Top 10 Best Egg Boiler In India

By Trusha Patel

Our lives these days are already so much complicated, and we need easy solutions to our problems. Technology in the modern era is continually working for the betterment of our lifestyles. One such tech is the egg boilers.

Gone are the days of carefully waiting around the heat of the stove, now just switch on your egg boiler and relax as they get done. If you’re impressed and looking for the best egg boiler in India, we shall help you.

Eggs, as we know, are a great source of protein and an essential part of the breakfast for non-vegetarians. They’re nutrients packed in a white shell, but you wouldn’t like them if they’re too sluggish or a bit too hard to chew.

Boiling eggs on the stove have these problems of eggs not being appropriately prepared, and also you consume the natural fuels. Don’t worry because the electric egg boilers are the demand of the time. Conveniently put in your eggs, turn on the switch and get desired soft, medium or hard eggs.

So now if a question arises in your mind that where I can find the best egg boiler in India? The answer is our compiled list of handpicked egg boilers just for you. Please go through this list and find an advanced appliance for your lovely kitchen.

Top 10 Best Egg Boiler In India 2021 Reviews

1. Kent Instant Egg Boiler 360-Watt (Transparent and Silver Grey)

  • Kent as an established brand
  • 360 watts of power
  • You can boil up to 7 eggs
  • Has three types of modes for boiling

Kent is the name we all Indians associate with famous tv ads and its water purifiers. Now kent has widened its horizons and brought forward a revolution in other technology such as water purifiers and egg boilers etc.

Kent comes with Kent instant egg boiler which is a contender in the category of best egg boiler in India.  Kent Instant egg boiler as its name tells has the power of 360-watts. Kent has provided  stainless steel in the body of egg boiler and a heating plate which is flat and used for providing heat to boil eggs.

Kent egg boiler is your helping hand when you’re running late. You can boil up to 7 eggs at a time in it. These eggs can just be boiled in 3 minutes. Everyone has a different taste and choice, so Kent provides three kinds of boiling modes for eggs as soft, medium and hard. These features, combined with safety from overheating, make Kent potentially best egg boiler in India.

2. Simxen Egg Boiler Electric Automatic Off 7 Egg Poacher for Steaming, Cooking Also Boiling and Frying, Multi Colour

  • It has ulti-purpose egg boiler
  • Comes with stainless steel heating plate
  • You will get attractive design
  • Body Material is made of high-grade ABS

Simxen maybe a new brand in the market place of home and kitchen appliances but not a lesser one. Simixen proves this fact in the segment of the best egg boiler in India with an electric egg boiler.

This egg boiler looks quite fancy at first glance, and the body is made from top quality ABS material for steady and durable use. Top lid or cover is transparent, and the heating plate is made from stainless steel. 

Simxen has designed this egg boiler according to multi-functionality, and you can boil, steam and cook different egg dishes with the help of it. It is quite lightweight and compact, so there will be no hassle in handling it. You can boil your eggs with just 25-30 ml of water in a short time of 7-10 minutes.

Eggs are well boiled in Simxen egg boiler which has the capacity of 7 eggs at a time. There are double thermal protection and indicator that makes this a choice for best egg boiler in India.

3. Tormeti® Double Layer Electric Egg Boiling Steamer With 2 Omelet ring, Egg Boiler Electric Automatic off with Egg Boiler Machine Non-Stick Electric Egg Poacher (Multicolour)

  • Double layered egg boiler for more boiling
  • Multi-purpose use in steaming and cooking
  • It has power rating is 350-watts
  • You will get 2-in-1 Functionality

Tormeti, with its double-layered egg boiler, has proved that this brand thinks ahead of the time and visualises customer needs. Double-layered egg boiler means double the functionality half the time, double the output and half the effort.

Don’t be just impressed yet as it comes with dual purposes as you may cook up to 14 eggs at a time or can cook eggs with a dish or may steam two meals at a time. Tormeti gives you a range of options and ease when it comes to using what could be the best egg boiler in India.

Tormeti double layer egg boiler houses exterior body made from high-quality ABS material and stainless steel heating material. The benefit of this egg boiler is that you can boil 14 eggs at the same power consumption of 7.

Tormeti egg boiler is powered with 350-watts of power and dual steam racks and a transparent food-grade plastic cover. These features sure make Tormeti a choice for best egg boiler in India.

4. CurioCity EGGPOACH-1 Compact Stylish Electric Egg Cooker (Multicolour)

  • Egg boiler will add style to your kitchen
  • Non-breakable top cover
  • Vibrant indication light
  • It has very easily operated

CurioCity is such a name that is enough to incite your curiosity and makes you wonder about the compact and beautiful kitchen products they offer to their consumers. Such a fancy product is CurioCity Eggpoach-1 stylish egg cooker. Its compactness and performance are deciding factors when we see it in the best egg boiler in India segment.

 Eggpoach-1 is made with superior quality materials, and efficient steel made heating plate. This egg boiler is quite safe with safety features like dual-layer protection from heating operations and secure automatic power shut off after a limit. Eggpoach-1 comes with a single boiling mode as eggs can be soft boiled. 

The power rating for this egg boiler is 350-watts. User can also steam their food and use egg boiler as a steamer. Boiler parts such as lid and base plate are made from food-grade plastic. Eggpoach-1 would be a great gift because of the compact size and price range. You should consider it when looking for the best egg boiler in India

5. SOFLIN Egg Boiler Electric Automatic Off 7 Egg Poacher for Steaming Cooking Boiling (Multicolor)

  • Made from high-quality plastic
  • Cook your eggs without fat or oil
  • Includes a smaller rack for veggies
  • Offers simple and elegant look

SOFLIN has multiple products and varieties to offer when it comes to appliances and electronics.SOFLIN this time around has introduced their mini electric egg poacher in the smaller products market. Made with quality plastic and a thermal plate of stainless steel this egg poacher and steamer is a budget-friendly candidate in the best egg boiler in India segment.

 SOFLIN egg boiler comes with dual purposes of steaming and egg boiling. You can boil up to 7 eggs at a time, and it would take around just ten minutes to do so. Streaming of veggies and cooked food is possible because of other rack provided for such stuff. 

This egg boiler is very compact but still at this size holds around 350-watts of impressive power. It is an excellent cooker and steamer when travelling. You can go for SOFLIN for its portability and convenience if looking for what may be the best egg boiler In India these days.

6. Prestige PEGB -01 Stainless Steel Egg Boiler (Silver)

  • Popular and valued brand like Prestige
  • Includes multiple measurements cup
  • Three types of boiling modes
  • A durable and shiny metal body

Prestige is one of the top kitchen appliance brands in India. Prestige has a track record of bringing quality goods to Indian households and kitchens. This time around Prestige has provided us with their new egg boiler PEGB-01, which is nothing short of excellence. The performance, look, and safety makes this egg boiler a dominant entry in best egg boiler in India segment.

Prestige egg boiler has a metal body with authentic prestige finish. The cap is transparent, and the boiler is great at the performance. Prestige boiler can boil eggs in just up to 7 minutes. The user gets three types of boiling modes ranging from soft, medium and hard. 

Functionality is so comfortable in Prestige egg boiler that you can boil eggs at just a single touch with its one-touch button. You also get an additional measurement cup for measuring the amount of water and liquids.

The egg tray is also quite sturdy and sleek. All in all, you can go for Prestige egg boiler if you want great performance and durability in a premium range.

7. SOFLIN Stainless Steel Mini Electronic 7 Egg Boiler (Multicolour)

  • Multi-functional egg tray is best in this
  • Completely safe operational features
  • Provides bright indication light
  • You can give this to your loved ones

UNIQUESTOREE egg boiler is a new step for this brand, and it is continually working toward improving their work. It is a mini egg boiler with compactness, good design and decent performance. Being an overall package this is also an excellent contender for the segment of best egg boiler in India. The material used in its design is of quality food grade.

 User reviews tell that it has efficient performance and pretty looks which make this product a perfect choice for a gifting item. The heat-generating thermal plate is made from stainless steel that provides nice steam and boils the capacity of 7 eggs in around 7 minutes. UNIQUESTOREE egg boiler is quite cost-efficient and budget-friendly. 

You can use it for other purposes like steaming and preparing your egg dishes in new styles. You should keep in mind the required water level when cooking eggs, and it also has a safe automatic cut-off feature if any problematic situation arises. So you can go for this egg boiler for its budget and weight-balance.

8. KREVIA 350W Double Layer Egg Steamer, Multi, 1 Piece

  • Dual based egg boiling for convenient
  • Combined function of steaming and boiling
  • Accompanied with affirmed strong cord
  • Total of 7 pieces of egg boiler

Krevia presents its users with such an experience that delivers most functionality out of the lesser price. This 2-layer egg boiler is a perfect example of value for money vision of the Krevia.

Krevia has a superior grade plastic body and best in class stainless steel design. Krevia has versatile uses and large capacity that make this an appropriate contender in the segment of best egg boiler in India.

Krevia has the edge over the competition because of providing a double layer egg boiler at the price of a single one. This cost efficiency and ability to cook the double amount of eggs in a single make this a better choice. 

Egg boiler unit contains the main body with a stainless steel heater, and two food-grade plastic egg recks and one divider and also a measuring cup. So if you’re the one who loves to get maximum output in less of the time, go for the Krevia egg boiler.

9. ZOSOE Stainless Steel 7 Egg Cooker, Egg Boiler, Egg Poacher Electric, Egg Steamer, Egg Boiler Electric Automatic Off for Steaming, Cooking, Boiling and Frying Egg Boiler with Egg Tray (Multicolor)

  • Unique finish material
  • Ergonomically better design
  • Quality plastic even in the egg tray
  • One-switch control

Zosoe egg boiler has a robust stainless steel heating plate made for boiling your eggs or steaming your food just fine. Looks are very pleasing and give users a feeling that the brand is putting quality even in small parts like egg racks.

Also, there’s its shape designed ergonomically for hassle-free handling. This egg boiler is decent for its price range and has improved heating which makes this able to stand in the tagline of best egg boiler in India.

Impressive 400-watt power of this egg boiler will make you joyful and give well soft boiled eggs in just ten minutes. The top covering shield feels sturdy and has got an excellent grip to it. It has an auto-shut feature which enables you to switch it on, add required water and just wait for your eggs to be ready without any worries.

The one-touch switch has got noticeable indication and durable feel to it. These features are its pros for you to choose from a wide range of egg boilers.

10. MOSHTU Plastic Electric Egg Cooker, Boiler, Hard Boil Steamer and Poacher (Multicolour, Small)

  • Impressive 400W power
  • Heater plate is hygiene friendly
  • One of the top-rated products
  • improved capacity and design

Moshtu sounds very delicate, and with such delicacy, this brand presents its attractively designed electric egg boiler. As the name suggests, the boiler is multi-functional and can be used as steamer, cooker and poacher also. Moshtu also puts attention on performances and has put in 400w of power, which is sufficient to boil capacity of 7 eggs in just around seven minutes.

Safety is also not ignored as Moshtu has integrated indicating lights for power supply, an auto-cut system and dual layers for protection from thermal mishaps. Steel made heating plate is hygienic, and it is advised to use drinking water to boil eggs, so the thermal panel doesn’t get affected. Steaming is fast, and you can observe everything due to the transparent cover lid. 

Capacity and design is an upgrade from previous Moshtu products. You will only need to add 25 ml of water to boil your eggs properly. Moshtu egg boiler has a tremendous hard-boiled eggs mode. Thus this entry is a jack of all trades in terms of performance and can be counted in the list of best egg boiler in India.

So you’ve gone through this detailed list of which are the best of the best in egg boilers marketplace in India. You must’ve read about some standard features and some specialities which differentiate these products. Now the power is in your the user’s hand to choose what is the best egg boiler in India for you.

Still, if you have any doubts or if you’re curious about egg boilers, their functionality and care you should go through our buying and research guide on egg boilers.

Research And Buying Guide: Best Egg Boiler In India

Egg boilers are a tech that is still new and comes in the category of small utilities. Many people either don’t have the reach or proper knowledge about them. This guide will be your companion in your search for how egg boilers work and which is the right choice for you. So sit back, relax and start exploring.

 Egg boilers would use the same principle of taking heat from the power source and using water and heat to create steam for boiling your eggs. However, the difference would be the convenience of a single unit, clean electric energy and portability factor.

Techs like egg boilers thrive because millennials are always on the move and want fast results and universal applications. Egg boilers have both of these and much more.

Here we are mentioning some key factors you should remind yourself of when buying an egg boiler. These aren’t the absolutes, but the essence of what best egg boiler in India would be.

Key Factors To Buy Best Egg Boiler In India:

Body Material

While most egg boilers will have a steel or stainless steel thermal plate or heating plate, body materials vary from metal to different kind of plastics. Metal is after all metal, and egg boilers with the metal body are highly robust and sturdy.

Extensive users should go for these options as they last longer and don’t require much care. But quality, as you know, comes at a price and most metal body egg boilers are in the premium range. There aren’t many options as only established brands produce metal body egg boilers.

But it doesn’t mean plastic body or ADS body egg boilers are brittle and would collapse after use. There are many options in this range, and you get high-grade more robust plastic at mid-range prices that will last you long enough.

Cap materials are also different, so please don’t go for egg boilers with a cheap bucket plastic cap. Look for toughened-glass caps or ABS superior caps that won’t break and leave your egg boiler useless.


Capacity depends on your requirement and how you use your egg boiler. If you had used stove, it would’ve taken the time, and some eggs must have gotten nasty. But with the efficiency of egg boilers, you can easily decide how many eggs you need to be done for a single meal.

Most single layer egg boilers have 6-7 eggs capacity for one boil, and if you need more, you can switch to double-layered options for getting double the eggs boiled at the same time. Most double-layered ones have the capacity of 12-14 eggs.

Our advice would be to go for a sturdy single-layered egg boiler which has excellent thermal management, so it quickly boils the eggs, and you can use it twice or thrice easily.

Types Of Egg Boilers

Egg boilers also have many structural varieties and design variations. So we see different types of egg boilers for several purposes.

Over the counter/ Electric egg boiler

The over-the-counter or countertop egg boilers are compact, convenient to use, and an individual unit. They have many used according to their parts and can ne be used as streamers, cookers and boilers. Eggs and many other dishes can be cooked with different steam and boil levels.

You get additional features with these such as a thermal-dial control and cut-off function. If you don’t have much time and want eggs to be done quickly without your supervision, go for this option.

Microwave egg boiler

Microwave egg boilers are not separate and independent units. These kinds of egg boilers can only be used if the user has access to a microwave. They are structured as a container for your eggs to be put in while they get boiled by the heat of the microwave.

Some see these like not the actual egg boilers. But these apparent accessories are bought as they’re quicker than traditional ones and aren’t complicated so you can clean them easily. However, microwave egg boilers don’t have functions of countertop ones.

Power Consumption

Who doesn’t like a best in class kitchen appliance, which does your work in seconds? But with more speed and performance comes more power consumption. If you want your eggs to boil faster kr dishes to steam quicker, your boiler has to provide more best. More amount of heat will come from more power that results in higher electricity bills. So you as a user should look for the best of both worlds with the quick operation and not much power consumption.

Accessories: more attachments mean more options

Accessories we are talking about are the attachments or parts of the unit for egg boilers. More attachments and parts mean the egg boiler has several uses, and the user can easily access those.

Typical accessories of an egg boiler

  • Main boiling unit
  • Egg racks
  • Top cover
  • Measurement unit ( mostly glass or jar like container)
  • Unit dividers for double-layered boilers
  • Extra trays

Additional parts with premium egg boilers

  • Detachable cords
  • Extra Casing and replacement trays
  • Cleaning accessories.
  • Attachable bottom stands.

Warranty: Are there any reliable ones?

Most of the egg boilers in mid-range amd premium range offers manufacture warranty. Duration of these warranties varies from 6 months to a year. If you’re going for a premium option, you can also purchase extended warranty by sellers or third-parties as prevention is better than cure. Check for all warranty-related documents and clear your doubts with customer service when you buy a new egg boiler.

Uses and Care:

Egg boilers these days aren’t just egg boilers. They have the functionality of even cookers and steamers. So if you’re only buying it for boiling your eggs don’t bother much and buy a budget-friendly option. But users with a multi-purpose requirement can look for higher variants.

Also, see if the piece you’re buying could be easily cleaned and is compact enough to put up and carry around effortlessly.

So these were some thoughts you should, and we hope you would keep in mind when purchasing an egg boiler.

Tips For Getting The Best Output From Your Egg Boiler:

We know the primary purpose of egg boilers is to make the process quick and save your time. Most egg boilers are good at their job and do the boiling around 7 to 10 minutes mark. Here are some time and usage-related tips for you to get the best out of your appliance.

Timings And Boiling Modes

Most egg boilers are automated and know when to do complete boiling. But you should know there are different timings and temperatures for different boiling modes and changes according to if you want hard or medium or soft boiled eggs. For this, you can use the timer offered with some premium options so that your eggs turn out fine.

Indicator And Safety Features

Often you’ll see the egg boilers with a single button or one-touch controls which turns the egg boilers on. These controls have integrated indicators. These indicators should be taken notice of as they show if the egg boiler is working or not.

Safety features are also the reason that egg boilers are a time-saving tech. You’ll find an automatic shut off function in almost all electric egg boilers which ensures that you don’t have to attend your boiler all the time. It cuts off the power when the eggs are done, and the same can be seen by indication light. Another safety bit that is pre-installed is dual thermal protection so a child or someone else can be saved from heat of the boiler.

Precautions for your protection and safety:

We know that although all electrical appliances are there to solve our problems and make our lives joyous, sometimes if we don’t treat them right or care for them, they might get disrupted or become dangerous for us. So like with other appliances, these are some precautions you should follow while using your egg boiler –

  • Always remember to disconnect the power supply when not using or after using your egg boiler.
  • User can find a little opening or a vent on the top of the cover of their egg boiler. This cavity or hole is known as the steam outlet, through which steam flows out. If you want to be safe from burns by hot steam, you must stay away from it.
  • Remember you must rinse or wet your power cords or plugs while using water in your egg boiler.
  • Hygiene should be maintained not only on your body but all around. The same rule applies to your appliance and should adequately clean it after every usage. You can refer to provided guidelines and user manual for this.
  • If we are talking about user manuals, make sure you go through guidelines keenly and understand everything. If you have any doubts about the functionality or use, directly contact customer helpline. Also, please read the warranty certificate carefully and familiarise yourself with all the terms and conditions.
  • Remember to place eggs correctly and fill up only the required water limit. It is better to puncture a piercing in eggs before boiling so they won’t break off or crack during boiling.

How to properly Wash And Clean Your Egg Boiler:

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean only a healthy body or a healthy mind, but it adds up as all-around wellness and hygiene. This fact gets especially important when it comes to your kitchen because edibles hygiene is maintained here. So the egg boiler is also a part of your kitchen, and you should adequately clean it for your betterment and long life of the appliance.

  • You can clean your boiler with water and soap or water and vinegar and dry it with a cloth.
  • Firstly separate all the parts of the unit and put them aside.
  • Now clean the thermal plate with a cloth, so there’s no residual left.
  • Next up wet the cloth in the solution of water and vinegar and again do the wiping on all non-sensitive parts and make sure you properly wipe induction plate again.
  • Sensitive parts mean plug and cord, so they must not get rinsed or wet.
  • Now wash remaining top cover and egg racks with water and soap, or you can use the dishwasher for them if they’re suitable to clean in it.
  • Now take a clean cloth and pat all the parts dry and let them dry up. After some time joint the unit back and put it in its place.
  • Make sure that clothes are clean and there’s no smell. If any scent remains, you can repeat the process with the lemon solution.

Process For Boiling Your Eggs in Your Egg Boiler:

We know that using your egg boiler is much easy and quick, but sometimes we might make a small error that can harm our appliance or our eggs etc. So for safe and, best boiling follow this simple process

  • First take your unit and make sure it is clean.
  • Now take the measuring cup and fill just required amount of water according to your boiling mode.
  • Now take the bottom thermal part and attach the egg tray.
  • Properly put the eggs in the egg tray.
  • Repeat last two points in the case of double-layered egg boilers.
  • Now attach the top cap and check if the steam vent is open.
  • Now take the cord and plug it in and turn the power on.
  • Now turn on the one-touch switch to start boiling.
  • You’ll soon see steam being produced and coming out of the vent.
  • Now set the timer if there is one and thermal dial on the desired temperature.
  • See the indication light is showing that the boiler is working.
  • Now wait for the eggs to be boiled and relax
  • After the eggs get boiled auto-cut feature will cut the power supply and indicator will show the same.
  • Turn off the power plug and take out the chord.
  • Carefully open the lid with a cloth, keeping your face away.
  • Now take out the eggs and see if they’re adequately boiled.
  • Now place the eggs aside and detach the unit for cleaning. Properly clean it and let it dry. Then put the unit back together and place it where required.

So this was kind of a handbook for new users who wants to explore the full capacity of their egg boilers.

Benefits of An Egg Boiler:

Egg boiler saves your time and is easy to use. You can also use this as a perfect gift item. Also, there are some multi-purpose one’s, so you don’t need to carry separate cookers while travelling. Even, you can steam and cook non-egg dishes like corn, potato, dumplings etc. :They’re a convenient accessory and a part of the modern kitchens.


Here are some frequently asked queries about egg boilers.

 Q:1 What are the benefits of buying an egg boiler?

This question may arise in the new user’s mind as they want to buy an egg boiler. Be assured as you’ll not only save time but also will get safety from heat, relaxation of mind and well-prepared eggs. Also, you’ll be doing a favour for our environment by switching to electric from traditional energy sources.

Q:2 Can egg boilers be budget-friendly?

Most of the egg boilers are budget-friendly, and many brands provide decent quality at low prices. But if you’re looking for the best materials and higher power options with the brand warranty, you may have to spend more.

Q:3 Are egg-boilers for everyone?

Their name may suggest those egg boilers are just for boiling eggs and non-vegetarians. But if you have gone through this article, you’ll know that egg boilers can be used as steamers, cookers and heating devices. You can steam veggies, cook and steam rice, prepare dumplings, and even idlis. So egg boilers aren’t for a particular group of people but everyone.

Q:4 How much eggs can I boil?

Most egg boilers come with seven eggs capacity, but there are some which are double-layered and allow you even to boil 14 eggs at a time.

Q:5 Are egg boilers safe?

Modern-day egg boilers come with integrated safety features like lighting and auto power cut off features. Also, they have got thermal protection to protect children and others from unknown mishaps.

Q:6 Which is the best egg boiler in India?

It is the obvious question if you’re here. There’s no single answer to this question as it depends on the user choice and budget. But we will advise you to choose an egg boiler with a durable body and brand warranty, so your money is well spent, and the egg boiler is robust.


So, we hope this buying guide and researched products will help you to choose the right product for the best egg boiler in India for you. You can simply choose any product from the mentioned-above list as these all are high rated products and users shared so many positive responses for the same.

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