grab handle is made of non-sleepy wood, making it safe to carry from one spot to another while in use. The grill used in the barbeque is of high quality and is suitable to cook all Indian tandoori cuisines. The skewers give with the barbeque have wooden handles. This helps in easy rotating the food item while saving your hands from burns. There is also a metal tray provided for keeping the food warm.

5. P YU Electric Power Vertical BBQ Grill

  • Color: Black
  • Build material: Stainless steel
  • Style: Rotisserie vertical grill
  • Power source: Electricity one thousand watt
  • Compact kitchen appliance
  • All electrical and heat safety measures
  • Perfect for cooking kebabs, sausages, and shawarma
  • Total six forks available
  • Can grill in fifteen minutes

The P YU electric vertical Barbeque is a stainless-steel compact size barbeque machine suitable for kitchen use. It runs on electricity thus can be used indoors. Six stainless steel forks are vertically aligned with the power source coming from the base. It is best suited to cook kebabs, tikkas, sausages, and other similar food items. 

One of the essential features of this barbeque is that you can also cook the whole chicken by aligning it with all the skewers. The time it takes to cook the food item is also very swift. It can cook within ten minutes in veggies, while for meat or fish, it takes around fifteen minutes to complete the cooking. It is effortless to assemble and set up as well.

Once you put the grill on, there is an outer cover to cover all the skewers with the food item. This lets the moisture coming out of the grilled item be retained within the space. Thus, the humidity and heat generated during the cook remain trapped, ensuring that the food does not dye out. There is a drip collection cup at the bottom to collect all the extra juice and oil coming out. This makes the barbeque easy to clean.

6. Supreme Mall Portable Outdoor BBQ Grill

  • Foldable: Yes
  • Base: Charcoal base
  • Grill type: Drawer
  • The material used: Carbon steel
  • Color: Black
  • Portable and compactv
  • Easy to clean
  • Carbon grid inside for longevity
  • Both sides ventilation openings
  • High-quality wire mesh

The Supreme Mall portable barbeque is the perfect barbeque for all. It is the most portable and compact barbeque that you can think of. If very lucrative, the price point does not mean that there is a compromise on the build quality. Unlike other big barbeques or legacy barbeques, it used carbon steel material. This makes the barbeque very lightweight as well.

This black-colored barbeque comes with a gill net which is designed in a grid-type drawer-styled way. The solution is brilliant as it lets to put charcoal and also do cleaning easily. There is a food rack also available in this barbeque. In addition to this, it has an added carbon grid to make sure that if there is a fire inside the barbeque, it does not touch the bottom of the barbeque.

There are ventilation holes created on both sides of the grill. This helps the excessive smoke pass away from the sides, which eventually results in the balanced cooking of the grilled item. Since the whole thing is small, it is very portable and can be carried in your car, and anywhere you want. Adding to portability is the fact that the legs of the grill can be folded. All these factors lead to the point that you can now use barbeque anywhere, anytime, and all these factors make it one of the best barbecue grills. 

7. TrustBasket Portable Barbeque Bucket Set

  • Design: Round pot
  • Grill net: One metallic
  • Stick: Three
  • Heat resistant: Yes
  • The material used: Stainless steel
  • It does not emit toxic smoke
  • Uses high-quality steel grids
  • Rustproof and scratch-resistant body
  • Ventilation available for airflow
  • Very easy to install and portable

The TrustBasket portable barbeque is a bucket-shaped barbeque with a round pot design. It comes with a round-shaped metal pot and the same size grill mesh. You also get three sticks with the barbeque. Due to its unique bucket-shaped design is very portable and can be carried even by a single hand anywhere you want. Rustproof stainless steel is used to build the barbeque. Heat and scratch-resistant solutions are applied to the barbecue.

The grab handled the barbeque and made up of wood, making it comfortable to hold even while cooking. Handles are placed on both sides for easy and comfortable holding. The assembly is also straightforward, and the whole thing can be assembled for cleaning and then put back in no time. You would not require any tools to assemble or de assemble the same.

For proper airflow and ventilation, there are vents created at the side bottom of the barbeque. This lets fresh air flow in, leading to adequate cooking of the food. It has a coal base, and you can both cook something as well as grill something by keeping the same on the grill mesh. The performance of this barbeque is just excellent, so go ahead and order your first barbeque with TrustBasket.

What To Look For When Buying A Barbecue Grill?

  • Material of the Barbecue Grill

The barbecue grills are made of different materials for serving different purposes. Either it is made of stainless steel, aluminum, or cast iron. Stainless is the best option as it is less rust-prone, easier to clean, and good for outdoor grills but these are a bit expensive. 

The cast iron bbq grill is a bit affordable but prone to rust, especially in those regions where humidity is high. 

Aluminum barbecue grills are budget-friendly and also easy to clean and durable. So among all these materials, this material is recommended. 

  • Number of Burners 

If you will buy the barbecue grill for your home, then buying 5-6 burner BBQ with extra cabinets is useless. It will occupy a big space in your home. So it’s better to go for 3-4 burner BBQ that can easily fit in a small space in your house. If you are going to buy charcoal-fueled BBQ, then makes sure to place it outdoor. The gas should be passed through the ventilator properly. 

  • Portable or Not

The freestanding or portable BBQ grills are the most useful ones. Most of the best barbecue grills are portable ones. If the size of the barbecue grill is small then it can be easily carried to any place. The portable barbecue grill is perfect for any home party.

  • Cleaning and maintenance 

Another thing to consider while you are going to buy a BBQ Grill, that is the maintenance and cleaning process. How Much time you have to put in to clean the grill and maintain it, as grillers are very complicated and hard to maintain. Multiple grill types have different types of cleaning process, so choose the one which will not take much time of yours for cleaning and of course you can maintain it well. 

IF you have less time and your patience level also less then charcoal grill and gas grill will be appropriate options for you. As you can see there are no such specific guidelines to buy a BBQ Grill, all you have to consider the mentioned points so that you can easily make choice.

Types Of Barbecue Grills

When it comes to grills,there are different types of grillers available: There are three main types of grills – Gas, Electric or Charcoal.

  • Charcoal grills

The advantage of buying charcoal fueled BBQs is that it gives more smokey, charcoal-grilled flavor and juicy texture food. But it can take 20 – 40 minutes time to do the preparation before the actual cooking start. Moreover, it is a bit expensive among all BBQs. 

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  • Gas grills

The most convenient choice of fuel is gas. Because gas BBQs take less amount of time to heat the grills and make the BBQ instantly ready for cooking. With the help of the burner, you can easily control the heat and it makes cooking easier. Moreover, gas is also an affordable fuel. 

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  • Electric grills

The electric barbecue grill is especially for those people who live in a congestive apartment or where the gas supply is very less. Electric bbq doesn’t get as hot as charcoal or gas barbecue. Also, it is costly than other BBQs. 

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So, choose wisely according to your need. The best charcoal grill can give a smokey flavored tasty grilled chicken. 

Frequently asked questions:

1. How much time does it take to heat up the BBQ Grill?

To get an excellent result you need to preheat the BBQ. Before cooking, heat the barbeque for 10-15 minutes. 15 minutes of preheating the barbecue grill will give you a good cooking result.

2. While using the Barbeque grill do I need to keep the grill closed or open?

When you need intense heat or high-level heat, it will be good if you cook the food with an open grill lid. By this, you can manage the flare-up heat and you can cook the one side of the food.

3. How to use the charcoal barbeque?

Heat the barbecue and put coal on the half side of the grill. Now light up the charcoal and open all the BBQ vents which will help the grill to burn. After the flame die and the coal covered with ash, then spread the coal.

4. What Charcoal should be used? Lump Charcoal or Charcoal briquettes?

It depends on the user’s preference. The lump charcoal usually burns slowly and it does not contain any additives, also leaving less ash. On the other hand Charcoal briquettes made with fillers, binders into the grill. Sometimes this will bring a chemical taste to the grill.

5. What are the methods of BBQ Grilling?

There are four methods of BBQ Grilling. Direct Grilling, Indirect grilling, Grill smoking, Spit Roasting, and grill smoking.

6. Should I close the lid or keep it open?

If you open the lid the cooking process will become slow as the temperature will heat up slowly. Most of the dishes like meat, chicken, large steaks, and any type of roast will take time. If you close the lid the cooking won’t take much time.

7. Is barbecue grill food healthy?

Of Course, this is healthy, this will take less oil, less spice. Low in calories and fat of course.

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