Top 10 Best Fitness Band under 3000 in India

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

The fitness Band a modern gadget that has created a buzz in the last few years. In this competitive market, it is a bit tough to choose the right fitness Band, especially if you are not aware of the must-have features in a fitness Band. So here we have summarised the best fitness Band under 3000.

The fitness Bands are ideal for chasing your fitness goal. It will help you to lose weight and make you fit. You can track your daily activities through the Band. It is an excellent device for all.

The fitness Band boosts your motivation level. It tracks your exercise record. A suitable branded device has multiple features like a calorie counter, distance tracker, step counter, heart rate, and speed monitor. You can receive or disconnect calls too. Get notification alert as well.

What are the advantages of a Fitness Band?

A Fitness Band is a digital device that measures the motions and movements as well as the pulse rate of the user. The best fitness Band under 3000 collects all the data of your burnt calories, count steps, sleep quality, heart rate, etc.

Keep your track- This is quite obvious. The fitness band tracks your progress. It keeps motivating you. From where you have started and your destination goal. It collects the data and generates infographics.

Free workout trainer and tips- Tons of people are there who cannot afford a gym or personal trainer due to lack of funds. For them, fitness Band works like magic. Some of the fitness Band offers you multiple trainers profile too who will train you.

 Track your sleep– Fitness Band helps you to track your sleeping pattern. How light or deep your sleep was, what is the duration of your sleep, and how many times you wake up.

Stay connected always– Get all the notification of your incoming calls, email, text messages in the fitness Band. Don’t have to depend on your phone only.

Things to consider before purchasing a fitness band

There are multiple things that you need to make sure before purchasing a fitness Band; let’s check a few of them.

Battery life– It is the first and foremost thing to consider before buying the best fitness Band under 3000. A good Band should last for more than ten days. Multiple brands will offer you a great, better life. So go for those brands only.

Water-resistant– When you have decided to invest in a fitness band, why not to buy the best one. Which will provide you water resistance feature. You can wear them the whole day, at the time of swimming, washing clothes too.

Notification– Apart from the fitness details, check whether you receive all the notification or not. Not only call and message notification but also you can receive facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and all type of social media notification.

Top 10 Best Fitness Band under 3000 in India Reviews

1. HONOR Band 4

  • Full touch screen
  • The home screen is .95 inch with AMOLED touch
  • Adjustable brightness with a vivid and powerful display
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Water resistance up to 5 ATM
  • Various sports mode
  • Apple and Android support
  • Material: Silicon

Honor Band is considered one of the best fitness Band under 3000 bucks. It comes with a color display and a full touchscreen with 2.5D glass. It scratches resistant. The fitness band comes with a unique feature of Huawei ‘TruSleep’. It will help you to identify and monitor your sleeping pattern. It offers you long battery life.

Now monitor your heart rate round the clock with this Band. It has a heart rate monitoring sensor, which also throws alerts when the heart rate is high. Infrared technology is being used to monitor the heart rate even at night too.

The fitness band has got a different type of workout mode. Like running, swimming, cycling, outdoor walking, free training, and many more. With the smart handy features, you can locate your misplaced phone easily by thing Band. It is compatible with both Apple and Android. All this is possible because of pedometer sensors

Overall: The Unisex Honor Band 4 has a notification feature for an incoming call, message. Its AMOLED screen is bright and has a punchier display, which lets you see under the sun in daylight as well. The Honor Band 4 has water resistance up to the 50-meter feature also. So feel free to wear it while swimming or washing clothes.

2. BUXAZ FIT 1 Smart Fitness Band

    The fitness band comes with a heart rate monitoring feature.
  • IP67 waterproof certification
  • Social media notifications and multiple modes are available
  • .96 in display with LED color screen
  • Comes with one year of warranty
  • Step counter to count steps

Wear this band during swimming, while taking a shower even in the rainy season too. It is completely waterproof and has IP67 waterproof certification. Now you can easily access the mobile camera through this fitness Band. Click all the beautiful pictures, shoot videos, and store memories. Say goodbye to the selfie stick when you have BUXAZ Fit 1.

Are you searching for the best fitness Band under 3000? BUXAZ Fit 1 is the one for which you are looking. The Band has sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring features. So that you can keep on your eye on the heart rate, you can sync the Band with “Google fit” or “Smart wristBand” applications.

You will be surprised to know that the BUXAZ Fit 1 fitness Band has multiple outdoor and indoor sports mode. Like jumping jack, rope jump, trade mill mode, badminton mode. You can see how many calories you have burned through the sweatproof tracker. You can set alarms and use the Band as stopwatch too.

Overall: The BUXAZ Fit 1 Band is one of the exclusive Bands in this price range as it packs in a .96 inch colorful display, which can show up to 48 characters. Get all the social media notification alert in your Band. It comes with one year of warranty.

3. Hammer ID152 Smart Fitness Tracker

  • USB charging with skin-friendly Bands
  • It has got sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, caller ID, and Sedentary reminder feature
  • Hammer ID 152 fitness Band Comes with six months of warranty.
  • Seven days of battery backup.
  • The Band supports six different languages.
  • IP68 waterproof certified

Now Charge the Hammer D152 is very easy with the built-in USB port. So no worry about losing the cable wire. You can charge the Band with the PC. The Band has an activity tracking mode so that you can easily count how many steps you have taken in a day. The total distance that you covered.

You can measure your total travel distance, how much calories you have burned everything with the Hammer D152, which is the best fitness band under 3000. It comes in black, purple, and blue in color. It’s a cable-free Band and is charged directly using USB port by using a regular smartphone charger.

The fitness band has a different type of sport mode. You can customize all the sports mode applications. Like basketball, cycling, football, yoga, hiking, etc.  It has Bluetooth sync option too. Now sync your mobile with your fitness Band. The screen shape is flat and rectangular.

Overall: The Hammer D152 has a long battery life, IP68 certified. You can easily transform your brand into a remote control and control the mobile camera to click pictures. With the call notification feature now, do not miss any call. Thus it’s a great fitness Band at this price point with all the give features.

4. Mi Smart Band 4

    The Mi fitness Band comes with the adjustable brightness
  • AMOLED Colour display with touch
  • The size 39.9% larger than the Mi 3
  • It is waterproof and provides you 24/7 heart rate monitoring feature
  • SATM waterproof

A comfy wear all-time wearing Band is what you are looking for, then Mi smart Band 4 is what you need, which also comes with Mi’s security features. The display size is .95 inch. The color of the display is really nice, and texts are also crisp thanks to the AMOLED screen.

Mi Band is the Best fitness Band under 3000. It is quite affordable. It has lots of features like sleep tracking; it can monitor heart rate 24/7. It is fully touched, and the display is also very responsive. You can easily swipe down and up the screen. You can get all the social media notification here. Mi Fit app is one of the best fitness apps out there.

Mi Band has an exercise tracking feature too. Use your brand in the gym session. Now you can also control your music from your Band. The battery life of the Band is a maximum of 20 days if you handle carefully. The battery will drain faster if you enable all the optional features.

Overall: Out of all the brands, the Mi fitness Band is the best one. It has better applications. Store all your fitness data in the Band. You can avoid the sound notification with the vibration pattern. It can show you emails, text messages, caller ID, app notifications, etc.

5. HolyHigh Smart Waterproof Fitness Tracker

  • An OLED display with screen size is 0.86.
  • The Band strap size is 240 * 16 * 10mm
  • The strap material is wearable and soft
  • Polymer Li Battery with a battery capacity of 45mAh
  • Net weight of the fitness Band is 18g
  • Charging time: Maximum 2 hours

It is the IPX68 water resistance, fitness Band. It comes with a Colourful display and OLED screen. The OLED screen produces a crisp display, and characters can be visible under the sun as well. The Band lets you pick up or disconnect calls directly from the Band without looking for the smartphone.

If your budget is around 3000, this is the best fitness band under 3000. Now track your daily activities with the help of the Band. You can count your daily steps, how much distance you have covered, calories that you burnt, and many more. The Band also runs while you sleep to keep track of your sleep and measure how good or bad your sleep was.

Now get rid of setting the alarm on your mobile when you have the Band. Set the alarm, set reminders, etc. Handle with care, and it will give you an 8+ days battery life. No extra cable is needed to charge as it has got an inbuilt USB plug.

Overall: The holy smartwatch has sleep tracking, heart rate monitor, step counter, calories burned meter, distance covered, etc. It has got 14 different modes in which it can operate. All in all, it’s a must-buy fitness Band if you are looking at the 3000 rupees below price range.

6. GoQii Run GPS Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

  • The in-built USB port, so that you can charge easily
  • GPS tracker which allows you to track walking running and cycling mode
  • Monitor your heart rate easily.
  • Via Bluetooth, you can connect the Band with mobile easily
  • Compatible with both Apple and Android
  • Give one-time charge, and it will give you service for continuous seven days

With the use of an integrated GPS tracker, you can easily track the total activities throughout the whole day. It has different types of modes, walking, cycling, and running mode. The best part is you won’t require a different charger. The inbuilt USB charger is already present in the Band.

The GoQii fitness Band comes with one year of warranty. The product box contains an activation code scratch card that is for three months of subscription, GPS core, Fitness tracker, and the User Manual. Read the user manual first before you set the Band. Connect the GoQii fitness Band via Bluetooth to Android or iOS(8.0 or above than that.

One-time charging can provide you service for a week. The battery will drain quickly if you activate all the modes. It will offer you to choose your nutritionist, coaches, personal trainer, even a wellness expert too. Now kick start your life and live a healthy life. GoQii supports you to step forward to a healthy life.

Overall: Looking for the best fitness Band under 3000? Without giving a second thought, go for the GoQii fitness Band. It offers the users unlimited cloud storage to health locker so that the user can record their medical tests here.

7. MUZILI Smart Band IP68 Waterproof Fitness Tracker

  • .86 inch display, colored screen
  • Waterproof and user-friendly.
  • Able to track your whole day activity, 14 different sports mode
  • Inbuilt heart rate sensor
  • Receive and disconnect the call from the Band
  • One year warranty and with a long-lasting battery
  • Get all social media notification

The new Muzili fitness Band is designed with the TFT LCD colored Band. The Band is fully touched screen. Check your burnt calories, steps, heart rate, and mileage too. It is easy to wear and convenient. Adjust the screen brightness automatically. You can maintain the weight record too.

Now get the best fitness Band under 3000 in the market. Now never miss any message or call. Maintain all your call records and message and social media notification in this Band. Messages from LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Control your mobile camera from your Band. From clicking photos to video recording control everything from the Muzili fitness Band.

Muzili fitness Band has GPS activity features too. The product comes with one year of warranty. For charging, no extra cable is needed. Connect the built-in USB plug with a power bank or mobile charger or with your laptop. Give full charge, and it provides you 8-10 days service.

Overall: Muzili fitness Band is your activity tracker. Get the Band, and you are one step ahead of a healthy life. You will get 14 multiple sports mode. You can check how many calories you have burnt. The rectangular display gives you a smart look. It comes in five different colors.

8. OMNiX™ iWOWN i6 HR-C HD Quality Fitness Tracker

  • Touch screen and LCD display
  • Monitors heart rate, count steps, calories burned and total travel distance
  • Pair your Band with the smartphone and get all notification
  • It can track your sleeping pattern too
  • Comes with one year of warranty

Looking for the best fitness Band under 3000? Go for OMNix. It offers a long battery life. One time charging will be enough for ten days back up. It is compatible with both Android and iPhone. The Band has an ambient light sensor too. It automatically adjusts the brightness according to the outside light.

The screen display is a .96 inch LED screen and its full touch screen with clear and punchy visuals. Track your daily workout, total travel distance, overall steps in a day, measure your heart rate, your activity time, and burnt calories. Gets all the notification of incoming text and can set the alarm too.

Now monitor your sleeping pattern. How deep you sleep, the total duration of your sleeping time. How many times your sleep was broken. The Band can monitor them and create a sleep pattern in the form of a trend. Under its one-year warranty, it covers damages like broken or cracked screens and scratches.

Overall: The .96 inch colored display is bright enough with ambient sensors, of course, that you can see the screen under the bright sun. So, take one step ahead towards a new healthy life. Track your heart rate, total activity time, calories burnt, total steps in a day with this fitness band.

9. HolyHigh YG3 Plus Smart Fitness Band

  • Heartrate monitor sensor to check pulse and create other vital information
  • Pedometer for tracking movements like walking, running or jogging
  • Smart Notifications and call pick or cancel feature
  • Sweatproof & waterproof (IP67 certificate)
  • 8 Days battery backup with heavy usage
  • Bluetooth 4.0 for quick connectivity and sync with a smartphone
  • USB charger for hassle-free charging

The Holy high fitness tracker is the best fitness band under 3000. Featured a heartrate monitor that can monitor day-long activities and is able to measure your pulse rate. You can either check it when you want, or you can set it to auto-check mode to regularly check pulse and see a trend.

The second important sensor which comes in this fitness Band is the pedometer, which eventually monitors and counts your steps. It also understands whether you are doing a normal walk or a brisk walk or you are running. This sensor also computes calories burned, distance covered, and sleep time.

This is an IPX67 certified fitness watch meaning it can be taken underwater and is sweat proof. Other than call pick and cancel feature, it has a smart notification and messaging system as well. It features a 0.96-inch color screen.

Overall: All in all, it’s the best Band for the price point, and with all the features loaded, it is going to be an amazing experience for the end-user, especially those who do regular workouts and go for swimming, running, and all. It can be a good step towards fitness.

10. Arbily 115U HR Fitness Band Activity Tracker

    Heart rate monitor to check pulse rate
  • Step counter to measure steps, calories burned and distance covered
  • OLED Display for crisp visuals on-screen even under the sun
  • 45 mAH battery with great battery backup
  • Bluetooth 4.0 for quick sync with fitness app in the smartphone
  • Android and iPhone support
  • IP67 rated waterproof lets you swim wearing the Band
  • Replacement strap

The Arbily 115U HR fitness Band is the best buy below 2500 rupees as it has great features at this price. You have a 0.87-inch OLED display, which is very bright even in the daytime and looks great. The IP67 certification lets you use your Band while washing hands or swimming in a pool.

It has a heart rate monitor, a step counter, sleep monitor, calorie burned counter, and distance covered counter as well. Bluetooth 4.0 allows it to sync quickly with the smart Verfit Pro app on your smartphone. It considered the best fitness Band under 3000.

There are a sleep monitor and a sedentary reminder system that alerts you if you’re sitting for too long. It also allows users to pick or cancel a call and see notifications. You can even control your smartphone camera with it.

Overall : The 45 mAH lets you go without charging for a good number of days, even after heavy usage. Overall, we can say it’s a good buy at the given price point as we get an OLED screen fitness Band with a heart rate monitor and all the above-mentioned features.


Q. Is Fitness Band being Utility or for fashion?

Ans. For a smartwatch, the brand and fashion statement comes first, but in the case of a fitness band, it is all about a fitness tracker. The fitness band is not about fashion; it is all about tracking your regular physical activity. Fitness Bands are affordable too. You can buy the best fitness Band under 3000.

Q. What are the Uses of Fitness Bands?

Ans. With the use of a fitness band, you can record stats of your daily physical activities. It helps you to boost up your motivational level too. You are monitoring your heart rate, counting your steps, and measuring your calories burned. It is a free workout trainer. The device would provide you multiple workout ideas to maintain your fitness level.

Q. Does fitness Band work without a phone?

Ans. Yes, you can use a fitness Band without a smartphone. You will receive all the details like burnt calories, heart rate, how much distance you covered, and many other details too. But all these you won’t receive in your smartphone.

Q. Does the Fitness Band help you to improve your health?

Ans. Yes, it would motivate you to kick start a new healthy life. The best fitness Band under 3000 motivates you to work harder and stay fit. You can count the steps that you covered. It monitors while you walk, run, or do the workout. It opens for you a new way to lead a healthy life.

Q. Are the fitness Bands being worth for money? Q. Are the fitness Bands being worth for money?

Ans. Of course, yes. The uses of Fitness Bands are getting increased day by day. People become more conscious about their health. It is pocket-friendly too.  Buy the Best fitness Band under 3000. With this small gadget, you can track your day to day activities. It tracks your heart rate, your speed, steps, distance covered, calories, sleep everything.

Q. How fitness Band measures the heart rate?

Ans. The gadget uses light to check your pulse. The Band shoots light rays, which can go through the blood vessels in your wrist, and detect all the changes in your blood volume as well as the heartbeat. The device sensor detects how much light gets reflected back from the blood vessels. Counts all the instances which returned back in one minute to count pulse.

Q. Is it safe to wear fitness Band all the time?

Ans. The fitness band has created a buzz in the last few years. You can wear it round the clock. A fitness Band of a reputed brand is completely safe to wear 24×7. They are designed to be very comfortable and soft.

Q. Do all fitness Bands come with a heart rate monitor?

Ans. Not all, especially in the initial days of fitness Bands, it only uses to count steps, but nowadays, most of them are coming with heartrate monitors. These are pocket-friendly too, get the best fitness Band under 3000.

Q. Can we control various features of our smartphone through a fitness Band?

Ans. Yes, now a day’s Bands are able to not only let you pick or cancel calls but even see notifications from various apps. Some brands which are the best fitness Band under 3000, even let you control music and the camera of your smartphone.

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