Top 10 Best Bedside Lamps in India

By Trusha Patel

A beautiful, designed, and elegant looking lampshade is the perfect home decor item. Most of us have spent lots of time searching and testing the good quality and beautiful lampshades for our home. The handcrafted lampshades can enhance the beauty of any restaurant, coffee shops, corporate halls, or your house. For those people who are willing to buy a bedside lamp, we think Earthenmetal Mushroom Shaped 9 inches Glass Table lamp will be the best choice for them. It’s classic design, and glass beads make it the best bedside lamps.

Top 10 Best Bedside Lamps Review

1. earthenmetal Mushroom Shaped Glass Table Lamp, Multicolour, 9 inches, 50W

  • Glass table lamp – Mushroom Shaped
  • Designed with good quality glass beads
  • The multicolor lamp can produce bright light
  • Comes with a long-lasting plug and cord
  • Easily cleanable with soft dry clothes

Are you looking for a beautifully designed bedside lamp for gifting in Diwali? Then this Earthenmetal lamp is the best option for you. This beautifully designed lamp is made of high-quality hand-cut pieces of glass beads. The shape of this lamp looks like a mushroom that is quite unique. 

The glass beads of this lamp are multicolored that looks amazing and can be used for home decor. Craftsmen’s handcrafts mosaic artwork gives perfect warm light filters throughout the surroundings. The base color of this lamp is white, and it has 9 inches or 23cm. 

Moreover, a plug and a cord come with this lamp. Whenever you are using this lamp, you have to plug on with the attached cord. All you need is just a bulb according to your need. However, this beautiful piece is perfect for home decor or for gifting, and this makes it one of the best bedside lamps. 

This lamp is very easy to clean, you should use a soft dry cloth to clean it. As this product is made of glass, it is properly packaged with thermocol mold material.

2. Tu Casa LG-200 - Black Metal Table Lamp with Cotton Fabric Conical Shape- Shade Color (Off White).Holder Type- B-22 (Brass)-(Bulb NOT INCLUDED8

  • High-quality metal and fabric material
  • The base of this lamp is the black colored metal material
  • Comes with an electric cord that is 1 Mtr long
  • Net weight of this lamp – 400gm
  • Easy cleaning with dry and soft cloths

As a brand, Tucasa is always famous for producing a wide range of beautiful lamps. This table lamp of Tucasa is a perfect item for decor that enhances the beauty of your room. The base of this lamp is made of good-quality metal and black color. 

This conical shade lamp will enhance the beauty of your bedroom, and the net weight of this shade is 400gm. You should use a 40watt incandescent bulb for bright light. It comes with an electric cord, which is 1 meter long. This lamp provides the best environment and soothing atmosphere. 

The antique brass finish with metal material brass holder makes this lamp sturdy and durable. You can flaunt this lamp and make the home surrounding looks beautiful. The size of this lamp is 25x25x28. It can easily be placed in any of the space of your room. This lamp is best for gifting purposes, and it is one of the best side table lamps. You can use it while sleeping at night.

3. Voroly Home Bedside Night Light Lamp for Bedroom Study Room Decorative Shade Fabric (40W Max, E27 Lamp Port)

  • Nordic style wood and alloy material table lamp
  • Polished wood color, simple yet beautiful design
  • Requires 110V-240V and 31W-40W power
  • Any incandescent energy-saving LED light can be used

A bedside lamp shade is all time good for home decor. The material of this table lamp is in high-quality alloy and wood; this makes it look different. This lampshade body is anti-corrosion of rust and will not fade the color. 

If you are fond of sleek and simple design, then without any doubt, just go for it. Green linen lampshade with metal playing lamp cup provides a long service life. However, the soft and comfortable light gives you a soothing feeling in the night. 

On an average 110V-240V voltage and 31W power are required. This table lamp is not so heavy; its size is 33x30x30cm. You can place this lamp in any place of your house to enhance the beauty. Thi unique bright and delicate lamp is one of the best bedside lamps. 

The Interface light source is E27; you can use any energy saving light or incandescent LED light. This lampshade package does not include any bulbs. It requires 8-30 square meters of space. This elegant looking table lamp can be one of the best home decor items.

4. ExclusiveLane Sheesham Wood and Cotton, Polyvinyl Table Lamp for Living Room Bedroom Bedside Lamp, Brown and Off White, 1 Lamp

  • Sheesham wooden Pyramid shape lamp
  • Two types of mode – on/off
  • Total height 14 inches, dimensions: 5x5x14
  • LED/CFL bulb can be used in this lamp
  • On/off switch and 2 pin plug attached
  • Handcrafted cotton cloth wrapped design

ExclusiveLane 14 Inch unique design lampshade is perfect for your home decor. The Sheesham wooden pyramid-shaped handcrafted lamp is suitable for any gifting purpose also. The base of this lamp has a thin velvet pasted hardly at the bottom. 

The lamp is strongly supported by the four sides of the base, and its dimension is 5x5x14. The base has its own charm and a natural wooden look. It is a natural brown color with cream shade. Basically, this home decor useful lampshade is made of Sheesham wood, and it is wrapped with cotton cloth polyvinyl shade. 

14-watt power is required, and you can use any LED/CFL energy saving light in this lamp. However, it has on/off mode, and 2 pin plug is included in the package. This decorative lampshade is one of the best side table lamps. 

If you are looking for any good quality home decor product, then it will be the right choice for your home and for gifting purposes also.

5. AADHYA CREATIONS Wood Table Lamp, Beige

  • Wooden base, khadi material table lamp
  • Polished finish and multicolor
  • Height is 22 inches and diameter 10 inches
  • Base and stand is sturdy wooden fabric
  • Dimension of the lamp – 25.4 X 25.4 X 34.5 Cm

Aadhya creations have created an elegant looking long lamp shade. Its magic vibe and sturdy design makes it best for home decor and gifting purpose. It can be used as a table lamp or beside the bed or in any other places of the home. This lampshade comes with 22 inches height and 10 inches diameter. 

The shade material is khadi, and the base and stand are sturdy wooden material. The wooden base and its unique design give a different look to the lamp. However, no bulb is included in this package of the table lamp. 

2 pin plug is attached with the base of this lamp. You can use any energy-saving light. It does not require heavy power, so you won’t get a heavy electric bill for this. You can keep this lamp beside your sofa; it will give an amazing look to your house. 

Overall it will be a good deal for you if you buy this lampshade. All these features and beautiful looks make it the best bedside lamps. 

6. Make in modern Wooden & Fabric Pyramid Table Lamp Without Bulb (Black & White, 40 Watt)

  • Wooden material black finish lampshade
  • Dimension – 5x5x14 and strong base
  • E-27 black base holder
  • LED bulb can be used
  • A plug is attached with it

The pyramid-shaped lampshade is the best option for those who don’t have much space in their home. The size of this lampshade is 5 Inch x 5 Inch x 14 Inch; it doesn’t take much space in your room. You can use it as a table lamp at nighttime. It enhances the beauty of your room. 

The base is black wooden material with a polished finish, and the shade is off white color. The base itself holds the shade by four holders. A 2 pin plug is attached with the base of the lampshade. There are two types of mode – On and Off. Plug the table lamp and switch it on. 

You have to use an LED bulb, and the bulb is not included in this package, you have to buy it separately. This lampshade can be a good option for gifting purposes also. If your budget is not high, you still want to buy a good quality, beautiful bedside-lamp, then it will be the best option for you. 

However, this Make-in-modern lampshade very demanding and, of course, good quality. Don’t think twice about buying it.

7. Krevia Moon Lamp PVC 3D USB Rechargeable Moon Lamp with stand For Night Lamp/Gift/Reading/Dinner/Office/Decoration White, Pack of 1

  • PVC material white 3D moon lamp
  • Light color changes from white to yellow
  • On/off Mode – Touching the metal ring
  • Wooden holder – Geometrical shape
  • Size of the moon is 15cm

Moon 3D lamp is the unique design lamp that will enhance the beauty of your room. The lamp is round-shaped and designed like a moon. It is a white color PVC material moon that has a 15cm diameter. The moon lamp light will not shine if the power is low, so to get the bright light makes sure the lamp has the full power. 

For switching on and off the light, just touch the metal ring or the holder at the bottom of the lamp. The color of the lamplight will change from white to yellow. This unique piece can create a romantic atmosphere. 

It is a very photogenic moon lamp; you can hold the moon for clicking different types of beautiful pictures. The outer side of the moon is a matte finish, so it emits medium bright light, not too bright and not too dark.You can make the atmosphere peaceful, soothing, and soft with this lamp. The unique and beautiful design of the moon lamp makes it the best side table lamps.

8. ExclusiveLane 'The Jute-Shade Log' Madhubani & Warli Handpainted Wooden Home Decorative Bedroom Living Room Bedside Table Lamps for Home Decoration (Brown, Without Bulb)

  • Madhubani Jute shade handcrafted table lamp
  • Artistic Warli hand printing
  • Power compulsion – 20 watts
  • Base – wooden material natural brown color
  • Shade – jute material handcrafted

The ExclusiveLane handcrafted jute material artistic table lamp will give you a beautifully decorative look to your room. The beautiful Madhubani Jute material shade looks unique. The base of the lamp is wooden and elephant printing. There are small golden color ring balls attached to the jute shade. 

Warli type hand-painting base wooden base provides a traditional look when life turns on. It consumes 20 watts of power, which is very low, you won’t get an extra electric bill for this. When the light is on, it enhances the interior glow of the room. 

The additional simple raw Dori and the metal ghunghrus added a magical traditional look to this table lamp. It can be used anywhere in your house. Its dimension is 14.4-inch height, shade is 5.7×8.1 (h x dia), and base is 10.3 x 4.5 (h x dia). If you are looking for a unique, beautiful table lamp for your home, then without any doubt, go for this one. Its amazing design makes it the best bedside lamps.

9. Craftter Bedside Table Light Night Lamp, Plain White, Round

  • Handmade cylindrical-shaped night lamp
  • The shade of the lamp – white fabric
  • Height – 23cm and max diameter – 6 inch
  • The plug is connected with the base
  • The base of the lamp – around and flat

This night lampshade emits a correct amount of light, not too bright, so you will get very comfortable and soothing light. It comes in a cylindrical shape with a height of 23cm. The sleek and elegant design of this lamp makes your home looks beautiful. 

This lampshade can be used anywhere in your house, beside the bed, or as a table lamp. The lamp can create a beautiful ambiance and a romantic atmosphere. It comes with a maximum diameter of 6 inches. The shade of the lamp is white covered material. 

It comes with very high-standard finishing and perfect for gifting purpose. However, it consumes very little space and easy to install. The dimension of the lamp is H 19 inch x W 6-inch x L 15 cm. A plug is attached to the base of the lamp. 

If you are looking for a compact design lampshade, then this will be the best option for you. Moreover, it is quite easy to clean with any cotton cloth.

10. Homesake Ceramic Table Lamp with Shade, Off-White, Pack of 1

  • Ceramic Glossy finish lampshade
  • Shade material – linen, shape – drum
  • 1 piece LED light included
  • The base of the lamp – Pot shaped
  • Type of mode – on/off

The glossy ceramic lampshade comes with linen drums shape shade. The look of this lampshade goes with any coffee shop, restaurant, or any corporate office. The elegant and beautiful looks of this lamp make it perfect for home decor. 

This lamp can also be used as a bedside lamp; thus, it can be considered as one of th best side table lamps. This handcrafted lamp comes with an E-27 bulb. A 1.5-meter long cord is connected with this lamp. There are two types of mode – on and off. 

The net weight of this lamp is 2350 gm, and the dimension is 33x33xx40cm. However, you can easily clean this lamp with any soft cotton cloth. So, buy this lamp and enhance the beauty of your home. 

Before buying any bedside lamp for your home:

Few things you need to consider before buying a table lamp. Those are:

 Consider the type of lampshades 

1. Halogen lamp

Halogen lamps offer bright natural light, so you can use this lamp for reading purposes at night. This lamp will decrease eye strain. Halogen bulbs last long 2-3 times longer than the other bulbs. Moreover, it consumes 10-20% less energy than regular bulbs. 

2. Incandescent Lamp 

This type of lamps produces light from the actual heat of the burning filament inside the bulb. Mainly, it can produce a yellowish glow light. The incandescent lamp is a bit cheaper, but it does not last for a long period of time. 

3.  Full-spectrum lamp 

If you want to buy a lampshade for home decor, then go for a full-spectrum lamp. It produces beautiful lights that make the room exceptionality beautiful. The full-spectrum light increases the brightness and sharpness of the light. 

4. Fluorescent Lamp 

This lamp is another option for home decor as it comes in different shapes and styles. You will get a very natural-looking light, and the light gives very good coverage across your home and workspace. The best side table lamps also come in this form of a lamp. These lamps last long 11 times longer, and it emits only 30% of its heat. 

5. LED Lamp

In this new era, LED lamps are more preferable and demanding as it produces very less heat than the traditional ones. It comes with sleek and unique designs. The LED lights produce a concentrated beam of light. The light produces by the LED lamp does not put a strain on your eyes. The lifespan of the LED light is very long, and it consumes very little energy, so it will not add much electric bill. 

Consider the various features of the lamp

If you are buying the lamp for nighttime reading, then check the lamp height is adjustable or not. Check the on/off switch of the lamp as it is the most important feature of the lamp.

1. The material of the lamp 

The lampshade is made of different types of material like plastic, wood, glass, metal, or ceramic. The pot of the lamp is generally made of these materials. So, choose that lamp that matches your home, office, or other places. All the best side table lamps come in good material which lasts long for many years. 

2. Lamp size 

Lamps are available in different sizes and shapes from small to large sizes. It is totally up to you what size you want to purchase. The size of the lamp should depend upon how large is your table or desk is. 

3. Bulb Type 

The output of the light totally depends on the bulb type. It is recommended to use any energy-saving bulb, like LED. It produces bright light as well as saves the electric bill also. 

4. Design

Lampshades are also used as a home decor item. The classic design of the lampshades can enhance the beauty of that place. The best bedside lamps are available in all types of designs like classic, modern, wooden, and in various shapes. 

5. Light adjustment 

Lighting adjustment control lamps are very useful and most preferable. There is a high/low power switch by which it will you can adjust the brightness of the lamp. 

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the best way to clean table lamps?

Everyday cleaning is a must for keeping the real look of the lampshade. Over time, stains and dirt can build up on the lamp. Moreover, the color of the lamp may become faded due to the heat of the bulb. Thus dusting and cleaning of the lamp is a must. You can use a microfibre cloth or a soft cotton duster to remove the loose dirt. For deep cleaning, take a bucket full of water with detergent and clean the lampstand with any sponge, toothbrush. The best side table lamps are long-lasting and easily cleanable. 

2. Earthing the lamp is necessary or not?

A metal bulb holder usually needs three core earthing cable. Two core and six amp cables are required by plastic fitting lamps. You must change the cord if it breaks or exposed wiring. So, it is necessary to use the lamp in a proper way, but earthing is not always necessary.

3. What bulb should be used?

If the socket of your house says not to exceed 60 watts, then you should not use any bulb which can emit high heat. So, avoid those bulbs which may emit a dangerous level of high heat. LEDs are good to use in any table lamp as it does not exceed more than 60-watts. However, if the socket does not allow more than 60 watts but you want to use 100-watt equivalent bulb then use LED. It would be safe for you. You can use energy-saving LED lights for all the best bedside lamps.

4. Is the table lamp harmful to the eyes?

According to research, reading in low light does not damage the eye, though it put some eye strain. The desk lamps are not harmful to the eyes, so you can use it in the nighttime. However, it will not put any stress in your eyes.

5. Are old lamps safe to use?

It is recommended not to use old lamps but if you do not have enough budget, buy the old lamp from a trustable store. Be careful about the wires of the old lamp. Check the lamps are properly wired or not. Or it will be good to go to the lighting store to fully rewire the old lamp.

 6. Is it safe to put a blanket over a lamp?

No, it is not safe to cover the lamp with any kind of cloth. The cloth can catch fire if the bulb is halogen. Also, with any bright incandescent light, firing may happen. So do not cover any blanket over the lamp. 

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