10 Best Gear Cycles Under 10000 In India 2021

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

Gear cycles are the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly option to stay ahead in busy city traffic. Additionally, the regular use of gear cycles keeps you super fit and healthy. The market is flooded with choices, and there are serval high-end bicycles that have got excellent features.

It could be a bit tedious to choose the best, we have curated the list of 10 best gear cycles under 10000. Select a reliable option after going through the features and specifications.

Best Gear Cycles Under 10000 In India 2021

1. Hero RX2 26T 21 Speed Sprint Cycle with Disc Brake

  • Powerful brakes
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ideal for men
  • Affordable price
  • Rigid suspension

The brand Hero needs no introduction, and it is the best brand in the Indian market, which produces quality Cycles. The RX2 26T 21 is a brilliant Speed Sprint Cycle, which is perfect for all the fitness freaks. This gear cycle is capable of heavy due and is highly preferred by adventure enthusiasts.

The tyre size of Hero RX2 26T 21 cycle is 17.5 inches, and it is an idea for men. This gear cycle works excellent for riders who have a minimum height of 5.5 feet, and the height can go up to 5.11 feet. Hero is 1st cycle in the 10 best gear cycles under 10000.

This Speed Sprint Cycle from Hero comes with powerful front and rear brakes i..e Caliper. The gear speed can go up to 21, and rigid suspension makes the ride super comfortable. The body of Hero RX2 26T 21 is made with high-quality steel, and this adds more value to the durability factor.

2. Omobikes Model-1.0 Lightweight Gear Cycle

  • Lightweight gear bike
  • Double anti-rust coating.
  • Comes with accessories
  • Adjustable seats
  • Unique design

Looking for a super stylish and durable gear bike? The Omobikes Gear Cycle Model1.0 is the best choice. It is available for a pocket-friendly price, and the essential quality is the unique design. This light-weighted gear cycle from Omobikes is a perfect companion for folks between the ages group of 12 to 35 years.

The seat of the Omobikes Gear Cycle is adjustable and can make the ride easy for tall riders whose height is 5.5 feet and above. The body is made with high quality steel and can take up to 95 kgs of the load. The best part is, the frame comes with double anti-rust coating, and the rims are made with double-wall alloy.

The tyre of Omobikes Model-1.0 cycle is perfect for fast riding; it is sized 26*1.75 and supports speed. Each bike comes with a sturdy side stand, protective mudguards, a clean reflector, and a robust lock.

The overall weight of Model 1.0 Omobike is just 12.9 kg, and it is great for adults as well as teenagers. The overall durability is incredible. Its got second rank in the list of best gear cycle under 10000.

3. Hercules Roadeo A50 Cycle

  • Uber stylish look
  • Strong alloy frame
  • Ideal for men
  • A bit high on price
  • 21 gears

When it comes to the famous cycle brand in India, Hercules is a renowned name. If you are searching for a great bike that will add more charm to your personality Hercules Roadeo A50 is a perfect choice. This gear cycle will certainly draw all the attention, all thanks to the premium look.

The decals used in this cycle are bright, and it gives stylish modern looks. The Roadeo A50 from Hercules is one of the best gear bikes in town, which is loved by all the rides. This gear cycle is all game for long journeys too. The body is designed specially to ride smooth in minor bumps and potholes on roads.

The performance of Hercules Roadeo A50 is excellent, and this makes it perfect for the everyday ride. You can ride up to 25 km a day with Roadeo A50. There is an option to upgrade the saddle for added comfort.

The Hercules Roadeo A50 is available is a super vibrant yellow color, make a statement with this uber stylish bike. This adult bike comes with a disc brake at the front and V brakes at the rear. The MTB pedals make the ride comfortable. hercyles is the third best gear cycle under 10000.

4. Hero Sprint Next 24T 18 Speed Mountain Cycle

  • 18-speed mountain gear cycle.
  • Available in 2 vibrant color
  • Sturdy Caliper front and back brakes
  • Adjustable handlebar up to 5 degrees
  • Rigid suspension

The Sprint Next 24T is another excellent mountain cycle range from Hero. This super sturdy gear cycle is excellent for mountaineers, and the steel body offers needful support and rigidness. The cycle is easy to install and comes in a semi-assembled form. The tyre size is 17 inches, which provides a perfect grip on the road.

The frame size of Hero Sprint Next 24T cycle is 17 inches, and it is ideal for teenagers as well as adults. This 18-speed mountain cycle supports a minimum height of 4.2 feet, and the maximum rider can go up to 4.7 feet.

The Sprint Next comes in two vibrant shades i.e., green and black, and adds style to your personality. The front brake and rear brake are caliper brakes. The handlebar is straight, and it can be lifted to 5 degrees. 4th in the list of  best gear cycles under 10000

The suspension rigid with steel frame material makes the ride comfortable. This gear bike is a perfect companion for mountaineers and adventure enthusiasts. The price is also pocket-friendly.

5. Avon GENNOW 27.5 SINGLESPEED Mountain Cycle

  • High on price
  • Strong mountain cycle
  • Cushioned seat
  • Available in 3 vibrant color
  • Carbon steel type body

Avon is a budding brand in India, and the brand is known to manufacture quality gear cycles at an affordable price. The GEN NOW 27.5 Mountain Cycle comes with a robust threadless suspension, and the body is made with double-wall alloy rim.

The handle of this single speed mountain cycle is capable of short bend and can be extended to a certain height. The kickstand ensures your cycle is parked safely. The cushioned seats can be extended and are perfect for super comfortablerides. The price of this geared cycle is a bit high, but the brand speaks durability, and this cycle is worth each penny. 5th in the list of 10 best gear cycles under 10000.

The double value rim ensures you have a comfortable long-distance ride without much jerks and bumps. The price of Avon GENNOW 27.5 gear cycle is a bit on the higher end. The speed makes it the best choice for adventure enthusiasts.

This bike is available in 3 fast-moving colors i.e., orange, blue, and black. If you are looking for a stylish and sturdy gear bike, Avon GEN NOW is a credible choice.

6. Firefox Bikes Dart 26T 21 Speed Mountain Cycle (White/Blue)

  • Safe and comfortable ride
  • Sturdy steel body
  • Anti-friction crank set
  • Durable wheels
  • Rigid suspension

The Firefox Bikes are a rage of among youths and teenagers. Be it the front suspension or the rear suspension, and the Firefox Bikes Dart Mountain Cycle has got everything. The strong set of pedals make tough riding super comfortable. The wheels are made with alloy 36 H double-wall rims, and in fact, each component is designed with perfection.

Firefox Bikes Dart model 26T with 21 Speed gear cycle comes in a semi-assembled condition and is perfect for tough mountain riding. Both fronts, as well as rear V brake, ensures skid free riding. Amazing best gear cycles under 10000.

The frame material is made of steel, which ensures long life. The absence of mudguards and carrier is the only demerit. This bike from Firefox is perfect for men of the minimum height of 5 feet and a maximum of 5 feet and 12 inches.

The Firefox Bikes Mountain cycle ensures 21 speed and is available in 2 fast-moving colors i.e., white and blue. The wheel size is 66.04 centimetres and great for Indian roads. This gear cycle comes with rear and front reflector along with side stand.

7. Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Cycle

  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Cushion seat for a comfortable ride
  • Complete anti-skid pedals
  • Long term quality
  • Low price

The Kyoto from Hero is a stylish range of speed cycle which comes with a sturdy body. The 26 inches tyre size makes the ride smooth and bump-free. The 18 inches frame size is perfect for teenagers about 11 years of age.

The Hero Kyoto 26T model gear Cycle comes with V brakes i.e., both at the front and rear wheel. If you are looking for a min rider height of 5 feet, this bike is the best choice. The seats are well adjustable and offer comfy riding.

The dual V brake ensures complete safety and durability, and the steel frame provides smooth riding. The cycle is available in semi-assembled condition, and you can use this cycle for mountain riding.

If you are tight of budget and don’t want to compromise on the quality, Hero Kyoto Gear Cycle is the ideal choice. The body and frame are made with steel, and the speed rating is a single speed. This cycle is best for sports lovers and cycling enthusiasts.

8. Mach City Ibike 7 Speed 26

  • Upright bike riding
  • 7-speed Shimano Tourney gear
  • Durable nylon tyers
  • Strong grip
  • quick-release front wheel

Looking for a light weighted and durable cycle for an adventure??? Mach City I bike is a reliable choice. The comfortable geometry ensures you have a hassle-free ride. The body is rigid and is made with a sturdy steel frame.

The grip of Mach City I bike is thermoplastic rubber, and it ensures a comfortable grip. This bike is well suitable for long and bumpy rides. The chain wheel is 44T cotterless, and with 17 cm crack, this provides the best ride.

The handlebar is made with steel material and is comfortable for the upright bike riding. The cushion saddle foam makes the long ride easy. Additionally, the rigid suspension ensures uneven roads are covered smoothly.

I bike 7 Speed from Mach City is excellent for city hopping as well as tough rides across mountains and uneven roads. The quick-release front wheel adds more value to the cycling adventure.

The Mach City I bike is the best companion for all the folks who enjoy adventurous cycling. The tyres are made with nylon and are super durable. The bike is powered with a 7-speed Shimano Tourney gear system, which ensures a breezy ride.

9. Avon GEN Dual Disc Front Suspension 26T Bicycle

  • Sturdy Geared Shimano
  • Strong aluminium alloy wheel
  • six months warranty
  • Cotterless crank set
  • Single-speed

The GEN Dual Disc Front Suspension gear cycle from Avon is another sturdy choice if you are looking for a bike, especially for adventure purposes. The frame material is steel with dual suspension. The size of the tyre is 26 inches with a 19-inch frame size, perfect for mountain riding. The tyres offer an excellent grip on the road.

The Avon GEN 26T Bicycle is perfect for boys as well as men who are regularly into adventure riding. The gear cycle is well equipped with Geared Shimano and ensures long durability. The Avon cycle comes with a 6-month warranty.

If you are looking for a durable and cost-effective choice, Avon GEN bike with dual disk suspension is a perfect choice. It can be used within the city as well as bumpy rides.

The aluminium alloy double-wall rim in the wheel makes it perfect for uneven Indian roads. The body of the cycle is well protected with plastic mudguard, and shifters come with 21 speed. Additionally, the handlebar is adjustable, and the crank set is cotterless. The rapid-fire plus shifters make Avon GEN 26T bicycle one of the most robust cycle in India. 9th best gear cycles under 10000.

10. Hero Sprint Fazer 24T 18 Speed Cycle

  • 18-speed settings
  • Powerful anti-skid pedals
  • Quality steel frame
  • Robust V Brake
  • Double suspension

Looking for the most budget-friendly cycle? Hero Sprint Fazer 24T, 18 Speed gear cycle, is the best choice. It comes in a semi-assembled condition and can be effortlessly assembled at home. This speed gear cycle is perfect for boys and men. The front and rear brakes are wire brakes and offer incredible support on the road.

The frame materials used to build the Hero Sprint Fazer gear cycle are a combination of both steel and mild steel. The frame size is 17 inches and great for boys of the age group 10 to 15 years.

This gear bike comes with dual suspension, and the riders can go up to the maximum height of 5 feet. The double V brakes ensure back liner during the riding. The body quality provides yank free riding experience.

The gear cycle comes with 18-speed settings and comfortable seats. Additionally, the anti-skid pedals offer perfect gripping while riding the bike on roads. The sturdy mudguard protects the cycle body from mud and dust. Last but not least in the list best gear cycles under 10000.

Frequently Ask Question

Q. How many numbers of gears should be there in an ideal gear cycle?

Ans: Before investing in a geared bike, keep a tab on the shifting mechanisms and a suitable combination. The need difference and ideally the gears can vary from 14 speed and 21 speed.

Q. Is it reasonable to invest in a light weighted cycle?

Ans: A lightweight gear cycle is perfect for regular use that includes sports activities and mountaineering. It is easy to handle and durable.

Q. Is it safe to buy a gear cycle online?

Ans: It is best to buy a cycle offline if you are a beginner so that you can check every feature and component. When you are planning to buy a cycle online, you can get the best deals.

Q. Does the height of the cycle is essential while making a buying decision?

Ans: The height and leg length is significant while selecting the best bicycle size. The right frame size helps you to have a comfortable ride.

Q. Does a gear bicycle needs more maintenance?

Ans: A good bicycle needs very less maintenance, hence make sure you invest in a good brand of gear bicycle. If you use the cycle well, it will have a long life.

Q. What is the procedure to assemble a bicycle which is bought online?

Ans: The assembly of every bicycle is similar; each box has a manual guide that can be used to assemble the cycle. You can check the package which has the needful tool to fix the parts.

Q. What is the must-buy accessories?

Ans: When you buy a gear cycle, make sure to obtain a helmet. Additionally, invest in hand sleeves to get extra grip. You can also invest in eye gear, knee cap, cycling shorts for a comfortable ride.


Buying a geared bike is an excellent investment for your health; it also is an eco-friendly choice. Consider purchasing a gear cycle that fulfils your goals and fits into your budget. Choose from the list of best gear cycles under 10000.

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