10 Best Camping Tents in India 2021

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

The majority of people in this world love to go camping. Be it to spend some time with nature or to spend some quality time with their friends or family. Even a few schools take you for a camping trip and to enjoy the camping to its fullest you need the Best Camping Tents so you can put your camping gear in it and also sleep in it during the night time without insects and different animals giving you trouble. Voroly Outdoor Waterproof Portable Picnic Camping Tent is one of the best choices. It is perfect for two people and is waterproof and has air ventilation to make camping more enjoyable for you.

The Best Waterproof Camping Tents in India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Our Pick

Coleman Sundome 6 Tent, 10ft x 10ft (Green)

  • Coleman sundome is an ideal choice for six people to live in it.
  • The fabric of the tent is polyethylene, which makes it waterproof.
  • This tent is light on the weight. You will effortlessly be able to carry it around.
  • The flooring of this Coleman tent is PU coated.

Wildcraft 8903338053330 Polyester Tent (White)

  • Dual-layered shut threads won't let the water trickle down the walls.
  • This tent is made from polyester fabric. It makes it UV resistant.
  • This tent is a perfect fit for two people or one person if you carry equipment.
  • This tent fabric is weather-resistant, so don't need to worry about rain and wind.
Budget Pick

Coleman Sundome 2 Tent, 2 man Camping Tent with Fibreglass poles, 600 mm Water Column

  • This tent can be arranged effortlessly because the shape of the tent is a dome.
  • This tent is excellent for summertime because it comes with air ventilation.
  • This tent is also fire retardant. It won't pick up the fire quickly.
  • The portable fiberglass rods can deal with windy weather and rain.

AmazonBasics 4 Person Dome Water Resistant Tent for Camping and Hiking with Back Window and Floor

  • This tent is an ideal choice for four people, groups of friends or family.
  • This tent can easily be set up only in a few minutes and three easy steps.
  • This tent comes with excellent adjustable air ventilation.
  • The structure of this tent is a reliable three-season one.

Voroly Outdoor Waterproof Polyester Portable 2 Person Camping Tent (210 x 150 x 115 cm_White;Navy Blue;Yellow)

  • The sturdy frame of this tent will easily deal with the 35+mph wind.
  • This tent can be set up in only ten minutes. It's a lightweight tent.
  • The ventilation of this tent is outstanding because of the large window.
  • The flooring of this tent is 110g polyester, so it's a waterproof tent.

ASkyl Waterproof Polyester Camping Tent for 2 Persons (Multicolour)

  • You can set this tent up only in one minute, and a single person can do it.
  • The roof and the rest of this tent are made from polyester.
  • The D shape door front side and back side makes it easy for tall people to come in.
  • The portable depository bag is going to make it easy for you to explore wildlife.

And Retails Cloth Changing Tent

And Retails
  • An excellent tent for those who love privacy while changing their clothes.
  • It can also be used as your dumping toilet.
  • Because of the lightweight, it's going to be easy to carry it around with you.
  • A perfect touring companion for women. It is also waterproof.

Egab Picnic Camping Portable Tent (4 Person)

  • This tent can be set up only in one minute with a few steps to follow.
  • Polyester fabric of this tent protects you from rain and harmful UV rays.
  • The structure of this tent is big enough that you will be able to move in it easily.
  • The lightweight of this tent is going to make it easier for you to carry it.

Right Choice Unisex Polyester Pongee Waterproof Dome Tent for 4 Person with Bag (Multicolour)

Right Choice
  • This is a compact dome bag tent. You can carry around with you instantly.
  • This tent is correctly spacious enough for four people to move around.
  • The polyester material walls of this tent are going to protect you in the rain.
  • The front door of this tent comes with two zippers.
Upgrade Pick

YFXOHAR ® Polyester 2 Persons Waterproof Picnic Camping Army Portable Tent

  • This tent is made from the dual-layered polyester wall.
  • The outer fabric provides you additional safety in the heavy rain and windy weather.
  • The roof of the tent protects from mosquitoes, and it's a lightweight tent.
  • This tent comes with terrific ventilation and is perfect for two people.

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Things To Consider Before Purchasing Best Camping Tents In India 2021:-

The layout of the tent:-

  • Before investing in the best camping tent, you need to look carefully at the layout of the tent if you can easily set it up without so much trouble and in limited time.
  • It is the best idea if you buy a camping tent which you can put together on your own without anybody's help. Try to practice at home after buying the best camping tents before testing in the real world because you don't want to end up outside on a camping site during the night time.

Size Matters in a Camping Tent:-

  • Getting the right size best camping tents matters because if you are a single person, then you also need the space for the camping equipment. So it's better even if you are alone to buy two people tent to have that extra space for your stuff.
  • If you are a tall person, then it's hard for you to fit in a regular small tent. So if you are thinking about going out for camping, then make sure that you are getting the right size, which can easily fit a tall individual in it without you bending your body to sleep in it.

Season of camping:-

  • There are different types of tents available for a different season. So buying the tent according to the season you want to camp in is significant. 
  • If you are a wild person and nature lover and love to go camping in every season, then you should consider buying the four-season tent for yourself, so it can quickly deal with every type of weather without bothering you. 
  • Vastly people choose spring or summer for camping. For that, you can buy a two-season tent for yourself because it does not only come at a meager price. But it is light in weight and breathable for the summer season. Don't buy a four-season tent then it will be suffocating to live inside that tent during the summertime.

Waterproof Floor of the Camping Tent:-

  • Camping is enjoyable until you have to face mother nature at it worse. Getting a Waterproof camping tent is a smart choice to deal with heavy rain, which can quickly destroy your tent because of the trickling water, which comes inside of your tent because it wasn't waterproof.
  • Keep on looking for the best camping tents with the right flooring and also which is water-proof. Askyl Waterproof camping tent is an ideal choice to protect yourself from rain. Make sure that the structure of that tent is perfect so it won't let in the water from the floor or the tent walls.

Different Tents for Different types of Places:-

  • Keep that in mind before acquiring a tent. What kind of place you want to go camping at. If it's mountainside with the rocky ground or a usual dirt ground in a camping site.
  • Setting up your camping tent on the rocky ground can be hard. Consult with somebody what kind of tents are the best for the mountainside and won't give you trouble when you are setting it up.

Breathing space:-

Having ventilation in your tent is essential so you can have breathing space in it. Otherwise, you are going to suffocate during the night time because you are not getting enough oxygen inside the best camping tents, which can be dangerous for you and your health also.