Top 10 Best Bookshelves For Home

By Trusha Patel

Bookshelves or Showcases are one of the important parts of our living room decor. They are highly beneficial when it comes to arranging the equipment and books in a much better way. Bookshelves of different designs and structures are available in the market which you might love and need to take a look at. Let’s take a peek at some of the Best Bookshelves For Home.

Top 10 Best Bookshelves For Home Review

1. Furniture Cafe Wooden Wall Shelves | Corner Hanging Shelf for Living Room Stylish | Zig Zag Home Decor Floating Display Rack Storage Organizer Unique Design with Finish 5 Tiers (Brown Finish)

  • Built of engineered wood, ensuring high quality
  • Smooth and fine edges, which gives a nice chiselled outlook
  • The platform is curved, hence more space for the books or decor
  • Available in multiple shades, suits the shade of the wall
  • Easy fit, as it fits into any of the corners of the wall

With a blend of classy and modern outlook, this Zigzag Corner Wall-mount Shelf is an absolute eye-catcher. A great choice of bookshelf for the home which is even available in a number of shades, perfectly suiting the shade of the walls. 

It also can carry a decent amount of weight as the quality of the built is superb. The use of engineered wood can carry a good amount of weight and moreover, the finishings add to its specifications. 

You can place even larger objects like books or other sorts of decor as the platform is curved. The smooth and fine surface makes sure that there are no sharp edges. 

Moreover, it’s a DIY product, which gives you all the customisations and personalising ability so that you can design it the way you want it to be. 

2. DeckUp Cove Engineered Wood Book Shelf and Display Unit (Walnut, Matte Finish)

  • Simple looking, attractive and decent
  • Enough number of multiple racks
  • Available in two different colours
  • Encouraging DIYs (Do It Yourself) for assembling purposes
  • One of the top-rated product among the sellers and preferred by a lot

This smoothly crafted Bookshelf for Home is a simple decor piece cum a wonderful space for keeping items.  The simple looks and a specific, structured shape are among its notable features. 

This Bookshelf comes in two varieties of colours, and both the shades, perfectly matching the colour of your walls. 

Top-quality engineered wood is used for the construct, with an additional laminated layer during furnishings. It is also among one of the top-rated products of its range, highly preferred by a lot of customers for their households.

There are four different cabinets, protected by a sliding glass door which is giving it a cool outlook. Each of these compartments has enough space, it can also carry a lot more weight than most of the shelves of the same category. The fourth or lowest compartment has an opening wooden door, which is spacious and can hold large equipment with ease.

3. APPUCOCO Book Shelf Wall Mounted Heavy Duty Metal Invisible Book Shelves 3 Piece Per Pack (Made in India) with Screws & Plastic Anchors Included - Black

  • The convertible invisible design, for books and other decors
  • A great saver of space, time and effort
  • Can be easily dusted because of the small surface
  • Easily attached to any of the walls or any of the portions
  • Bold and attractive colour, giving a perfect look with the shades of the wall

Modern homes need modern solutions to arrange or decorate the interiors. The wall-mounted metal bookshelf from the house of the prominent manufacturer, APPUCOCO, this is one of the Best Bookshelves you’ll ever pass through. 

A strong, solid, sturdy design with a bold colour, which can handle a decent amount of weight, in both upper and the middle compartments. When filled with books, this shelf is just invisible, giving you a wonderful setup for arranging the books in your living room. 

It can also be easily handled and more of a Do It Yourself product, which only needs some screws to be bolted for its installation purpose. Moreover, it will easily attract the decor inside when kept in a pattern or distinctive manner. It comes in three pieces, which you can arrange accordingly and install it anywhere comfortably.

4. BLUEWUD Engineered Wood Wall Decor Book Shelf Wall Display Rack ,Matte Finish,Set Of 4,Wenge

  • An Excellent design and structure which is so much compatible than other similar products
  • Solid and strong platforms, which can hold a good amount of weight easily
  • A lot of space which can be utilised to keep multiple numbers of decors
  • Available in different shades as you can pick the right one for your walls
  • Consumes very less space as it can be mounted anywhere, appropriately

A great bookshelf for home, with an attractive, mind-blowing design which catches your attention in no time. Balanced by a wooden board in the centre, the three wooden platforms of three different sizes, arranged in a decorative manner is a nice addition to your home. 

It is also a Do It Yourself type of product in which you can try your hands on, and assemble it the way you want the shelf to be. The platforms are built solid, which can easily carry a great amount of weight and easy to keep a good number of books or decors. 

Moreover, the shelf can be mounted anywhere you want with the utmost ease. The assembling task is pretty easy and you can make complete use of this beautiful shelf after that. 

5. DeckUp Reno Engineered Wood Ladder Book Shelf and Display Unit (Walnut, Matte Finish)

  • Among the best-rated bookshelves by the customers
  • The ladder-like design is unbelievably fantastic and eye-catching
  • Enough space to fit a good amount of books or decors
  • Available in two different colours suits the background of the shelf
  • A DIY product, easy to clean and easy to assemble

The best thing about the DIY products is you can assemble it yourself and place them wherever you want. This is a portable piece of furniture, designed in a way to fit in anywhere. The shades of the shelf make it easier for it to blend in anywhere and everywhere to the background of the interiors. 

The materials are made of engineered wood of top-notch quality, which gives the bookshelf a solid, sturdy look. The design, shaped like a ladder with the platforms instead of footholds, is such a beautiful craft. 

The size of the platforms increases gradually when it reaches the bottom and it is ideal for placing big objects, while the top platforms can carry small and beautiful decors. If you’re looking for a nice Bookshelf for home, do give it a try. 

6. DeckUp Lexis 3-Shelf Bookcase and Storage Unit (Dark Wenge, Matte Finish)

  • Available in two options – 3 and 5 shelves on the same built design
  • Attractive multiple colour options which blend with any shade of the walls
  • Comparatively big compartments, which can hold equally weighed and sized materials and decors easily
  • The bookshelf is of perfect height which can be reached easily and quickly
  • A wonderful piece of furniture which can hold and store books and other items, available at an affordable price

A simple-looking, gorgeously crafted piece of best quality engineered wood. Another Do It Yourself product you can assemble yourself and keep it at any place you want. A giant structure, portable and comes in with two brilliant, attractive shades, which will blend in with any colours of the background walls. 

The compartments are quite larger than your usual bookshelves which gives enough space for storing a lot of books, decorative pieces and other items. The bookshelf is both in an ideal reachable height, which makes it easy to access and way easier to clean. 

This is undoubted, one of the best Bookshelves you can ever reach for at an affordable price and a simple, decent outlook, with several uses.

7. FABULO Wooden Floating Wall Shelf with 4 Shelves - MDF Wall Mounted Shelf for Living Room, Bedroom, Office Decor - Display Rack for Books, Kitchen Wall Storage Unit - Black, Set of 4

  • Built of MDF, high-quality engineering wood, which makes no compromise to the quality
  • Set of four different compartments and platforms which can be wall-mounted
  • The floating design gives it a unique and attractive outlook
  • The use of bold and black shade on the furniture suits any given background
  • They can hold a decent amount of weight and can be arranged easily as you wish

Four pieces of wall shelves of different structure and shape which are made of some super quality MDF, engineered wood. The blackish, bold outlook is an absolute eye-catcher, which will fit any background given with perfection. 

This Bookshelf for Home is itself a perfect decor for your living room and gives you unlimited choices of personalisation and customisations. Moreover, it’s a Do It Yourself kind of product which adds to the advantage during the assembling process. 

Since these shelves are of different sizes and shapes, it can hold anything as you can arrange your items and books accordingly. The fourth piece is a simple platform, which is best for holding multiple numbers of small decors. 

8. TIED RIBBONS Book Shelf Wall Mounted Heavy Duty Metal Invisible Book Shelves for bedrooms Living Room Office Study Room Home Decorations (Set of 2 Book Shelves, White, Metal)

  • Invisible Bookshelves, one of the best modern interiors to look out for
  • Attractive design brings out the beauty of the decorations
  • Available as a set of 2 Bookshelves which can be manually mounted on the walls
  • Strong and solid metal, can hold a decent amount of weight
  • The best available option for you, if you have less space left in the living room

The best thing about the floating Bookshelves are, they are the best Bookshelves you can make a go for when you have very less space left in the living room or anywhere you want to keep your books. 

These shelves smoothly fit into the walls and it’s built solid, which can carry a good amount of weight in its two halves. Placing the books on both the middle and upper halves cover the shelves and gives you a beautiful outlook. 

It’s a Do It Yourself kind of product and you can assemble it with ease and mount it on any wall of your choice easily. If you don’t want to use it as a bookshelf, no worries. You can also use it for keeping other decorative pieces as they will fit into these shelves perfectly.

9. DeckUp Engineered Wood; Particle Board Shelf,Matte;Laminated Finish,Set Of 1,Dark Wenge

  • A well-built bookshelf using top quality engineered wood approves the strength
  • Comparatively a bigger shelf with a greater capacity to hold many books and items
  • Occupies less ground space as the shelf has six equally designed compartments
  • The compartments can hold a good amount of weight with ease
  • Not just books, you can keep a lot of things safely in here, after you assemble it with the help of given DIY manual

A simple bookshelf for your modem home with six huge compartments where you can easily accommodate your items, books and other decors. One of the best Bookshelves in the category, which is preferred for a simple living room setup. 

All six compartments are wide and big enough to carry a lot of items inside, which is absolutely a cost-effective offer. You can easily get hold of these as the structure of the shelf can easily be 

accessed with bare hands. 

The product is available in two different colours, which goes perfectly with the shades of your interior walls. Moreover, the Do It Yourself feature, helps you with easy assembling and installation of the shelf anywhere you want. 

10. APPUCOCO Book Shelf Wall Mounted Heavy Duty Metal Invisible Book Shelves 3 Piece Per Pack (Made in India) with Screws & Plastic Anchors Included - White

  • Built out of the best quality metal, an ideal pick for interiors of modern homes
  • No need to dust like your giant bookshelves, frequently
  • Can easily be mounted on the walls, manually with the DIY feature
  • Saves you a lot of space in the walls, when you have a lot of items to arrange
  • Available in three pieces and attractive white shade, best suits all Interior colours

One of the best Bookshelves from the house of APPUCOCO, which is a perfect pick for a Gen Z home. If you’re having very less space and worried about arranging your books, then these sets of three invisible wall mounted bookshelves will be the most ideal choice. 

Built of metal, these bookshelves can be mounted anywhere you want and the whole installation process is easy. It’s a Do It Yourself kind of product where you just have to assemble the pieces and mount it on the wall as per the instruction manual. 

It’s as simple as it sounds and the decent outlook of the shelf will be an attraction in the entire living room.

Buying Guide for the Best Bookshelves for Home

Even if you have a specific idea or design of a bookshelf you want, in your mind, it is recommended that you should consider a lot of factors before making a purchase decision on the Bookshelves.

Therefore, read on to find out about some of the factors you need to consider before buying a bookshelf and what are all the characteristics of the best Bookshelves you can buy. 

Factors to consider for the Best Bookshelves:

1. Size

How much space the new bookshelves are going to give you is a primary matter of concern before making a purchase decision. You will always need sufficient space for your items and books which means, the space provided by your new bookshelves shouldn’t be less than that. 

2. Built Material

The type of built material and the quality of the built material plays an essential role here in determining the quality of the bookshelf. Usually, bookshelves are either made of wood or metal and in this case, the quality of the material matters the most. 

3. No. of compartments 

Apart from the space, the number of compartments offered by the bookshelves is an important factor to watch out for. It will be difficult to arrange books in a bookshelf of the single or dual compartment while the same with more than 7or 8 compartments. 

4. Affordability 

Here, you need to consider the affordability of the product you are planning to buy. Some bookshelves, which are of premium quality, are highly expensive and there are also basic ones, which are sold at a much lower price. You need to pick your products wisely so that it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

5. Colour 

The selection of the right colour may sound unnecessary but it is one of the important things that matter when your bookshelves reach your home. The colour of the bookshelves should match the colour of the interior walls to give it an attractive outlook. Otherwise, it’ll simply be boring and unreal. 

6. Installation 

Most of the bookshelves these days are delivered to the customer as final parts which need to be assembled by the customers before installation. The complexity in the installation process shouldn’t be a headache for the customer, only to be realised after delivery. 

7. Portability

Portability refers to the ease of moving the bookshelf from one place to another. Some of the bookshelves which are wall-mounted or easily portable are handy to move while the fixed ones which weigh a lot are difficult to move or adjust frequently. 

8. Design

One of the most important things to consider, the design. The pattern or the way it is designed will give a unique touch to your interiors and in decorating your modern home. Therefore choose an attractive one, which will catch attention in no time. 

9. Compatibility 

Another important factor that we often forget, is the compatibility of the shelf in your place. You should pick the shelf of the appropriate size so that it can fit right into the space you’ve made for it. It is important to consider the space it is going to occupy after it’s installed and what all items are you going to put in the compartments. 

Features of the Best Bookshelves:

1. Spacious enough 

The bookshelf must be spacious enough to hold all the items you have to keep and still have some space left. If you are looking for the best bookshelf, go for the one that is spacious enough to keep all your necessary belongings inside. 

2. Built of top-notch quality

The best bookshelf you can get should be built of the best quality material possible and it should provide enough durability, and strength against the weight handling capacity. It should be able to carry the weight of the items you place in it without any difficulties. 

3. The perfect number of compartments 

The best bookshelf you can pick should have an ideal number of compartments and not more or not less than that number. It is because, more the compartments in the bookshelves, it will lose the space allotted in each compartment and if the number of compartments is less, then it will be difficult to arrange the items easily into the compartments. 

4. Best value for the price paid 

Similar to the number of compartments, the price also should be balanced between two scales, the lower one, easily affordable and the upper one which is not affordable. You should pick the right product at the budget you have made and the one which will give the best value for the product purchased. 

5. Best suiting shades 

You should check, double-check and recheck again to make sure that the bookshelf you’ve bought is matching the colours of your interiors. A perfect bookshelf should also match the shades of interiors, no matter what 

6. Ease of installation

The bookshelf should be easy to install since most of the bookshelves are based on Do It Yourself kind, you should find it easy to assemble the parts and fix the shelf yourself. Otherwise, it makes no sense when you have to get additional help to assemble the parts of the shelves. 

7. Easy to Move

The ease of movement, hence the portability of the bookshelf should be very easy. The adjustment of the bookshelf should also be done easily, without much stress and effort on it. In this way, you can adjust the bookshelf, if necessary with ease and move them to any location you want. 

8. Attractive outlook 

With the best bookshelf, you shouldn’t make any compromise to its outlook and design. Go for the finest looking bookshelf within your budget and the one which will be a great addition to your living room interiors. Bookshelves easily catch attention and it’s better to get a modern one which speaks for itself. 

9. Less usage of space 

The best Bookshelves you are going for should only consume a limited amount of ground space and wall space because it will look messy with such bookshelves. Therefore, the buyer should consider getting a bookshelf of the right size which will directly fit into space, without any complexities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the popular types of designs of bookshelves available?

The major classification of the bookshelves comes as in the types of the built and style of their construction. It can be modern, mid-century modern, traditional, transitional, contemporary or industrial bookshelves.

These are the best types and the different types of bookshelves are bought according to the taste, location of installation, purpose etc of the users. 

2. What is the best wood to build a bookcase? 

Apparently, plywood is the best choice of wood you can go with, for designing or purchasing a new bookcase. It is lighter, stronger and can carry a lot of weight. Moreover, the most common types of plywoods are made of birch, maple and oak trees. It is also observed that the birch plywood is the best in the class of all plywoods.

3. How thick should the wood be for shelves?

Usually, the Bookshelves use a thickness for its plywood of ¾ th of an inch for forming the base or platform or ease of placing the items in it. But there you can always increase the strength up to 1 or 1¼ inches which adds to the core and helps in better up-gradation of the bookshelf. The size of the bookshelf should go with the other interiors of the room and its colours.

4. What are the best wooden materials for building bookshelves?

The normally used solid, sturdy wood planks are among the most used materials for building bookshelves. Plywood, one of the popular and strong materials used for the same.
The small and compatible bookshelves make use of the engineered wood or MDF for small and medium-sized bookshelves. There are also bookshelves made of metal, glass and even particleboards are available for sale.

5. How do you keep bookshelves from sagging?

Sagging is one of the most problematic conditions that the user will have to deal with when they have a wooden bookshelf at their home.
These bookshelves are highly vulnerable to sagging and to make it more durable and keep it safe from sagging, multiple layers of wood or metal reimbursements can be used. This will guard the wood, make it more durable and effective against the sagging.

6. How do you strengthen a bookshelf?

Just like books, the bookshelves also need to be preserved for a long time and for that you should take some protective measures. It includes inserting small panels of wooden slides into the gaps between layers to make it more durable and safe against its vulnerabilities.

7. Why do bookshelves get wobbly?

Bookshelves get usually wobbly for only some main reasons. The main and most important one is the loosened screws of the bookshelf. If the bookshelf is mounted to the wall, it is a common thing that they get loosened sometimes and makes the entire bookshelf wobbly. 


The bookshelves and showcases mentioned here are some carefully handpicked ones which gives you the best value for money in the market. Also the buying guide will help you in the process of getting a new one of your choices. 

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