10 Best Electric Lunch Box/Tiffin In India 2021

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

Nobody likes to eat cold food, mainly if you work in an office? Lunchtime is the break that you look forward to after half a hard working day, and frozen food ruins that experience for you. That’s why so many people avoid taking lunch to the office and instead eat out in a restaurant or office canteen. Both of them are expensive and not healthy options. To solve your problem and have a home-cooked warm meal, you need the best electric lunch box/tiffin. Our Ecoline Q4 electric lunch box solves your problem and gives you a hot meal, and it comes with shockproof technology.

Best Electric Lunch Box For Office Use In India 2021

Our Pick

Ecoline Fabric Electric Lunch Box (Blue)

  • Ecoline lunch box arrives with four stainless steel containers.
  • Ecoline only uses fifteen watts of power voltage, saving electricity.
  • Electric tiffin which is also shock-proof. No fear for your life.
  • The Ecoline lunch box is sturdy, and containers come inside a blue fabric bag.
Budget Pick

Milton Slimtron Electric Tiffin (2 Stainless Steel Container), White

  • Milton got a detachable cable and got a beautiful and durable case.
  • Once your food is warm enough, it's got an automatic power cut, so it doesn't burn food.
  • Milton is a leakage-proof lunch box and comes with two containers.
  • Milton's electric lunch only takes 30 minutes to warm your food.
Updrade Pick

Jaypee plus, Hott line, Electric Lunch Box, 3 SS Container, Black

Jaypee Plus
  • Jaypee's electric tiffin box takes from 30 to 45 minutes to warm your food.
  • Jaypee got automatic power cut technology to help it turn off after 45 minutes.
  • An electronic lunch with the capability of containing 1.5 liters of weight food.
  • Jaypee tiffin furthermore arrives with a detachable power cable.

Nexx Hott-2 740 ml, 90 W Electric Lunch Box for Office Men, Portable Lunch Warmer with Removable Stainless Steel Container, Green, Made in India

  • Nexx electric lunch only takes 10 to 15 to reheat the food for you.
  • Nexx, lunch box containers are made from stainless steel, so it makes them long-lasting.
  • A lightweight lunch box that is also leak-proof saving food from spilling out.
  • You don't need unnecessary cords. Nexx has an inbuilt central wire winder.

Jaypee plus, Power Meal with Steel, Electric Lunch Box, 2 SS Container,Black

Jaypee Plus
  • Jaypee is only going to borrow 30 to 45 of your time to reheat your food.
  • Japyee is a smart electric lunch that got a power cut off technology after 45 minutes.
  • The outside black compartment of this is entirely leak proof.
  • Jaypee gives you two stainless steel containers with this attractive lunch box.

Ecoline Power Lunch Q2, Electric Lunch Box,Capacity 800ml,(2 Containers 400ml) Blue

  • Perfect electric tiffin for the office, which comes with two stainless steel containers.
  • Each container got the ability to contain 400ml food easily.
  • The outside compartment bag got the thick zipper to make it leak proof.
  • Ecoline gives you an electric lunch box which only consumes minimum power.

Nexx Hott-2 Electric Lunch Box, Stainless Steel, Food Warmer(740 ml, Grey, Pack of 2)

  • Nexx is an advanced technology lunch box that only takes ten minutes to reheat your food.
  • Nexx also got a three led pointer to let you know how warm your food is.
  • Nexx further provides you with an inbuilt cable connector.
  • Nexx gives you two stainless steel containers made from PP rating technology.

Kriva Electric Lunch Box Food-Grade Food Container Food Warmer, 1Pc(Assorted Color)

  • Kriva keeps your food nutrients safe while it's reheating your food.
  • Kriva lunch box got the capability of containing 450ml of food inside it.
  • Air ventilation technology keeps your food healthy and fresh.
  • Less power consumption only uses 40 voltage of electricity.

House of Gifts H06 - Power Plus Electra Lunch Box Plastic- 3 Container

House of Gifts
  • H06 comes with three large containers that are leakproof.
  • H06 also keeps your food fresh and got shock-proof technology.
  • H06 is an ideal choice for going on a picnic trip and also for the office.
  • Electric lunch box, which only consumes 230v power.

Dizionario Electric Microwavable 3 Containers Hot Lunch Box

  • Dizionario is a multi-color plastic electric lunch box.
  • Dizionario gives you three containers that are safe to put inside the microwave.
  • Dizionario is not going to kill the nutrients while reheating your food.
  • It keeps your food fresh, healthy, and containers are also leakproof.

Trending Electric Lunch Box

Stuff that you need to be considering before getting the best electric lunch box:-

Make sure it's shock-proof:-

  • Electric lunch boxes usually are not recommended for kids. But if your kid is old enough and you are thinking about buying the best electric lunch box/tiffin for them. Make sure that it is a shock-proof lunch box. Otherwise, it can be hazardous for your kid and also for the other kids.
  • Our Ecoline Q4 electric lunch box is one of the best for your kids. An electrical lunch box that is not only shockproof but also has four containers in it. So you can put four different types of dishes at the same time.
  • If you are a working man/woman? The electric lunch box for office is like a magical invention for you. One of the most idealist choices for you would be House of gifts H06 power plus electra lunch box being shockproof makes it safe for you to take it to your office, or you can take this portable electric lunch box to an office picnic trip. 

Consume less power:-

  • Just because you are buying an electric lunch box for office doesn't mean that you shouldn't check the fact how much electrical power your best electric lunch box/tiffin is going to consume. Because saving electricity is essential for future generations.
  • If you are thinking about the future generation and still want to buy the best electric lunch box in India but want to save electricity, then you should go for Ecoline Q4 electric lunch, which only is going to spend 15 watts of power voltage.

Doesn't kill nutrients:-

  • Ensure the fact when you are purchasing the best electric heated lunch box when you are reheating your food that it's not killing all the nutrients and vitamins of your healthy diet.
  • Dizionario Electric hot plastic lunch box is a perfect portable electric lunch box that keeps your food fresh because of the excellent air ventilation, and it doesn't kill the taste while reheating the food also, all nutrients and vitamins will still be intact. It keeps your food perfectly healthy and safe for you to consume.

Stainless steel containers:-

  • It is significant when you are buying the best electric lunch box in India that you only buy a stainless steel container lunch box. Because it is not only sturdy and durable for a long time, it is also a healthy option for you and your family.
  •  While you are getting the best electric heated lunch box, the foremost thing that you should keep in mind is how much diet you take. Because it is essential to buy the right quantity container lunch box, if you take a limited amount of food, then the ecoline q2 electric lunch box should be your go-to option. 
  • But if you eat rice, salad, roti, and sabzi during lunchtime. The ecoline q4 electric lunch box is the best option for you because it comes with four stainless steel containers, which keeps your food fresh and healthy, and also because it's leak-proof your food won't spill out.