10 Best Cycle Under 5000 in India 2021

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

We hired some professional cyclists, and they, with the help of our team, began researching to find out which cycle is best for kids and also adults. This search kept on going for over one year to look for the Best cycle under 5000. After visiting too many bicycle shops and cycle makers, they all came to the same conclusion that Hero Kyoto 26T is one of the best bicycles in India. Hero Kyoto made for kids who are over eleven years old, and also a thirty-year mature adult can ride it. 

If you are still looking for some of the best cycles for your much younger kids and also girls, I got so many recommendations for you down below. Go check them out before you start deciding what you and your little ones are looking for in a bicycle.

Things you need to keep in mind before buying cycle for kids:-

  • If your kids are a little bit older, let’s say 8 to 10 or maybe younger? Are you buying it for them to ride it from home to school, or is it so they can have fun with their friends while cycling in the neighborhood?
  • Usually, kids’ cycles can be a tad bit expensive; make sure you know your budget and what your kid wants in their bicycle? Like having an adjustable seat is very important in the kid’s cycle. 
Things you have to consider before buying a cycle for teenagers or adults.

  • What is your purpose of getting a bicycle? Do you need the cycle for exercise or something else? Keep that in mind before purchasing a bike. It helps you in making a better decision.
  • Also, the thing is you need to keep your height in your mind while getting the cycle. Otherwise, If you end up buying something which is for a taller person, then you are going to end up wasting your money for nothing.
  • Budget at the end of the day, everything comes down to your budget. Are you willing to pay for comfort and more facilities and you can afford to spend money on the expensive then go for it? 

Advantages of cycling:-

  • Riding can help you out in so many ways, especially in your health area cycling serves as the purpose of the exercise. It is also a fun activity if you are riding with your friends and family.
  • Cycling daily can help you reduce extra fat from your body, which can also help you out with so many heart conditions. Your heart is always going to be healthy.
  • Cycling gives your muscles a great workout now. You don’t need to hit the gym to get muscles. It is an easy exercise that makes you stronger and increases your stamina.
Going from shop to shop and deciding which bicycle is the one for your young kids can be tough, especially when the prices are high and your budget is low. So today, I’m here to help you out to find one of the Best Cycle Under 5000 from the amazon.  

Best Cycle Under 5000 in India 2021

1. R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Jazz Bicycle

  • An excellent bicycle for your three to five years aged kids.
  • This bicycle can quickly be organized in three easy steps and only five minutes.
  • A cycle made for the safety of your children.
  • This cycle again arrives with thick training wheels.
  • This cycle further got an adjustable seat and frame.
  • This cycle is light in weight for your kids to handle.

Tiny Toes Jazz is what you need. If you are looking for an excellent bicycle for your little ones, who are only three to five years elderly kid, Tiny Toes’ first concern is your child safety. Three years old kid can easily hurt themselves If the bicycle is not secured.

This cycle arrives with a wholly acquired guard, secured handles, side wheels, and also disc brakes. Tiny Toes can shortly be organized in only five minutes and within three easy steps, and your little one’s bicycle is ready for them to ride and have joy on it while doing that.

There are so many heavy bicycles are available in the market, which is not easy for your kids to handle, and they might end up falling while riding it. But that’s not the case with Tiny Toes. It is very light in weight for your kids to handle it.

The handle and seat of this bike can easily be adjusted according to your kid height. It is a very stable bicycle for your kids to ride. You don’t have to worry about them falling because with the help of 2.5 cm rubber wheels and with the help of its supporting wheels, it makes it perfect for your kid.

Overall –  If you are looking for your kid’s first bicycle that they can comfortably ride and be safe while having fun of their life, then this joy ride is the Best cycle under 5000.

2. Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Cycle

  • A bicycle for from 11 years aged kid to a 30 years elderly man.
  • This cycle arrives 85% Semi- Assembled to your doorsteps.
  • This bike further got an adjustable seat now an adult or a kid can ride on it comfortably.
  • Hero Kyoto also got Dual V Brake in it.

Hero Kyoto made a bicycle just for you and your kids, who are over eleven years aged kid. It is a bicycle that you and your kids can ride without thinking it’s going to get crushed because of an older adult’s weight.  A kid age of eleven to thirty years elderly man can ride it.

Hero Kyoto made a stable build bicycle. The steel frame of this cycle is 18-inch. It’s is going to help you experience the most comfortable ride, and this is also going to keep your bike safe for a very long time.

With the help of Kyoto double V brake, you are going to get full control over your bicycle. If you take a break suddenly, then dual V brake is going to help you in that situation. Your safety is their foremost priority.

Kyoto bike further got the anti-skid paddle, which is going to prevent your feet from slipping from the paddle. It is going to give your feet a secure grasp on the paddle. You can adjust the seat of your bicycle according to your comfort and also according to your height, and you will be able to get a carefree fun ride.

Overall – Hero is one of the trusted companies of India other than Atlas who makes the best bicycle so you can trust them blindly to buy your bike from this brand who keeps from your comfort to your safety as their priorities. The best cycle under 5000.

3. MAD MAXX BIKES Shocker Avenger 20T Kid's Road Cycle

  • An excellent bicycle for seven to ten year aged.
  • This cycle arrives in very stylish Green and black color Matt paint.
  • This cycle reaches you half organized. The rest you have to assemble it.
  • This bicycle again arrives with thick tires.
  • This cycle furthermore gets to you with a shocker for a smooth ride

The MAD MAXX  bicycle was made while keeping the seven to ten year aged kid in mind. These bike sports looks attract your kid’s attention and once you get it. They want it to take it everywhere with them. You can send your kids to their school on this bike if the school is not that far from your home.

This bike reaches in black and green matt paint, which demands every gender attention. Girls and boys can ride it and going to fall in love with the smooth ride that this bicycle is going to give them throughout the time that they are going to keep it.

This bicycle-only comes half organized, and the remaining part of this bicycle you can put together with the help of experts they can fix it in no time. Check the facility package, which comes with it to make sure it’s got everything in it.

This bicycle again gets to you  with thick tires that are going to prevent them from getting punctured very easily. It also helps your bike on the wet ground so it won’t slip or that you don’t lose your balance.

Overall – MAD MAXX also comes with a shocker which going to help your bike on the rough ground and prevent you from keep bumping on it. This bicycle made to give you a smooth and comfortable ride — the best cycle under 5000.

4. Speed Bird Swing Kids Sports Bicycle

  • Speed Bird bicycle is a unisex bicycle so that everyone can ride it.
  • The look of this bicycle is very sporty.
  • The seat of this bicycle is stuffed with PU foam.
  • Speed Bird bicycle got Canty Lever brakes in it to stop the cycle quickly.

Speed bird specialized in making the kids and babies bicycles, and this one is a unisex cycle, so both your boy and girl can effortlessly ride it, and they are going to end up falling in love with this bicycle.

This bicycle looks very stylish because it’s got this sports look on it that boys and girls both end up loving it kids who are under the age of ten can comfortably ride this bicycle without having any worry in the world.

The saddle of this bicycle is very comfortable because seat stuffed with PU foam, which gives you the comfort you are looking for while riding without hurting your back.

The frame of this bicycle made from using steel, which makes this cycle powerful to deal with the weight of the rider and also makes it very stable while riding it.

With the help of this bicycle, Canty Lever brake, you can quickly stop this bicycle whenever you want to without your bike getting an impact, which can make you fall from the bike.

Overall – An excellent looking sports bicycle for both girls and boys. It comes in green and black color, which I think can be both of your girl’s and boy’s favorites. What are you waiting for get your kid the Best Cycle Under 5000?

5. BSA NXG 20T Bicycle

  • BSA NXG bicycle comes 85% half-assembled.
  • This bicycle got the front and back caliper break in it.
  • The frame of this bicycle made of the Mud Guard steel.
  • This cycle too comes with training wheels.

BSA 20T Bicycle arrives half-assembled 85% of this bicycle already comes organized, and the rest 15% you can quickly assemble it at home. After that, you will be able to use it without having any worry in the world.

The frame of this bicycle is 13 inches, which makes it perfect for the kids who are over five years old. Children and a person who is 4.1 feet tall can comfortably ride this bicycle.

With the help of this bike front and back Caliper brake now, you don’t have to worry about your child safety anymore. While they are riding it on the road, they will be able to stop the bike very smoothly.

The frame of this bicycle made of the mudguard steel, which gives your bike the strength it needs for a very lengthy time. The chains come with a cover so that your kid won’t get their pants or feet stuck in it.

Overall – This bicycle arrives with side supporting wheels, so if this is your kid’s first bicycle, then this bike is perfect for teaching them how to ride a bike. Their first cycle without them fearing of falling every two seconds — the Best Cycle Under 5000.

6. Global Bikes Grand Single Speed 26T Bicycle

  • A cycle for all age groups and gender people.
  • It again arrives with tubeless tires.
  • 80% of this bicycle comes organized to your doorstep.
  • This bike also got a power brake in it.
  • The frame of this bicycle is Rustproof.

Global bikes are for every single age group people, be it a mature man or woman and boy or girl. Everyone can enjoy riding this bicycle with comfort and ease.

The tires of this bicycle are tubeless now. You don’t have to worry about the tires getting punctured very easily. It’s going to help your tire to become lightweight. That way, you can travel to distances very quickly.

Eighty percent of this bicycle part comes organized at your doorstep, and the remaining 20% you can quickly put together after following a few easy steps only in few minutes. It also comes with a bottle holder, so you put your water bottle in it while going out.

The look of this bike is very sporty. The chain part of this bicycle comes wholly covered, so your kids don’t wound themselves while getting their feet stuck in it. This bicycle too comes with a power brake, which is going to assist you in stopping the bike very smoothly and quickly without you falling from it.

The frame of this bicycle is Rustproof now; you can effortlessly ride your cycle during the rainy season or in any wet area without worrying about your bike getting rust on it.

Overall- If you are buying this bicycle for your kids and this is their first bicycle now, you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety. Because it also arrives with side supporting wheels, so they don’t fall. It is one of the Best cycles under 5000 for every age and gender people.

7. Hero Sprint Fazer 24T 18 Speed Cycle

  • It comes 85% organized and rest you can put together with the provided facility box.
  • An excellent bicycle for an 11 plus-year-aged kid.
  • Rider height needs to be from four feet to five feet.
  • It further reaches to you with Double V brake.
  • This bicycle also got Double suspension in it.

Hero Sprint Fazer comes 85% put together at your doorstep, and the rest of it you can quickly establish with the cycle mechanic with the help of facility box, which is given by the Allen key and spanner.

The tire of this bicycle is 24 inches, which is thick enough so your bike won’t get punctured very easily. The frame size of this bicycle is 18 inches because of that kid over eleven can ride it skillfully if they are at least four feet tall.

With the help of its double brake, you are going to have powerful command over your bicycle while riding it. If a car or a person comes suddenly in front of your cycle, you can effectively stop the bike with the help of its double brake.

This bike also got an 18-speed setting in it now, you will be able to ride your bike very fast because of that, and you will be able to travel long distances in a short time.

With the help of its double suspension, you can ride on rough and bumpy roads of India very effortlessly you won’t feel like you are riding a bicycle on a rocky area it prevents you from keep on bumping on your bicycle seat.

Overall – Hero cycles made their name throughout the time with the help of quality and facilities they are providing in their bicycle and keep on improving. Hero Sprint also got Anti-skid pedals now; you are in charge of the bicycle pedals with a good grip on them. The Best cycle under 5000.

8. Amardeep cycles16 Inch TFBOYS Sports Kids Cycle

  • An excellent bike for four to seven years old boys and girls.
  • Kids under a height of 3.8 feet can comfortably ride it.
  • The tires of this bicycle are 2.50 inches wide.
  • It also comes with a bottle holder.
  • The bicycle comes with training wheels.
  • The saddle of this bicycle can be adjusted according to height.

Amardeep cycles are ideal for kids age four to seven years old. It is a unisex bicycle so both your girls and boys can ride it and fall in love with the sports look of this bicycle. Your kids need to be at least two feet ten inches to three feet, eight inches tall enough to ride this without any discomfort for them.

This bicycle also got a bottle holder in it now, and your kids will be able to carry their water bottle around while riding this bicycle around town. Amardeep cycles also come with training wheels, which makes it ideal for kids if they are still learning how to ride a bike.

This bicycle also got a bottle holder in it now, and your kids will be able to carry their water bottle around while riding this bicycle around town. Amardeep cycles also come with training wheels, which makes it ideal for kids if they are still learning how to ride a bike.

The bicycle also got a stable frame, which is going to help your kids easily balance the bike without any fuss. With the help of mudguard in this bicycle, your kid’s cycle is going to be safe in any muddy and watery ground, and it won’t start rusting quickly. Because it’s central parts are protected from the water.

The height of this bicycle saddle can be adjusted according to your kid’s height, and they very effortlessly will be able to reach the handles and also brakes without any discomfort.

Overall- This bicycle comes with a tube tire that is going to give your kid a comfortable ride in rough places because this bike is a mountain bicycle type of bike, so it provides your kids the mountain bike experience — the Best Cycle Under 5000.

9. Sintex Steel Kid's Road Cycle

  • An excellent bicycle for five to nine years old kid.
  • It furthermore comes with an inbuilt front basket.
  • It again comes with a Mudguard.
  • Supporting tires too come attached to a bicycle.

SINTEX Steel is an ideal bicycle for five to nine years old kids, be it a girl or a boy. This bicycle too, comes with a tube tire, which is going to help your kid experience a smooth ride in rough places.

Sintex steel also got an inbuilt front basket now your kids will be able to carry the things they need while going out for a ride and the basket made out of suitable plastic so it won’t break easily.

This bicycle comes with a mudguard that is going to prevent water and mud from getting inside the central part of your kid’s cycle. The seat of this bicycle is very comfortable that you can adjust the position according to your child’s height. The foamy saddle will be able to keep your back healthy for long distances ride.

This bike comes half organized, and the remaining part of this bicycle comes in a package with it. You can put the whole bicycle together with the help of a bicycle mechanic.

This bicycle also comes with a backseat. If you have two kids, one could sit on the back while your other kid can ride it.

Overall- Sintex is a bicycle that your kids will be able to love the look of this bicycle because it was designed while keeping both girls and boys in mind. Because the color of this bicycle is green and black, which makes it a perfect unisex bike for your children- best bicycle under 5000.

10. Atlas Hot Star TT 16 inches Single Speed Bike

  • It is a very lightweight cycle for kids to handle.
  • The tires of this bicycle are Anti-skid.
  • The frame of this bicycle is stable and active.
  • An ideal bike for five to eight years old kid.

Atlas made this bicycle, especially for small kids who are between the age of five to eight years old, so they made it very light in weight for your kids to handle and ride it effortlessly. The frame of this bicycle is stable, so it gives your kids the perfect balance while riding it.

This bicycle comes in pink and purple matt paint. Little girls are going to fall in love with the color and sporty look of this bicycle. The side wheels of this bicycle not only going to help your kid to make the balance. But it is also going to be very manageable for their ankles and feet because the pedals can be moved without putting too much effort into it.

This bicycle also got anti-skid tires. You don’t have to worry about your kids riding it in damp or muddy places or during the rainy season. The tires are going to prevent the bicycle from slipping on that ground. The frame of this bicycle is very stable and active. So it’s going to help your bike last for a very long time if you take good care of it.

Overall- Atlas is one of the most trusted cycles making brands alongside Hero. Atlas Hot star also comes with the chain part fully covered, so your kid’s pants or anything gets stuck in it. It also got mudguard in it your kid bicycle central part won’t get ruined because of the mud and water Best cycle under 5000.

Before buying the cycle for your little kids, you get millions of concerns because it is related to your child’s safety, and you want to clear your every single doubt so your kids can benefit from that cycle instead of hurting themselves. So I will be answering some of the most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. u003cstrongu003eWhich are the promising bicycles in India for kids?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eAns.u003c/strongu003e u003ca href=u0022https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B07DSDFLD3/?tag=obcindia-21u0022u003eR for Rabbitu003c/au003e Tiny Toes Jazz bicycle, u003ca href=u0022https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B073QW5F63/?tag=obcindia-21u0022u003eHero Kyoto 26Tu003c/au003e  Single Speed cycle, u003ca href=u0022https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B078Y5Y3YJ/?tag=obcindia-21u0022u003eMAD MAXX Shocker u003c/au003eAvenger 20T Cycle, u003ca href=u0022https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B078HCBX2B/?tag=obcindia-21u0022u003eSpeed birdu003c/au003e swing child cycle, u003ca href=u0022https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B07KQ134SY/?tag=obcindia-21u0022u003eBSA NXG 20T u003c/au003eBicycle.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eGlobal bikes single grand speed 26T Bicycle.u003cbr/u003eHero sprint u003ca href=u0022https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B07B4B6VFH/?tag=obcindia-21u0022u003eFazer 24T 18speedu003c/au003e cycle, Amardeep cycle 16inch TFBOYS  sports kids cycle, Sintex steel kid’s Road cycle, Atlas Hot Star TT16 inches single speed bike. All of these bicycles I mentioned above are good for your kid’s safety and comfort — bestu003cstrongu003e cycle under 5000.u003c/strongu003e

Q. u003cstrongu003eWhat is the best age for my kids to have their first cycle?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eAns.u003c/strongu003e When your kid becomes a toddler, you can go ahead and buy them a fun tricycle, which is mainly made for toddlers and with time when they start paddling and know how to cycle. You can buy them Speed Bird cycle, which is for three years old t, the u003cstrongu003ebest cycle under 5000.u003c/strongu003e

Q. u003cstrongu003eDo my kids need training wheels on their bicycles?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eAns.u003c/strongu003e If your kid doesn’t know how to balance and ride a bicycle and it is their first time on the bike, and they might have a hard time adjusting a cycle and have control over the bike without training wheels. Then Yes, they do need training wheels.

Q. u003cstrongu003eWhat are the health benefits of cycling for a kid?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eAns.u003c/strongu003e Your kids become more fit; It’s going to help their mental health for better, It also works as a great stress reliever for your kids, It is an excellent physical workout, It is going to increase their metabolism, and it is going to keep extra fat away from the body.

Q. u003cstrongu003eWhich cycle is the most promising for my daughter?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eAns.u003c/strongu003e There are so many accessible options for girls. Atlas Hot star specially designed for girls, but you can also try other unisex cycles for your daughter like SINTEX steel cycle, Amardeep cycles, Global bikes, Speed Bird Swing child cycles the u003cstrongu003ebest cycles under 5000 u003c/strongu003ealso make sure to check out the age and height description while buying any of these cycles. So later you won’t have a problem. 

Q. u003cstrongu003eIs it necessary to oil my bicycle chains?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eAns.u003c/strongu003e Yes, It is essential to oil your bicycle chain from time to time so it won’t get stuck while you are riding it also so you can keep it rustproof. The mudguard in bicycle helps with that, but not much, so you need to keep oiling your cycle chain for this to work for a long time.

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