10 Best Exhaust Fans In India 2021

By Trusha Patel

With increasing demand of open-plan kitchens, Best exhaust fans in India are more of necessity rather than luxury demand. Exhaust fans are designed to remove the odours, airborne grease and fumes produced in the kitchen and save the surrounding area from getting greasy. As an ideal choice of ventilation method, exhaust fans can be installed and used conveniently to any type of home.

With thousands of best exhaust fans in India picking a right one as per your requirement could be daunting. We consulted experts who explained to us that all exhaust fans perform the same basic job of extracting. The difference lies that cheap units might break down sooner and can be noisier. So we suggest you to opt for quality, brand and setter clear of cheapest products.

We are here to help you in choosing a perfect extractor fan that is recommended for their high-quality extractors and being affordable. The models are easy to install and effective in draining out stale air.

Best Exhaust Fans In India 2021 Reviews

1.Havells Ventilair DSP 230mm Exhaust Fan (Pista Green)

  • Sturdy metal construction and blades for easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Aerodynamically designed blades effectively remove stale odors.
  • Powder coated metallic finish blade for prolonged life of fan.
  • 230 mm sweep size facilitates flow of 510 cmh air.
  • 1350 RPM can work efficiently for long run while maintaining the speed.
  • Double ball bearing ensure fan to rotate smoothly.

The Havells fan can quickly extract all the hot air and steam from bathroom with lower noise level during the operation. If you are looking for a bathroom or kitchen fan with highly designed keeping user comfort in mind, then this device should pique your interest.

Best exhaust fans for kitchen and bathroom in India with high flow rate of 512 cmh circulates fresh air from poorly ventilated space. The fan continue operation with speed of 1350 RPM does the job without sending your bills skyrocketing. Easily adjustable upward and downward tilt mechanism helps you regulate suction flow in areas by changing angles and avoiding power wastages.

Sturdy steel bird guard has advantages of augmented performance level and ensure safety. Powdered coated metallic finish metal blade are sturdy and highly durable giving you prolonged life of exhaust fan. The metallic blades offer more power to rotate air producing slightly noise.

The 290mm X 290mm X 200mm dimension can be easily wall mounted and can cover up space of average sized kitchen or bathroom. With sturdy steel bird guard prevents birds or other pests nesting in vent or entering inside. The exhaust fan is easy on pockets, as it consumes mere 40 W power that is low in your energy bills too.

2. Luminous Vento Deluxe 150 mm Exhaust Fan for Kitchen, Bathroom, and Office (Cut-out Size - Sq 191 x 191 mm, White)

  • 150 mm Blade size for quickly and efficiently removing odours and pollutants.
  • 1350 RPM Aerodynamically designed blades for faster rotation.
  • Plastic sturdy construction ensures rust-free and longevity of the fan.
  • Dust protection shutter prevents entry of foreign objects like dust, bird and other.

If you are looking for a cheap exhaust fan that will do the bare minimum, then a Luminous Vento deluxe exhaust fan is a great option. Whether you need the best exhaust fans in India for a small toilet, shower room, bathroom, kitchen or other, a Luminous Vento extractor fan would meet your needs. A 7.5 X 2.95 X 7.5 inches’ fan is pretty typical size with lower power output and reduced noise level during operations.

A compact exhaust fan with high-quality assurance and attractive looks ensures that it complements spaces like kitchens, bathrooms and keeps your home odour free. The five blade fan is low on power consumption along with providing smooth noiseless operation.

 Luminous Vento will save you from the drama of dealing with hot and humid air inside your house, office or workspace, thanks to its 1350 RPM speed with 250 CMH of air delivery output. The aerodynamically designed blade ensures uniform and faster rotation for years.

Bright white in color, the Polypropylene Blades for exceptional durability and rust free long life of the fan. 33 cm X 14.5 X 32 cm can be easily installed on 10 x 10 inch wall window space that is perfect fit for kitchens or bathrooms. Easy to mount, it can handle odour, smoke, grease and lint from the kitchen. 

The product comes with a 2 years manufacturer warranty for any malfunctioning.

3. Luminous Vento Axial 150mm Exhaust Fan for Home, Office, Kitchen and Bathroom (7 inches, White)

  • A noiseless operation for any space.
  • Compliant easily with building regulations.
  • 4 inch can be easily mounted on the wall.
  • 150 mm Blades size ensures 2000 RPM for better suction.
  • Aesthetically appealing designs to match kitchens, toilets, etc.
  • Plastic blades for better air rotation.

Luminous Vento range of exhaust fans is built with the highest quality electric motor and designed to ensure quiet operations. For those who are seeking ventilation for their kitchens or bathrooms, Luminous has brought a best exhaust fans in India that can be easily installed on your walls. 

An aesthetically pleasing exhaust fan can easily extract undesirable odour to create room for fresh air flow into the room. The lightweight and solid exhaust fan can be flexible duct into four inches. Excellent in performance can extract air flow rate up to 240 Cmh. 2000 RPM can easily expel stale air and assists better airflow. 

5 Plastic blades are sturdy in nature while being robust in design contributes to higher airflow. It ensures that there are no chances of corrosion or rust on the product, so you should operate it without any worries. 

A circular guard on motor protects the fan keeps birds, nests or other external things at bay and ensures fan to run better. Low on power consumption and high on performance, the fan can be easily fitted in AC cabins, conference rooms, bathrooms, toilets for noise-free operations. 

Lightweight and compact exhaust fan is easy to mount and comes with 2 years of warranty for prolonged operation. 

4. Orpat Ventilation Fan 6 Inch

  • Axial exhaust fan best suited for all spaces for high volume airflow.
  • 1150mm sturdy plastic body with seven blades.
  • 800 grams lightweight fan can be easily mounted on glass.
  • Low noise level while an operation.
  • Inbuilt grill for the safety of preventing birds from entering.

Orpat brand is well known for its diversified home products with premium quality. If you are searching for a device that will perform its functions faultless and produces minimum noise while operating, and also add elegance to your kitchen or bathroom interior at same time, then Orpat product is for you. 

We liked this best exhaust fans in India is its appealing and distinct design. The durable motor with inner fuse protection ensures to run the fan for a longer period without creating a mess. With inbuilt safety grill, there are no chances of entering birds, nests or other things in the fan. 

Rust free fully plastic body ensures smooth operations and easy to clean and maintain. 150mm with 1800 RPM gives you smooth and silent performance. It is 800gms lightweight and can be easily mounted on a glass window without the worry of breaking it. Lower on price and power consumption of 20 watts, it is great in performance. 

It can be easily operated with switch on and off light button just as most basic fans do.

5. Usha Crisp Air 200mm Sweep Size, 300mm Duct Size Exhaust Fan (Black)

  • 200 mm sweep with 1250 RPM ensures better air delivery.
  • Quiet bathroom exhaust fan.
  • Plastic body easy to clean and maintain for a long period.
  • Shutter included for power saving and safety of your home.

Not a fan of white colour, try a black model exhaust fan. Whether you just want to capture fresh air or want to expel stale air in your kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, basement or any other space, USHA fans are convenient for you. USHA black exhaust fan comes with an automatic shutter that can be closed when not in use. 

Subsequently, the shutter automatically turns off when exhaust fans are not operating. Plastic durable and sturdy body and blades ensure that there is no rust of corrosion caused on the product. The manufacturer claims for whisper-quiet operation so you won’t be disturbed while doing your chores. 

The sleek design ensures that the fan can easily be fitted and gives you exceptional ventilation. It can be easily installed into walls with 7” vent hole. With a air sweeping of 20mm, it ensures better air rotation in the space. 

Low on power consumption and yet high in performance, USHA proves best exhaust fans in India so that you get properly ventilated and free from unpleasant smells. The simple fan is a solid and well-designed choice from reputable brand USHA and comes with one-year guarantee. 

6. Havells FHVVEDXOWH08 Ventil Air Dx 200mm Sweep size Fan (Off White)

  • Aerodynamically designed blades vital for flow of air.
  • Aesthetically pleasing designs with low noise operation.
  • Lightweight fans create minimal vibration and are easily assembled on glass panels.
  • Sturdy plastic ensures that the fan works for long.
  • 200mm sweep size with 1350 RPM effectively remove stale air.
  • Gravity shutter ensures that no foreign object enters the fan.

To avoid detrimental effect on health and proper ventilation, Havells ventil has brought robust exhaust fan for your ideal living space. The product is a wonderful little unit is marketed as a toilet exhaust fan. It can be easily mounted on a wall with a flow rate of 520cmh of air. 

The sturdy engineering plastic is lightweight and can be assembled even on the glass window. Aerodynamically designed blades ensure an optimum flow of air and smooth operation.  

Reasonably priced and best-rated product can be easily mounted on walls and installed. 1350 RPM high-speed fan blades ensure the fan effectively expels stale air and odour. With a gravity shutter, it prevents dust, birds of other objects from entering while working. It ensures longevity of blades as well as your safety. 

MAA-KU AC Small Kitchen Exhaust Fan,6.70 inches (17x17x5cm),Black

  • Button Controlled operational exhaust fan.
  • Steel framing and plastic blades for prolonged life.
  • 850 grams fan can be assembled on walls of bathroom or kitchen

MAA KU-AC keeps things simple. The compact and sturdy best exhaust fans for bathroom and kitchen in India is straightforward to install. Those who are looking for budget friendly and flexible options for exhaust fans, they can choose MAA KU-AC fans. 

An elegant and pleasing black color with 2500 RPM ensures that your bathroom or kitchen area looks and feels refreshed. The fan MAA KU-AC is a smarter fan and it measures 17X17X5 centimeter and weighs about 850 gms. 

Though the product is not so low in noise, it sounds 45b which is not annoying either. The steel frame with plastic blades ensures that the fan circulates fresh air in poorly ventilated areas. The features rich fan is not made of flimsy plastic that would break in a few months instead it is well constructed so it lasts for years. 

It can be mounted on a wall and provides an ideal solution for bathrooms and toilets. With high rotational blades, the fan is efficient in soaking water from the bathroom or removing stale air for a damp free and comfortable atmosphere. The sleek and smooth look can be assembled in any bathroom, kitchen or cabins. 

Easy to wipe, clean and efficient operations so that you would be annoyed by noise. 

8. Usha Crisp Air 250mm Sweep Size, 345mm Duct Size Exhaust Fan (Pearl White)

  • Automatic Shutter closes to stop air infiltration.
  • Sleek and stylish design can be easily adjusted in the 11.5 inch frame.
  • Rust proof body plastic body ensures longevity and durability.
  • Noiseless operations so it doesn’t not disturbs your chores.
  • Low on energy with 45 watts consumption.
  • 1280 RPM for efficient suction and boast great performance.
  • Copper winding motor for better working and increased life.

Need an exhaust fan that draws out mist, moisture and odour? With strong suction capacity and air delivery of 480 m/h then, USHA crisp air is the best exhaust fans in India that is a perfect choice. 

Equipped with 100% copper motor generates less heat and gives a longer motor lifetime. Copper motors have been synonymous for their quality and reliability. It is basic in terms of design for most of the customers but it won’t be much of an issue if you are more opted towards performance. 

If you are conveniently priced, an alternative exhaust fan that is reliable and while being quiet in operations. High in durability, it is made of sturdy plastic that does not weaken or rot while exposure to higher temperatures. 

Automatic shutters shut down the motor after a period of time which helps you to save energy and prevent early wearing out of the fan. 1250 RPM exhaust fan is capable of removing all hot air and steam within no time. With 1 year manufacturer warranty, it ensures that it can go for long time.

9. MAA-KU AC Axial Cooling Blower Exhaust Rotary Fan, Size : 4.75"" inches (12x12x3.8cm),Black", 12 cm (AC12038K)

  • 2600 RPM delivered good air speed with optimum performance.
  • 40Db quietly operates without annoying.
  • 100 CFM maximum air flow.
  • Higher speed operation for eradication of odour, smoke and others.

Whether you need a fan for a small toilet, bathroom or shower room, the MAA KU AC axial extractor fan will meet your needs. We reviewed the model especially to handle excessive humidity levels in small areas. 

MAA- KU is a new entrant in the market on our listing, it has ultra affordable rotary aimed for smaller bathrooms and air conditioned areas for enhanced cooling. The axial fan is economical in range and constructed with 5 rust free plastic blades construction. 

Being light in weight, 435 grams, you can easily mount the exhaust fan on the glass window or other materials without any issues. The product is easy to install and can be mounted on a wall or ceiling fan. 

40 Db appliances work silently and at the same time adds elegance to the interior of your bathroom. The fan will generate cool air by spinning at different rates, thus protecting it against the thermal variances that would harm the devices and prevent premature failure. 

The 2600 RPM with aluminium die casting coating is easy to wipe clean and ensures high performance operation.

10. Havells FHVVEDXOWH10 Ventil Air Dx 35-Watt 250mm Fan (Off White)

  • 1800 RPM sucks the moisture efficiently.
  • High grade material ensures high strength and durability.
  • 1150mm 6 inch sleek and stylish design to complement your space.

Tired of perceiving the same old exhaust fan design? Switch to Orpat design which is innovative and durable design to complement with any type of interior. Installing this exhaust fan would help you stay cool and dry even in the summers. 

If you are looking for affordable and reliable products that serve the purpose in a small room then you must look for this best exhaust fans in India from Orpat. The exhaust fan can quickly remove all steam and hot air from your bathrooms without adding extra noise. Structured with high quality material, the bathroom extractor fan is durable and trustworthy. 

No chance of getting rust or corroded, a plastic body is easy to maintain and contributes to higher air flow. Equipped with a heavy duty motor, the exhaust fan is well attudented for extracting odours out of the bathroom. 

1800 RPM effectively eliminates all bad odors and smoke from your kitchen. With lower Energy efficient powerful 20 Watt motors works well for spaces, including bathrooms, workshops, warehouses and much more.

Buying guide for best exhaust fan in India:

Best exhaust fans for the kitchen and bathroom in India can comply with areas where there is no window that can be opened for ventilation or where it is essential to install a vent. The functioning of the vent fan performs two essential jobs – removes hot and moist air and also it can remove the odour. Hot, moist air leads to mold growth while the odors can create an unpleasant atmosphere.

Where can I install my extractor fan?

Best Exhaust fans in India when installed well can help you overcome the most suffocating and trapped air problems in your home.

Hot showers and baths usually generate a lot of vapour and need a give source or wide open windows to extract outside. On that basis, installing an extractor fan near the wall of shower and bath adds most sense to your decision. If you don’t have a bathtub but have shower, try installing a fan next to the shower wall at a good height where the moisture tends to rise.

For Kitchen :

When it is about the kitchen, there are plenty of sources that contribute water vapour, hot air and fumes while cooking food. Not only when cooking, but while washing dishes in hot water, cleaning clothes on high temperature or cooking up for feast, there are many things that can stick in walls and ceiling which later produces structural problems.

Installing an exhaust fan into the walls of the kitchen where there is a source of releasing the hot and moist air outside can help. Same as bathrooms, best exhaust fans in India can be hanged on the areas where heat and water vapour forms up on a regular basis.

What is the need of installing an exhaust fan?

There are multiple reasons to consider exhaust fans as per your living infrastructure and area and much more. One of the major reasons is to protect the value of your biggest investment that we have in the house. The solid structural foundation can begin to weaken with most allowing damp to creep in. You may be wondering how exhaust fans can deal with that.

The functioning of an exhaust fan is to pull off water vapour created in the room or kitchen. An effective ventilation is key for a proper infrastructure home. If you use a kettle frequently or cook food or wash dishes, there is a lot of water and other compounds can gather up through condensation.

This would eventually settle on walls and windows where ventilation is not effective. Best Exhaust fans for kitchen and bathroom in India work quickly removes smoke, odors, excess moisture converting your indoor area more improved and comfortable.

Factors to look while installing exhaust fan

●     Size

Selecting the right size for the exhaust fan ensures that you would get the optimal result for ventilation in the space. Exhaust fans are sized and rated as per their ability to move air in cubic feet per minute. The less powerful fans generate less air in cubic feet per minute. A 50 square foot or smaller space needs a 50 cubic feet per minute rating of the fan.

●     Extraction Rate

The minimum extract rate for bath and shower rooms are 15 litres per second. However, we recommend going higher between 21 to 25 liters for kitchens while 15 liters for toilets.

●     Noise

Make sure you choose a ventilation specialist that does not disturb you at night by a noisy bathroom fan. This factor has always been overlooked when choosing fans. If you want a quiet fan, then go with something that has 32 or lesser decibel. Above 42 decibel it could be considered too noisy.

If your concern is about noise, then look for silent running ball bearing motors that reduce night.

●     Aesthetics

Remember you are likely to see fans everytime in your bathroom. The money you saved would be soon forgotten, but don’t install an ugly fan because it’s cheap. Homeowners often fall in trap of installing a cheap bathroom or kitchen fan with cool lightening and funky fixtures that improve immensely.

  • Wall mounted exhaust fans do not need extra venting to throw out the air as fan can expel the stale indoor air directly.
  • Ceiling mounted fans are directly installed in ceilings and mostly in bathrooms. These units usually expels the indoor air outside through ducts, roof cap or other.
  • Fan light combination exhaust fans are frequently used in kitchens, bathrooms or other spaces, where you get both ventilation and light fixtures in a single unit.


Cheaper portable ventilation fans are made from steel and capable of running for long. But they are prone to make noisy atmospheres. The plastic cased portable ventilation fans are more resistant to knocks and bumps and if they take a knock they absorb it far better compared to metal cased ventilator.

Tips to consider bathroom extractor Fans

Once you have decided the location of your new bathroom exhaust fan, it’s time to open up your tool box and start working. Before anything else, you need to know the sizing of the hole for fitting the exhaust fan.

The reference hole will help you determine the exact position of the bathroom. Once you have drilled this hole, make sure the electrical wires, ducts and joists are reachable or the location is favorable to reach out.

Make sure the measurements are accurate before cutting a ceiling hole. Once the hole is cut, install the fan along with piping and flexible ducting. Afterwards, make the connections with roof vent, wiring and much more. Seal the connections by applying silicone caulk for eliminating effectively any moisture leaks.

Opt for best exhaust fans for kitchen and bathroom in India that are higher in reliability and durability.


How to maintain and clean exhaust fans?

The purpose of an exhaust fan is to get rid of moisture, smoke and odour out of space. So you might imagine that passing through a vent and residing on the blades can be a fuss. It is advisable to clean two to three times per year. When you wipe it, make sure the switch is off. 
Warm soapy water and a soft cloth work great for cleaning blades and guards

Do bathroom exhaust fans need vents outside?

Most bathrooms require an exhaust fan to vent outside the area. The primary purpose of a fan is to remove the moisture, smoke from the air. If you simply pass the stale odour or smoke in another room, you would be facing potential problems in another area. 

Which is the ideal location to install an exhaust fan?

Exhaust fans can be located near a shower or tub or near the enclosed water closet. While in the kitchen area, it can be installed on walls near the air source to ensure that fresh air is drawn into space. 

What is CFM?

It is cubic per minute. CFM is used to measure how much air is exchanged in one minute. Higher CFM results in robust fan functioning.

Why is my fan louder than usual? 

Majorly two culprits can because of the noise – Loose motor and fan blade is hitting the housing unit. Turn off the power and remove the grill and check if the screws are tightly tightened around the engine to reduce the motor noise. Secondly, remove the grill and ensure that the blade is fully attached to the motor shaft. 


Proper ventilation major issues amongst modern houses or flats. Strong odours, heat, smoke, grease, strong odours are some culprits that bring up the formation of mould, mildew along with affecting health.

An exhaust fan removing heat inside the room promotes continuous air circulation of fresh air. We have enlisted some parameters, make sure you check out before buying the best exhaust fans in India

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