10 Best Digital Thermometer in India 2021

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

We have spent thousands of time searching and testing just to find an accurate digital thermometer for us. A digital thermometer is essential for measuring the accurate temperature of various body parts. However, different types of digital thermometers have been invented for measuring various range of temperature in factories, laboratories, catering foods e.t.c. For those people, who are willing to buy a digital thermometer, we think Miaomiaoce Mijia Digital Baby Smart, Constant Monitor Temperature Alarm is the best choice for them. Its remote monitoring system, and high-low temperature warning makes it the best digital thermometer in India.

Best Digital Thermometer In India 2021

Our Pick

Miaomiaoce Mijia Digital Baby Smart Thermometer Constant Monitor Temperature Alarm

  • Skin-friendly, smooth, food-grade silicone material
  • Low and high-temperature warning, remote monitoring, these features make it the best digital thermometer in India
  • Fast and accurate result by this medical-grade large scale temperature measuring slice
  • Can be easily visualized
Budget Pick

Dr Trust (USA) Clinical Digital Homedoc Forehead Ear Infrared Temperature Thermometers Machine for Kids, Adults - 602 (White)

Dr Trust
  • Icheck Infrared temperature thermometer and Rewind 5G plus Omega 3 and multivitamin, comes in a pack of 2
  • 3-in-1 measurement and 2 mode - body mode, object mode for measuring the temperature of surface and body
  • Fully accurate result
  • Can be used as fever alarm and gives color-coded result - red for high temperature and green for low temperature
Updrade Pick

Vicks SpeedRead Digital Thermometer V912US

  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Gives accurate result
  • Color-coded temperature reading for easy monitoring
  • Fast temperature measuring thermometer

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Braun Forehead Thermometer (White, 1.782 Oz)

  • White color, 1.782 Oz thermometer
  • Forehead temperature measuring digital thermometer
  • It has two buttons on the front side of this device
  • Fast and accurate measurement

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ACETEQ Waterproof Digital Thermometer

  • Gives accurate result and it has a large display
  • Readings can be displayed both in degree C and degree F
  • Mostly use in kitchens, milk dairies, industries and in laboratories
  • Temperature measurement very fast

Dr Trust (USA) Waterproof Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer (White) … …

Dr Trust
  • Comes in white color
  • Provides accurate and fast temperature measurement
  • Totally waterproof
  • Having a flexible tip

TECHICON Yes Plus Medical Digital Oral Thermometer For Kids And Adults - 10 Sec Fast And Accurate Reading (White)

  • 10 sec fast and totally accurate reading
  • Can be used both for kids and adults
  • Its flexible tip can be easily fit under the arm or tongue
  • Mercury glass thermometer - No hazards after breaking

AGARO DT-555 Digital Themometer (White)

  • Maintains accurate readings
  • It has memory and beeper
  • Unbreakable and water resistance
  • Can be used for underarm, oral or rectal

Tranding Thermometer

Different types of thermometer 

Different types of the thermometer have been invented for measuring temperature in different methods. Those different type of thermometers are:

Digital thermometer

The digital thermometer comes in various shapes and sizes and provides the fastest and most accurate result by measuring temperature. It can be used under the tongue, armpit, and in the rectum. A sensor is attached at the end of the thermometer that touches our body parts to measure the temperature. 

  • Analog thermometer 

Analog thermometers are cheapest and ideal for home use purposes. It is one of the most popular thermometers and often used where 100% accuracy is not required. You should keep this thermometer in the liquid-filled devices. The inner side of the analog thermometer looks like a scale. It can be considered as a fever thermometer. 

  • Electronics ear thermometer 

An electronic ear thermometer reads the infrared heat level inside the ear and measures the actual temperature inside the ear. Before using this thermometer, you should know where this should be placed for measuring the temperature. The result may not be accurate for 3 months aged babies. However, for older babies and children, the result will come very quickly. 

  • Forehead Thermometer

Forehead thermometers are used to read the forehead’s temperature by measuring infrared heat that comes out from the head. It is placed on the temporal artery of the forehead. 

  • Infrared Thermometer

An infrared thermometer or temperature gun is a non-contact type thermometer. This thermometer can measure extremely low and high surface temperatures. The laser targeting system of this thermometer is easy to show the center point of the measuring area. The infrared thermometer is complex to use as it has such a tiny spot size and emissivity. It can be considered as the best digital thermometer in India. It has some benefits, those are 

  • With a trigger pull, you can do the measurements 
  • Temperature can be safely taken due to its non-contact feature 
  • Accurate result and variable measurement range 
  • Plastic strip thermometer 

It is a fever thermometer that can detect the fever in a patient, though it does not give an accurate result. You just have to place the strip on the forehead, and it will indicate if you have the fever or not. 

  • Probe thermometer 

Probe thermometers are usually used for measuring the instant temperature of liquids, foods, and semi-solid foods. This type of thermometer has a pointed tip that makes it perfect for immersion and penetration. For hygiene testing, a probe thermometer is used in the catering trade. There are two types of probe thermometers available - 

  • Fixed Probes - It is a bit cheaper and looks like a pen. 
  • Wired Probes - It has at least 1-meter cable with various other extra features, including folding design, alarms. The functionalities are a bit complex. 
  • Dual sensor thermometers 

Dual sensor or indoor-outdoor thermometers follow a different method to record and display data. It has two probes that come in various forms. Mostly, the internal probe stays within the unit, and the external probe is connected with a wire. Sometimes, the external probe is placed a bit longer distance from the unit. However, it can be wireless also. 

Both internal and external probe readings display at the same time. You can check the best digital thermometer in India to find out a dual-sensor thermometer. It is most commonly used as a fridge thermometer. Some advantage of this thermometer:

  • Can easily identify the external causes by changing the internal temperature 
  • It has a variable measurement range, accuracy, and resolution 
  • Comparison can be made in different locations at the same time 
  • Each reading are displayed on the main unit 
  • K-type thermocouples or K-type thermometers

K-type thermocouples are mostly used in industry and laboratories where the temperature level is extreme. This device is required to measure large scale temperature that needs high precision. The probe metal composition is referred to as K-type. 

  • It has high accuracy and wide temperature measurement ranges
  • Fast response and allow comparative reading 
  • The size, material of the probes will vary
  • In every application, interchangeable probes are suitable 

Maximum Thermometer

A maximum thermometer is designed to record the highest temperature at the extreme point where it had been exposed. It is mainly used for measuring daily temperature. This type of thermometer comes like liquid-in-glass that has a bore, and it is restricted between the bulb and graduated section of the stem. The mercury is retained when the temperature falls down and indicate when it reached to the highest temperature. Bimetallic thermometers having a circular scale are often used as maximum thermometers. 

Minimum Thermometer 

A minimum thermometer automatically measures the lowest temperature during the interval time. The alcohol-in-glass minimum thermometer has a dumbbell-shaped index that is placed on the bulb side of the meniscus. This type of thermometer is placed horizontally. As a result, the index is pulled towards the bulb whenever the temperature falls, and it remains at the minimum point of temperature. 

How to choose the right thermometer for you? 

Whenever a family member is fallen sick, we generally measure the body temperature with a thermometer. In most cases, traditional households use a mercury-glass thermometer. Nowadays, technology has been upgraded in the world of healthcare, and various types of advance thermometers have been invented. Before buying a thermometer, you need to know what features should you look in an ideal thermometer. 

  • Accuracy 

The most important factor is the ability to give accurate readings of temperature. When you have to choose a thermometer to measure body temperature, you should not take any risk. Because of the wrong readings, you might have to face serious consequences. So, choose a thermometer that gives accurate results. Most of the best digital thermometer in India provides an accurate reading of measuring temperature. 

  • Units of measurement 

Most of the people in India like to see the temperature readings in Celsius, but there must be some people who want the reading in Fahrenheit also. So, whenever you buy a thermometer, check whether it gives the results in both the units or not. 

  • Convenience 

Buy a thermometer that is quite easy to use or very convenient. If a senior citizen uses the thermometer, then the readings should be clear, unless those people will not see the result clearly. So, choose the thermometer that has a clear display to see the readings. The best digital thermometer in India is easy to use and also very convenient. 

  • Safety

Safety is the main factor that needs to be considered. As the thermometers will be in contact with our body, it should be safe and sturdy. The mercury glass thermometer is breakable and very hazardous. So, it’s better not to use this thermometer. Any digital thermometer is quite safe to use, whether for children or adult persons. 

  • Response Time 

The best digital thermometer in India has a fast response time that will be more convenient to use. Check the response time of the thermometer before buying it. If you have to wait for a long time to get accurate readings, then it is not a good thermometer. Pick the thermometer that gives temperature readings quickly. 

  • Types of thermometer

You should purchase the thermometer depending upon your needs and how you can use them. There are 5 types of body temperature measuring thermometer. 

  • Forehead
  • Oral
  • Tympanic (ear)
  • Axillary (under the arm)
  • Rectal

Depending upon the patient's age, you should buy the thermometer. As babies are very tough to handle, a forehead and a tympanic thermometer will be a perfect choice. The oral or axillary thermometer is difficult to use to measure a baby's or kid's body temperature. In some cases, measuring temperature through rectum and mouth might get slightly difficult. Although, for special purposes, all these types are needed. Non-contact type thermometer or temperature gun is also a very demanding thermometer.