Top 10 Best Bread Toaster in India

By Trusha Patel

What is a better breakfast than toasted bread and omelet, with a hot cup of coffee? When we are rushing for office early in the morning, this seems to be the perfect energizing and nutritious breakfast option for us. Thus, one would need the best bread toaster for the perfectly crunchy bread toast. 

There are a variety of bread toasters available in the market. Each of the toasters seems to be better than the other and has more features than the previous one. In this competition market, we have sorted out a few features that you must keep in mind while choosing the fastest bread toaster for your needs.

Top 10 Best Bread Toaster Reviews

1. Prestige PGMFB 800 Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster with Fixed Grill Plates, Black

  • Non-stick heating plate for neat and clean cooking such that the pieces of bread do not stick to the plate
  • User-friendly model of the device with a cool-touch body and ergonomic handle
  • Indicator LED lights for the ease of cooking tasty meals
  • Very little consumption of electricity is an added advantage

The Prestige Grill Sandwich toaster is your personal chef at the comfort of your home. If you don’t feel like going outside in a bad weather condition, this toaster can help you cook delicious food at home. 

The eating plate and the grill of this toaster are all non-stick. The food does not stick to the dish while getting cooked and thereby remains in perfect shape. Also, cleaning of the device is much more comfortable.

You can hold and press the toaster for a better-grilled sandwich, as it comes with an ergonomic handle. This Prestige sandwich toaster is one of the best bread toasters available in the market as thus it features at the first position in our list. 

Final Words:

If you are searching for a compact toaster that is easily portable and economical, then opt for the Prestige Grill Sandwich Toaster without thinking anymore. It consumes very little electricity, and thus you need not worry about a high electricity bill. The indicator lights warn you about the condition of the food being prepared.

2. Bajaj ATX 4 750-Watt Pop-up Toaster (White)

  • 2-slice bread toaster for compact and easy home usage
  • Customized browning settings for a different level of toasting for a variety of dishes
  • Cool-touch body for easy and convenient usage in the kitchen
  • Non-skid rubber supported base for firm support and to prevent accidents
  • Removable bread-crumb tray for easy cleaning of the device

Bajaj is an age-old name in the electrical appliances market and has got thousands of retail centers and an equal number of satisfied customers. Thus if you are brand conscious, then this should be your definite choice. The ATX4 model of the toaster from the house of Bajaj is a popular choice amongst customers.

This has a very compact design and is extremely portable. It has two bread slice trays, i.e., two pieces of bread can be toasted in this toaster simultaneously. Thus it is fast and saves time. It takes hardly 2-3 minutes to toast a pair of bread using this device. 

We often need to touch the toaster and hold it with our hand for easy access while removing the toasted pieces of bread from the toaster. With the cool-touch body of this device, you can touch the toaster even while the process of toasting is going on. It also attains a non-skid base that holds the device in place. 

Final Words:

The Bajaj ATX4 consumes a maximum of 750 watts of power and heats the plates instantly to quicken the process. As a result, it consumes very little electricity. It can also be easily cleaned with the removable crumb tray and thus is a hygienic choice for your kitchen. 

3. Morphy Richards AT-201 2-Slice 650-Watt Pop-Up Toaster (White)

  • Hi-lift feature to toast all sizes of bread
  • Up to 7 preset browning settings for personal taste needs
  • The pop-up feature makes the work easier for you and thus saves time
  • The non-slip feet made from rubber prevents the toaster from skidding

The Morphy Richards Pop-up toaster has an advanced hi-lift feature that helps you toast all bread sizes with ease. It also removes small bread crumbs from the toaster and keeps it neat and clean. Loaded with all the necessary basic functionalities, this is one of the best bread toasters in the market.

There are seven preset options for various degrees of browning of the bread. Thus you can now customize how brown you want your bread to be and set the timer accordingly. Once the optimum level of browning is obtained, the bread will automatically pop-up from the toaster.

In this price range, this toaster is very durable and one of the fastest bread toasters you can choose from. The pop-up feature makes it user-friendly. The white body of the toaster makes it look very classy and pure. It is provided with anti-skid rubber feet for firm positioning of the device. 

Final words:

Morphy Richards provides you with an affordable and durable pop-up toaster that is portable and compact. It consumes little electricity and thereby is also an economical choice. 

4. Philips Daily Collection HD2582/00 830-Watt 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster (White)

  • Defrost and reheating function for the ease of toasting your frozen food items faster
  • Cancel button can halt the toasting process at anytime you want
  • Compact and light-weight thus can be easily ported from one place to the other
  • Automatic pop-up and shut-off feature for ease of usage

Phillips is yet another trusted name in the ambit of kitchen appliances and electrical gadgets. This toaster from Phillips is a multi-function device. It helps you to toast your bread and enables you to reheat or defrost buns, rolls, and other food items fast.

It only consumes 800 watts of power and provides you with guaranteed service. The automatic pop-up feature helps you get your bread toast faster, and it is one of the fastest bread toasters with a toasting time of around 3 minutes maximum. It also has an automatic shut-off feature that turns off the device when not in use for a long time, thereby saving electricity.

Often we are in a hurry and need to cancel the toasting process. But most of the toasters do not permit canceling the function, once you have inserted the bread pieces into the toaster. With the Philips toaster, you can cancel the toasting process mid-way if you need to rush for some urgent work.

Final Words:

The Philips toaster is one of the best Bread toasters of all time with its simultaneous toasting and reheating functions. It is a suitable choice for all small families. It also increases the aesthetic value of your kitchen with a stunning fresh look.

5. Pigeon by Stovekraft 2 Slice Auto Pop up Toaster. A Smart Bread Toaster for Your Home (750 Watts)

  • Different browning levels for personal preferences
  • Non-skid rubber base for ease of usage
  • Less consumption of electricity and thus is an economical choice
  • 2-slices can be toasted simultaneously

The Pigeon stove kraft toaster helps you get done with all your breakfast woes within almost no time. If you are in a hurry and can not understand what to have for breakfast that would be healthy and fast, then here is your solution. With this toaster, you can toast two slices of bread simultaneously within 3 minutes. 

If you are looking for a toaster within an affordable range and do not want any fancy features, then this should be your ultimate choice. It is the correct combination of efficiency and usage. Different browning features let you toast your bread just in a way you want it. 

The toaster’s body is made from high-quality plastic that is resistant to heat. It also consumes very little electricity and thus is an economical choice. 

Final Words:

The Pigeon Stovekraft Toaster is one of India’s best bread toasters with all the features and an extremely affordable price. It is also very light-weight, and thus portability is not a problem with this device. You can carry this along for a picnic or other purposes without an issue.

6. Philips Daily Collection HD2583/90 600-Watt 2 in 1 Toaster and Grill (Black)

  • Not just bread but it is also suitable to toast buns and rolls
  • Eight different browning levels for a perfect taste as per your needs
  • Faster cooking as it does defrost and toasting simultaneously
  • Cancel feature and removable crumb tray for easy usage

The Philips 2-in-1 toaster and grill is the perfect combination of class and functionality. This toaster has all the possible features you can think of. This is a toaster cum grill, and thus is the ideal choice for you if you wish to try different varieties of dishes at the comfort of your home. 

Eight different settings of browning let you toast the bread to varying levels without getting it burnt. The most advanced feature is the bun rack. This bun rack helps you to toast buns, rolls, and pastries quickly in this toaster cum grill. 

There are two large variable slots in the toaster that toasts bread of different sizes simultaneously. The self-centering feature automatically places the bread in the center of the grill for even browning effect. 

Final Words:

The Philips toaster is one of the best bread toasters in India with the auto-cutoff function. This makes this toaster a safe option for you and your family as the auto cut-off feature prevents all kinds of short-circuiting and electrical mishaps. This also takes care of the electricity bills and consumes very little power. 

7. Morphy Richards AT 204 2-Slice 800-Watt Pop-up Toaster (White and Blue)

  • Hi-lift option for removing even the small crumbs of bread from the device
  • It has a dust cover which prevents the toaster from getting damaged
  • Defrost and reheat function to make it easier for usage
  • Wide slots and variable browning levels for individual preferences of bread and cooking pattern

The Morphy Richards Toaster is a class apart with its sleek and stylish design and is one of the fastest bread toasters in the market. Moreover, you can toast two slices of bread simultaneously in this toaster, thereby saving much time. Defrost and reheating can also be done together for items that have been recently brought out from the fridge.

The hi-lift option ensures that no crumbs of bread are left inside the toaster. This helps you to keep the machine clean and free from bugs. Thus this is a hygienic choice for every kitchen and one of the best bread toasters of all time. 

You can cancel the toasting function any time you like with the help of the cancel button, and thus no chances of burning or over-heating occur. The bread crumb tray can be removed from time to time for cleaning purposes. Variable browning can be obtained to give the perfect crispiness to your bread.

Final Words:

If you want a toaster with various features and yet durable, then this should be your choice. It has almost all the features of top-notch toasters, and however, it comes within a very affordable price range. This is thus an undoubted choice for every Indian kitchen.

8. Prestige PPTPKB 800-Watt 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster (Random)

  • Three different toasting options with indicator lights for the ease of toasting
  • Defrost, cancel and reheating features are pre-installed in this toaster
  • Various modes are browning options are also available for individual preferences
  • The removable crumb tray and cord winder to make the model user-friendly

The Prestige 800 watt pop-up toaster is one of its class and one of the best bread toasters available within this price range in the market. It is loaded with features but comes within an affordable range. Thus you can choose this toaster for your kitchen needs without any second thought. 

Three different toasting options are available in this toaster. You can defrost, reheat as well as toast the food items in this multi-functional toaster. Different levels of browning can also be obtained based on individual preferences. 

It is also very easy to clean. The removable crumb tray can be replaced at regular intervals. There is also a cord-winder provided with the device.

Final words: 

Consuming only 800 Watts of electricity, this toaster serves all your essential toasting and defrosting purposes. With thousands, if positive customer reviews, this toaster is a trust-worthy choice for every Indian household. 

9. Bajaj Majesty New SWX 4 750-Watt Grill Toaster

  • The body of the toaster remains cool throughout and thus is safe to use
  • The plate and grill are non-stick in nature thereby keeping the food quality intact
  • Portable and compact for secure storage as well as usage purposes
  • Added base support for the proper and stable stationing of the device
  • Consumes very little electricity and has a neon light indicator

Bajaj is a popular name in the field of electrical gadgets and kitchen equipment. This grill toaster from the house of Bajaj is no exception. It is an excellent choice for every Indian household and one of the best bread toasters available in the market at this price range. 

The cool-touch body of the toaster prevents all kinds of accidents and lets you cook safely without any worry. It is quite easy to maintain and does not require much time to keep it clean. The grills are made from high-quality steel and are non-stick in nature, thereby cleaning them is an easy job. 

The sleek design of the device looks very neat and sure to attract all your guests. The weight of this machine is also very less, and thus it can easily be carried from one place to the other. An added base support is provided to this device, which helps in firm positioning of the toaster. 

Final words

The Bajaj majesty toaster is one of the fastest bread toasters in this price range as it comes with a buckle clip that locks the toaster while the toasting process is going on, thereby securing the heat and speeding up the process. This device also has an automatic cord winder that retracts the cord on its own when it is not in use. 

10. KENT 16031 700 Watt 2-Slice Pop-Up Toaster, White

  • Five different heating modes for customized toasting
  • Not just toasting but reheating is also available in this toaster
  • Cancel toasting feature to stop the toasting process in case of urgency
  • Defrost function for thawing the frozen food items

The Kent toaster has five different heating modes depending on your choice of cooking. You can toast the bread to varying varieties for varied levels of crispiness. Not just toasting, you can also reheat toasted bread using this toaster.

If you are in a hurry or some urgency comes up, you can immediately cancel the toasting function with the help of the cancel button. This toaster can also defrost items that have been brought out of the fridge instantly and put in the toaster.

The compact and efficient design of this toaster makes this an instant choice for every household. It can toast two bread slices simultaneously and thus is a time-saving alternative.

Final Words:

The Kent Toaster is the perfect combination of features and functionality. It boasts of a sleek and trendy look with a compact and portable design. You can surely choose this toaster for your kitchen if you are looking for a durable toaster, which is worth the value.

Buying Guide For Best Bread Toaster

Keeping in mind the following points will help you to get a clear view of your needs. The purpose for which you need the toaster is the critical factor in determining the model and features of the toaster that you will require. Thus, we provide the details of every element that you must consider thoroughly before buying the best bread toaster.

Before telling about the features, one needs to know about the different types of toasters that are available in the market. Three common types of toasters are mainly sold in the market:

  1. Pop-up Toaster: This is the most common type of toaster. This is suitable for all Indian kitchen types. They are small in size and therefore does not occupy much space on the kitchen counter. Their compact design makes these a popular choice for every household. 

Various slot sizes are also available for these types of toasters. A few of the pop-up toasters have two slots, whereas others have four slots. It is easy to use and does not consume much electricity either.

2. Conveyor Toaster: This is a costly variety. These toasters are meant for large scale cooking and baking. These toasters are mainly found in restaurants and catering agencies. They are pricey and can toast or bake many items together. Thus, if you require a toaster for large-scale toasting needs, this can be considered a good option. Otherwise, for small toasting needs at home, this is not a good option.

3. Toaster Ovens: These toasters can be used for household purposes. In many occasions, we need to toast the pieces of bread along with some kinds of toppings, which is not possible in pop-up toasters. Thus the toaster ovens are useful. 

However, these ovens are not as fast as pop-up toasters. And these are a little expensive as compared to the pop-up toasters.

Now let us come to the points that must be considered before buying the toaster:

  • Size and portability of the toaster: This is an important consideration. The size of the toaster must fit perfectly on the kitchen slab. Thus a small and compact toaster is what we all look for. 

Also, if you need to carry the toaster to some other room or the garden for a picnic or family get-together, then it must not be cumbersome, and the weight of the toaster should be well within a certain limit. Thus portability and size of the toaster should be chosen carefully.

  • Electricity Consumption: Several toasters have a variety of energy ratings. Since pop-up toasters convert electric energy into heat energy; thus, the rate of power consumption is a little too high in the case of these kinds of toasters. Toaster ovens are expensive but consume comparatively less electricity. Thus, they are useful in the long run. However, if the use of the toaster is limited in your house, then you can also opt for pop-up toasters in place of toaster ovens. Thus choose the toaster depending upon your usage.
  • Make of the toaster: Most of the toasters are either made from plastic or metal. The toasters made from plastic must be heat-resistant and sturdy enough so that it does not break. And in the case of metal body toasters, the insulation of the toaster must be thoroughly checked. If the insulation is not done properly, then there are chances of an accident. Thus one must check out the make of the toaster before buying it.
  • The durability of the toaster: As you are spending a hefty amount on buying the toaster; thus, you must check out the durability of the gadget. The best way to do that is to go through the customer reviews of the device and choose accordingly. Also, you can read the product description and see if it suits your needs. 
  • Length of the cord: The cord length should always be a matter of utmost concern in buying a toaster. If the switchboard is located at a far off point, then the cord length should be longer than the standard length for easy operation. Thus check out this feature before buying the toaster. 
  • Spare parts availability: The spare parts of an electrical instrument must be abundantly available in the market. An electrical gadget might get damaged due to various reasons at different times. Thus it would be best if you opt for a model that has its spare parts readily available in the market. 
  • Budget: Lastly, the budget of the toaster must be an issue of concern. Depending on your needs, you should make a checklist of features that you would need in your toaster. The more the elements, the more expensive the toaster will be. But it is of no use to buy a toaster loaded with features when you would not even use half of them. Thus buy according to your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to clean the toaster?

Before cleaning the toaster, ensure that it is turned off and the plug is removed. First, clean the bread crumb tray by removing it from the toaster. Once the tray is cleaned, put it back in place. Then clean the body of the toaster using a semi-damp cloth and later dry it clean. 

Q2. Why are pop-up toasters the most preferred choice?

Pop-up toasters are the most preferred choice since the heat is well-distributed in this kind of toasters. Thus thee are very efficient and the fastest bread toasters. Also, these kinds of toasters are very user-friendly and do not involve much manual labor. It hardly takes 2-3 minutes to toast a piece of bread. It is also very safe to use and do not have any chances of accidental mishap.

Q3. Can we cook recipes like pizza on an oven toaster?

Yes. Oven toasters are meant to cook pieces of bread with toppings. As the piece of food can be inserted into the oven horizontally; thus, dishes like pizza can be quickly cooked in toaster ovens. Although these ovens are a little expensive, yet these are worth the money.

Q4. What is the function of defrosting in a toaster?

Few toasters have a defrost function pre-installed in them. This feature enables you to defrost the food item and toast it at one go. Things like garlic bread and pastry can be quickly defrosted using this feature. 

Q5. Name a few famous toaster brands that are popular in the Indian market.

A few famous toaster brands in the Indian market are Prestige, Bajaj, Murphy Richards, e.t.c.

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