Top 10 Best Currency Counting Machine in India

By Trusha Patel

Whether you are the proprietor of your startup, or part of a big business tycoon, counting the wades of cash is a tiresome job in every business. Not just in shops or business organizations, but banks are also in dire need of these money counting machines. Thus the best money counting machine is in high demand, be it in business organizations or financial organizations. 

A considerable amount of cash is deposited in the banks every day, and the people who collect are mere human beings, and it is very common for them to make mistakes. But in a financial organization like a bank, every penny must be taken care of and counted accurately. Thus comes in the role of the best currency counting machine.

Unlike mere human beings, they do not make any manual error and thus are extremely useful. Not just counting money, but specific advanced cash counting machines can also tell the fake notes from the authentic ones and separate different currency notes. There lies the importance of currency counting notes in every financial field. 

Here we are trying to bring you a curated list of a few of the best available currency counting machines available in the Indian market. Go through them and check out if it suits your needs.

Top 10 Best Currency Counting Machine Review

1. ooze Note Counting /Currency Counting Machine Note Counting Machine (Counting Speed - 1000 Notes/Min)

  • Fake note detection with the help of advanced technologies
  • A high counting capacity of 1000 notes per minute
  • Does not require manual start stop for each wade of cash
  • Bright LED display for a better and clear view
  • Automatic detection of torn or narrow notes

The Ooze Currency Counting Machine not just counts the notes faster and saves a lot on your time, but it can also detect fake notes and is mostly considered the best money counting machine. In today’s world, the money market is full of fake and duplicate currency notes, and it is not so easy to tell one from the other with naked eyes. Close analysis is needed to distinguish the fake note from the authentic ones. 

With the Ooze currency counting machine, you need not worry about getting cheated upon. This machine has advanced technologies like a magnetic sensor, ultraviolet detection, and water-mark sensor that can quickly tell the fake notes from the genuine ones. These technologies doubly verify every currency that is counted and thus has no chance of error.

Moreover, the machine has a bright LED display that shows the number of notes and total value for easy usage. It also consumes very little power and does not cause any hike in your electricity bills. Another desirable feature of this machine is that it can sense when the stack of notes is over and automatically gets turned off without any manual intervention. 

Final Words:

With a high counting capacity of 1000 notes every minute, the ooze money counting machine is undoubtedly smart for every financial organization. The Auto-detection of narrow and torn notes amongst big stacks of notes makes it the best currency counting machine in India. 

2. SToK ST-MC01 Note Counting Machine Compatible with Old & New INR- Rs.10, 20, 50,100,200, 500 & 2000 with Fake Note Detector

  • Capable of counting a large variety of denominations
  • Advanced functions like batching, adding etc., for ease of usage
  • High hopper and stacking capacity for counting a large number of notes at once
  • Automated start-stop and final number of note counting available

The SToK currency counting machine is one of the best money counting machines available in the Indian market. This machine can count a large variety of denominations starting from 10 up to 2000 rupee notes. Both old and new denominations are well-read with the help of this machine. 

The machine looks trendy and is also very light-weight. This currency counting machine can be carried from place to place with the help of the dust-free cover bag that comes for free along with the device. The portability of the machine makes it a sure-choice for many business organizations.`

This currency counter is also ideal for institutes like banks as it comes with two LED display boards. The user can view one display, and the other can be made to face the customer for easy and doubt-free usage. This ensures customer satisfaction and leaves no chances of any commotion regarding the denominations or the value deposited. 

Final Words:

Further, this machine starts and stops automatically as and when notes are stacked into it. It has got an adjustable and hopper that has a high counting capacity and can count all kinds of denominations. The machine stops immediately when a fake note is found in the given stack of notes.

3. SToK (ST-MC01) Currency Counting Machine with UV/MG Counterfeit Notes Detection Plus External Display and 1 Year Warranty - (White)

  • Time-saving and can count 1000 notes per minute
  • Advanced technologies like UV, IR, and MG for 100% accuracy of notes
  • Double screen view for ease of customers
  • Automatic start and stop function for each batch of stacked notes
  • Rubber wheel to protect the currency notes from any kind of damage and smooth functioning

The SToK MC01 is an advanced money counting machine that saves a lot of your time. It counts the notes accurately without any kind of error and thereby is an extremely trust-worthy device. It can count as many as 1000 notes within a minute with high precision and accuracy. 

There is an adjustable screw at the backside of this machine used to set the hopper’s position as per your need. It is easy to adjust and makes your job much faster. There is an LED screen that displays the number of notes, and thus there is no chance for you to mistake and read the value directly from the screen. 

The machine comes with a 13 gear rubber wheel that prevents the notes from getting damaged and ensures smooth functioning of the machine. The device also comes with a handle for easy portability,

Final Words:

SToK MC01 is undoubtedly considered the best currency counting machine in India. With advanced technologies like UV, IR, and anti-counterfeit detection, this money counting machine is a value for money. On detection of any half note or fake note, the machine will stop immediately and will keep on beeping until attended to.

4. Godrej Crusader Lite

  • Best for detecting fake notes and thereby provides maximum security
  • Counts wade of loose notes in a jiffy and saves time
  • Besides the automatic start and stop function, auto-clearing is also enabled
  • Various preset options and clear LED display for easy usage by customers

Godrej is a known name in the field of security for business and office purposes. They have been providing the top-class security system for the most delicate and confidential data providers. The Godrej Crusader Currency counter is no exception and also maintains the Brand value.

This can also be considered as one of the best money counting machines that can count up to 1000 notes per minute. Consequently, it saves a lot on your time and does the tiresome job of counting a considerable number of notes within a few minutes without any effort from your side. And not just the automatic start or stop function, but this machine also has an auto-batch clearing function that clears out every batch of cash fed to the machine after the counting process ends.

The machine has a bright and clear LED screen. The final counting results are displayed on this screen directly. It thereby facilitates prompt and easy usage by the user.

Final Words:

The Godrej Currency Counter is one of the best choices for your business setup that removes all your worries about counting all the notes deposited even in a short period. It can detect fake notes from the authentic ones and alerts you for the same. 

5. SToK ST-MC05 Note Counting Machine & Fake Currency Detector with LCD Display

  • Compatible to count all kinds of currency notes i.e., both old and new
  • Three different modes to detect any sorts of counterfeit notes
  • Different denominations of notes like 10, 20, 50, and so on can be counted easily
  • There is a big front-facing display in the machine that shows the final counting clearly
  • Speedy counting of a large number of notes in a jiffy to save your precious time

The SToK MC05 counting machine is a class apart with the advanced modes of detection of currency notes. There are three different modes viz., UV, IR, and MG, which can be utilized to tell a fake currency from a real one. It is thus a beneficial device in all sorts of business scenarios.

You need not worry about the denominations of notes that you need to count. The SToK MC05 currency counter can count all denominations be it 50, 100, 200, or even 2000 seamlessly. And not just Indian currency, this device can also be used to calculate USD and Euros.

The LED screen facilitates a double view by both the user and the customer. It depicts a clear image of how many notes and of which denominations have been counted. It also shows the final amount of money dispatched in the machine in each batch.

Final Words:

The SToK money counting machine saves a lot of your precious time by counting huge amounts of cash in a jiffy. It also has a high hopper and stacker capacity of 200 notes. A rubber wheel is installed in the machine for smooth rolling of the cash so that the notes are not damaged in any way.

6. Kores Easy Count 440 Currency Counting Machine (Grey)

  • Relentless working for 2 hours at a stretch to suitable for big companies or financial institutes
  • It blinks a different color for showing any kind of error message
  • It is equipped with a touch-control keypad for easy use
  • Intelligent detection of fake currency via Ultraviolet, Infrared and Magnetic procedures

The Kores Easy Count currency counter occupies the sixth position in our list of the best currency counting machine. For institutes like a bank or large financial houses, where there remains a lot of work pressure and wades of loose deposited cash needs to be counted continuously, this machine is the need of the hour for such places. It can operate continuously for a straight 2 hours, without any lag.

This intelligent device has a unique feature installed in it called the MT, i.e., Magnetic Thread from the house of Intel. With the help of this technology, paired with other techniques like UV, IR, and MG, it can easily detect any kind of counterfeit currency without any falter. It is thus a significant device for those institutes where large cash wades are deposited and have less manual strength.

It has a bright LED screen that shows the number of notes of a particular denomination and the total amount of money. A touch-control keypad with preset manual functions is available in this machine.

Final Words:

This currency counting machine is a smart choice for all-purpose business needs. The machine also looks smart and professional. It comes with a dust-free storage bag that is given free of charge with the machine.

7. GOBBLER PX5388-MG Business-Grade Note Counting Machine with Fake Note Detection & Large LCD Display , Counts all Old & New Notes , Heavy Duty Counter Specially Designed for Indian Currency

  • Smart detection of counterfeit or fake currency notes for safe business
  • Color-changing LED screen that gives a cool look to the device besides its functionality
  • Capable of counting all kinds of denominations starting from 10 to 2000
  • Technologies like UV, IR, and MG are employed for double check verification

The Gobbler Business Grade currency counter is the perfect mix of aesthetics and professionalism. It is the ultimate need of the hour for the recent business market. Moreover, the extra added features make this device one of the best cash counting machines in the financial market.

A sleek black box encloses all the essential components of the device. It contains a hopper and rubber wheel at the rear part of the machine. It can detect fake currencies through various smart technologies like UV, IR, and MG.

The front side of the machine has an LCD screen that can change color, and in general, it shows the total amount of the cash being counted. Besides the display, various preset control buttons save a lot of time and make the device easy to use.

Final Words:

This device’s aesthetic and useful design is what makes it a smart choice for all the banks and business institutions. Seamless detection of fake notes through various technologies and user-friendly control makes it one of India’s best available currency counting machines.

8. Ooze JN1682UV/MG LCD Note/Money Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector

  • High hopper capacity of 300 notes per cycle saves a lot of time and effort
  • It can count up to 1000 notes in one single minute to reduce manual labor
  • Employs both UV and MG technology for telling fake notes from the authentic ones
  • Convertible LCD screen for both user as well as the customer

The Ooze currency counting machine can also be considered as the best currency counting machine in India. It is a solid mix of features and functionality and is one of the best sellers in the financial market. It resembles most of the top-notch currency counting machines and still is within an affordable range. 

The hopper is situated at the back of the machine and has a capacity of 300 notes per cycle. It can count 1000 notes per minute and saves time. It does not require any kind of manual interruption for its seamless operation.

This machine employs UV and MG technology to detect counterfeit notes and alerts the user immediately. It can count notes of all denominations from small to big. Both old and new currencies can be identified using this device.

Final Words:

The Ooze Currency Counter is a highly efficient machine that combines speed with functionality. It is a tough competition for all its rivals in this price range. It has a durable make and lasts you a life-time.

9. Kross Advanced Currency / Note / Money Counting Machine With Fake Note Detection For New INR / Rupees Currency 500 And 2000

  • Add and batch counting modes for advanced and time-saving currency count
  • High-speed machine with a note count speed of 1000 per minute
  • Hopper capacity of 300 notes for a time-saving way of action
  • LCD with user-friendly manual controls for easy usage

Kross is another very trusted name in the market of currency counters. The main attractive feature of the products from the house of Kross is its affordable price range. It is the most sought-after brand if you wish to own a currency counting machine with the right mix of features and durability.

A note-count speed of 1000 per minute saves a lot of time in hectic financial institutions. The machine is a smart choice and does not require much manual intervention for proper functioning. The hopper of this machine can accommodate a total of 300 notes at once. 

The add and batch counting mode is beneficial as it saves much of the time needed to freshly change the batch after every turn. The hopper and the user control are placed on the top of the machine. It can detect counterfeit notes using UV, IR, and Magnetic techniques. 

Final Words:

Besides the usual UV and IR technologies, it also incorporates a magnetic system for the smart detection of fake currency notes. The size of this device is manageable and fits perfectly on the table-top. The compact design added features, and superb functionality makes this the best cash counting machine in the market.

10. OOZE V30 Portable Mini Note Counting Machine

  • The mini-size of the machine makes it very portable
  • Capable of counting up to 600 bills per minute and thus saves time
  • Add and batch function is incorporated in the machine for user-friendly usage
  • Can be run on both batteries as well as electricity

The Ooze portable currency counter is smart for people who do not have a fixed office and need to relocate at regular intervals. This machine is tiny and can be easily carried along from place to place. Thereby this is the best portable choice for a currency counter.

Do not get confused by its small size. It can count up to 600 money bills per minute and thereby saves much time. Also, it has the add and batch function to reduce manual labor. It is thus advantageous as well as secure on the cost. 

It can run in twin mode. It can be operated using electricity of 100-200 volts, and it consumes only a minimal power of 8 watts. Otherwise, you can also use batteries to run the machine, without any need for electricity.

Final Words:

 The great make of this device makes it durable and is value for money. It consumes very little electricity and thus is a smart and economical choice. It is, therefore, the most used and popular  currency counting machine that is available in the market.

Buying Guide for Currency Counter

Choosing the best currency counting machine is not an easy job. It depends upon the need for which you would like to buy the machine. Your requirements will be different if you need a currency counter for your own business from what you would require if it is purchased for a financial institution like a bank.

Thus no need to hire extra labor for managing all the cash and bills of your business. Buy the currency counter that suits all your needs and get freedom from managing and tackling all the cash-related problems, and do not forget to comment below and let us know if our article was beneficial for you. 

A few basic things to be kept in mind while buying a currency counter are as follows:

  • Features: Before you choose the best currency counter for yourself, do go through the product description of the model that you wish to buy and check out the features that it offers. Various features like add and batch function, counter, bill sorter e.t.c must be taken into consideration while purchasing the currency counter.
  • Portability: Another important feature to consider before buying a currency counter is the design and weight of the device. A few of the machines can be operated on battery besides being operated on electricity. Thus, these machines can be carried from one place to another without worrying about electricity’s connection. 
  • The capacity for counting: Various machines have different counting capacity. A few can count 1000 notes per minute, whereas others can count 900 notes per minute. Thus choose accordingly. If you need to calculate a huge number of notes, go for the variety that counts 1000 notes per minute. Otherwise, you would not need to spend the extra buck for it.
  • Counting type and variation: The way the notes are counted also varies, and thereby different kinds of machines are available based on that category. 

A mixed Functionality type of machine counts all the denominations together and gives you the total value counted. Whereas, the sorting functionality sorts all the denominations and gives you the cost for each category. The best money counting machines generally have this sorting functionality installed in them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which fake currency detection technique is the best?

There are various fake currency detection techniques like UV, IR, and magnetic methods. Out of all these, the UV and magnetic techniques are the best ways. They doubly check the currency notes that are put into the machine, and thereby there remains no chance of any counterfeit.

Q2. Does the position of the hopper in a currency counter-matter?

Yes. Various currency counters have different positions of hopper placement in them. However, it is always better to choose a currency counter with a hopper in the front. This type of model does not need you to arrange the notes before inserting them in the machine.

Q3. What happens in case a fake currency is detected?

In most of the cases, the machine immediately stops as soon as it detects a fake currency. Whereas in other machines, the machine beeps and alerts the user of fake money.

Q4. How much space does a currency counter occupy?

Most machines are fit to be placed on a small table-top and do not require much space. Portable currency counters are also available in the market that occupies even less space and can be easily taken along from one place to another.

Q5. Do these machines consume a lot of electricity?

No. currency counters do not consume much electricity, and you would hardly feel any hike on the electricity bill.

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