Top 7 Best Fitness Band under 5000 in India

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

With the hustle-bustle of life, it becomes hard for people to track record. The lifestyle becomes hectic, and workload is killing everyone’s mental peace for which no one can concentrate on their health. But, you can get relief by buying the best fitness band under 5000.

People go for a walk but aren’t able to count how many calories they have burned. So, the launch of a fitness band can help them a lot. The fitness band is very useful in keeping record and track day to day activities such as- heart rate, bp, calories, GPS, time, and so many other beautiful features.

You can connect your computer or Smartphone with the band to get the updates. This band is very useful and lets you be aware of your daily activity, like how many steps you have stepped in a day and even how many calories you have put on after doing exercises.

Top 7 Best Fitness Band under 5000 in India Review

1. HONOR Band 5

  • Battery life is more than 25 days
  • It has inbuilt Bluetooth.
  • Super tracker is attached
  • It has a display of Amoled full color.
  • It is also waterproof.

Honor is the known name in the electronic world; it offers tv, mobile, and fitness band along with another fashionable piece of stuff. You can get new band 4 of this famous brand at an affordable rate.

The band comes by Honor known as the best fitness band under 5000. If we talk about its exciting features then, it is super cool when it comes to displaying. It has a beautiful AMOLED full-color display than double the look.

It is entirely touchscreen based and made using water-resistant and scratch resistance substance. The company has the 2.5D glass in it. 

Undoubtedly, it is the advanced fitness band that has all the components that can check your messages, calls, time. It can give you notifications, count calories, measure heart rate, and many more. For 50 meters, it allows the property of water resistance.

Well, when we talk about the battery life of this band then, it should be perfect and long-lasting, and with honor, you can get 30 days of battery life. Charge once and enjoy a month is the biggest gaga of this fitness band. 

So, if you want to buy the best fitness band under 5000, you can definitely go for this.

2. Huawei Band 2 Pro Activity Tracker

  • A daily activity tracker.
  • It has GPS.
  • Best for outer activities, i.e., swimming & running.
  • Inform about every notification.
  • It has the best battery life.

HUAWEI Pro is the company that launches super products every year in the market. You can get an entire notification which you might not want to miss in it. It will show from SMS, emails, events, and social media updates.

It has another fantastic feature to count on calories burned by you in a day. If you will run amount of buring calories will show, if you will walk, how much  amount of calories you have sweat out.

It is also suitable for swimming. If you are a swimmer and need to calculate the time and your speed, you can buy this. It has additional features for swimming. 

Apart from that, this fitness band also has the quality to calculate the overall sleeping time you have consumed in 24 hours. You will also get a notification for your alarm. Yes, it has alarm notification power that can help every individual to be on time. 

It is advanced and develops for the people who will need it on the day to day life with superb battery life. So, you can go with this band as well after all it is known as the best fitness band under 5000. 

So, good for the money and best for features, it has the perfect blend of each and everything under this. This is also a very famous brand so you can either choose it for yourself or can gift your close one.

3. GOQii VITAL ECG Activity Tracker

  • It has lighter weight as it comes in 24 gms only.
  • You don’t have to worry as it is waterproof with an IP67 rating.
  • It has a unique OLED display.
  • 7 days life of the battery.
  • It can monitor your BP.
  • It keeps a record of health issues.
  • It is fast charged with a USB port.

To match the trend of fitness and tracking band, GOQii also launched the best fitness band under 5000 just to grab the attention of their customer by giving the right product.

GOQii is offering one of the smartest bands with BP or blood pressure monitor system along with it can keep a record of your heartbeat.

This influential smart band has an OLED color screen with detecting tester of different modules like pace tracker, time tracker, calories, and many more. It has more battery life than a mobile phone even if it can last up to a week. 

It is so smart that you can get entire notifications on it like WhatsApp notifications, message notification, and other critical social media notification. 

This band has the connectivity to other devices using a USB port or Bluetooth. So, you can, without any hesitation can say yes to this best fitness band under Rs. 5000.

4. MevoFit Drive-Care ECG-Fitness-Band

  • Connectivity with all smartphones.
  • ECG and drive taking system.
  • All notifications or updates are available.
  • Better battery life.

Buying a fitness band can be a tough decision for many, but, MEVOFIT can resolve the issue for them. This is an ideal brand for most of the people, while most of them are not so aware of this.

Those who have no idea about MEVOFIT then, we are here to tell you. It has a separate market base and fans following. If you want to buy the best fitness band under 5000, you can buy this fantastic MEVOFIT fitness tracker band with drive care and features of ECG.

It is suitable for the people who are health-oriented, who want to get all the minor updates about their day to day activity or those you love to count on things.

This has the power to give you energy by making you smart in every sense. Yes, you see each and every critical notification — the company to win the trust of its customers also giving the warranty. Yes, you can get a full one-year warranty over this smart band. 

There are most of the brand which only connects with the specific mobile phones, but, this brand has the capacity to communicate with smartphones of Samsung, Oppo, Apple, Xiaomi, or many more.

ECG, blood pressure, Heart rate, PPG, and many other monitoring features are also available in this advanced fitness band. It helps you to maintain a better lifestyle by notifying you about every mentioned health condition. So you should definitely look after this amazing and best fitness band under 5000.

5. WEARFIT Fitness Tracke

  • It is a multi-function band.
  • It has battery quality more than you imagined.
  • Good customer support.

Wearfit is another famous name in the fitness band market. You will get a row of the products from the similar brand. It is cost-effective and give a fantastic result without disappointing you.

It has features that can amaze you for sure. The model has gained all the publicity and attraction of the people by their continuous excellent service.

On the other hand, it has so many exciting features that make it a multi-functioning fitness band with smart tracking. You can check the HR, SM, mileage, calories, time, date, alarm, and other essential things you want to get in your life.

This is so good to buy because it will help you as your guardian. It gives you daily feedback about your health and fitness. It keeps you updated with the calorie status. It let you check the status of your sleep.

The best fitness band under 5000 has the name of this brand also. When we scroll down to its features, it helps us to excite more and more point by point. 

It has the social media notification connectivity, which lets you get the notification so that you don’t miss who is following you in the race of being smart.

The fitness band is suitable and gives better connectivity with Android and apple device. There are many bands which have connectivity with a single OS. But, it doesn’t have such issues.

If in case, you will have any doubt regarding the smart band, you can call or email to there customer care executive. They are anytime, anywhere always ready to resolve your query.

6. OPTA SB-152 Hygiea Bluetooth Fitness band

  • Multi modes for sport selection.
  • Featuring notification mode.
  • Completely ECG driven fitness band.
  • Battery life is uber.

It has the social media notification connectivity, which gives every single and essential notification to you so that you enjoy the experience of it in every situation.

Admittedly, it is the advanced fitness band that has all the elements to excite you, and even the people surround you. It can check your mobile notifications or sim notifications as well. 

Always let you update about calories, heart rate, bp, and other necessary monitoring regarding health. This is mainly designed for those who regularly need to keep track of their hearts. Henceforth the reason why the ECG feature is incorporated in it.

If you are a gamer, you can look for this for having the capacity to check mileage and data, which you can get by connectivity your fitness tracker band  the smartphone of laptop or computer, etc.

The display of this band is also brilliant, as its features. You can able to see through the rectangle screen of the dimension of 1.14 TFT. 

It has three faces with battery life so enjoyable. You can charge this smartphone by the USB charging port. This smart fitness band comes with various kinds of modes. Yes, you can choose your method of sport to get the tracking. 

Apart from that, with bundles of a feature, this device has reasonable rates. You can get this best fitness band under 5000 only. So, lets shop!

7. AheadStrong Activity Tracker Smart Fitness Band

  • It has nordic chips.
  • It gives an accurate measure.
  • Touchscreen and waterproof resistance.
  • Suitable for iOS and Android.

AheadStrong is the fitness band that helps you to be ahead in life and make you healthy. This is the most stylish fitness tracker band  advanced features as it has straps, OLED touchscreen, display in every colour mode, and other eye-catching features.

With all features for activity flatfoot, this is best for people who are suffering from health issues so that they can track their health status anytime.

The company also offers two days of customer support facility so that their customer can understand their working and do not feel or face any complexity using it. So, buy this best fitness band under 5000 and enjoy at your best.

Fitness band buying guide:

Are you hitting your head to buy the right fitness band? So, don’t worry as we have designed a successful buying guide that will help you to shop from any medium. 

So, follow this buying guide as it will help you in the right selection of the best fitness band under 5000. 

Activity tracking option: 

The first and most important feature that you should look for in the best fitness band under 5000 is the tracking option. 

The only ideal approach of this band is to keep an eye on the activities you are doing in an entire day. No matter, either you are walking or stepping the stairs.  

So, always check whether it can check the below mention things or not:

  • Heart Rate tracking
  • Sleep tracking
  • Running or walking tracking
  • Calories tracking

Advanced tracking features:

If you want an advanced band then, always check the features like GPS, blood pressure monitor system, etc. Yes, there are various bands available in the market that you can buy to keep a record of your blood pressure as it directly in touch with your nerves through your wrist.

Band style:

Whenever we wear any accessories, people always look for its look then, brand. If you go with the right brand, you will get the most stylish look as per your choice and standard. The fitness band not only comes with a rubber band, but you can get a chain, bracelets, and many other options in it. But, it is also essential that 

It should be waterproof:

The fitness band usually has contact with sweat, and even people forget to remove after exercise and take a shower. So, it should be waterproof or have the right resistance. You can get the best fitness band under 5000 with water resistance as well.

Mobile app connectivity:

With the help of dedicated mobile apps of the company, you can connect the fitness band, which helps to track all the fitness essentials.

Why do you need it?

Firstly, you need to decide your needs. If you are the lover of games, you need it to track time mainly, and for you, bands like Garmin and Fitbit will be best.      

Similarly, it goes with other choices also so first decide your purpose then, buy a smart-looking fitness band for you.

Durability and compatibility:

A band should be compatible in every term as well as it should have a long time in terms of battery and how much it can go without any defect. It should have the nature of compatibility so that it can get connected with your device.

Budget matters the most:

Deciding a money factor is essential; if you want an advanced fitness band over an ordinary fitness band then, the price will differ. But, you can get the best fitness band under 5000.

Question-related to fitness band whose answer you might be looking for:

Q. Is an activity tracker helps us to stay fit and active?

A. Well, the answer is simply no. This is not at all beneficial in making you healthy, but it helps you in the journey of being healthy. It is helpful for people to keep maintain the timing and count on healthy essentials.

Q. Do the smart band give accurate readings?

A. The fitness band is designed with unique features that are smart to count steps you are using in your daily life. If you want to get accurate tracking, always go with the intelligent or advanced tracker.

Q. Can I measure the metrics in the fitness band?

A. This fitness band has the option to attach phone, which lets you analysis the metrics at a single platform. The advanced band has advanced systems behind it like Android as well as operating system of Apple, which made the data together.

Q. Any easy way to connect a smartphone and fitness band?

A. The connectivity option in the fitness band is straightforward; you need to install the application on your smartphone. The app would be the same as your fitness band company. 

After installing the application in your smart device, you can on the Bluetooth to enjoy by connecting its services. You will also ask to pair up both the device by entering the code.

Q. Can more than a device can be connected simultaneously?

A. Well, until now, this feature has not launched. You can not pair two devices at the same time. 

Q. Can I buy any type of fitness or smart band?

A. No. Each band has its own positive and negative traits but, nothing can be useful to you until you understand your requirement of purchasing the band. 

Some cost more while some less; some have a fitness tracking system while some as Android features. For sportspeople, a band with GPS will be useful as while for the usual person shedding extra kilos, only a calorie tracker would be good.

Q. What a fitness band can show on metrics?

A. It has the option to measure the metrics like distance, time, BP (blood pressure), HR(heart rate), calories, and many more.

Final Verdict:

However, if you are seeing to buy or gift someone’s best fitness band under 5000, you can consider this buying guide along with the best options available under this range over an online platform.

We always choose the best product that can never disappoint our readers and help them to find the desired outcome with utmost ease and comfort. 

Apart from that, we know no one is much interested in spending so much on bands so, these are only shortlisted and the best fitness band under 5000. 

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