Top 10 Best Electric Kettle In India

By Trusha Patel

Electric kettles are popular these days because of being portable and environmental-friendly. If you are also looking for best electric kettle in India you’ve come to the right place. Electric kettles are a result of modern problems like the need for compactness and portability.

Thus the electric kettles are efficient at their work, can be moved around easily and just require electricity.

Here we are providing the users with a detailed list of the criteria of best electric kettle in India so they can compare, and choose wisely according to their needs and budget. The list offers research on features and outstanding qualities of these products.

Top 10 Best Electric Kettle In India 2021 Reviews

1. Butterfly EKN 1.5-Litre Electric Kettle (Silver with Black)

  • One of the best-rated products
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Safety ensured for protection
  • Among the trends of the segment

As mentioned Butterfly’s Butterfly EKN Water kettle is among the Best Electric Kettle in India segment and that if for a reason. Its capacity is one and a half litres for you to boil your liquid. One of the best sellers of India this kettle is designed with a nickel shine finish.

EKN body houses a heat-resistant material handle for safe handling and has a nice grip to it. It’s perfect for boiling your water. EKM has it’s the power supply in its base. The base is detachable and revolves all around.

EKM is also one of the Best Electric Kettles in India because of its little advanced features. EKM features include 1500 watts of power and a cord length which is one meter. There are also safety features like automatically cutting off the power and a mode for protection from dry boiling.

The control dial and thermal adjustment are of superior quality. The Butterfly EKM feels very trendy and lightweight. Butterfly provides warranty of one year on its EKM water kettle. If you want a kettle with stainless metal body and beautiful design and performance, go for it.

2. Orpat OEK-8137 1350-Watt Cordless Kettle

  • A brand with a legacy in India
  • Decent quality in budget price
  • 1.2-litre liquid capacity
  • Body steel is housed with die-cast aluminium

Orpat is a name we must have seen on fans or table fans in our childhood, and it has been quite famous for manufacturing quality electronics for Indian households.

Another quality product and one of the contenders of best electric kettle in India from Orpat is OEK-8137 kettle. As the kettle’s name suggests, the kettle is powered with 1350-watts. It has a capacity of 1.2-Liters. Housing modern technology it also has a detachable base which is the power source for heating, and it revolves around. The kettle has been a priority choice for users for boiling water.

Body of OEK-8137 is made of stainless steel which gives a shiny chrome finish, and material base for the body is cast aluminium. Design of this kettle gives it both sturdiness and a premium look. Kettle, which is quite sturdy, doesn’t feel much heavy and is quite easy in handling.

There are also safety features in this kettle to ensure your safety by automatically cutting off the power when water reaches a temperature and a light for indicating the user. The handle is ergonomic, and a filter controlled pouring makes this one of the best electric kettles in India

3. Prestige 1.5 Litre Kettle 1500-watts, Red

  • Unique kind of metal finish
  • Established name in kitchen appliances
  • Double-lined design
  • One-touch button

Prestige has quite a prestige when it comes to the kitchen appliances. Prestige has been one of the first choices when it comes to kitchen accessories and equipment in India. This time Prestige has brought forward one of the best electric kettles in India in the form of Prestige 1.5 Litre Kettle. First thing you’ll notice by even looking at it is the looks.

Prestige, 1.5 Litre kettle, houses a design which makes it stand out. A beautiful dual colour body and metal finish is smooth but not the standard shiny one. Also, the frame is sturdy as a dual lining of materials makes it easy to hold and ergonomically aesthetic.

If we talk about its other features, it is powered by 1500 watts and has a capacity of 1.5-litre. A unique feature which catches the user’s eye is a touch button which locks and unlocks the lid at once. The material of the kettle, which is in the base, has been designed according to cleaning needs.

A warranty of one year, revolving power base and an automatic power cut off safety feature makes Prestige 1.5 Litre contender of best electric kettle in India.

4. Kitchoff WDF-151 Automatic Stainless Steel Electric Kettle Multi Purpose Heavy Body Extra Large Kettle With Handle (1.5 L, Silver & Black)

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Multipurpose electric kettle
  • Kettle has a well-gripped handle
  • A durable copper cord

Kitchoff revolutionised the best electric kettle of India segment with WDF automatic electric kettle. This kettle is not just a water boiling device but an overall cooking accessory. The secret of its success lies in its versatile use and multi-purpose application.

You as a user can’t just only boil water but use it for making instant tea or cooking your eggs or noodles or instant food and so many others. Now if we talk about the design of the kettle, it has a very soft and nicely gripped handle. Design is like a pot making it a cooking accessory and a utensil in itself with a removable lid. This design of the kettle makes it a perfect travel accessory.

This kettle is made for helping you in cooking easily and quickly with automatic power cut off feature, a glass lid and a plastic stand for boiling and cooking things like egg or rice dumplings. The base is sturdy and the power source of the kettle.

This kettle has a capacity of 1.2-litre and comes with a meter long copper cord. There is an efficient temperature control knob too.

5. Pigeon by Stovekraft Amaze Plus Electric Kettle with Stainless Steel Body, 1.5 litres boiler for Water, instant noodles, soup etc.

  • A quality kitchen appliances brand
  • Stainless steel body with a shiny finish
  • Safety features like indication and auto power cut off
  • Easy to clean

Pigeon has been a name synonymous with Indian kitchens as it provides quality in kitchen appliances segment with budget-friendly options. Kitchen’s history has made it one of the most popular appliances and home accessories brand.

Pigeon gets into best electric kettle in India segment with its Amaze Plus 1.5 litre electric kettle. Body of this kettle is made of stainless steel and has a shiny finish to it. This kettle although may look ergonomically pleasing and lightweight but is powered by impressive 1500-watts. This power consumption ensures quick and efficient boiling.

The kettle has a power Indicating light and safety feature of automatic cut off. All in all, its design is classic and convenient with a comfortable handle. The kettle has a revolving base that detaches so you can easily pour the liquids. Pigeon by Stovekraft provides one year of manufacture warranty on their kettle.

Its one-meter cord can be winded effortlessly with a cord winder. The lid is quite sturdy, and lifting off is secure when pouring. The kettle also is very easy to clean with kitchen materials such as baking soda or vinegar and is quite budget-friendly.

6. Inalsa Aliva 1500 Watt Electric Kettle in 1.5-Litre (Black/Silver)

  • Strong and robust body
  • Single-touch switches for efficiency
  • Dry boiling protection feature
  • Fast boiling speed

Inalsa brand may still be new on the horizon of the kitchen appliances but its certainly not a novice. Inalsa is gradually making its name by providing top-notch quality in terms of robust designs and exceptional performance.

The Inalsa Aliva is no different from the fact and is one great entry in best electric kettle in India. First thing you’ll notice in the kettle is a classic Inalsa look which is the dual lining of high-grade plastic or heat resistant material and stainless steel with a smooth finish.

Inalsa design houses a grip-friendly handle and two one-touch switches for simple opening and closing of the lid. In the bottom, it has a power indicating light and a base which is the source of the power. It is ideal for boiling water and has a capacity of 1.5 litres.

It also protects itself with an automatic cut off feature and preventing dry boiling. Inalsa provides one year warranty on the kettle. The Inalsa Aliva has the power of 1500 watts and boils your water very quickly. Aliva has heating material protection and a filter which makes it rust and calcification free.

7. Inalsa Electric Kettle PRISM-1500W with LED Illumination,Boro-Silicate Body, 1.8 L Capacity, Glass Kettle

  • Glass body made with borosilicate
  • Illumination By LED
  • Brand with an established reputation in Europe
  • Warranty of 2 years

Inalsa, which is part of the famous European brand Taurus group, is making its name in Indian households with a wide range of quality goods and appliances. Inalsa with the Prism-1500W has brought forward a design revolution in best electric kettle in India segment. Prism has a distinct name because of its distinct material and design.

Prism form Inalsa is made from Boro-silicate and is illuminated by LED lighting. This design makes it look like some magic pot and a premium appliance for glorious kitchens. The glass body of this kettle is durable because of borosilicate design, and you can see temperature changes. Inalsa provides a two-year warranty on Prism.

Transparency and LED lighting lets you see the water level and boiling. It has a capacity of impressive 1.8 litres. It has a combination of sensors which ensure safety by an auto power cut off, overheating prevention and dry boiling protection.

The lid also houses an advanced design with a button-hold pouring system for safe and convenient use. The power source is its detachable and revolving base. The base is cordless, which adds to the convenience. You should go for this kettle for the glamourous design and comfort.

8. Prestige PKOSS 1.8 Litre Kettle, Red

  • Improved technology in this segment
  • Larger capacity of 1.8-litre
  • Well balanced weight and handling
  • Revolving base with 360-degree movement

Prestige is a popular choice for Indian households and strives to improve and provide the best of the tech at budget-friendly prices. This variant of the electric kettle from Prestige is potentially best electric kettle in India. Prestige PKOSS stands out in this segment because of its large 1.8-litre capacity ideal for big families and office use.

Talking about the design, we can see unique Prestige features like dual coloured material in the lining and a stainless steel body with the smooth but non-shiny finish. Handle provides the user with a superior grip, and design has an impressive weight balance despite being a bigger kettle.

The handle has a one-touch button feature from Prestige for easy control of lid opening. The bottom has a revolve-around base sourcing the power and a light indicator for signalling the user. Power management in PKOSS is so good that even at 1.8-litre water boils quickly enough.

User can use the kettle for water, instant tea, soup and liquid meals etc. Prestige provides one year of warranty on PKOSS. The kettle also has an auto power cut off system for safety. It’s a fantastic choice for extensive usage.

9. Pigeon Quartz Electric Kettle (14299) 1.7 Litre with Stainless Steel Body, used for boiling Water, making tea and coffee, instant noodles, soup etc. 1500 Watt (Silver)

  • Kettle has 1500 Watts of power
  • Made for extensive use
  • Glass-lid with a handy knob
  • Multipurpose use and hygienic design

Pigeon is one of the most popular overall appliance brands with specialising in kitchen equipment. Pigeon steps up its game with Pigeon by Stovekarft Quartz Electric kettle. Quartz is also on the heavier side and made for extensive use with a capacity of 1.7-litre.

It is designed like a pot and container mix design with a transparent glass lid and a wide-open mouth but with a cylindrical body. The body is made of stainless steel with a chrome finish, and the handle is made of a good heat resistant material. Glass lid has a one-touch button ensuring safety and steam locking.

The bottom has a revolving power base with a sturdy power cable and a light indicator. The heating element is concealed, so the kettle is much hygienic and protected from contamination.

Quartz also has a one year warranty. It has a safety feature of auto power cut off, which is much useful for kettle safety. It can be used for water and instant tea and other instant liquids like soup or oatmeal. Users can go for the Quartz for its safety and durable, hygienic design.

10. Philips HD9306/06 1.5-Litre Electric Kettle (Multicolor)

  • One of the best electronics brand
  • Impressive 1800-watts of power
  • Made from food-grade steel
  • Top-notch quality and premium product

Philips is a Dutch-based company which was the largest electronics company at one time for a reason. Philips reflects the quality and best in class appliances with a glorious history in this segment. Philips has diversified its products and HD9309/06 is one which stands in the range of best electric kettle in India.

First of its impressive features is the robust design which feels solid and premium in your hands. Next a handle that is made of top-notch material and for a superior grip. Despite being a 1.5-litre kettle, it is quite lightweight.

Philips electric kettle houses whopping 1800-watts of power and boils very quickly and efficiently. It has an imported thermal control stat for preciseness. It has multiple sensors for steam, dry boiling prevention and auto power cut off. The lid is convenient due to the single-touch facility.

The body is made of high-quality food-grade steel and bottom is revolving cordless base. Philips provides a remarkable two-year warranty on HD9306/06 kettle. If the user is looking for a best in a class electric kettle with outstanding performance, he can jump to this premium segment and price-point.

Buying Guide For Best Electric Kettle in India:

So by now, you’ve gone through this list and read about the potential choices for the best electric kettle in India. Tagging a single product or brand is so difficult when you have an extensive market and variety of products with class features. This list is a journey through the best viable options in today’s marketplace for a consumer. A consumer should keep in mind his preferences and use when choosing from best electric kettle in India.

User should have a clear idea of the use and look he wants and the price he wants to pay for it so he could cleverly choose what’s the best for their need. Although you’ve known about the kettles and what features they offer and what uses are these, but still, if we set details aside, you’ll need some in-depth knowledge about electric kettles, their development, options and what to choose when you’re confused. So here is a guide including common queries of a customer when he is looking for best electric kettle in India.

Electric Kettle – How to choose Best Electric Kettle In India

The reason behind electric kettles could be seen as a part of home-kitchens, and accessory for travel is portability and use of electricity. You don’t have to carry any fuel around; kettles are lightweight and most importantly, environment friendly. Electricity even works faster than fuel because you don’t have to gather it in a container, then pour and light it up. Electricity is just a switch away, that makes electric kettles so convenient.

Electric kettles are advance and beat all the competition. You can just boil the water or make instant tea for yourself, or you might make soup in it or better if you have other variants that you can cook rice balls, noodles and oatmeal if you’re out travelling or just need a break from tiring office work and your treat is steaming fresh food.

Electric kettles market share have grown so much in the last decade as people have moved towards the better supply of electricity and hustle in India. Global market share for electric kettle was estimated at around almost 16 billion US dollars and is expected to grow exponentially every year.

Lifestyle has a significant role to play in this as reach to tech, online marketplaces and travelling, whether it’s for work or tourism has grown marginally resulting in the need for instant results and immediate actions. Thus electric kettles are among the solutions for the modern millennial problems.

More and more brands are coming up with their variants. This competition had resulted in a blessing as well as a confusion for the customer. At one hand customer is happy to get so many choices at his preference, but on the other hand, he is puzzled about which option to choose and finalise. If you’re such a customer, don’t panic, we have got this guide just for you and much information about electric kettles so you can choose what’s the best electric kettle in India for you 

Essential Things To Look For-

Boiling speed and power-

The primary use of an electric kettle is boiling and heating. So you would have to give priority to this part. If a kettle looks well and is sturdy but doesn’t work efficiently or works very slowly, what’s the use of it? You should remember that kettle needs to be good at the heating or there is no use buying it.

Boiling speed of a kettle is directly connected to its power. More the watts of a kettle more quickly it will cook the liquid. So if you are above an average user go for more than the range of 1300-1500 watts range or else, this will be sufficient for you. Kettles are growing because of quickness and ease of use. So keep in mind that these both remain intact while boiling and cooking in your electric kettle.

Capacity –

This aspect is purely based on your preference and requirement. Still, a kettle should be at least 1 litres of capacity in terms of input-output balance. Most kettles in the market are in the range of 1.2-1.5 litres.

An average user will find this capacity sufficient, but if you’re using it for a large family or office use, you may go in a broad range of 1.8 litres and beyond. This range is mostly found in multi-purpose electric kettles.


As electric kettles are electric devices which involve heating and boiling, there would be some kind of noise or sound. The noise is not like a mixer grinder or a fan, but still, there would be a subtle sound. So don’t expect total silence from your electric kettle. But it shouldn’t make any abnormal noises or heat sounds. Also, you can expect sound indications for electrical supply and completion of boiling.

Size And Weight

With greater capacity or power, the size of your electric kettle is bound to increase. You should decide first what kind of usage output you want from your electric kettle, and then choose the best option according to power and capacity. Size and weight would differ, but most kettles are lightweight and can be operated by a single hand. Weight ranges between 0.8 kgs to 1.2kgs according to different sizes and builds.

Electric Kettles: Types and Uses

Electric kettles are of different types on the basis of uses and integrations. A user should choose the option which suits their needs the most.

One of the two main comparisons we see is the cord vs cordless electric kettles. Where one is the traditional approach, and one is the modern one. It is based on how the user would like to use his product in the long term. The second factor is the use of the electric kettle. Mostly are just plain boiling kettles for boiling water or can be used for instant tea, soup etc. But some high-range kettles come with the multi-purpose use facility so you may cook small items such as rice or eggs etc.

Hence these were the essentials you should look for when deciding which is the best electric kettle in India.

Electric Kettles: Design and build

Most electric kettles you would see in the market are either made from stainless steel or aluminium housing. The reason behind this is that they’re made according to the average user and household usage. So they can be sturdy with the toughness of metal and long-lasting for prolonged use.

But did an idea ever crossed your mind that metal around electricity can be dangerous? That’s also the doubt of a new buyer when he goes for buying an electric kettle. Here are some of the design features that make electric kettles a better choice and you get an idea about which one to choose from here:-

1. Dual Lining Design:

Seen in mid-range to the premium range; this design is both aesthetically pleasing and secure. One side you have your traditional metal body and along with it runs a layer of high-grade plastic or other heat resistant material from lid to its handle. This dual lining houses all the buttons or push-knobs user needs to interact with, ensuring consumer’s safety.

2. Superior glass body with appealing looks:- 

Some exceptional premium kettles have new toughened glass bodies made of minerals and elements like silicate. These are accessories with glamour and would add to the beauty of a kitchen. User can see the water level and boil through the glass. There’s also backlit light giving kettle a look of the fancy lamp when you use is a standard and holds natural taste same as glass containers, so it is an excellent choice for people who want something more out of their electric kettle.

3. Swivel Bottom:-  

A feature which is part of almost every electric kettle is swivel bottom. This tech adds to the safety and efficiency of the kettle. This bottom revolves in a full circle and is made of heat resistant material. Thus when it powers up and provides heat to the kettle while it’s attached and you can pour your heated liquid by detaching your kettle and securely getting away from the power source. The bottom often has a cord for getting the power from the electric plug and some kind of sensor or lighting to show that it is on and heating. The benefit of this design feature is that you can just swivel and move the kettle from it and vice -versa for attaching it. 

4. Lid:-

Lids in electric kettles are either attached with handle or often made of glass with a knob. Both applications are durable and secure. The lid is designed as such that it doesn’t let the steam get out and secures you. Glass lids are mostly part of multi-purpose electric kettles. But joint lids are integrated into the handle with the same material and are opened by a button or push.

Safety Features We Need To Know:

After all, electric kettles are electric appliances. They may be designed according to optimum safety and user protection but can’t control the flow of things. That’s why manufactures these days provide inbuilt security features even for the worst-case scenarios. Here are some of the main features you should look for.

1. Automatic Power Cut: 

Humans haven’t perfected their minds yet, so we aren’t free of errors. So to compensate such errors, electric kettles come with features like automatic power cut. In a situation where you plugged-in the kettle and went on to listen to your favourite band or watch allegedly only one episode of your favourite show, the kettle automatically cuts off the power supply after a certain time and temperature so we could be safe from overheating or even fire. This feature is most common among quality electric kettles.

2. Over and dry Boiling Protection:

Imagine you’re relaxing on your holiday and want your favourite soup. You just plug in the electric kettle with soup ingredients and wait for the time being. Just then you receive a call or visit from your neighbour and until you realise your soup has turned into fragmented water due to over boiling, for such situations or scenarios like you or a child plugging in the kettle without putting anything to boil which results in dry boiling and harm to your kettle. For preventing such mishaps, modern electric kettles have a dry boiling protection feature to save your kettle from unfortunate problems. 

3. Effective Thermal Control: 

Many premium electric kettles come with a thermostat for precise and superior control over temperatures and boiling levels. This feature saves time and makes the cooking experience easy by giving you control on heating. 

4. Indicators:

Different kinds of LEDs or light indicators can be seen in electric kettles to inform the user about the power supply, water levels and warnings

Handling Electric Kettle:

Here are some care tips for your electric kettle.


1. Clean it regularly with materials like vinegar, lemon or baking soda.

2. Keep your cord attached and wrapped when not in use.

3. Always pay attention to sounds and indication lights.

4. Don’t ever overfill the kettle. There’s a certain amount of water or liquid you can feel, and it is advised to follow that standard.

5. Follow guidelines and user manual to ensure safe use and best output from your product. Always take assistance from customer service if you’re stuck or need help.


1. Do not leave the bottom in water or rinse it.

2. Do not Cut or misuse the chord of your kettle.

3. Do not overuse the kettle or scratch the concealed material.

4. Do not let children play or get their reach to it.

5. Don’t abuse the guidelines or manual if you want your warranty and product intact. 

Using Process Of A Electric Kettle:

If you’ve just bought your new electric kettle and as excited as any new user would be, you just want to plug it in and give it a go. But first and foremost, you should follow the user manual. After going through that, you can try this process for the proper use and care of your dear electric kettle.

It’s not any with craft or quantum physics. You can very easily follow this process for successfully using the kettle in the initial stage. Here are the key points for you to go by-

  • Get your kettle and find the cord in its bottom. Attach the body to the base and plug in the cord to a power supply plug.
  • Fill in the water or liquid up to the standard mark or limit and then turn on the switch. After turning on the power supply, there must be some indication in the form of a light or a sound.
  • Indication means kettle has started and is working.
  • Now your water will boil until required, and you even don’t need to sit there and wait for it as new electric kettles have an automatic cut off feature which will cut the power supply when water is boiled.
  • Now you check-in and can find your boiled liquid is ready. Turn off the plug.
  • Pour the water into another container or place.

So this was a typical and handy process for modern-day electric kettles. You may go by this process.

Cooking and multi-purpose process:

So the previous process was for merely boiling your water. If you want to prepare food or prepare drinks, make sure you follow the appropriate cooking procedure. The advised way will be if you are cooking rice or eggs, make sure they’re boiled enough and edible. Boil your food repeatedly until its palatable and well prepared, although cooking will take more time than just boiling the water.

Cleaning Your Electric Kettle:

As it is a kitchen appliance, it is directly connected to what you consume. Thus an electric kettle’s hygiene and cleanliness are of much importance. You should properly clean the kettle, so there are no problems such as contamination and calcification.

Calcification is a process in which calcium turns into a layer of harder calcium carbonate and sets in a place. This process can be seen as a white layer on the bottom surface of many utensils. To prevent these problems, you should follow these steps for excellent all-around cleaning.

  • Take your kettle and fill it with a solution of water and vinegar or lemon or baking soda. This activated solution will be the cleaning agent.
  • Now put the kettle on power and boil this solution until it gets nicely boiled for around 10-15 minutes.
  • After that, take your kettle and shake off and throw away this solution. The solution would have cleaned most of the part and repeat this process with only water to get rid of any residue or smell of solution.
  • Clean it with a dry cloth and set the kettle aside.

So that was a basic cleaning process, but you should keep in mind a few things when it comes to different variants of electric kettles.

1. See if any compound like vinegar or baking soda is prohibited for your kettle.

2. Follow and remain in the lines of user manual when cleaning. Look if there’s any particular process for cleaning the separate parts.

3. Don’t scratch or decay any protective layer or metal.

4. Only rinse the parts which require cleaning via rinsing.

5. Do remember to clean the kettle thoroughly and rub with a clean cloth, so there’s not any kind of residue left.

The way you care for your equipment is the way your user experience would be, and you should keep in mind the pointers described to you for keeping your choice best electric kettle in India.


Now if you have any doubts, you can refer to these general queries by new users.

1. What is the difference between traditional and electric kettle?

Traditional kettles use natural energy sources or fuel as a power source and thus require them to be operational. Electric kettles can be plugged into a plug and quickly boils your liquids, thus increasing effectiveness and portability.

2. Are electric kettles efficient and durable?

Most electric kettles are made of steel and are much robust because of features like filters and concealed material. Also, they use a kind of induction tech to boil your water quickly.

3. Are electric kettles safe?

Modern electric kettles come with safety features like automatic power control and over-boil protection. Also, exterior designs come with heat resistant materials, so they’re pretty safe.

4. Can electric kettles be budget-friendly?

Electric kettles aren’t a rarity these days, and most of the prominent brands produce them. Thus they differ in prices according to brand and features. You can get decent kettles at budget-friendly prices these days.

5. How can a user use electric kettles?

Electric kettles are mostly of two types – one used for boiling liquids and one is in the form of the cooker. So uses can vary from instant boiling of water and tea to cooking rice, eggs and even meals.

6. Which is the best electric kettle In India?

If you have gone through the article, you’ll know there’s no definite answer to that. Although we have provided a list of the best available in the market, the best for you is according to your choice, requirement and budget.


So, these are buying guide for the best electric kettle in India. Whenever you are or your loved ones going to buy electric kettle can refer to our buying guide for the right advice. Apart from that, you can simply choose any product mentioned above because our experts want it after extensive research.

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