Top 10 Best Emergency Light in India

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

We don’t know when the light will go, and we need the light of emergency. Purchasing the best emergency light in India would be easy for you as our team of reviewers have gone through varieties of product and after spending many hours and days, picked the best emergency light for home. 

Philips and Pigeon are the brands that offer the best emergency light in India with the most exciting features and affordable rates. They have incorporated all the elements that people are seeking for the best emergency light for home.

Best Emergency Light in India For Home

Our Pick

Bajaj Plastic Emergency Light, Red

  • White and pink transparent hues.
  • 80x300x160mm dimension of the lamp.
  • 12 hours long battery backup.
  • 4500 MAh with a 6volatge rechargeable battery is used.
Budget Pick

iBELL 8430 Premium Rechargeable Emergency Light with Bright LED Tube(White and Red)

  • White/Red color LED lamps that offer super brightness.
  • First, use 10 hours of charging.
  • It has a transparent cover made with unbreakable plastic.
  • A rechargeable battery is sealed with acid.
Updrade Pick

Havells Rayline 6-Watt Rechargeable LED Batten (White)

  • 6 watts power with LED batten.
  • Incorporation of glare light along with acrylic milky diffuse.
  • The outer case/body is made using high-quality material.
  • Switch mounted over the rechargeable batten is dimming.

Everest Rechargeable 180 Degree LED Emergency Light Red Color

  • Easy to utilize adjustable led lamp switch.
  • Better mobility for home and office due to handy size.
  • 180-degree lamp brightness with reflector.
  • Cable and with a mold of perfect size.

IDOLESHOP ONLITE-1157 80W Rechargeable Emergency Light , Multicolour

  • 2 charging modes; AC and solar.
  • 360-degree full brightness due to 4 tub light.
  • Fast and long-lasting rechargeable battery.
  • It requires no maintenance and is very durable.

DP 7103 Power:6.6W Rechargeable Emergency Light (White)

  • Rechargeable battery for more prolonged use.
  • 18 watts wattage in the emergency Light.
  • 220-240 volts of operating voltage.
  • A charger cable is available with light.

Azacus Plastic Rechargeable LED Emergency Light, White

  • Rechargeable battery with an LED light source.
  • The wattage of the light depends on its use.
  • Varieties of colors option available.
  • Better durability with the cheaper price tag.

PHILIPS B22 LED Cool Day Light Bulb, Pack 1, (929002237513), 9 Watt

  • It has an inventor bulb with 9watts LED.
  • 2200mAh capacity of the battery.
  • 220-240 50 Hz is the power requirement capacity.
  • 4 hours continuous battery supplier.

Pigeon Plastic Lamp, Red

  • 1600 mAh capacity of the battery.
  • The overall consumption is 5 W.
  • It indicates the charging level.
  • Very portable use and light weight.

Sun King Pico Plus Solar Portable Light Lamp

Sun King
  • 25-lumen flux with a neutral color.
  • Drop-proof material used for durable service.
  • It has a solar panel for LED solar light.
  • Compact size with 150g weight.

Trending Emergency Light

Name the brands that mastered their name in the best emergency light in India:

  • Havells
  • JY Super
  • Docoss
  • Philips
  • Pigeon
  • DP
  • G .V. C
  • Jyoti Electronics
  • Wipro
  • Eveready

Factors that will help you to pick the right emergency lamp:

Selecting or picking the powerful emergency light is not too complicated the way it looks. All you need to have a bit of knowledge about hey key factors.

  1. Brightness level: This kind of light should have different modes of brightness. If you are able to control the lightness as per you, use only buy that best emergency lamp. The function is beneficial for the one who does not want an excessive amount of light.
  2. Autostart: Unlike old modules, where you need to on the switch when there is no light, but, nowadays, emergency light that happens with the function of auto start. It directly connects at the plug where it automatically gets charged when the discharge.
  3. Charge protection: The feature of automation on and off should be there in the best emergency lamp. It should not get a discharge in just an hour of service. The more the battery, the more convenient it is for the customer.
  4. Quality: Could you imagine anything that can not have good quality but can run long.. Not possible! The material used and the functioning both should have the right condition so that you can imagine the right amount of durability.
  5. Waterproof Material: This is the best feature any emergency light must have. You never know when the light in the monsoon goes, and you need it. You might be driving underwater and require lighting up. This feature indicates the hard outside case, which never let a drop of water go inside the light.
  6. Features add on: What you can look for the elements more than the normal one so, the watch can be the most suitable and best add on feature in any emergency light. The clock should be LED, so even in the dim light.

Advantages of rechargeable Emergency LED Lights:

There can be numerous profits an emergency LED light could give you apart from that general function of providing view when the stock falls, and there is no light. It should be an essential source of light that you have to keep in your home and office.

So, here have a look at the features of emergency light:

  • Entirely safe to use in office and home.
  • A constant light source when there is no light.
  • Easy to use and set up for emergency situations.
  • Very handy and portable, which you can use anytime.
  • In rechargeable emergency light battery replacement option is also there.

Measure to test the emergency light:

This question always comes to mind of how we can check the battery of the best emergency light in india. So, the process is just like a game to you as in only a few steps; you can get the result. 

The process involves here as:

•    Take a pen and paper (Prefer marker pen)

•    Remove the battery from the light and take a calculator.

•    In the case of multiple batteries, mark all with numbers like 1, 2, 3, etc.

•    Now use a multimeter to measure the current (A) and note down the final reading you got the multimeter. If the value of all the batteries is different then, it is indicating that the battery is not charged.

Final Verdict:

All these features are chosen for you to pick the powerful emergency light. Make sure to put your hand on the extraordinary emergency light in your budget. If you are still hitting your head to the wall, choose something from the list which we have mentioned above. The entire range is expertly tested so that buyers can never go wrong with their buying of the best emergency lamp.