10 Best Blood Pressure(BP) Monitor In India 2021

By Trusha Patel

Our times and outreach as humans have gotten immersive. With immersive opportunities and dimensions, many health problems have arisen. One of the most common health problems is of Blood-pressure.

Blood-pressure patients require to measure BP levels at regular intervals. Now it is quite easy with portable bp monitors, and you’ll find one of the best bp monitors in India for you, right here. Not everyone can regularly go to hospitals or clinics for regular bp check-ups, and those people now have a solution in the form of blood pressure monitoring machines and devices.

Getting your bp ratings and taking care of your health is now just buttons away. If you’re looking for a bp monitor for your elders, family members or even yourself, this article is the best place to be right now.

Here we are providing a detailed list of what we consider as the top ten in best bp monitor in India series. You can look for yourself with an in-depth comparison of features and qualities and decide what your perfect choice is.

Our list will be the best for you as we’ve compared and mentioned how each bp monitor is different and what should be the basis of a users choice, so please take a look at it.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor In India 2021 Reviews

1. Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor With Intellisense Technology For Most Accurate Measurement

  • Omron has a well established Healthcare tech.
  • It provides much accurate measurements .
  • It has convenient Single-touch control.
  • It is a fully Automatic BP Monitor.

Omron has been an active name in sensor operative tech and healthcare equipment. Since 1980 Omron has provided India with precise and efficient equipment and automotive tech. Now Omron has brought forward a new evolutionary tech which may be the best bp monitor in India.

Omron HEM 7120 is a fully automatic blood pressure monitor. It has a bright and clear digital display. Omron bp monitor is quite compact and lightweight, and you’ll not be troubled carrying it with you.

Omron bp monitor claims to have the most accurate measurements in comparison to the competitors. Omron is able to say so, because of its household Intellisense tech.

With this tech, Omron bp monitor notices and shows even the smallest fluctuations in heart rate and body movement. It also warns the user for error in the reading due to body movement and thus retests for a correct reading. Omron has easy single-touch control and sleek look that makes it stand out in the segment of bp monitoring devices.

2. Dr. Trust Smart Talking Automatic Digital Bp Machine (Black)- 101

  • Dr Trust has patented Display Technology.
  • Bilingual (Hindi and English) voice channels are integrated.
  • It has multiple power options .
  • You get an additional digital thermometer with it.

You can trust Dr Trust when it comes to your healthcare and monitoring. First thing you’ll notice when you look at Dr Trust bp monitor is that it has an outstanding screen and vibrant display. The company claims to have this display patented as their new Zebra display.

Dr Trust bp monitor is designed to look like an advanced tech with compact, ergonomic design and multiple measurement modes that makes it stand-in best bp monitor in India segment.

Though the single-button tech Dr Trust bp monitor delivers systolic and diastolic bp and pulse rates much rapidly and correctly.

Users will feel much at ease while using this bp monitor as it has both Hindi and English voice responses for Indian households. It also has charging and power options like AA batteries and USB charging.

Dr Trust offers an additional digital thermometer for free so that you can take more care of your health. Dr trust has great inflation measurement too and these all features make it stand-in  among the top products.

3. Omron HEM 7130L Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor With Large Cuff, Intellisense Technology & Cuff Wrapping Guide For Most Accurate Measurement

  • One Of The Most Recommended products out there.
  • It has an Impressive five year warranty.
  • It had features for smart Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Omron wider cuff ensures comfort in use.

Omron never manages to disappoint us and has brought yet another advancement in sensor tech. Omron HEM 7130L is quite an improvement in terms of measuring procedure and correct results from the previous variant.

HEM 7130L has superior Japanese tech with advanced features like an error-free body movement detection reading, a great memory, and intelligent sensing technology etc.which make this one of the contenders of  best bp monitor in India.

Omron HEM 7130L is superior in tech due to functions like detailed body movement detection, an indicator for Hypertension in the body and heart rate fluctuation detection for error-free readings. It presents an average of the last three readings and has an excellent memory. 

A wider cuff pad ensures you don’t have any difficulty in measuring bp, so many doctors recommend it. It also has smart connection features with bluetooth connectivity to your smartphones, that helps in managing and storing your reading data. Along with these features, a fabulous five-year warranty makes Omron one of the preferences for the users.

4. Dr. Morepen Bp02 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor (White)

  • It has tech according to WHO Guidelines.
  • Has a memory backup Of 60 Readings.
  • Machine is very Compact and light.
  • Monitor is powered By 4 AAA Batteries.

Dr Morepen has prospered in India in the last few years and has been emerging as a leading healthcare equipment brand in India. This increasing trust in Dr Morepen is due to their reliable products such as Bp02 blood pressure monitor.

This monitor is much lightweight and so compact that you’ll have no problem carrying it around. The measuring system in this monitor is according to WHO guidelines, so it delivers a user correct readings. Its Basics have qualified Dr Morepen in range of quality monitoring devices.

Dr Morepen has a unique quality in terms of memory and reading representation. It accumulates an average of the last three readings to show accurate results. It also stores up to sixty readings, so that’s a charm for observing your BP.

Also, you’ll get a one year of warranty on your product. Summing up these features with the potential of Dr Morepen we can consider it under best bp monitor in India category.

5. Rossmax GB102 Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor (Black), With Stethoscope

  • It is an aneroid style BP Monitor.
  • It has a binding cuff Without Latex.
  • Twin Thermostat Ensues Complete Safety.
  • The layered material Is Insulated And robust.

Rossmax is a brand that’s involved continuously in bringing positive change and betterment in its professional services. Now With GB102 Rossmax has taken a step forward in the field of bp monitors in india.

Rossmax in this Aneroid bp monitor has provided a superior quality quad-layer insulation for comfort and safety. Also ensuring performance is up to the mark Rossmax has provided a Hg manometer which is of 300 mm and has non-pin stop tech.

You also get an additional stethoscope with GB102 variant from Rossmax. Cover and cuff material is soft and comfy. Cuff is specially made of such material without latex in it. 

Readings in this bp monitor don’t require too much effort and markings are very accurate. You’ll also get a soft case for carrying it although it has a very sturdy body. So if you’re looking for a piece of standard equipment with modern performance, you can consider this one as the best bp monitor in India.

6. Beurer BM 35 fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor with Separate Cuff (22 to 36 cm) | LCD Display (BM35) With 5 Years Warranty | Digital bp monitor | Arrhythmia detection | Grey.

  • One Of Europe’s Top products.
  • Beurer has dual spaced memory storage.
  • It has a stable artistic design.
  • Bp monitor comes with medical certifications.

Beurer is a known german brand and is considered to be one of the top brands in Europe. BM35 has a simple design and proportional efficiency. BM35 being a digital and completely automatic bp monitor has a bright screen for displaying readings.

It can be powered by four AAA batteries. Beurer with its legacy and well-known performance comes under the best bp monitor in India category.

Beurer BM35 has a design speciality that is its stability. Stability in a compact form factor along with delicate weight balance makes it perfect for carrying around. BM35 comes with a softcover and pouch so you’ll have a hassle-free experience. 

When we consider its accuracy, it’s so good that it has certifications from top institutions like European and British societies of Hypertension. If all these features weren’t enough, you get dual storage feature.

Double storage features means, room for sixty readings for two people summing up to a total of one hundred twenty. Excellence from Beurer makes this stand-out in healthcare technology segment.

7. Dr Trust (USA) Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Apparatus and Testing Machine with USB Port Icheck Bluetooth Connect Most Accurate BP Checking Instrument - 118 (Blue)

  • Dr Trust has the USA trusted tech.
  • Scren has multiple Display Items.
  • Now it can measure Even During Inflation.
  • Monitor has bluetooth connect smart feature.

Dr Trust has maintained a reputation for more fabulous USA tech throughout its extensive range of products. Now Dr Trust brings us its new digital bp monitor apparatus and testing machine with improved performance and a modern display.

Display of Dr Trust is particularly unique as it is more bright and more content than ever and quality is top-notch. Dr Trust strives to be the top performer in this market.

Multiple display items aren’t the only things that’ll impress you as Dr Trust has new technology that allows you to measure effectively, even during inflation. This technology is the stand-out feature of this bp monitor. It’s not all yet as this bp monitor with a large screen comes with much comfy cuff pad and multiple power options.

Dr Trust has a smartphone connect app that connects via Bluetooth to your bp monitor and allows you to keep track of bp readings to manage your health. Dr Trust is sure to be considered as best bp monitor in India.

8. Dr. Morepen BP02 Blood Pressure Monitor and BG03 Glucose Check Monitor Combo (Black)

  • This variant has a very convenient weight balance.
  • Both Systolic and Diastolic Readings are taken.
  • Provides Paced and Credible readings.
  • One Year Warranty On Monitor And Prolonged Warranty on Glucometer.

Dr Morepen never disappoints when it comes to customer satisfaction and variety in its products. This worthwhile combo is a result of the study that shows many bp patients have linked diseases like heart and sugar problems.

So Dr Morepen bp monitor comes with their advanced BG03 Glucose Check Monitor, and this makes Dr Morepen an unbeatable combo.This combo is very budget-friendly for users as it provides both the devices at almost half the price.

Reading method with the bp monitor is shown to be very fast and delivers credible readings. The readings are error-free due to fluctuation detection. The bp Monitor is designed in a very sleek way and is well balanced. 

Now if we come to the BG03 glucose check device that lets you check your sugar levels at ease and so fast that it is considered to be one of the best glucometers. Glucometer comes with a lancing device containing ten lances and a solid case.

Dr Morepen bp monitor has a memory of 120 reading records, and thus it is a wonderful addition to the best bp monitor in India.

9. Dr. Morepen Extra Large Display BP Monitor

  • XL Size Display is an eye-catcher.
  • It has a sleek body in comparison to display.
  • It has a dual user interface.
  • Dr Morepen Entry in the premium segment.

Dr Morepen is a brand that is diversifying its services and attempting to provide the best healthcare tech on a budget price. Now Dr Morepen comes forward with an entry in the premium range of the best bp monitor in India with their extra-large display blood pressure monitor.

Dr Morepen always claims to follow the standard WHO guidelines and has also done so with this new XL display bp monitor. As we talk about display, it’s very large and bright, much cleaner and with all the required items. This bp monitor can easily detect heartbeat fluctuations and provide a better average of three reading. 

The modernised tech that comes integrated into this bp monitor is inflation measurement comfort so you’ll never have a problem in taking readings during inflation. These feature combined with dual user function makes Dr Morepen a superb addition to the comparison list.

10. Equinox Digital Blood Pressure Monitor EQ-BP-101

  • Backed by DPDA accurate technology.
  • It has a very bright LCD screen.
  • Different Classifications for BP severity are present.
  • A Wider And Fitting Cuff ensures comfort.

Equinox is all about something distinct, the incredible tech and performance. Equinox doesn’t shy away from excellence with its premium class bp monitor EQ-BP-101. Looks of EQ-BP-101 tells you how sturdy the material and monitor is with big and bright LCD screen and vibrant display.

Single-touch buttons make functionality so much easier, and the reading accuracy won’t disappoint you. Equinox has designed what may be the best bp monitor in India. 

Best in class features of Equinox are authentic DPDA tech for precise readings and detection of the slightest change in heart rate. Also, it cleverly detects any error due to hand movement and requires the user to redo the readings. Cuff is made of robust materials and wide enough for your comfort.

You get an eighteen-month warranty on Equinox EQ-BP-101. A delight for users would be the carrying case that comes in packaging so you can securely carry your bp monitor around.

Equinox has made sure that the bp monitor keeps the memory of 60 readings for users benefit.  All these features make this a star in the best bp monitor in india segment.

So these were our top picks and choice for what should be considered as this. In this list, We gave an in-depth analysis of various best sellers in the market and how could each item be of interest to a particular user. Now, as a user, you might get confused or puzzled by such technical words and business terms.

Don’t worry, we have got you covered with a handy buying and research guide on BP monitors and how you would choose a  perfect one for your health. Please consider and follow this general guide next time you are shopping for a BP monitor, whether it’s online or offline.

Research And Buying Guide On BP Monitors:

When there are so many options in the market and all, seem identical with comprehensive choices and attractive features, what a user would do? Well, the answer to that question is not to go in all the details and stick to the basics. A BP monitors primary use is to give quick and accurate readings, and this should be the priority for everyone.

Now moving ahead from you will see many variations in looks, design, methods used, and memory. These all differ in the price and quality you choose and are personal preferences.

This guide is meant to advise you and through our keen research, provide you with the knowledge to select what should be your priorities. Next, it’ll help you to choose according to your preferences which one is the right monitoring device for you.

Key Points To Consider When Buying A BP Monitor

These points are standard features and aspects of most BP monitors. By going through these, you’ll know at the end which choice is right for you and how to make that better choice.

Reading Technology

The reason a user buys a BP monitor is mainly for measuring his BP. Those BP readings should be accurate and correct, or else what is the use of such a device.

To ensure a bp monitor is working correctly and giving reliable BP measurements from time to time, many prominent brands use advanced tech, so reading state or accuracy doesn’t depreciate over time.

These are some popular techniques implemented, so BP monitors give accurate results even after multiple uses.

1. Europe Based Automated Sensing – This tech is used in European brands like Beurer etc. to deliver the best results. They use brass air pathway with chrome finish integrated with techs like DCDA and fluctuation monitoring. 

2. The USA Based Automated Sensing – This tech is used in the USA brands like Dr Trust, Etc. for reliable readings. They use an average of multiple readings in an integrated sum-up method and efficient inflation techniques for better measurement.

Our advice would be to go for modern digital bp monitors which have both integrations combined, so you don’t miss the best of the tech.

Variants Of BP Monitors

Whenever you go to a doctors clinic, you’ll see a bigger analogue device, but when you go for buying a bp monitor for yourself amd personal use, you’ll see alarm clock like variants.

These are two different types of bp monitors in terms of design with analogue and digital Sphygmomanometers. The main difference is that digital ones are portable and much lighter than analogue or aneroid ones.

Now let’s talk about the option you’re more likely to buy that is the digital bp monitor. This type of monitors is easy to very around due to small alarm clocks like design and compactness. Also, you can charge them or use batteries. These digital ones can be divided further into two categories. 

Wrist Binding BP Monitors- Wrist binders or wrist bp monitors are bound to the wrist, and they deliver high accuracy in measurements. But they require strict body posture and vary if your body posture is disturbed.

Arm Binding BP monitors- This type of BP monitors are quite near to traditional monitors and have an automated system that inflates the cuff pad. After that, you get to see the bp readings on display. They have a typical cuff size as a drawback and dual user functionality along with a great memory.

Our advice would be to go for the arm binding BP monitors because the only problem they have can be their standard cuff size.

 Traditional Vs Automatic BP Monitors.

 This will be the type you’ll know by seeing, but the actual difference is of functionality.

Traditional bp monitors such as seen in doctors clinic and hospitals come with a pumping bulb that measures reading with Hg (mercury) levels rising through manual pumping.

Whereas digital bp monitors have touch controls, and once you bind the cuff, they can automatically measure bp by just single-touch buttons. After pressing the button, they’ll show readings on the digital display.

Our advice will be to opt for digital bp monitors if you’re buying it for personal use.

Comfort Is Everything

If you’re not a  professional or a healthcare worker, aneroid bp monitors aren’t of much use to you. Fully automatic digital bp monitors can very well manage your daily bp readings for your household and personal use.

You don’t have to pump manually and weight for multiple attempts or readings to decide your accurate reading, instead, just a single touch automatically inflates the cuff and displays an average of three readings. Also, they’re lightweight and compact.

Fitting Of The Cuff

The cuff sizes vary in different brands and variants of bp monitors. The thing to make sure is that when a cuff is attached to your arm, it’s neither too loose nor too tight. If it doesn’t fit you correctly, your readings also would not be correct.

 Many brands have decided a medium cuff size as their choice which fits most of the people, but you should choose according to your arm size and its indication where small is 18-22cms, the medium is 22-32 cms, and the large is more than 32 cms.

Warranty and Service

Warranty and service is also a deciding factor when you’re buying a bp monitor. You should check the warranty duration and all related terms and conditions when purchasing a bp monitor as bp monitors need recalibration around after two years so they can provide accurate readings. See if your warranty service includes this and be careful about this factor.

 Additional Features In BP Monitors

Bp monitors market is rigorously competitive, and the reason is that every brand strives to deliver the best. This competition has resulted in many advanced features like heart rate fluctuations detection, movement error detection, integrated memory, bp risk severity indicators, large memory capacity, and smart connect features etc.

Let’s take a look at which characteristics should be considered:

Body Movement Error Detection

Mainly in wrist binding bp monitors, even the slightest movement of the body can cause a disturbance in readings. They’re very sensitive, so modern-day bp monitors have a sensor for body detection that makes sure that if there is any difference in bp due to movement of the body that reading shouldn’t be recorded and takes a new reading.

Heartrate Fluctuations Detection

This feature is an additional shield against potential cardiac problems. Heart rate fluctuations detection observes speed of the heartbeat and sees that it isn’t abnormally slow or fast. Also, it finds if there are any irregularities in heart movement so you can be notified of any problems.

Severity of Risk

This feature notes down and compares the data of your regular bp readings. When you’re checking your bp at home in multiple sessions, this feature will see if the blood pressure is between the standard limits and notifies if there’s any risk regarding your health.

Also, it shows how much your bp fluctuates and thus indicates the severity of the risk. So you don’t need to consult a doctor repeatedly when you have this feature.

Take a look at your readings, and if you notice any higher or lower disruptions, please consult a doctor.

Memory And Dual User Interface

Most digital bp monitors come with an abundant memory of the last sixth readings, so you can easily track your bp levels during that time and manage your health accordingly. If you have more than one bp patients, you should go for monitors with dual user interfaces that enable a total of 120 readings containing sixty readings each for a patient.

Smart Connectivity Feature

Many advance brands like Dr Trust has developed their smartphone applications. These applications allow users to connect their bp monitor with their smartphones via blue tooth. Through these applications, a user is enabled to record their readings in the app and also look if the device is working properly.

Power Options

Almost all digital bp monitors these days come with a slot for 3-4 AAA batteries or USB charging. Earlier versions used to have power adapters for them to function. Now new monitors even have micro USB and cable charging. You can choose either one according to your preference and comforts.


After accuracy and reliability in if there’s anything important for Indian markets is the cost-effectiveness. Indian markets are fiercely competitive, and companies fight to provide all the best features at minimal prices. But the fact that quality comes at a price can’t be argued too.

 So you can get a decent built reliable bp monitor in the medium segment, but if you want the absolute best you should go for German-based premium brands and brands like Equinox.

Standard Method of Measuring Blood Pressure At Home

In this article, you must’ve read about the terms systolic and diastole. To understand these, we must know that Sphygmomanometer measures the pressure in units of Hg(mercury) per mm(millimetre). Normal blood pressure range medically for a person in 120/80mm Hg, in which 120 is systolic, and 80 is diastole.

A BP monitor first measures the systolic and then the diastolic pressure. The stage of readings being above 120 and much above 140 is known as Hypertension.

 Now how to accurately measure this pressure is through this method-

 First Analogue BP monitors-

• Open the panel and bind the cuff securely to your arm.

• Now take the air bulb and check for pressure my pumping.

 • Now if it shows the reading on the scale, then pump manually until the systolic and then diastolic pressure.

 • Note down both the readings in two cycles and remember that patient maintains normal breathing and steady posture.

 Digital BP Monitors-

• First connect batteries or power source to the device.

• Now connect cuff cable into the device.

• Check the cuff and see if the display of the monitor is working.

• Now bind the cuff properly to your arm and rest it.

 • Now turn the single button on for taking the readings.

 • Try to maintain a steady posture and don’t move too much.

• After a specific time screen will display your blood pressure.

• Note the readings and repeat for accurate results.

Don’t forget to change batteries from time to time and to get your device recalibrated.

How To Take Care Of Your Heart And Blood pressure

BP monitors exist because of increasing BP and heart problems, that even in the youth. Modernised lifestyle is full of hassle, work pressure and shortage of time. Humans don’t also take a proper diet or exercise.

They are so indulged in this race that they’ve forgotten what they’re running for. The ultimate goal is comfort and what is the use of money if our body isn’t comfortable to enjoy it. So it is essential to take care of your health for you and your loved ones.

Here are some of the tips to take care of your cardiac health and blood pressure-

1. Avoid eating fast foods with too much salt and oil content.

2. Regularly exercise for 40-50 minutes a day, putting attention to your cardiac health.

3. Avoid stress and decide a day in a month to shut off from all the external pressures and spend time with your loved ones.

4. Travel once or twice a year to rejuvenate yourself.

5. Add multivitamins and minerals to your diet and follow a fibre-rich diet for more excellent cholesterol absorption.

These are some of the general tips for a general user to follow to maintain a healthy cardiac profile.

Please note that you should consult professional medical help and doctors for complicated diseses and more support. A doctor knows the best and will advise you better according to your condition.


1. How To Take Care Of Your BP?

Whether you have Hypertension or low bp, consult a physician and take proper treatment. Keep in mind to take a well-balanced diet and prescribed medicines if there are any. Also to regularly keep track of your health and bp you should measure it via bp monitors. Now you can even measure bp even at home with portable bp monitors.

2. How To Measure Your BP With BP Monitors?

Measuring your BP with a bp monitor is quite easy, and you can measure it in digital monitors with single touch buttons and cuff -bulb method. For detailed process, you can refer to the method described in this article.

3. What Are The Benefits Of A BP monitor? 

Having your own bp monitor at home gives you freedom of taking a reading when you want. Also, you don’t have to pay visits to a clinic and hospital for this work. You’ll save money that you’ll be paying for the readings from the third-party monitors.

4. BP monitors are health equipment so they must be costly?

It is a common misconception that advanced tech like bp monitors or others are much expensive and is out of reach of common people. But the truth is the exact opposite as many brands are producing BP monitors, and it is a very competitive market. You can get a low range to premium range bp monitors at very affordable prices today.

5. Which Is The Best BP Monitor In India?

If you’re looking for a single answer to this question, it can be quite tough to point one bp monitor as the best. Instead, you should be asking which is the best bp monitor for you? And the answer to that is based on your budget, requirements and choices in terms of design and additional features.


So this was all the knowledge you needed at first for understanding what blood pressure, how your blood pressure affects you, how to take care of your BP and how to measure it.

Along with it, the buying guide told you about the best options for a bp monitor to keep track of your bp and how you should choose which is the best BP monitor in India for you.

Please keep in mind that best health care advice can be only from trained professionals with experience of years of practice. This guide is meant to help you with general information about bp and bp monitors. If you encounter any kind of complications or severities in your bp health, contact a doctor as soon as possible.

We’re much happy to help you with your buying experience and hope to keep assisting you in future with such more articles. We thank you for going through our guide.

If you have any unsolved queries or doubts or any suggestions, be happy to contact us. We hope that you liked this research and guide and options that were hand-picked and so adequately compared.

Still, if you’re a new customer or if you’re new to the online platform you might have some doubts left. We have compiled a list of most frequently asked questions here just for your help.

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