Top 10 Best Face Massager In India

By Trusha Patel

We all want to be the best version of ourselves. But towards achieving our goals, sometimes we tend to get much stressed. Clear signs of this stress can be seen in our body and especially on the face. Those wrinkles and lines can appear before time and may lower your confidence. But worry not as the best face massager in India is here to relieve that stress.

Face massagers are such a machine that will evenly massage your face skin, pores, face muscles, and joints. This process increases circulation in the face, which results in a glowing look. Also, when tension is removed from muscles and skin, they get repaired, and lines disappear. 

So the world knows us by our face, and we associate much confidence with it. Then why not take care of it with equipment like face massaging machines. Now you may be wondering, which is the best face massager machine in India. Well, don’t worry as we’ve compiled a list of the top face massagers in the Indian market. 

This list doesn’t only tell you the products but also describes their key features, pros, and cons compare with each other and guides you to choose one accordingly. We hope you like our effort. Please sit back and go through the complete list.

Top 10 Best Face Massager In India Reviews

1. JSB HF17 Home Beauty Massager with 11 attachments

  • It is a massager with eleven attachments.
  • It is easily operated via a single hand.
  • Design and colour scheme is attractive.
  • It is just operated by two AA batteries.
  • It is a versatile option which is also budget-friendly.

JSB presents a product which is aimed to revolutionize the face massager segment. This face massager packs much punch in a small package. Firstly looking at its design, it is quite compact and smooth on top. This sleek look and design don’t mean it’s not durable. The product is built to last with high-quality PVC grade material. 

Also, the handgrip is soft but, at the same time, wouldn’t let the device slip from your hand. The thing which impressed almost all the users is how such a budget-friendly device can have so many functions. It comes with not one or two but a total of 11 attachments. 

So now, from scrubbing to skin repair, everything is achievable with JSB. This product comes with a year of a nationwide warranty, so you need not worry about the product efficiency. All these features make this product our top choice for the best face massager in India.

2. Caresmith Sonic Facial Cleansing Massager Brush (Pink Taffy)

  • It is a design revolution in face massaging.
  • The brush form massager ensures softness.
  • There is sonic vibration technology to massage your face.
  • The material is hypoallergenic silicone.
  • It has different zones of massaging in the platform.

Caresmith does care about your face and user experience, and that is why it presents the Sonic Facial Massager. This facial massager is innovation at its best. The massager is in a brush form, and it is not a traditional round plate but a spa brush. This fact means it is integrated with soft bristles to massage your face comfortably.

It is battery powered, and you can quickly charge it for prolonged use. It is suitable for massaging and cream cleansing. There are two to three cleaning zones on the massaging platform for those blocked pores and rough skin. The material is top grade silicon, and the brush is designed in shoe form rather than a roller for added comfort. 

You can get a maximum of 7000 vibrations in a minute, and this minute massage is enough for exfoliating your skin once. The small design, vibrant colours, and particular use make this product stand out in the best face massager machine in India segment.

3.VEGA Facial Cleanser (VHFC-01), Green

  • The massager has a sturdy built.
  • The grip is remarkably better than other options.
  • It comes with three kinds of brush.
  • It is a massager that is IP-X5 water-resistant.
  • It is a great facial cleanser.

Vega always inspires to put the most enduring and loved products out there. Facial Cleanser is no different. As soon as you take the product in hand, you can feel the sturdy material they’ve used, and it shows in its weight. The next thing you’ll notice how the grip is well placed, and you can hold the massager very easily.

Vega facial massager is made for an in-depth cleansing of your face. With a soft, hard, and a removal brush, you can easily take care of your facial skin. It is one of those rare products which comes with an official water resistance rating of IP-X5. 

Certification does increase the price a bit, but it also adds a layer of protection. It is chargeable and good to go for two hours once it is fully charged. The carrying case is also attractive, and the overall product aesthetics make it a perfect gifting item. This Vega product is in the race to become the best face massager in India.

4. Inditradition 5-In-1 Smoothing Body Face Beauty Care Facial Massager

  • This Facial massager comes with 5-in-1 functionality.
  • The massager is in a classical rotating disc form.
  • The price of the massager is quite affordable.
  • It is operated by two AA batteries.
  • There are two-speed modes and different brushes for versatility.

Inditradition may be a new entry in this market segment, but they’ve tried to impress the users with their very first product. The smoothing facial massager is very smooth, reliant, and has charismatic effects for your face. The highlight of this product is five in one functionality. 

There are soft brushes and silicon sponge for cleansing and post-cleansing massages. There is a crude attachment for the removal of dead skin and a makeup accessory for even the appliance of makeup. 

The massager is in a traditional roller style, so the massage is better, and it results in superior circulation. It can make your face absorb the products in-depth and wonderfully remove the dead skin from under the feet and elbows.

5. JSB HF101 Facial Silicon Vibratory Massager for Deep Pore Cleaning, Skin Tightening, Anti Aging, Dark Spot Eraser & Acne Scar Remover (Water Proof)

  • The head material is superior silicone.
  • There are two-speed modes.
  • The product is recommended for all skin types.
  • It is operated by two AA batteries.
  • JSB comes with a year’s nationwide warranty.

JSB has prominence in this segment because of a range of excellent products. The HF101 is yet another example of JSB excellence. JSB is a massager built from top-grade silicone, meaning it is not harmful to your skin. It is designed in a single colour, vibrant look. Even a sudden glance is sure to catch your eye. 

From design to functionality, JSB presents quality. It is waterproof, so you can easily wash it or use it in the shower. Also, it comes with two-speed variations. Now enjoy an intense massage or a relaxing session with two modes. The brush is made of soft material; thus, it is not at all harsh on the skin. 

The brush can be easily removed and washed after use. The power source of this massager is two AA batteries, which will give it a decent run time. The nationwide service and reliable one year warranty of JSB also make this product preference for the title of the best face massager machine in India.

6. HEMIZA Multi-function 5 in 1 Beauty Care face massager Brush Portable Facial Cleaner, facial massager machine for face, face massager for facial, facial massager, Face Massager Machine (Multi color)

  • It is a massager with five kinds of utility features.
  • There are both high and low-frequency modes.
  • The handle is designed for a comfortable grip.
  • Overall design of the product is ergonomic.
  • This round disc massager is also very compact.

Hemiza is a brand that is still trying to come into prominence, but it doesn’t mean that its products are any less. That above fact is certified when you use the Hemiza multifunction face massager. It has a dual-colour design with a smooth body. The handle is of perfect dimensions and provides a tight grip.

This device is overall an ergonomic unit, so you won’t feel any stress in using it. There are five types of brushes or massaging pads included with it so that you can cleanse, massage, rub, spread makeup, and even get relief from headache. 

As a user, you get an average battery backup from two AA batteries as the power source. Dual speed modes and a single switch operation ensure comfort while using the machine. To conclude, the Hemiza is a deserving entry into the best face massager in India market segment.

7. Namnish Beauty Care Brush Deep Clean 5-In-1 Portable Electric Facial Cleaner Multifunction Massager. FREE HAIR DRYER 2800W (Pink)

  • It is a great portable face massager.
  • It comes in a beautiful pink and white colour combo.
  • It is a great budget-friendly option.
  • The massager comes with up to ten attachments.
  • It has multipurpose use.

Weltime has aesthetic value in its products. Their products are known to have beauty along with performance. The Weltime Beauty Care Face Massager is no different from its other products. The massager has a charming pink and white colour combo and, upon that, a curved body. This product is lovely and perfect as a gift.

Performance of the face massager will not disappoint you either with excellent depth cleansing and great massages. It comes with five kinds of brushes for several utilities. Also, there are other five to six other attachments to enhance performance.

A compact carrying case makes the massager quite preferable as a portable product. The massager is powered with two AA batteries and has a circular function. There is a distinct deep clean brush for better dirt removal and pore openings. This product can be considered as the contender for the best face massager machine in India.

8. GAHI Beauty Care Brush Deep Clean 5-In-1 Portable Electric Facial Cleaner Multifunction Massager Relief,facial massager machine for face,face massager for facial,facial massager machine (Pink)

  • Massager claims to remove hard dirt.
  • The residual dirt is also removed with regular massages with Gahi.
  • It has a dual-speed mode.
  • The massager also helps with headaches.
  • It has high-quality plastic for a robust body.

Gahi is not a big name in the marketplace for self-care products. But Gahi products are sure to perform well as any premium product. Gahi messager is built with high-quality plastic, so the body is sturdy, and the product lasts long.

Many users prefer this product due to the deep cleaning it provides. It claims to remove any severe dirt blockage on the skin and can even remove residual dirt via regular massages. Residual dirt is the amount of remaining stuff after a general wash. This remaining portion can become blackheads, so it is necessary to remove it. 

The Gahi massager can easily do this task. Also, the massager has two-speed variations for a variety of cleaning, massaging, and exfoliation. Gahi massagers are sure not to disappoint you, and they give a better run time even after being powered by AA batteries.

9. Samarah 5 in 1 Face Facial Exfoliator Electric Massage Machine Care & Cleansing Cleanser Massager Kit For Smoothing Body Beauty Skin Cleaner facial massager machine for face

  • The massager has promising user ratings.
  • The body is lightweight and compact.
  • There are three operation modes for the massaging.
  • All the control is quick via a single switch.
  • The massager offers better penetration and absorption of skin products.

Samarah is always bent on innovating. The Smooth Facial Massager is such a product from Samarah, which has impressed users all around. The product impresses users with its compactness and weight balance. You’ll never feel discomfort while using the massager. It is portable, quick, and looks attractive.

 A single switch controls all three massage operations. Single switch functionality makes the usage quicker. The power source is two AA batteries, and there are five various massage pads for multiple outputs. Users love this product for a perfect balance between the price and functionality. 

This product is budget-friendly. The design, looks, and complete massaging kit make this product an ideal gifting item. You can buy this product for yourself or your family members who are looking to rejuvenate their skin. Samarah is a  deserving contender for being the best face massager in India.

10. FreShine Multifunctional Beauty Care Brush Deep Clean 5 in 1 Blackhead Remover Facial Scrubs & Polishes Massager | Pink

  • You can also remove blackheads with the massager.
  • It works in a rotating disk motion.
  • The rotation frequency is controlled via a new generation motor.
  • There are five different massage pads included.
  • You can quickly freshen up the tired skin with a ball rotating massage.

FreShine comes with a vision of customer satisfaction. The Complete Facial Massager and Massaging Kit by FreShine are aimed to do just that. The classic rotation massager is built robustly and is sure to last long. It comes in impressive packaging, and the massager has five different massaging pads with it.

There is a soft sponge for cleansing, a ball massage for tired skin, a sandpaper head for shedding the dead skin, a soft sponge for makeup and product absorption, and at last a brush head for cleaning. These pads are sure to fulfil all your massage requirements. 

You can easily carry the massager around and use it with a single hand. The grip is also firm, and the two AA batteries as the power source make it more convenient to use. In conclusion, the FreShine is also among its peers and rightfully occupies a space in the best face massager machine in India title.

Final Words:

So these were our top ten choices for a face massager. You can choose these or even look for other products with the help of our detailed research and buying guide.

Buying And Research Guide: Get The Best Product For You.

Before buying a face massager, you must have some expectations or existing needs. Consider those requirements as the primary factor when choosing such a device. After you’ve cleared why you need it, let’s look at the key features of a face massager. 

These Key features will describe how a face massager works and how a function is beneficial for you. Go through this comparison and then you can easily decide which face massager to buy. 

Key Features for best face massager

1. Type Of Massaging Machines:

Massage is the technique to stimulate the inactive agents In our bodies. When it comes to face massages, there are some categories of massagers based on how they perform a massage and type of massage. Let’s take a look at all classes, and then you can choose your preference among them.

A. Traditional Face Massager

These are the most common massagers in the market. They are in the form of pressing or a vibration device with texture. These can be easily operated by a single hand and are powered by batteries. Thus these come at a lower price.

B. Rolling Face Massagers

This is an updated form of traditional ones. These messages don’t rely on a textured platform. Instead, they have some kind of disc or rubbing stone. You can roll this on your face and expect better results. This would be a bit tiresome to use, but the benefits are sure to be quicker.

C. Advanced Sonic Machines

These are the peak of the face massagers market. A few premium products only have this functionality. Their high vibration speed can quickly massage and stimulate your face. The ultrasonic technique is using sonic waves to send higher frequencies throughout your face. These are a bit costly and have associated benefits. 

Our verdict here is that you can go for traditional ones for general use. But Ultrasonics is also a good option if you need quicker results and have different facial conditions.

2. Weight And Convenience.

Different categories of weight massagers may have different weights. But no weight massager should be so heavy that you’re unable to carry it easily. It should be lightweight, shouldn’t take too much of your luggage space, and easily portable.

It is advisable here to choose the battery-operated face messages for portable use. You don’t need to look for a plug, just turn it on and relax.

3. Power Source

Like any automatic device, these massagers also have three power options. Either you can put batteries in them, plug them directly into the electrical supply or recharge them.

All three options have their pros and cons. In contrast, the battery or charging variants are easy to carry around and prove beneficial for a travel purpose. Still, the plugging in ones have more input, and they don’t run out of power between the massages.

If you travel more or want to gift someone a face massager go for battery-powered ones or else choose traditional ones. The best face massager machine in India should come with a dual power source.

4. Modes

Modes here refers to ways or methods of massage a face massager can provide. The better a product is, the more massage modes it will have. Generally, the starting segment of this market has 3 to 4 messaging ways. Some good massagers could go up to 7 styles and provide versatility in face care. You should choose a massager which pitches in the balance between price and efficiency.

5. Accessories

You get various accessories or attachments with your face massagers. Firstly you need to make sure what you’re getting out of the box. Then you’ll have to consider what utilities these accessories provide you.

For example, some face massagers may come with a rubbing stone disk. This is for hard skin on elbows and heels. Also, some may have a soft brush attachment. So be sure that you decide the additional comfort you can get out of a product.

Our verdict here would be to choose a face massager that doesn’t provide only massages but can cleanse, rub the dead skin off, and massage elsewhere on the body too.

6. Timing And Speed Adjustment

The timing and speed are separate options. But they’re interconnected. First of all, look for a massager that has both the timing and speed control dial. It ensures the speed of the massage for particular requirements. Also, a regular massage should not be more than 5-7 minutes or a maximum of 10 minutes. If the massager is used in excess, it may have an adverse effect. So timing control is a needed feature.

The speed connects with time in a way that you can either get an intense massage for a few minutes or normal vibrations for an extended time. Both types will soothe your face.

7. Protective Features 

The best face massager in India is, after all, an electronic device. It is at risk of the same hazards any other equipment would be. So we should take care of two things. First is that you shouldn’t place your massager anywhere or expose it to rain or environmental conditions. 

The other bit, which is crucial, is that if you’re paying your hard-earned money for a face massager, why not get one which has some kind of protection already. Then we advise you to choose a massager with waterproof protection.

Excellent massagers with layered wiring and waterproofing save you from the dangers of shocks or machine troubles. You can even use waterproof face messages in baths and open conditions. They can be easily cleaned and are mostly powered by batteries.

8. Design And Built

Coming to the choice, you’ll make after you’ve set your sight on the product you want to buy, look for some essential design features. See that it is designed ergonomically. An ergonomic design means better operation. Then consider the material used in making the device. It should be robust and not harsh on the skin. 

The last thing to look for is the quality of wiring and grip. Ensure the handheld operating is smooth and grip is firm. Also, the wiring shouldn’t be exposed from anywhere.

9. Warranty 

Face massager, which is a gadget, should come with a warranty. Most of the low tier or ordinary massagers may not provide a standard warranty. But you should always go for an option with warranty service and warranty validity of at least six months. Thes may increase the cost a little bit but will give you a sense of protection.

10. Cost And User Experience.

Let’s talk about the first factor, which is the cost. Nobody wants to overpay for any product, and you also need to be smart in this area. The apt way is to decide the features you want first and then ensure the durability and if it sits in your budget, go for that option.

User experience is a factor that is usually ignored by many consumers. Remember that user reviews and ratings are the actual test results of any product. Many brands could claim their product to be the best, but the consumer review decides the truth. So, please look at any product’s reviews and ratings, too, before buying it.

Here you have gone through our extensive guide, meaning to help you in choosing the best face massager in India for you. We hope that our guide proved helpful to you, and now you have more insight into face massagers.  

Let’s look at the utility of a face massager.

Benefits Of A Face Massager-

  • Like any natural massage, face massagers are also designed to relieve the stress of your face and body. It decreases the amount of tension and related problems.
  • Face massaging relaxes your face muscles and eases off the skin. Thus it impressively heals the signs of ageing. They help in removing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • These massagers with regular massages, exfoliate your face and increase the blood flow in your face. The look will have more glow and natural liveliness as a result of those.
  • Attachments of a face massager increase its versatility. It doesn’t only massage your face but also is used for cleansing,  dead skin removal, scrubbing, and face product absorption.
  • Regular use of face massager after a certain age will lessen the need for cosmetic products, creams, or any therapy. The natural benefits of massaging can’t be reproduced via makeup products.

Any best face massager machine in India would let you have all these benefits.

We hope that you liked our effort that we put into this guide. Some users may still have doubts regarding technicalities and features. For that purpose, we have provided some frequently asked questions. You are requested to go through them if you have any doubts.


Q:1 What is the use of a face massager?

A face massager evenly sends vibrations through the whole face. All tissues get stimulated, and it increases blood flow and removes any blockage from pores. Also, it removes dead skin and releases the tension pent up in face muscles. In conclusion, it increases your facial charm and helps in getting rid of stress.

Q:2 What is the frequency of having a face massage?

You can use your face massagers two or three times a week. Although there is no specific limit or timeline, it depends on your stress and requirement. You can even have a daily massage if you feel the need.

Q:3 What facial benefits does a face massager give?

As we have discussed above, it is beneficial for stress and tension. It removes related conditions like wrinkles, line, hairline problems, dead skin, skin puffs, pore blockage, etc.

Q:4 When can you use the makeup after face massaging?

There is no problem with using makeup after a face massage. Just let your face get relaxed for a few seconds, you may wash it if you want, and then you’re good to go. 

Q:5 Which is the best face massager in India for me?

It all depends on your requirements. Basic face massager can also do the job. But if you’re a professional or may want a better version or more durability, you can choose one of the premium options from the list. Also, keep in mind your budget.


If we have to conclude the essence of this article, the foremost thing would be to take care of your face. We are most conscious about our looks, and after a certain age, we need to take special care of it. Do cleanse it, exfoliate and protect it. Use creams and face packs, and for the overall benefits, you can use a face massager.

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