10 Best Gear Cycles Under 15000 in India 2021

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

Do you stubborn about buying a particular cycle? Are you tired of searching for a suitable one for you? Don’t you have a passion for spending your numbers of an hour again? So, here we are.

Our team has put their entire efforts and time to search for the best bicycle for you. Right affordable price, extraordinary features to how to buy the best gear cycles under 15000 for yourself — we have listed down every possible solution for you.

Along with these, if you want to peep into the best ten cycles that come as best cycles under 15000, we are ready with the suggestions but, Jaguar Fat Bicycle always tops the rank card. You can get an idea and able to compare all the top brands that offer under this price range. So. let’s start.

Three unusual types of a bicycle from which you can choose your dream one:

  1. Mountain bike
  2. Road bike
  3. Hybrid

Mountain bike: 

Whenever you see a bicycle having thick tires then, it must be a mountain cycle. It is hugely used by the hiker or bikers who spend their time over the rough and unparalleled path. The handlebar of this cycle is also flat, while the front suspension is used to negate the unparalleled terrain.

Well, its look is very eye-appealing and gives a feeling of macho. This could say that the dream bicycle of every child. The weight is more substantial, but it can work well over any surface.

Road Bicycles:

Slick tires are the identification of this kind of cycle. If you want to buy one that gives speed as well as the weight should be light then, you can consider this one for sure. Drop handlebars are the one feature that can define road bicycles. 

It is suitable for cities where roads are smooth and clean. It is produced by most of the famous brands and one of the biggest selling bikes of all the time. But, with bad roads, it acts badly as well. 

Hybrid Cycles:

As we know, Hybrid means the crossover of anything, and when it comes to bicycles, it is a mixture of road and mountain bikes. No matter what part of the globe you are riding, it will be perfect. 

Comfortability to durability every minor thing is taken care of by the brand while manufacturing Hybrid cycles. It is actually suitable for beginners who are just learned or learning to ride.

Other classification of bicycles that you can get:

  • Beginners: Cost-effective bicycle is suitable for those you are just learning to ride. It is good to initiate this and later move on to the expensive one.
  • Frequent users: If you are into cycling to central your health, you should choose budget bicycles. It should be the one that can give you an experience of riding. 
  • Semi-pros: This is good for those who can service their cycle. It can be useful to go to approx 30-kilometers.

Some quick solutions that can help you buy the best bicycle:

  • Let the budget talk: 

It is entirely pointless to work on the search without knowing the right budget. If you want the best cycle under 15000, then you can directly jump over this. Otherwise, the list of options will never end. The budget is an important factor in buying anything in this world. It gives you at least 20% flexibility and hit the arrow in the right target.

  • What is the purpose? 

As we know, there are different types of bicycles come in the market as per the surface and use. It would help if you choose or decide your purpose. If you are going to the mountains then, a mountain bike would be right where the road bike will disappoint you for sure.

  • The right type- right occasion:

Brands are more; confusion is more. So, it becomes a little hectic to get the hand on the right one. With the help of purpose and range, you can get your dream bicycle for sure. The range differs from bike to bike and brand to brand so, take care of this also.

  • Work on the frame size:

Choosing the best gear bicycle under 15000 irrespective of your height or size would be the foolish decision. Your length or height plays a crucial role in the cycle segment. If you choose a smaller one as compare to your size, it would be difficult while if you want a bigger one, than the problem would be double.

Either select the exact size or the adjustable cycle that can give comfort in any condition. 

Best Gear Cycle Under 15000 In India 2021

1. Hero Reaction 27.5T 21 Speed Moutain Bicycle

  • It has a steel frame
  • The speed of the gears of the cycle is 21
  • The crack arm is just 170
  • It has double disc brake
  • You will get coil spring front suspension

Do you have experience using Hero product? The world-renowned industry manufacturing bikes and bicycle has lots of exciting products to impress their customers.

The company has the best gear cycle under 15000 that you can buy without having any doubt. Super features along with durability, what else do we seek in a cycle? The cycle is not a very old model as it was launched two years back in April 2018. 

Today we are sorted listed this mountain bicycle of Hero, which has a 21-speed rate along with the framework of steel. If you like speed and want to ride like run then, you must give this a try.

The brake used in this is a double-disc with the front suspension at its best. You can order this at the best rate from an online platform like Amazon.

It comes in white color with a black strip; the Hero cycle has a 170MM front crank arm brake. Ideally designed keeping the rough tracks, unparalleled surface, this is very strong and can last long.

As we talk about its review status then, more than 70% of people over Amazon just rated five stars to this stylish cycle. It is a genuine review by the people who are already using it. 

Well, this is not the bicycle with batteries. You will not get batteries along with this, but you can get satisfaction after spending your money on this. 

2. STURDY BIKES Mountain Carbon Steel Fat Bike

  • It has a sturdy frame of 18 inches.
  • The tire is off 26×4 inches which gives 21 speed
  • Two brakes; front and rear
  • Design is classy and attractive
  • Complimentary accessories set

It is such a win-win situation when you get complimentary stuff. Well, who doesn’t like to get free accessories and mudguard set for free? Yes, STURDY is offering its customers free kinds of things with its product.

The bicycle of Saturday comes under the category of best gear cycle under 15000. You will absolutely love the comfortability factor once you buy and ride this super cycle.

This is the mountain bike with 26×4 tires size. This bicycle has 180 cm length, 65 cm width, and 76 cm of the height, along with the overall weight of just 23 kgs. The specification of this bicycle makes riders go gaga over the products.

The frame used in this is made up of high carbon steel as well as its saddle is also very comfortable. If you are tall or have a height at approx 5 ft to 6. 2ft, you can buy this bicycle without searching further.

It gives rider full enjoyment of the journey with their family or friends. Designed for beaches or hills, this mountain bike can do well over a rough surface.  So, if you are looking for the option of the best cycle under 15000, choose this one as we know later you will recommend this to all your friends and family members who also want to get a similar experience of cycling.

3. Hero Sprint Pro Trans 26T 21 Speed Bicycle

  • It has black nylon tyres of approx 26×2.10
  • The valve used in this is Dsi-american.
  • It has walled alloy double rims
  • The chain used in this has 7sp 108 links.
  • It is available in green and black in color.

Hero has another cycle in the list of the best cycle under 15000. In this bicycle, an alloy frame is used of 6061 along with crown and coil spring. 

This Hero bike also has a conical spacer that is specially designed using thread-less things. Most of the time, we have observed that the seat clamp has of the bicycle has a lot to give comfortability so, and that is the reason why this cycle has left and right shifters.

To get the real experience of riding a bicycle, you can buy this HERO pro-trans cycle with dual derailleurs such as TZ500, the front one, and TZ31, the rear one.

It also has 7sp freewheels used in it with a 170 mm crank arm set. Alongside you will get 7sp-108 links of chain attached in this cycle. Well, so much technical explanation has been done here about his mindblowing bicycle, and if we talk about some non-technical things then, the price of this cycle is very reasonable. 

You will not feel burden over your pocket and can enjoy this at the fullest. Along with the price, the company has designed this by keeping the durability factors in mind by having the right support.  As it is known that it is not such a usual investment for anyone so, the company wants to make the one-time experience unforgettable for riders.

4. Fat Tyre 26 Inch Black Love Freedom Bicycle

  • Both frame and rims are made up of Alloy
  • The tyres used in it are fat ith 4 inches.
  • It has a gear speed of 21.
  • It comes black in color with front suspension.

It’s time to fly high like a bird in the sky so, buy Freedom bicycle. Freedom has a top product for its customers, alongside the super beneficial properties. So, grab the best gear cycle under 15000.

It arrives in the market in the black color with 21 Shimano gear speed, which has a combination of 7*3 with the front suspension.  The wheel size is just like any other bicycle, which is 26*4 inches. This is one of the cycles in which a company has used radial tyres.

If you are a cyclist or want to start the regular cycling activity, then this cycle is suggested first. The technical features of this cycle are that it has pedals, seat, front and rear wheel with a handle at the right height to reach for the people with 5 ft to 6’4 ft.

It has reflector pedals mixed with steel nickel. Whenever we go for cycling, we feel thirsty, and we have to carry a bag over our shoulders. But, most amazingly, this bike has a bottle holder as well.

Apart from that, it has seat gel cover, mudguards pair, cable lock, and many more. So, buy this bicycle and remember the brand every time you go for cycling.

5. Hercules Roadeo Hercules A75 26T Cycle

  • Unique colour; Neon Green
  • Frame is made up of aluminum
  • The overall weight is 17 kgs.
  • The size of the wheel is 26 inches.
  • It is a mountain bike.

Green is the color that can give our eyes the feeling of sooth-ness, and there could nothing be better than riding a bicycle of the same color every day. Hercules offer the same colour in its smartest roadeo bicycle.

Every morning when you get up and go cycling, the first thing you will see is the green color. Well, if you want to grab the best gear cycle under 15000, go for it because it has frame of having two different types, such as you will get the larger one at 26*18.5 while medium one at 26*17.

It is basically a threadless fork cycle with BB cartridge. There are two shifters available in this, such as left & right, and both have different Shimano used in it. Apart from this, it also has two derailleurs, such as front and rear at respective TZ30 and TZ 31.

So, if you want to so many qualities at an affordable rate then, don’t miss the deal. The brand is also very popular and has a trustworthy service for their clients. 

6. Love Freedom Jaguar Fat Bicycle

  • It can be suitable for kids and adults.
  • It has Shimano gears
  • The frame of the cycle is colored.
  • The body is entirely rustproof.
  • There is no maintenance needed.

Many mass in the world who are crazy for brand Jaguar. It is stylish, luxurious, and dreams of many. Unlike its four-wheeler, in the two-wheeler segment, it offers bicycles at affordable rates.

So, why not this Jaguar. Cycling helps to main us your health and give strength. It is good to lose weight as well as make yourself fit. This Jaguar bike popular as the best cycle under 15000.

You can park the classy bike in your garage in color black and grey in this, which can catch the attraction of many when you just pass through the street. 18-inches designated frame size, which adds extra stars in its look.

 The rating of speed is another cherry that you can get as it has 21-speed features to ride like a biker. The material type is excellent as it is built with carbon steel with front suspension. 

So, improve your health along with status by buying the dream bicycle of the most famous brand. Jaguar also gives customer satisfaction and service both so that their beloved customers don’t have to worry about anything.

7. FitTrip Snyper 29

  • It comes in the neon green-grey shade.
  • 29 inches in size.
  • High-quality Hi-Tensile Steel alloy used as material
  • Dual or double disc brake.
  • It has attractive style and design.

FitTrip, the name already has a fit word, so think about the fitness you can get by buying this best cycle under 15000. So, with many technical kinds of stuff that might be the plus point to buy this. 

Well, it compliments ideally to the generation who are more into cycling and also to those who are just initiating towards it. This neon green color bicycle is very famous in the market of the cycle as well as it has an excellent selling rate.

Twenty-nine inches of size, it has a hi-ten steel alloy as the primary material used to make quality proof frame. The fork suspension is also travel-friendly with 90 mm.

You will get headset Neco BB with a protek crankset. The dual Shimano derailleur is used in it, which has front and rear both. Let’s talk about the handlebar, so it has swallow riser L-680 m.  

29″ x 2.125 tires are used to build up this bicycle so that the grips with the ground would be extra-ordinary. It can give you the utmost comfort, even on the rough roads. Apart from technical things, it does not have maintenance like any other vehicle. It is entirely free from worries.

8. LightSpeed DRYFT MTB Lightweight Mountain Biking

  • It has a stylish design with a lower weight.
  • Quick assembly parts.
  • It has gears i.e., Shimano Tourney.
  • The disc brake is used with 26 inches tire size.

Whenever you buy a bike, what feature you look first? Most people have the intention to go for the one which has lighter weight. Yes, any bicycle is considered as best when it is not heavy.

So, this fantastic and best cycle under 15000 comes in a lightweight, which is also rust-free. The body of this bicycle is made using aluminum alloy, not iron. 

This is the ultra-uber cycle because the company offers an exciting parts warranty of 1 year along with a warranty of 2 years. The paint used in it is coated with the color of high quality. Not even singled but, the double layer is used in it. 

Well, there is no smartness to spend money on something which is not so good in look, but this bicycle has a look to die for. The sporty design painted with the right combination of blue and orange is perfect. 

It has the right gripping because of the Kenda tyres used in it. This lets the riders go smooth over uneven, terrains like rough roads and mountains area. It has been manufactured  for people who love adventure the most.

Most of the rider adore the bicycle, which has a larger tire and board one. So, it also has the same features along with alloy rims.  So, without putting your energy and make your mins confuse, you can choose any of the bicycles which we have suggested along with this classy gig. 

9. Dexter Front Suspension 21-Speed Mountain Bike

  • The design is economical but attractive.
  • It has the best speed combination.
  • The frame size of this cycle is18 inches.
  • The overall bicycle weight is 17.7 kgs.
  • Carbon steel is used in this.

24 kg Dexter bicycle is another best cycle under 15000 that you can consider. Well, it obviously has all the specifications that one can be seeking for in the dream bicycle. But, the color of this adventure bike is one of the first choice and liked things about this.

Moving ahead to its design so it is made by the designer by keeping the stylish motive in mind so that, he designed it in an ergonomical with using a combination of three colors.

The younger generation mostly likes it. This is easy to go for outdoor adventure, but it has frame called a sturdy made up of durable carbon steel. It has so many qualities, but the weight is still light.

It has 26*4 inches tyre size in addition to 21 speed with 160 mm disc brake. If you want to have a softer and hurdle free ride, then you should buy this superbike.

Well, it compliments best to the people who have tall height. Yes, from 5 ft to 6.2 ft, the ideal height is described by the company for its user and their comfortable experience. Well, it is not like if you have a shorter height, you can not buy this because it has an adjustable seat. 

So, enjoy the best cycling experience with Dexter adventurous bike.

10. Endless 27.5T 21-Speed Carbon Steel Mountain Bike

  • It comes in a semi-assembled bicycle.
  • Highest wheel size as 27. 5 inches.
  • Disc brake used in front and rear brake.
  • High-quality carbon steel used in the frame.

If you want an endless cycling experience, you should buy the one from ENDLESS. The mountain chase bike by this brand is included in the list of best gear cycles under 15000.

It has the uber speed for the one who loves to speed up life and riding experience as it has 21 derailleurs and shifters. If we do deep into the components then, it has a Wanda tube, wall rim (not single but double), front suspension, as well as a brake in front and rear tyre.

Well, no matter how stylish the bike you will buy but, if it doesn’t have a comfortable seat then, the bike is useless. Thank God, you will get this feature also. The seat is adjustable as per your height and comfort.

The quick-release adjustable seat post allows the rider to alter the seat height without using any tools. Apart from that, the company has made every possible measure for the safety of their passengers. 

640 mm handlebar is used in this, which gives 30 mm comfortable riding along with this. It has frameset made up to carbon and steel, which is known to be the ideal for rough terrains

Well, boys are very choosing about colors and blue is mostly liked by them, so the company has launched this in blue color.

Frequently queries and their respective answers which you want to know:

u003cstrongu003eQ. What are some popular brands dealing in the cycle?u003c/strongu003e

A. Brands like Hero, Jaguar, Freedom, endless, and many more have a strong position in the Indian market.

u003cstrongu003eQ. What features are essential to look for in a bicycle?u003c/strongu003e

A. If you are buying theu003cstrongu003e best cycle under 15000,u003c/strongu003e you should check comfortness, technical stuff, gear, frame, and obviously the look.

u003cstrongu003eQ. What accessories are required for biking?u003c/strongu003e

A. Accessories like helmet and hand gloves in very important, especially when you ride on the rough roads or mountains.

u003cstrongu003eQ. Why should I buy a bike?u003c/strongu003e

A. It gives many advantages to an individual, such as better health and saves fuel. It makes one fit and robust.

Qu003cstrongu003e. Where to buy a bicycle with a suitable price and features?u003c/strongu003e

A. The online platform is suitable for modern days shopping for a variety of reasons. You can get a warranty and return policy as well as they will deliver the stuff directly to your home so that you don’t have to travel to get your bicycle.

To be concluded, we want to say that the intention is to serve our readers with the best. These are the mentioned list sorted by the best researcher we have in the segment of best gear cycle under 15000 along with the buying guide. So, be careful and read everything carefully.

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