10 Best Dosa Tawa in India 2021

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

Everyone loves south Indian food, especially dosas, which are people’s favorite fulfilling meal. But when it comes to making dosa at home in the north, most people try to use regular roti Tawa for dosa, which ends up with the whole batter sticking on the Tawa. To make dosa at home, you need a Best Dosa Tawa India. I have got one suggestion for you: Meyer pre-seasoned cast iron flat dosa Tawa is non-toxic and can be used to make BBQ.  Also, as a baker and fryer to make your life easier, no batter sticking on the Tawa.

Best Dosa Tawa In India 2021

Our Pick

Meyer Induction Base Cast Iron Tawa, 28 cm, Black, 1 Piece

  • Meyer pre-seasoned dosa Tawa is entirely non-toxic.
  • There will be no chemical polishing or synthetic on top of it.
  • Pre seasoned is a multi-purpose Tawa. You can use it as a baker, fryer, and also for BBQ.
  • Provide the heat equally on every single surface of the dosa Tawa.

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Updrade Pick

Hawkins Futura Nonstick Dosa Tava, Diameter 33 cm, Thickness 4.88 mm, Black (NDT33)

  • Hawkins Tawa is sufficient for gas stove and electric gas stove.
  • Futura non-stick Tawa diameter is 33cm, and the base thickness is 4.88mm.
  • The stainless steel handle makes sure that it doesn't shake or become detached.
  • You can use it to salo fry Tikki and also make uttapam on it.

Rock Tawa Dosa Tawa 12 Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet, Black

Rock Tawa
  • Rock dosa Tawa is accessible to clean and also to maintain.
  • This Tawa works perfectly with only a small amount of butter and oil.
  • A tawa made from cast iron, which makes it robust and reliable and long-lasting.
  • No harmful chemicals used to make this cast iron dosa Tawa.

Sumeet 4mm Nonstick Small Rectangle Pathri Tawa, Multipurpose Dosa Tawa - 33cm X 28cm Dia(Silver)

  • Sumeet Dosa Tawa arrives with four layers of nonstick polish.
  • A Dosa Tawa which absorbs 40% less gas, saving fortune and period.
  • Dia small rectangle Tawa keeps all the nutrients of your dosa intact.
  • It is further safe in the dishwasher and a low maintenance dosa Tawa.

Prestige Omega Deluxe Granite Dosa Tawa, 300mm, Black

  • A granite dosa Tawa which is reliable and robust to make it long-lasting.
  • There are five different layers of nonstick polish on top of it.
  • Prestige Tawa surface is aluminum suitable for gas stove and electric stove.
  • Omega deluxe Tawa handle is also warmth resistant and doesn't come loose and shake.

Naksha Iron Tawa, 14 Inches, Black, 1 Piece

  • Nakshathra is hand made dosa Tawa no harmful chemicals used in the making.
  • The base of this traditional dosa Tawa is 5.5 mm thick.
  • Dosa kallu is a multi-purpose dosa Tawa. You can make roti and Tikki etc.
  • Traditional dosa Tawa also arrives with a spatula.

Wonderchef Granite Non-Stick Dosa Tawa, Induction Bottom, Soft-Touch Handles, Virgin Grade Aluminium, PFOA/Heavy Metals Free,3.5mm,30cm, 2 Years Warranty, Grey

  • Wonderchef dosa Tawa made from granite and aluminum.
  • The base of wonderchef Tawa coated in five layers of nonstick.
  • Aluminum Tawa handle is comfortable to hold and also heat resistant.
  • Real class aluminum ensures the fact that heat is provided evenly on every surface.

Anjali Platinum Flat Mutli Deluxe Tawa, Black

  • Anjali Tawa handles are heat and flame resistant.
  • Platinum Dosa Tawa is Non-toxic, no harmful chemicals coating on it.
  • Deluxe Tawa only requires a minimum amount of butter and oil.
  • It can be used for multi-purpose things like making Tikki, uttapam, and roti.

Siva Naturals Cast Iron Tawa, Black, 1 Piece

Siva Naturals
  • Siva dosa Tawa weighs around one and a half kg.
  • The diameter of the Siva Tawa is ten inches, and it is a hand made dosa Tawa.
  • Natural kallu dosa Tawa is previously dealt with warmth and oil, no chemical used in the making.
  • Multi-purpose dosa Tawa you can make Adai, paratha, and akki roti.

Tranding Dosa Tawa

Aspects that you should rethink about when you are acquiring the best dosa Tawa:-

Equally spread the heat on the surface:-

  • You need a particular best non stick dosa tawa in India while making the dosa. So your dosa can be cooked perfectly without sticking or burning. Most people think iron Tawa is a good one to make a perfect dosa, which is not valid. Because an iron Tawa quickly gets warm, and it can easily burn the dosa.
  • Where the best non stick dosa tawa in India ensures that heat spread evenly on every single surface, this way, one area won't get too heated and burn any type of food that you are currently cooking on it.
  • Wonderchef granite range aluminum dosa Tawa is one of the best examples for that it comes with five different layers of the non-stick coating. So your dosa doesn't stick to it and cooks perfectly from every corner.

Pre-seasoned non-stick Tawa:-

  • When you go to a store or buy your kitchen appliances online, primarily utensils like pans, pots, and Tawa, they are supposed to be pre-seasoned, so your food won't stick to it. A pre-seasoned not only prevents food from sticking.
  • The most important part about a pre-seasoned best dosa tawa India is that after every single use. Your food will only require a little bit of butter and oil. This way, your diet is going to be healthy in the future, and you don't need to spend a fortune on oil and butter.

Non-Toxic Dosa Tawa:-

  • There are a lot of options available if you are looking for a non stick dosa tawa in India. But there are only a few which are entirely free from toxic in the process of making a Tawa non-stick. People spray and polish it from harmful chemicals.
  • Whenever you cook food on these non-stick Tawa, your food is going to absorb those chemicals—killing all the nutrients inside the food—preparing it to become deadly when someone tries to consume that food, causing so many health problems.
  • Every single dosa Tawa I have mentioned above are toxic-free, mainly Nakshathra traditional iron dosa kallu. This is a handmade Tawa, which also comes with a spatula and keeps your food toxic-free and 5.5 thick base makes sure that your food doesn't stick to it.

Gas stove and electric stove compatible:-

  • When you are getting the best dosa tawa India, read the manual carefully. Because if you cook your meal on an electric stove and your Tawa is only suitable for the gas stove. It can quickly become a considerable problem for you.
  • Always attempt to find the one which is suitable for microwave, electric stove and gas stove. This way, you don't need to worry about your food and best dosa tawa India not getting the proper heat on the electric stove.
  • Prestige Omega deluxe granite Omni Tawa. Best dosa tawa India is suitable for both your gas stove and electric stove. The handle of prestige is heat-resistant, and the surface is coated with five layers of non-stick.

How much can you spend?

  • Everything else is fine, but one of the essential things is what your allotment is? How much can you afford to spend on the best non stick dosa tawa in India
  • Because you might not be able to get an expensive best dosa tawa India, always confirm about what qualities you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend on it?