Best Casseroles in India

By Trusha Patel

Casseroles have been in popularity in recent years. They have been known to be in every household for holding chapati. Chapattis need the best casseroles for holding them warmly and securely. The warmer the chapatis are when being served, the better they taste. That is why most people use casseroles to hold them. Casseroles are made with vacuum seals trapping the heat in between them. This keeps the food that is being kept inside the casserole warm and fresh for consumption. The casseroles’ designs vary with the change in the brand, but their overall functionality remains the same. 

People have packed schedules, and you need to eat in between these tight schedules. Food needs to be kept warm for dinner time if it is cooked early. Casseroles help with that very quickly. They have vacuum seals in them that stop the warmth from reaching the outside. This keeps anything that is liquid or solid warm and even hot sometimes. If the interior is steel, it is usually non-toxic. Steel does not corrode because of the heat. Casseroles are generally not friendly with microwaves. They are made of plastic on the exterior, and that is why they cannot be microwaved. 

Top 10 Best Casseroles Review

1. NanoNine Chapati Pot Double Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Serve Fresh Roti Casserole with Glass Lid, 1.25 L, 1 pc

  • Interior made with ss 202 non-magnetic stainless steel.
  • Transparent top with a steel handle for perfect handling.
  • Pleasant color and stylish design.
  • Plastic plate for water collection.

This NanoNine is one of the best casseroles in the Indian market. It is a very simple but sober-looking casserole. It is considered one of the best casseroles because it is made from ss 202 non-magnetic stainless steel and is insulated with the best quality materials. This is good for serving chapati to guests or even the household. Because of the plastic bottom plate, the vapor is collected at the bottom of the casserole, and the chapatis do not get soggy.

2. Milton Marvel 1500 Inner Steel Casserole, 1.24 Litres, Yellow

  • Orange plastic exterior design with inner stainless steel.
  • Functional and light casserole.
  • Durable casserole to keep food hot.
  • The orange color is pleasant to the eyes, and the design stands out.

The Milton Marvel Inner Steel Casseroleis a plastic made, orange colored and minimalistic designed casserole used to keep the food piping hot for hours at a time. The inner container is round and designed with stainless steel. It is durable and is from Milton that assures the best quality.

3. Milton Orchid Casserole, 1.5 litres, Green

  • Very minimalistic designed casserole with functionality in mind.
  • Quality products from the house of Milton.
  • Stainless steel inside with vacuum seal for keeping food warm.
  • Big size for storing high capacity of food items.

This is a very quality-oriented best casserole that is designed to keep food items solid or porous, warm for an extended time. It is made with a very long-lasting plastic that will last for years. It has a vacuum seal inside that is a metallic mirror finished. It is a decent-sized casserole. 

4. Cello Ultra Casserole, 1.5 Litres, Yellow

  • White color design with light blue accents.
  • Decent sized casserole for minimalist dinner tables.
  • Durable and robust frame makes it a lasting product.
  • Can store rice or porous food items for a decent time.

The cello Ultra casserole is a white-colored casserole for minimalist fans. It is made of durable plastic that provides a lasting service. Stainless steel interiors combined with a good vacuum seal makes this a fantastic casserole for household and party usage. With blue and orange designs that are bold and minimal, makes this casserole aesthetically pleasing as well.

5. Milton Marvel Plastic Casserole, 2.5 litres, Pink

  • Pink and white make the color a sweet combination.
  • Great for serving sweet side dishes, and this keeps them hot for a long time.
  • Strong hotpot that comes from Milton.
  • Functional frame with a strong sealed lid.
  • Polished mirror finishes interior with a vacuum seal for trapping heat.

This casserole from Milton Marvel is a quality product that is made from very durable and polished material. There is a very candy color casserole for bringing sweetness to the dinner table. This casserole is suitable for storing any cuisine, but it is excellent for storing sweet dishes. With a lovely color, the sweetness of the dish will be better. However, it is not the right alternative for microwaves. 

6. Milton Orchid Casserole 2500 ml, White

  • Durable double-walled casserole for keeping food warm for a while.
  • White-colored casserole with functional opaque lid.
  • Blue colored design that gives this casserole a right combination of aesthetics.
  • Durable plastic handles to make the handling of this casserole easy to handle.

This is a durable double-walled casserole for storing a decent amount of food inside it. You can store porous and solid food items easily. It has an adequate capacity for 2360ml. Moreover, the materials used in this casserole are durable, and the stainless steel inside that is also leakproof that makes sure nothing leaks inside the casserole. The white color of this casserole is also very subtle, with blue color designs complimenting it subtly.

7. Borosil Glass Casserole Oven And Microwave Safe Serving Bowl with Glass Lid (Transparent, 1L)

  • Made with durable borosilicate glass that can withstand temperatures as high as 350 degrees centigrade.
  • Microwave friendly and dishwasher friendly.
  • Does not leak chemicals in the food.
  • Does not retain any odor from previously-stored food.

The Borosil Glass Casserole is different and one of the best casseroles. It is made explicitly for serving food and making them look good. This is purely for aesthetics and not for keeping the food warm. It can keep the food warm for an hour at most.

Moreover, it is microwave friendly because it is made of glass and has no vacuum seal. Also,  it is dishwasher friendly but needs to be handled with care. An aesthetically pleasing look makes it look great. It will help make the best presentation as it is made of glass. It can break if dropped from a height.

8. Milton Galaxia Stainless Steel Casserole, 2.5 litres, Silver

  • Stainless steel casserole that will keep food fresh and warm for a long time.
  • Double-walled and vacuum-sealed can retain the heat inside this polished steel casserole.
  • Outer locks to keep the heat and smell locked inside the casserole for a tasty surprise.
  • Made with durable steel with a massive capacity for storing a large amount of food.
  • Insulated lids to keep the heat from escaping the casserole for efficient heat retention.

This Milton Galaxia Stainless Steel Casseroleis made of stainless-steel exterior with a capacity of 2.5 liters. Moreover, this casserole is designed for maximum storage and efficiency at all times. You can store both solid or porous food items into this casserole easily. With an excellent durable steel interior with a vacuum seal, this casserole is perfect and durable.

9. Milton Clarion 2000 Stainless Steel Casserole with See Through Glass Lid, 1950 ml, Steel Plain

  • This is a pot-shaped stainless-steel casserole for serving food.
  • The top lid is transparent to give tasty spoilers.
  • Well placed plastic handle on the lid for easy opening and closing.
  • Well-sealed top rim for good heat retention.
  • Eye-catching design for the aesthetic edge on the dinner table.

This is a casserole with a beautiful and unique design for the best aesthetic effects. The top lid is transparent with a steel accent on the edge for a good seal on the casserole rim. Durable material was used when making this casserole, and as it comes from the house of Milton, it is assured. Just go for this Milton Clarion Stainless Steel Casserole.

10. HELICON Stainless Steel Classic Casserole - 3L, 1 Pc, Silver & Black

  • Full-sized 3-liter capacity casserole for big meals and big families.
  • Insulated and sealed top makes the heat stay inside for a long time.
  • Easy to wash and operate with functional but clean design.
  • Classy design with functional handles to easily manage the casserole.
  • Classic steel design finish with black plastic lid and bottom.

The Helicon strong Stainless steel casserole is a full-sized 3-liter casserole for storing a large amount of food at once. It has a steel plate design on the exterior, and the inside is round made with stainless steel that will not corrode when storing food inside. This casserole is great for keeping food hot or cold for a long time. This casserole is also great for preserving food for a long time. 

The Complete Buying Guide

Casseroles have been a mainstay in every household since they became widely popular. They are handy for storing and serving dishes and also keeping them warm and fresh for a long time. Best casseroles can help hold numerous dishes, from chapatis and curries to fries.

They usually come in three different materials. Cast iron, ceramic, and stainless steel are just some of the most common materials that are used to make casseroles. Sometimes casseroles are made of glass, but they are made that way for aesthetic purposes. 

Here are some of the factors that you need to understand while purchasing the best casserole. 

  1. Good Quality: Best casseroles that are well built and are heavy are usually better because they can contain the dish better. You can use a heavy casserole to brown a lump of meat over a stovetop, and then you can put the meat inside an oven for slow cooking. Some casseroles are excellent, with the design to have a deep bottom that allows the collection of all the tasty juices for a delicious end product. 

A good designed and well-built casserole will allow the usage of it inside an oven as well. This durability will also help in the sustainability of the heat from the food. It is something to be very mindful of when trying out casseroles. The heavier the casseroles, the better the quality is not something to be taken very lightly. 

  1. Shape and Size: The best casseroles’ size and shape can determine the way your food will be cooked or stored. If you want deep bottom casseroles, they can help retain some flavor of the food in the bottom that will be later absorbed by the food elements. Some casseroles are aesthetically pleasing but do not have insulated tops, making the food get colder faster than expected. 

The design of the best casseroles matters a lot as well because you do not want to buy a casserole that has less functionality than some good casseroles that have more functionality. The handles can determine how well you will be able to carry the casseroles, so check that before you buy one. Some casseroles come with safety seals for trapping the heat inside the casserole so that the food remains hot for hours at a time. 

  1. Personal Preferences: People have different needs the same way they have different opinions. These opinions and needs can define what type of casserole to choose. If you want to cook meats that absorb the spices and the mixtures, you need a stainless-steel casserole to make sure the meat does not absorb anything from the casserole and absorb all the spices mixtures. 

Same way, chapatis can use a ceramic-made casserole to keep the chapatis warm and keep the vapors and heat maintained inside. Because the chapatis are solid, keeping them in a ceramic casserole will make sure that those vapors remain inside the walls to keep the chapatis fluffy for a long time. It is excellent to be served on the dinner tables because ceramic casseroles can look remarkable if a reputed brand makes them.

  1. Aesthetics: Aesthetics can make or break the show in front of your guests as well, obviously because you are going to have guests over at your house sometimes. If you want to impress them on the dinner table with your dish, the presentation needs to be great as well. Presentation makes the food better because if the food looks good, it is half of the food experience. That is why you need to pay real close attention to what kind of aesthetics you need on your dinner table and choose the casserole according to your requirements by weight, aesthetics, and functionality.
  1. Personal Taste: In the end, you can go with your gut when choosing the best casseroles for your kitchen. We have made an attractive list to fit the taste of every person searching for casseroles, but in the end, your taste defines the experience you will be having in the kitchen, using that equipment. Cooking is mainly a passion for some people, and those people should be able to satisfy their cravings the way they want to. 

Frequently asked questions

What should we look for when choosing good casseroles?

Good casseroles come with good weight. The heavier the casseroles are, the better is the quality. Aesthetics are something to consider, as well.

Which material of the casserole is good?

Different materials provide different functionalities, so you should choose casseroles that fit your requirements.

What is the material casserole best for storing chapatis?

Ceramic casseroles are good for storing chapatis because they do not risk mixing with ceramic particles if they corrode.

Can stainless-steel casserole store porous liquid?

Stainless steel casseroles can store liquid and curry. You can even use them to store soups if they are made of food-grade materials.

Are casseroles good for microwave usage?

Their use with microwaves depends upon their make and functionality. Size is also a factor that defines their support for microwave use.

Are casseroles good for dishwasher usage?

Their structure defines if they can be dishwasher usage as well. They need to be handled with care when being used with a dishwasher because they can fall and break.

Are casseroles aesthetically pleasing in general?

Most of them are because they are designed with pleasing aesthetic details in mind. The manufacturers know that they might be used to serve on the dinner table, and that is why they are aesthetically pleasing.


Casseroles are some of the most important and long-lasting equipment in the world of utensils and kitchen equipment. They can provide a lot of functionality and ease of cooking, like pre-heating food for later usage, and some can even be used to serve on the dinner table. There are many different types of casseroles that provide a lot of different types of functionality for different kinds of dishes as well. 

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