10 Best Fitness Band In India 2021

By Trusha Patel

In today’s world, we are all looking for multifunctional devices. No one buys a cell phone only to serve the purpose of calling. We are on the lookout for added features and advantages. Similarly, buying a watch, these days, is not just for keeping track of time. The Best Fitness Band in India is not only a watch but your ultimate fitness guide. 

Being indulged in an extremely busy schedule, we tend to forget about the most important thing in our lives, i.e., to take care of our health. Amidst our hectic schedule, it becomes almost difficult to travel to the clinic, stand in a long queue, and undergo the tedious process of health checkup.

Thus, we all let our health issues slip into the back foot and continue doing our jobs until, of course, we fall seriously sick someday.  

Here comes the solution to this problem. With fitness bands on your wrists, you can check your basic health issues like heart rate, blood pressure, the oxygen saturation level, e.t.c, directly on your fitness band.

All these features are preinstalled in almost all the fitness bands available in the market. However, choosing the correct one to fit your needs and budget might be a tough job. Thus here we bring you a sorted list of the best fitness band available in the Indian market.

Best Fitness Band In India 2021 Reviews

1. Mi Smart Band 4 0.94-inch AMOLED Color Display, 20 Days Battery, 5ATM Water Resistant, Music Control, Unlimited Watch Faces, Compatible with Android and iOS

  • Color Display with AMOLED technology and full touchscreen facility
  • Total music control from the smart band
  • 5 ATM waterproof model to support and record activities while swimming
  • Multiple watch-faces to rescue you from the boredom
  • 20-days long battery life

Mi has been in the market of smart bands for a long time and has launched various models of smartwatch since its inception. Each upcoming model from Mi was seen to have better specifications than its last model. As a result, these models were widely accepted by customers.

The Mi band 4 is their latest launch and is filled with mind-blowing specifications. It has a bright color display, paired with AMOLED technology. The brightness is so adjusted that it gives a clear vision even in broad daylight. Thus the outdoor usability of this watch is just as good as indoors. 

Besides, now you can have control of the volume of the song being played in your smartphone from the smart band. This smart band also allows you to change the order of the song being played. Working out and staying fit is now easier with this band as it gives you a handsfree experience. 


The Mi Smartband 4 is truly the best fitness band in India because it is loaded with amazing features that leave its competitors way behind. This smart band is waterproof, and therefore you can wear while swimming to record your moves and activities, without any worry.

The battery life of this smart band is another attractive feature. Also, you can set up as many watch-faces as you like, without the single allotted watch-face from the manufacturer.

2. Mi Band 3 (Black)

  • Exact heart rate monitoring
  • Adjustable watch strap to fit perfectly on your wrist
  • OLED bright screen with ultimate weather forecasting
  • Water-resistant to support your activities in the water
  • Instant call or message notification on the band

Mi Smart Band 3 is your fitness guide. It can monitor your real-time heart rate, and thereby you always get to analyze your health issues immediately. It comes with a 0.78 inch OLED screen with which viewing and operating the smart band becomes much easier. 

You need not worry about the size of your wrist. Unlike traditional watches, the smart band has an adjustable strap that fits perfectly in your wrist. This smart band is much more than just a watch. You can install the new Mi Fitness app and customize your daily workout goals. 

The Mi Smart Band 3 has a real-time activity tracker. It can track all your activities, like biking, running, or even brisk walking. Thus you can keep a check on your daily activity schedule and alter them according to your needs.


Staying fit is not just about having an active schedule. Sleeping is also an integral part of staying fit. With Mi smart band 3, one of the Best Fitness Band in India, you can also monitor your sleeping schedule. The strap is made up of elastomer, which ensures the maximum comfort of the user.

All these features, and yet the smart band can last for 20 days without you needing to recharge it again and again. In case you keep the heart-rate monitor on, it will last you for 7-8 days without needing to recharge it again.

3. Fitbit FB507BKBK Versa 2 Health & Fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate, Music, Alexa Built-in, Sleep & Swim Tracking, Black/Carbon, One Size (S & L Bands Included) (Black/Carbon)

  • Built-in Alexa to provide instant services
  • Receive or reject calls using the smartwatch
  • Heart rate and sleep mode monitoring
  • Storage facility for songs
  • Supports all social media notifications

The Fitbit Versa SmartWatch 2 is undoubtedly one of the best fitness band in India that has been making rounds of the Indian Market. The most advanced feature of this smartwatch, which sets it apart from all other smart bands, is the built-in Alexa facility. Alexa was introduced by Amazon. It is a bot with AI that helps to bring services like the weather forecast, news updates, and many more such things at your fingertips. 

With the Fitbit smartwatch, you can answer or reject calls besides receiving notification. Notifications from almost all social media platforms are received in this smartwatch. And not just the notifications, you can even reply or react to those notifications using this advanced smartwatch.

Not just playing or changing songs, with this smartwatch you can store up to 300 songs and play them at your will. This smartwatch does not only monitor the hours of your sleep, but it also analyzes the quality of your sleep. 


The Fitbit Versa Smartwatch has an excellent feature that lets you keep the screen of the watch on at all times. This is for those busy bees who need to peek a glance at their watch now and then. If you charge this watch once, it will last you for at least four days. Thus this smartwatch is the perfect choice for a corporate fitness freak.

4. HONOR Band 5 (MeteoriteBlack)- Waterproof Full Color AMOLED Touchscreen, SpO2 (Blood Oxygen), Music Control, Watch Faces Store, up to 14 Day Battery Life

  • 0.95 inch AMOLED color touchscreen
  • Various sports modes to ensure absolute fitness tracking
  • Scientific heart-rate monitoring
  • Keeps a check on oxygen saturation level in the blood
  • All kind of activity monitoring

The Honor brand came into the market as a smartphone brand, but in no time, it gained a popular name in the field of other smart gadgets like smartwatches and fitness bands. Honor band 5 is undoubtedly one of the most sought after fitness bands for youngsters as well as adults. It comes with a 0.95 inch AMOLED color display. The screen can accommodate up to 45 characters and shows color-coded texts.  

With the call button and other notification buttons, accessing information and communicating is easier with this smart band. Smart volume and music control features allow you to change songs and adjust the volumes while working out just with a touch from your smart band without needing to search for your phone. This honor band not only analyzes your sleeping pattern, but it also identifies nearly six common sleeping problems that are faced by the present generation.

Honor Band 5 is in the topmost list of the Best Fitness Band in India because it has an advanced SPO2 technology that can detect the saturation level of oxygen in your blood and thereby helps you understand how adaptable your body is to a certain workout schedule. Even at high altitudes, this feature comes very handily.


With multiple watch faces, ten different fitness modes, and its waterproof body, the Honor Band 5 is meant to be the first choice for everyone. If you ever lose your phone, you can just turn n the phone finder button on your smart band and connect it to your phone. For forgetful persons, this is an added advantage. The battery life of this smart band is as long as two weeks on a single charge.

5. Fastrack reflex 2.0 Uni-sex activity tracker - Calorie counter, Call and message notifications and up to 10 Day battery Life - SWD90059PP05 / SWD90059PP05

  • Supports IOS 8.0 and Android 5.0 versions and above
  • Number of steps tracker
  • Remote control activity compatible with phone
  • Sedentary alert if you remain inactive for a long time
  • Phone finder alert

Fastrack has been manufacturing stylish watches for a long time now and is a famous name in the market. Although being a comparatively new brand, it competes with age-old brands like Titan and Sonata. Very recently, it has started manufacturing smart bands, and here too, they have aced commendably.

Reflex band 2 has a smart GPS tracker that helps you find your phone in case you lose it or forget it somewhere. The calorie counter helps you track the number of steps you take per day. You can even set your goals, and once you complete taking the desired number of steps, then you will receive a notification with an alert in your smart band. Calorie burning is now easy and encouraging with the Fastrack fitness band on your wrist.

While capturing moments on your phone, you can even make use of the smart band to shoot the picture with its remote control feature. You do not need to turn on your phone every time for checking the WhatsApp or Facebook notification. The smart band will allow you to gaze through all the notifications just at the back of your wrist. 


The Fastrack Reflex 2 is the Best Fitness Band in India as it is affordable and loaded with features at the same time. It has a sedentary reminder that alerts you when you remain at the same place for a long time. This fitness band is not just a band but your fitness trainer and tracks all your activities and helps you stay fit every time. 

No products found.

The holyHigh Fitness band insists you on working the extra hour. If you have wanted to lose those extra pounds but could not find enough motivation for the same, then here is what you need. This fitness band gives you the much-needed boost to achieve your goals. 

You need not worry about the battery life of this fitness band. Once you charge it, it is good to last you for about seven days without any interruption. It monitors your heart-rate every time you put it on and helps you keep a check on your health, amid your extremely busy schedule.

The waterproof body of this fitness band allows you to wear it and jump into the swimming pool without any worry. Moreover, it also tracks your calory burn rate and activities while swimming and other such outdoor activities.

Though it is called a fitness band, yet that is not the only purpose it serves. Besides keeping you fit, It also keeps you connected. Human beings are social animals, and we can not live by ourselves on this planet. Socializing is a dire need, and with this smart band on, you will never miss a single notification from any of your friends or relatives. 


The HolyHigh Band is also considered as one of the Best Fitness Band in India as it provides you with a warranty and an extra replacement strap that you can use when the other one wears off. Loaded with features, this fitness band comes at an extremely affordable price and is the best choice for you. It keeps you alert all the time and also takes care of your health.

7. SHOPTOSHOP Smart Band Bluetooth Health Wrist Smart Band Monitor Smart Health for Men & Women Activity Fitness Tracker

  • Long battery life to keep you going all-day
  • 0.96 inch IPS color display
  • Blood pressure tracker
  • Multi-color straps to go with your style
  • Heart rate and sleep monitoring

The Shoptoshop SM 3 smart band is the best fitness band in India because of its 70 maH long battery life that runs for 14 days without any interruption. It is designed exclusively for all those fitness freaks who love to keep a count on their calories. This fitness band lets you track your heart rate and oxygen saturation level in your bloodstream.

The Shoptoshop SM 3 band is compatible with 4.0 or above Bluetooth connectivity devices. You can connect the fitness band to your cellphone, tablet, or even laptop. Once the band is connected via Bluetooth to any of these devices, you will get all the notifications from these devices on your smart band. And not just receiving the notifications, you can even accept or reject calls using the touch screen of your smart band.

When you buy the watch, it comes with a soft, colorful strap, which can be adjusted according to the size of your wrist. Other than that specific strap, you can also opt for straps of different colors that are available in the market. This band allows you to keep track of the amount of time you sleep and also lets you identify the quality of sleep.


The SM 3 band should be the choice of every fitness freak out there with all these features. It is one of the best bands in the market that helps you stay fit and connected at the same time. This intelligent smart band can differentiate between running, walking, and other activities, thereby helping you improve the efficiency of your workout regime.

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Muzili Smart band is better than the rest of its category as it comes with a pedometer tracker that can count steps with up to 95% accuracy. You can keep a check on the duration and quality of sleep with the help of this smart band. It also has a silent alarm facility that helps you wake up at the right time for all your needs.

You will, in fact, feel like a feather on your wrist as it is very light-weight. You would not feel any weight on your wrist by putting on this smart band. Working out is now super easy with this fitness tracker on your wrist. It can differentiate between activities like cycling, swimming, jogging e.t.c and gives you the number of calories burnt depending upon that.

It only takes handly an hour to charge the fitness band completely. And charging the band once lasts you for at least seven days. Thus tracking the number of calories burnt is now easier and will remain uninterrupted. 


If you are looking for the Best Fitness Band in India, then you should go for the Muzili waterproof smart band. Being fully waterproof, this smart band lets you perform activities like swimming and playing water sports without any worry. So do not wait any further, go and grab the best fitness band available in the market.

9. realme Band (Black) - Full Colour Screen with Touchkey, Real-time Heart Rate Monitor, in-Built USB Charging, IP68 Water Resistant

  • 0.96-inch color display for better vision
  • Feather-touch operation
  • 9-different sports modes to track exact activities
  • Apps can be installed directly from the Google Play store
  • Instant notification from apps and calls

Realme smartphones are quite popular in the market, similarly now they have launched this smart band, which is gaining equal popularity amongst its competitors. The 0.96-inch color display can show up to 65000 colors and thereby gives a clear, colorful display. The feather-touch operation lets you whiz through all the menus real fast.

This smart band has nine different preset sports modes. You can switch to any of these modes and start your activity. The band will accurately measure all your activities, and give you the correct feedback regarding the number of calories burnt.

The Realme Smart Band can also download apps from the Google play store directly with the Realme Link. Instant notifications from several apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, calls, and messages can be directly accessed from the smart band, once connected through Bluetooth. 


The Realme Smart band also has a long battery life that can last up to 10 days on a single charge. It monitors your heart rate and keeps track of your steps to give you the exact number of steps that you have walked in a day. This should also be considered as the best fitness band in India that not only lets you keep track of time but also takes care of your health by letting you stay fit and active throughout your day.

10. HUG PUPPY Activity Tracker, Bluetooth - Multicolor

  • Wide range compatibility with most phones and laptops
  • Waterproof design to give you the freedom of working out anywhere
  • It is now easier to receive or reject calls using the Hug Puppy smart Band
  • 70 maH powerful battery life to last longer
  • Activity sensor and heart rate monitor

The Hug Puppy smart band is your ultimate fitness guide. It can be paired with almost all mobile phones, laptops, and other smart devices. Once paired via Bluetooth, the smart band is capable of receiving all kinds of notifications from those smart devices. Thus this acts as your portable information and notification gadget. 

This smart band is completely waterproof, and thereby you can easily swim, putting it on your wrist without worrying about it getting damaged. With a 24/7 heart rate monitor, you can track your blood pressure level as well as heartbeat now and then.

It is crafted with light plastic and elastomer that hardly carries any weight. It, therefore, feels very light on your wrist. The 70 maH battery life lasts up to 14 days at a stretch. Easy charging with USB makes this model extremely user-friendly. 

Overall:The Hug Puppy Smart Band is in the top ten list of the bestfitnessbandin India because of its wide compatibility with other smart devices. You can receive or reject calls using this smart band. Messages and notifications can be read through the smart band, and thereby it gives your hands the freedom it has long-awaited.

Buying Guide For The Best Fitness Band In India:

Working functionality of a Fitness band

Having said about all the features of the fitness band, it might come to your mind that how does this band work. The fitness band claims to monitor the number of steps taken by a person; the person’s heartbeat is also showcased on the band. The oxygen saturation level in the blood can also be measured using a fitness tracker. But how? We often fall for hollow claims. Thus we must understand how all these features work, and that will help us in buying the correct fitness band for us. 

The Main sensors that are incorporated in common fitness bands are as follows:


As can be understood from the name itself, that helps to track movements. A 3-axis accelerometer is generally used in most of the fitness bands. They can detect movement of every form.

It can track side to side or back and forth movements with ease. This is how a fitness band can track and differentiate between all kinds of movements that you do during an activity. It can sense the way your body is oriented. This the sole mechanism behind tracking the number of steps taken by an individual. 


This mainly assists in measuring the angular velocity. This sensor is also capable of tracking any kind of rotatory movement. It is used to track navigation. Like an accelerometer, a gyroscope can also have 3-axes tracking. If both of these devices are incorporated into a fitness band, it can track a total of 6 degrees of freedom.

This is the reason why few of the fitness bands measure every detail very accurately as compared to others. The Best fitness band in India is sure to have a combination of these two sensors installed in it for perfect calculation of all kinds of movements in all possible directions.


Altitude means height. Thus you can understand that this sensor helps to track heights while mountain climbing or hiking. It is an advanced version of a barometer. A barometer is a device that can measure the amount of air pressure above sea level at any point.

The two parameters i.e., air pressure and height, are inversely proportional. As we keep on climbing higher altitudes, the amount of air pressure keeps on decreasing at a constant rate. Thus altimeter makes use of this technique. It can, in fact, since the change in air pressure values and accordingly shows the change in the values of altitude.

This is an extremely advanced feature for a fitness band, and most of the regular fitness bands do not have this feature. If you are into hiking and mountain climbing, then go through the features of the fitness band and check for the altimeter feature, or it can also be installed upon request of the customer.

Optical Sensor:

Optics refers to anything related to light. Here, this is the sensor that helps to track your heartbeat 24/7. It can sense the amount of light incident on the skin and can accordingly measure your pulse. These sensors sense the rate at which blood is pumped from the heart, and that is how it can detect the pulse rate of any individual.

If you take a close look at any fitness band, you will observe a small light blinking at the back of it. This light is the sensor, and it measures your pulse and, thereby, the heart rate. Most of the fitness bands available in the market are equipped with this sensor, and it is pretty accurate in most cases.

Temperature sensor:

The Best fitness band in India can measure both your body temperature as well as the outside temperature. They make use of the simple heat sensor technology to detect the rise or fall in the temperature. Although not exactly similar but they make use of the kind of technology used in thermometer.

This temperature sensing mechanism is also related to the activity tracker of the fitness band. The higher the body temperature rises, the tougher exercise it assumes is getting by the body. Thus these two are interrelated. 

Bioimpedance sensor:

This sensor, paired with the optical sensor, detects an accurate heart rate. Impedance means hindrance in common English. This sensor thus checks the amount of resistance or hindrance provided by the skin surface to a small amount of electric current. This interpretation can be used to predict the activities done by our body.


GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It can track and identify our location using this sensor. GPS sensor makes use of the trilateration principle of mathematics to accurately identify your location. This is an extremely important feature as it helps you to send live locations to your friends and relatives.

Even without using your phone, you can easily share your live location to your near and dear ones in the times of need through your fitness band if it had the GPS sensor installed in it.

PPG and ECG:

PPG stands for photoplethysmogram. It is a light-based technology that can track the change in blood volumes and detect your heart-rate. ECG stands for electrocardiography. It uses an electric-signal based technology to detect the expansion and contraction of heart chambers and to depend upon it, and it gives the output in the form of heart rate. The PPG-ECG dual gives an accurate and exact heart rate measurement on your fitness band.

All these sensors are combines together in a single chip and used in a fitness band. However, if an individual wears two fitness bands from two different brands, they may show considerable differences in the result.

This does not, however, mean that one of the two fitness bands is faulty. Different sensors might have different makeups, which make them show different readings. But once you start wearing a fitness band for quite some time, it gets accustomed to your body changes, and you can find consistency in the readings shown. 

The Ultimate buying guide for the Fitness tracker

We understand that if it is not at all an easy job to choose the best fitness band in India for yourself. Moreso, when almost each of the manufacturing brand promises to provide you with the best services and serve better than the other.

So while opting to buy a fitness band for yourself, you should consider a lot of things and then only spend your hard-earned money on it. It is not just a watch that you are going to buy.

So only the looks of it would not suffice to fulfill the criteria. You must look out for all the possible loopholes it can have and also all the features that you require for yourself before jump on to finally buying the stiff for yourself.

Therefore, we are sharing you a few tips based upon which you should validate your choice of buying the correct fitness band for yourself. 

  • Battery-life: one of the most important factors to be considered while opting for a fitness band is its battery life. A Fitness band is an instrument that is supposed to be worn every single second. So if it needs frequent recharging, then that is something to worry about. 

Go for those varieties which has a battery of 70maH power or more. Such devices last for at least seven days on a single recharge. Most of the renowned fitness bands are known to last for at least 10-15 days on a single recharge. Thus consider this an important point. Do your part of the research. Read customer feedback and reviews about the fitness band that you wish to buy and only then proceed to invest your money on it.

  • Price range: The very thing that comes to our mind when we think of buying anything at all is its price. We try to find the best deal for ourselves at the most affordable price possible. Although this should not be the deciding factor behind your final choice but do compare the price of the fitness band that you aim to buy with others of the same variety. Generally, the price increases as more and more features are installed in the fitness band, but the standard ones come within a range of 2.5k to 3.5k. 

If you wish to buy your fitness band from any online source then, most probably, you will get an automatic option to compare 2-3 models of fitness bands together. They will give you a brief idea about the features of the band and their prices, all stuffed together in the form of a table for your convenience. Thus lookout and choose wisely. 

  • Design and outlook: Fitness bands available in the market come in a wide range of colors and styles. Although the color or the style of the band should not be the deciding factor, yet for many people, it matters. Especially for women, if the band does not go well with their outfit, then it surely is not worth investing for. The strap color of the fitness band varies over a wide range. Most of the brands allow you to replace the band according to your choice. You can buy replaceable band straps with the main fitness band. However, the Best Fitness Band in India is a combination of both functionality and style. 
  • Durability: It goes without saying that if you are investing money behind an electrical gadget, then the first thing you will be concerned about will be its durability. Although it depends upon the user to a large extent, yet most of the fitness bands are made to last for 5-6 years without any worry. Also, check up on the features that you want in your fitness band. For example, a person who does mountain climbing or hiking will require an altimeter installed in his fitness band. A swimmer would need his fitness band to be waterproof for optimum usage. Thus going through the specifications before buying the device is a must. 
  • Connectivity: Just buying a fitness band would do you no good if you can not connect it to the internet. And for connecting your fitness band to the internet, you need to connect it to your mobile phone or laptop using Bluetooth services. Thus connectivity plays a major role in deciding the perfect fitness band for you. Most of the fitness bands can connect to Bluetooth 4.0 or above versions, yet check for its connectivity issues before buying the fitness band. Also, its compatibility with the device that it would connect to. Certain mobile phones or laptops do not support certain brands. So be sure that your phone or laptop is compatible with the brand of your fitness band.
  • Functionality: Last but not least, check for the functionalities that your fitness band can perform. Heart rate monitoring, pedometer, activity tracker are some of the common features available in most of the fitness bands that are selling in the market. But there are certain specific features which are supported by only a few of the. For example, the Fitbit Versa 2 has a built-in Alexa service that makes your work easier. It can directly play songs from the internet or update the weather forecast on its own. Thus customize your choice depending upon your needs and buy the fitness band that suits you the most.


Q1. How long does it usually take to completely charge a fitness band?

Most of the fitness bands have a quick charge feature that allows you to completely charge the fitness band within 30 minutes. And even without the quick charge option, it does not take more than 45 mins to completely charge the band.

Q2. Are the fitness bands compatible with iPhones?

Yes. Fitness bands are designed to support both Android as well as IOS devices. However, it is always advisable to g through the features and specifications chart of the device that you want to buy and confirm its compatibility with your device. 

Q3. Can I use my fitness band without my phone?

Yes. Fitness bands can work alone without any assistance from your phone. But initially, it needs to be connected to the phone and the required apps. Once the connection is set up, the fitness band is good to work on its own. It can be used as a watch, a fitness tracker, and it can also be used to receive or reject calls.

Q4. Can I adjust the fitness band according to the size of my wrist?

Yes. Most of the fitness bands have an adjustable strap that can be adjusted based on the size of your wrist. Straps of various colors are also available in the market. You can buy extra straps to match your dresses and make your fitness band a style statement. 

Q5. How accurate are the measurements given by fitness bands?

Modern-day fitness trackers give very accurate measurements as they are equipped with most advanced sensors, that are capable of detecting the activities and movements precisely. Thus one can depend upon the results shown by fitness trackers. Having said that, do not take any serious medical decision depending upon the results shown by your fitness band. Do consult a doctor before you take any medical step.

Q6. Does fitness tracker cause any damage to our health as these devices remain in contact with our bodies all the time?

There is no proven scientific theory to back this statement that using fitness devices might prove fatal to our health. This question mostly arises from the fact that cell phones are capable of causing harm to us. Here, we must understand that the technology which is used in cell phones is much different from the technology that a fitness tracker uses. Fitness tracker uses Bluetooth connectivity to track all your movements; thus, it does not affect our health and is not a cause of concern for our health. 

Q7. Are Fitness Trackers waterproof?

Yes. Most of the fitness bands are waterproof by nature. They can be used while performing activities like swimming and playing watersports. And it also prevents any damage to your device in case of water spillage. However, do go through the features and specification chart of the particular device that you want to buy. 

Q8. Can Fitness bands track my activity on an elliptical trainer?

The fitness bands do sense some kind of activity on elliptical trainers. But the accuracy level of the output data is not very reliable.

Q9. What extra functions can a fitness band perform other than a normal watch?

A fitness band is not just a watch. It is your companion for staying fit. It tracks all your day to day activities and motivates you to work harder towards your fitness goals. It can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation level in your blood, and a lot more besides helping you stay fit and healthy.


We have tried to bring to you the Best Fitness band in India that is available in the market. Also, we have given you a comprehensive idea about how the fitness band works and what should be your ultimate lookout while choosing the perfect fitness band for yourself.

Thus do your part of the research and buy your product. So put on your fitness bands and achieve your long desired fitness goals in a jiffy!

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