Top 10 Best Cricket Bats in India

By Trusha Patel

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that India is a cricketing nation by heart. We love and play cricket wholeheartedly. But a cricket game is better when you have a powerful cricket bat from the best cricket bat company.

When you’re out in the market or online to choose an excellent bat for yourself or your child, it may get confusing with the extensive range of products. Worry not as here we are picking the top 10 cricket bats (100-1K) just for you. 

The following list is a collection of bats made from every kind of material, from every price range and also from every ball type. So whether you’re going to play gully cricket, gift a bat to any child, or wanna score high in those tournaments, there is an option for you in the list. 

This list just doesn’t cover the available top options but also compares there qualities, asserts their pros and cons, and also gives you expert advice. All you need to do is to sit back and go through this article to know about the cricketing bats, top picks, and which one is the best for you and why? Here are the top ten picks:

Top 10 Best Cricket Bats Review

1. SG RSD Spark Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat, Size 5 (Color May Vary)

  • It is made from high-quality Kashmir wood.
  • The wood variant is sarvak cane.
  • It is designed for great strokes.
  • It has robust toe protection.
  • It is also lightweight with a weight of around 1 to 1.2 kg.

SG has made its name in the sports equipment industry with excellent quality products and groundbreaking performance. Another landmark hit is in the sports of cricket with the SG-RSD Spark. It is a marvelous cricket bat, and on top of that, a Kashmir willow.

That means it is backed by high-quality Kashmir wood. If we talk more about wood, the variant is sarvak cane. The bat is designed to hit those masterstrokes with comfort as the design is thick, and edges are firm. The cricket bat is also lightweight and budget-friendly.

The design gets more praise for its classical approach. The sarvak cane ensures bat lasts long, and performance remains accurate throughout the use. Also, ensuring its durability is the extra toe protection.

All this combined makes this a perfect choice for beginners. SG has its excellence and market reputation because of products like this. This bat holds the top place among the top 10 cricket bats (100-1k) segment. 

2. DSC Scorer Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat Short Handle Men's

  • DSC bat has attractive looks in design.
  • It is made with mastered Kashmiri wood.
  • It has a short handle for the maximum power.
  • It has got sturdiness for both tennis and leather ball.
  • The handle comes with a superior DSC grip.

DSC may not be known by much in the industry, but they have maintained a classy delivery when it comes to cricket bats. The scorer is a fine example of DSC mastery. First of all, this bat has a robust build with a superior Kashmiri willow wood.

The next impressive thing is the looks of the bat. It looks sturdy, feels solid in hand, and has designer sticker panels. DSC has larger edges for better stroke play and a thick bottom.

Also, the DSC bat has secure toe protection, so the bat lasts long. Another significant bit is that this bat is designed to hit. The performance is backed by a vast hitting area and an appropriate weight balance.

The taping on the front side and cross taping on the edges ensures endurance. In conclusion, this bat is great for daily games and power-hitting.

3. Lycan Stunner Bigger Edge Full Size Hard PVC and Plastic Cricket Bat (2.5-Inch)

  • It is one of the best selling cricket bats.
  • It is made from hardened PVC.
  • Unique color scheme makes it stand out.
  • It is a designated English willow.
  • One of the best options in a budget-friendly sector.

Lycan has made a distinct fan base, and that is because of the outstanding products it delivers. The Stunner cricket bat by Lycan is one of a kind. It has specially designed looks with the black framework and attractive stickers. The material is high-grade PVC plastic. Now those tough games for juniors are easy with PVC stunner bat.

The list of specs just doesn’t end here, and you also get a bigger edge for more volume and intensity while hitting those strokes. It is a perfect plastic bat for tennis and other similar balls. This bat is also one of the best selling cricket bats in the whole segment. 

The reason behind that is superior quality, robust material, and power, all at a very budget price. The titles for the powerful cricket bat and the popular cricket bat, both could be given to it. Our verdict is to go for this bat if your child is looking to enhance their cricketing performance.

4. Elevar Gully - Kashmir Willow Tennis Ball Bat for Hard and Soft Tennis Balls (Gully-Cricket-Size/Soft Tennis Ball)

  • It is a tailormade bat for gully cricket
  • Elevar Gully bat design is quite attractive
  • Elevar is a premium quality Kashmiri willow
  • It is a great bat for hitting tennis and Cosco balls
  • Bat has advance material grip

Elevar always tends to innovate with its aesthetics and performance. Another groundbreaking cricket innovation from Elevar is the Gully cricket bat. The curved side of the bat is beautifully covered with the logo and blue design. Elevar bat has improvements both in the handle and the edge design.

The bat has a great weight balance with bottom and edges designed to hit power strokes. The bat is perfect for Cosco and tennis balls. Bat has rounded corners, thick sides, and a newly engineered grip. The grip is made from polyurethane. 

Spec list doesn’t end here as you get the length of around thrifty five inches at just around one kilogram of weight. The handle is an authentic design innovation, and so are the ergonomics of the bat. In conclusion, this bat makes Elevar, the best cricket bat company in market innovators.

5. SG Max Cover Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat ( Size: Short Handle,Leather Ball )

  • SG max is an excellent bat in terms of budget.
  • The bat is designed for average hitting to power strokes.
  • The handle is made from a special Singapore Cane.
  • The playing surface can absorb shocks effectively.
  • It comes with a carrying cover.

SG holds a significant market share in the cricket industry because of its vast range of products. They’ve top tier to beginner level products, and all are excellent. The Max Cover is also such an all-around cricketing bat. The bat has proper hitting range from the medium part.

The most impressive thing about the bat is the distinct handle made from Singapore cane. Singapore cane assures increased durability. Rubber insertions between make sure the shocks are absorbed effortlessly. The wood is Kashmiri Willow from India. 

Both backside and front hold SG brand stickers and tape. It is a little bit on the heavier side, with the weight around 1300 grams. The bat can be trusted for the all-around cricketing purposes and is designed for mid-rangers to power hitters. In short, this is a decent choice if you’ve been looking for new cricketing gear.

6. SUNLEY Sarthak Men's Hard Plastic Alloy Cricket Bat (Full Size, Black)

  • Sunley has given this bat a superb design.
  • The color scheme will make this bat stand out.
  • Bat is made from Alloy-Plastic Material.
  • It is quite light to handle.
  • The bat is for the softball hitting.

Sunley doesn’t shy away from bringing new things to the table. Such a new product is the Sarthak cricket bat from Sunley. The bat is designed with looks that will sure to grab everyone’s attention. Bat material is Alloy-Plastic or also known as hardened plastic. This means it is quite a powerful bat and provides almost twenty-five percent more power than wood.

Front and back sides of the bat hold neon, and blue sticker panels and body is pinch black. Also, the weight is easily manageable, with the claimed weight being around 700 to 800 grams. Also, the bat is designed with a short handle. All these features combined make this bat perfect for your child and softball cricket. If you want to gift any child a cricket bat or want a decent budget-friendly option for children, you can choose this bat without hesitation. In short, this bat for its power and price is a contender for the top 10 cricket bats (100-1k) segment.

7. SG Scorer Classic Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat ( Size: Short Handle,Leather Ball ), wood, multicolor

  • It is a classical cricket bat from the SG.
  • The bat is a Kashmiri willow.
  • The blade is specially curved for deep strokes.
  • Bat handle is made from imported material.
  • It is an excellent bat for leather ball cricket.

SG has got a great hold on the market when it comes to cricketing products in India. Whether it is the top tier or budget bats, SG has got it all. The Scorer from SG is a classic style cricket bat. The design feature which makes it stand out is the added curve in the blade. The edges are fine, and when combined with that curve, this bat makes for powerful strokeplay.

The wood is Kashmiri willow wood. A unique quality of this bat is the handle made from Sarawak Cane. The Sarawak cane is an imported wood and increases the durability. The weight of the bat is around 1200 grams. It comes with a nice carrying case. 

Also, the bat is excellent when playing with a leather ball. Design is sleek and straightforward with an autographed sticker on the playing area. Our verdict is that you can go for this popular cricket bat for tournaments and prolonged games.

8. new balance Burn Kashmir Willow Wood Cricket Bat with Bat Cover - Short Handle (Full Size)

  • It is one of the most rated cricket bats.
  • Handle is made from Singapore cane.
  • The bat is made for all kinds of format, from tennis balls to leather balls.
  • The edges have more volume than usual.
  • It will need knocking to play with hard balls.

New Balance is a world-renowned athletics and sports apparel brand. They’re known for there top-notch quality in every field. Another landmark product from the brand is its Burn cricket bat. This is a high-quality Kashmiri willow with superior grip and sturdiness.

The design is simple yet attractive. The grip is made from household polymer materials and looks vibrant. Bat has significant volume on edges and in the middle for sweet strokes. The front, back, and side holds the mixed color branding stickers and logos.

The grip is also dual-layered and has a combination of colors. It is a premium option in the segment and stands suitable for professional matches, tournaments, and leather ball cricket. The handle is imported Singapore cane for accurate hits and control over the bat.

9. KOOKABURRA Verve 60 Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat (Medium, Multicolour), wood

  • This bat comes from the Kookaburra master series.
  • The bat us designed for effortless hitting.
  • According to design, the weight is also quite light.
  • The bat wood is dynamically air-dried for moisture removal.
  • The bat is a naturally processed willow.

Kookaburra is a unique name and such a unique stance it has among the cricket fans. The brand is synonymous with international cricket equipment and is known by almost all the enthusiasts. So now, from its worldly excellence, Kookaburra brings the Verve cricket bat. It is a high quality, outperformance Kashmiri willow. Also, this quality is available at a much affordable price.

The bat has decent edges and a sweet hitting spot in the middle. Power is the main aim of this product with a curve and a handle designed to hit long shots. Bat is quite lightweight and stands one of the few bats which is processed naturally.

So this means there is no moisture left in the bat, and the bat is ready to hit with power. This bat is made with dynamic technology from Kookaburra. You also get a cover with the authentic Kookaburra design.

10. SS KW RETRO CLASSIC COTTED BAT Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat ( Size: Short Handle,Leather Ball )

  • The bat is designed with a classic model.
  • The thinner top and thicker bottom combined for making it a powerful bat.
  • The bat has an exterior coating for extra protection.
  • The bat is made for all-around gameplay.
  • It comes with a carrying cover.

SS or also known as the SUNRIDGES is a brand which has its many variants of sports brand all over the market. The SS bat, or often known as Ton, is an appropriate example of the brand’s reach. The KW Retro bat is indeed a classical bat with old school design and stroke features.

First of all, a thicker bottom and curved middle are given for timed strokes from the center. The second thing is the exterior tapes and coating for protecting the bat. The next impressive feature is the bat sturdiness, which makes this great for leather ball cricket. 

The grip is household and makes for secure handling. The body of the bat is covered in layers and has a straight design. Another bit you should know that it is an authentic Kashmiri willow, which is also an air-dried bat. So the verdict for this bat is that it stands deservingly for the best cricket bat company title.

Final Words:

These were our top choices from cricket bats available in the market. You can choose one of these according to your preferences, usage, and budget, etc. We hope you like our comparison and detailed list.

Still, some users may want to explore other options, or some might find the stated terms a bit complicated to understand. Well, we have much left for you to help you get your best cricket bat.

Here we are providing a research and buying guide on cricket bats, which will explain the key features of a bat. Also, it will tell you how to choose a function according to your preferences and will advise you in selecting the best. So please go through our guide.

Buying Guide: Getting The Best Cricket Bat

A cricket bat is like any other sports equipment or accessory. It is not a magic wand, but a great bat is sure to give a wonderful touch to your gameplay. So a bat should feel tremendous and comfortable in a player’s hand. You can buy a top tier bat, but it wouldn’t suit you until it feels right in the hand. So keep in mind that your perfect bat would be the one which ensures effortless strokes and play.

Now despite the essence, many other bits make for a marvelous cricket bat. These can be divided as key points or features of a bat.

Let’s take a look at the primary aspects to consider while buying a bat :

1. Choosing The Willow or Wood.

Cricket bats are often divided into categories with the title Willow. There are many types of willows for a cricket bat. Willow means the fibrous wood from which bats are made. It is kind of a log of fiber wood, and bats are cut from it. Many cricket brands use different types of willows, and hence the performance and endurance of bat vary. 

In short, the wood is the fundamental element of the bat, and its quality decided most of its gameplay features. There are two main cricket willows-

A. English Willow: The English Willow’s essential feature is accuracy and sweet hitting. This type of bat is made from a more delicate and soft willow. This type of bat is excellent for making crisp strokes and timing full hits. But the durability and robustness are at question here. They are constructed from soft fiber wood, and they’re prone to get damaged or break after prolonged use or hard hits. This bat has a significant impact and sound while playing but wouldn’t last as long as Kashmiri willow.

B. Kashmiri Willow: This variant is from the Indian subcontinent. This replaces English Willow as the choice for bat material. Many brands in the subcontinent choose this because of the sturdy Kashmiri wood, which will last longer and remain intact. However, it doesn’t have the same impact and timing perfection as the English Willow. So it is suitable for daily games and tournaments, but English Willow is preferable for professional use.

One more thing to keep in mind is that the English bats are on the costlier side, while Kashmiri willow is much used in Asia because of its affordability.

So the verdict here is to go for English willow to improve your professional gameplay, and if you’re a beginner, choose the Kashmiri willow.

A fact that is often ignored is that the PVC and plastic bats also exist, but they’re great only for softball cricket, children, and as a gift to any child.

2. Handles Of The Bat

The handle is the part that is connected to the bat’s body via graft. The handle has an essential role in the performance because of its shape and size. Let’s compare both.

The handles are designed mostly in two shapes, the round, and the oval. The oval handle works for a better grip and prevents the bat from turning while the round handle is suitable for force from the base of the hand.

Now coming to its size, the mostly used handles are either short or long. A usual and many experienced players use the short handle for better control, but if your height is  74 inches or more, opt for the long handle.

3. The Bat Size

The bat size refers to the overall bat height and can be categorized into two variants: Full size or Youth size.

Youth size bats are available for teens and children, and they mostly range from size 1 to 6. While Full-sized bats are better for adult players, and They’re SH (for short handles) and H for (Long handles – above 74 inches height). It is advisable to refer the size chart given with the bat and then select appropriately.

4. The Grip Type

The grip is the patterned material over the handle. As the name suggests, grip ensures better hold of the bat and movement. There are different types of grips based on structure and the material. Here are prominent examples of grips:

  • Chevron Grip
  • Plain Grip
  • Octopus Grip
  • Fish Scale Grip
  • Dynamic Grip
  • Criss Cross Grip

5. Shapes Of The Cricket Bat

 The blade also is known as the main body of the cricket bat. It is a part connected with the handle and has a curved surface in the back, giving bat its rigidity and has a flat striking surface in the front. Cricket Blade shapes vary based on the thickness and the amount of curve in the body. They can be divided basically into two categories:

1. Round Surface: The classical approach to a cricket bat which looks better but has limited performance.

2. Flat Surface: This means strengthening the playing surface of the bat, makes more contact with the ball, and thus generates much more power. 

Our verdict would be to go with a flat surface bat.

6. Hitting Spot 

If you’ve watched cricket, you would have heard commentators shouting a shot from the middle or sweet spot whenever a masterstroke is hit. Well, this refers to the bat’s most thick area, so it generates more power with less effort. This area is also different in various bats, and you should choose one according to your stance and position. Main spots are

  • High
  • Middle
  • Low

The playing position would decide your sweet spot, and if you desire to play aggressive or on the front foot, go for the middle spot, or if you play backfoot, go for the higher spot. The lower spot is for the best of both worlds.

7. Weight

Now, this aspect depends entirely on you as a player. Many players have different opinions and choices regarding their bat’s weight. We come full circle to a point where what feels right in your hand.

The weight may be light or heavy; it should assist you in the gameplay, not bound you. So feel the bat before buying and know your preference via playing the game. Here you’re the only expert.

8. Toe Guard

The toe is the bottom part of a bat that goes against the surface. This part doesn’t have that much amount of wood, and it is often susceptible to breakage. Many times due to a fast-moving yorker or a toe force can break it off. 

For this purpose, most of the premium bats from almost all brands come with toe protection instilled in the bottom. So your precious bat could be protected somewhat against damages. This toe guard feature increases the price and variant of the bat, so keep in mind that price tag.

9. Coating and Processing

Some high-class bats come with exterior tapings and added coatings to protect from roughness and shedding of the material. 

Some willows are naturally processed for letting the moisture air dry and making bat a piece of durable equipment. Both these features will increase the cost.

10. Budget 

This is the primary thing after the feel. If you’re not a professional player or aspiring to be a pro, you should keep in mind the budget. You can have decent bats in the mid-range.


1 What are the main types of cricket bats?

Cricket bats have many characteristics to differentiate them from each other. Two main categories are the Kashmiri willow and the English Willow. They’re different on the base of wood used and the impact it produces.

2 Which are some of the prominent cricket bat brands?

Although the brand is a user preference and each brand has its product in every price range. The best selling brands in the market are SG, Elevar, SS Ton, Grey Nicolas, New Balance, etc.

3 Do you need to oil your cricket bat, and how often?

We have seen players oiling their cricket bat, and that is to provide an oily layer to the bat, preventing dry edges and outings. An average user should oil their bats once a month.

4 Why do some bats need knocking?

Some bat variants made for leather balls or professional games, require knocking before usage. Knocking ensures the bat is ready for hits and strokes. So it prepares the bat and prevents splitting or breaking off the edges.

5 Which is the best cricket bat?

The best cricket bat for you is the one that feels right for your gameplay and is under your budget. So don’t just go for the bat your neighbor bought or your friend wants. Decide for yourself via your needs, how it plays for you, and if it Is in your budget.


We all are massive fans of cricket, and growing up, we live this game. So those Masters, those Dadas and those Kohlis start from streets and a bat and a ball. To begin your cricket journey, you need reliable companions in the form of your gear. 

Here we have given our all to assist you in this journey. We hope you liked our article and found the cricket bat you were searching for.

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