Top 10 Best Hair Dryer Under 1000 in India

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

If you are searching for Salon style hair solution that matches with features of an expert hairdresser, we suggest Chaoba 2000 Watts high tech hair dryers that promise to deliver salon finish and to be the best hair dryer under 1000. It performs pretty much flawlessly.

The best hair dryer under 1000 can save precious minutes off your daily routine, extending the light of haircut by months and adds volume and style to your hair to a great start. Choosing a wrong one can run the risk of untameable frizz or cause heat damage to delicate hair. 

We have invested time to test the whole range of products and find the best that can fit in your budget. We would explain the key and significant factors that contribute towards the performance as you expect. Considering the price range hair dryers can start from hundred to wallet-busting even thousands, there is a one that fits every budget. 

How to choose the right dryer

Hairdryers have gone under transformation from days of bow dries and burning ends to speedy styles. With so many options available in the market, it can be challenging to opt for one. Here we have a few tips and guides to choose the best dryer for your hair. 


For the best dryer under 1000, you should opt if you want an Alternate current or Direct current. The AC hairdryer comprises of the heater and fans motor that operates independently while the DC dryer operates together. AC is heavier yet powerful compared to DC. 

Choose the wattage, the higher the wattage the powerful dryer would be. A 2000 W hairdryer would be powerful compared to 850 or 1200W. Salons use higher wattage dryer with ceramic or ionic technology

Ceramic Dryers vs. Ionic Dryers:-

Ceramic dryers are less damaging to hair compared to metal ones. A ceramic dryer is a quality of achieving frizz-free and shiny lock’s hair. Ionic technology dryers create negative ions that damage water molecules in hair. Ionic hair dryers can tame hair, banish frizz and also define curls.

An ionic dryer can dry up your hair more quickly compared to ceramic dryers. Tourmaline hair dryers are designed to emit infrared heat also negative ions. Tourmaline works with a blend of the ionic and ceramic dryer.


No one wants to buy a dryer that is heavy and causes fatigue to arm when styling hair. It just makes the process uncomfortable and tiring. Try to focus on the dry that is lightweight and can be used without the issue of weight and noise. 

Cable Length:-

As per your personal needs, choose a cable with the appropriate length. If you want to use a dryer near the dressing table where the socket is just beside the mirror, or you need a long rope to run a dryer. 

Dryers with short cables are less versatile, and it might fall short when blowing your hair. A 2 to 3-meter cable is a minimum requirement to set. 

Hair Dryer Attachments 

When you are styling your hair, ether you can dry or add style. You should always use a dryer with proper attachments as per your needs. Using the right nozzle can maximize your style while going rogue can add frizz and poofy hair. 

Concentrator Nozzle 

Concentrator nozzles alter the flow of air venting from the blow dryer. Instead of coming hot air out and fast, the concentrator focuses more on targeted drying. The concentrator can be useful and more comfortable to blow dry bangs straight or add volume to the roots of the hair. Blowouts are easier with concentrator nozzle. 


For curly hairs, a diffuser is an ideal attachment. The diffuser head drives air coming out of the dryer and spread through the tines. When you use dry hair, lesser air is directed in a particular area. The air is spread out, making it quiet for drying and being gentler on hair. 

Temperature Control 

Another crucial feature for best hair dryer under 1000, must possess is temperature setting. The dryer must have at least 2 to 3 heat settings ranging from low, medium, and hight. The temperature settings can depend on your hair type and style you need to achieve. 

Most of the hair dryer is built with cool shot settings that emit cold air to lock the hair cuticle and give you more style look for a more extended period. 

Blow Dryers for your hair type 

Once you have understood the crucial features of a best hair dryer under 1000, you can choose the best among the curated products. We have shortlisted the dryer that works best for your hair type. 

For curly and frizzy hair – A ceramic hair dryer would be an ideal tool. These dryers are better known for heat dispersal and lesser drying time that combats with frizz. 

For short hair or fine hair – Short hair is prone to heat damage, due to this ceramic dryer with low wattage would be the best option. 

For long and thick hair – Titanium emits more heat and reduces drying time. For long hair, it usually takes time and maneuvering, choose titanium-based lightweight hair dryers that can simplify your job without being hurting arms.

These Are The Best Hair Dryers Under 1000 in India- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. VEGA X-Style 1200 Hair Dryer

  • Low and High setting options for thin, fragile, and thick hair.
  • 1200 wattage can be conventionally used for everyday drying.
  • Safety cut automatic cut out for protection against damage.
  • Non Slip ergonomic handle and design to give you more control.
  • Extra accessory of Detachable Nozzle to control airflow.

Vega has been dealing with the Indian market and consumers across the world. It has been delivering hair styling products at an affordable cost range with high quality.

The dryer has been leading in our list with 1st position due to sturdy and robust material along with features. 

Vega products are cleverly designed, keeping Indian customers and their demands into consideration. The compact and lightweight dryer is considered one of the best hair dryers in India under 1000, due to its smart design and features. 

Though the product is less expensive, it offers brilliant performance. Small compact with powerful 1200 watt motor would dry up your hair before you can realize. This useful dryer comes with two heat settings – Low and High to match up with your hair and style. 

The product comes with the reliability of Vega and ergonomic design that makes it easy to use the product without troubling your arm much. India experiences mostly summer compared to other seasons, that’s why we need a cool temperature dryer that helps to seal the hair cuticle and adds long-lasting hold on your hair. 

It comprises of a detachable nozzle that helps you to regulate the flow of air for specific settings and precise styling. The non-grip handle gives you the flexibility of having a grasp on the product efficiently. The automatic overheat cut out function protects the dryer from damaging the machine due to overheating.

2. Havells HD3151 1600W Cool Shot Hair Dryer

  • Convenient three temperature settings with cool shot feature
  • Foldable handle for easy of storing
  • Honeycomb inlet for avoiding tangling of hair.
  • 1200 W motor gives you the flexibility to use daily.
  • Cool and stylish turquoise white color with ergonomic handle.

Havells has been in the industry for ages and producing quality electrical equipment. It is amazing how good the product is as per its pricing. Considered as the best hair dryer under 1000, the product is highly portable and efficient for the fast drying process. 

What could be better if you can use one equipment for drying and styling? Yes, thanks to Havells compact dryer that has an inbuilt small motor keep hair healthy and protects from getting damaged. A 1200 W motor gives you gentle, smoother, and shiny hair. 

Whether you need for blow-drying or adding style, this product is perfect for optimum airflow.  The blow dryer has cool air shot features that are used for giving final finish and long-lasting results. 

This hair dryer ensures to you get even distribution of heat to avoid damage to your hair. With three temperature settings, you could monitor heat setting – hot, warm, and cool. An additional accessory concentrator is attached to it, which is fixed. With honeycomb inlet, you are sure that you won’t mess up and tangle hair unintentionally while drying up.

3. Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer

  • Efficient advanced concentrator technology for quick and uniform heat.
  • Thermo protects temperature setting for ease of optimal drying temperature.
  • The flexibility of Long 1.5 mt cord
  • Compact design for easy storing and carrying.
  • 2 Heat setting to style up hair.
  • Powerful 1000 watts motor can work well for your basic needs.

Philips is renowned for its top-notch quality and technology in all its products. When it is about styling products, Philips HP 8100 is the best hair dryer under 1000, leading the race in the industry. 

The dryer is efficient with strong suction to dry up your hair. The smart, sleek design makes the product compact and lightweight so you can easily carry in your bag and handle effortlessly. Who said styling needs to be expensive, Philips? This product proved it wrong by upbringing features at affordable pricing. 

Its Advanced concentrator technology controls and focuses the air output as you rare styling. Control your frizz, make hair straight or soft wavey look, thanks to concentrator technology. All you need is the right brush and proper grip, and you can get a professional style of your choice. 

Philips HP 8100 dryer boasts a long chord of 1.5 meters to give you the flexibility of using it without getting an entangled to limited place. With powerful 1000 Watts and flexible 2-speed heat settings, you can simply experiment with your hair. 

Thermal protect features gives you the flexibility of optimal drying temperature and saving you from overheating the hair. The narrow concentrator accessory focuses on flowing the air through an opening on a particular area, which results in precise styling and touch-ups. 

4. VEGA Blooming Air 1000 Hair Dryer

  • Convenient two way settings – Hot and Cold air blow out
  • Compact and lightweight give you ease to handle.
  • Safe automatic power cut out to avoid damage.
  • High in performance with 1000 W motor for quick drying.
  • Concentrator Nozzle for focused drying and styling.

The Vega Hair Dryer gets the job done correctly without breaking your savings. You can quickly get Vega’s best hair dryer under 1000 with attractive features. Additionally, it includes lots of perks that you would get inexpensive dryers for maintaining smooth and less frizzy hair. 

Despite being an affordable piece, the dryer quality leave and efficiency would leave you surprised. Who doesn’t wants to add style in minimum time, with Vega, it’s possible? 1000 W motor gives you quicker blow-drying and set your hair. No fear of arm fatigue while drying the hair, it is lightweight and compact. 

The attachments are easy to maneuver; with the detachable nozzle, you could use flexibly use your dryer. Spout ensures that your hair dries smoothly without adding frizz and flyaway. When not in use, you could conveniently fold and store it. The dryer comes with safety; it has an automatic cut out feature when being overheated. 

It includes two regular heat seating, one for cool and other for hot air, once you blow-dry entirely, head to cool shot for adding style and shine to your hair. 

5. Syska HD1610 Hair Dryer

  • High performance 1200 W motor provider great air velocity.
  • Uniform temperature maintains shine and healthy-looking hair.
  • 2 Speed setting – Hot and cold air shot.
  • Easy to store, foldable handle.
  • Evenly spread heat balance technology for instant heating
  • Prominent air inlet grille for better airflow while drying

You don’t have to spend bucks to get the latest style done without adding frizz. The affordable SYSKA best hair dryer under 1000 is one that possesses many talents along with the reliability of the brand. 

The affordable product includes two speed setting for more straightforward use. If you are an everyday user who wants just to blow dry or add style, then this product is worth it for you. Cool air shot gives you a final look on your hairstyle while hot air would blow dry up hair quickly. 

Sturdy and Powerful motor with 1200W is designed with a big air inlet grill, which enhances airflow. It distributes the heat evenly compared to traditional dryers due to which you have to spend less time to blow dry your hair. The device is durable and lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about getting tired while drying your mane. 

If you are looking for a great piece of cord product, then this one is right for you. With 1.6 m cord gives you more room to move around along with making storage easy. Usually, excessive long cables get twisted and tangled, but 1.6m is fair enough for a dryer. 

The mechanism of Uniform heating maintains the hot temperature in one setting only. So you don’t need to change again and again from low to high setting for drying up the hair. 

6. Havells HD3101 1200W Hair Dryer

  • Ergonomic design gives you an excellent grip to carry while blow-drying.
  • 1200 W high-performance motor for a quicker job.
  • 1.6 m long cord provides more space to roam while you style.
  • Heat balance technology evenly distributes heat without damaging.
  • Two-way temperature setting – Hot and Warm.

For gentle, quick, and affordable drying hair, Havells product does the trick. It is lightweight, easy to hold up high, so you can easily attempt to style even at the back of your hair. It comes with an affordable option and adds up in a list of best hair dryer under 1000

It comes with two heat settings for all types of hairs. If you have to think hair or thick, it can avoid over-drying your hair with consistent heat. Hot and warm heating for drying or adding style, volume to your hair, uniformly distributing heat to prevent damage to hair while ultimately results in less heat exposure and loss. 

The 1200 W blows out hair in a span of few seconds. Sleek design and balanced weight of the product makes worthy buying, as per our experts. Honeycomb inlet ensures that you don’t get tangled hair while focusing on your style. With 1.6 m, you get more to move while you style. 

The dryer works well for; if you have no objection for the un-foldable handle, then this product is worth the buy-in budget.

7. SYSKA HD1605 1000W Hair Dryer

  • Big wind inlet for reduced air swirl.
  • Low noise decibel producing a product.
  • Foldable handle for ease of storing and carrying.
  • Avoid damage with overheating protection.
  • The soft white design adds style with elegance.
  • Overheating protection to avoid damage.
  • Health breeze mode for gentle drying hair.

Syska has been catering to Indian consumers for years, and it is well known for maintaining standard quality in its products. It comes with useful features along with affordability. 

Flaunt and set your style with a smartly crafted best hair dryer under 1000. The product is equipped with a significant wind inlet, which offers reduces air swirl for efficient drying your hair. Heat Balance technology produces the lowest amount of decibel. The dryer is high in performance beyond providing low-level noise. 

For starters, the handle seems sleek but easy to handle. The appliance is manufactured with 1000 W with two-way heat settings dries up the hair in minutes without creating frizz or heat damage. The product is efficient in sealing the cuticles and adding shine to hair. For optimal results, always ensure to use the right products. 

We all are aware; excess heat could grill our ears and heads while using dryers. To avoid this, along with damage to hair, Syska has brought up with overheat protection. 

Healthy Breeze feature adds protection to your hair by gently drying up without excess heat. Excess heat could dry up your scalp and causes dandruff; with Syska, you are safe.

White designed product adds style and elegance to your beauty product. The foldable handle gives you access to the store in your bag or wardrobe. With detachable nozzle, you get more flexibility in adding style to your hair. 

8. RYLAN 2000W Professional Stylish Hair Dryers

  • Ease of blow-drying with detachable concentrated nozzle.
  • 2000 W hair dryer for faster drying.
  • 3 Air settings – Cool, warm, and hot.
  • The flexibility of two-speed settings for powerful airflow.
  • Comfortable grip with easy navigating buttons.
  • 2 M cord makes it easy to use.

Thought the brand is not amongst the International high valued brand. But RYLAN products are worth to buy in a budget which delivers excellent results. The products provides optimal results with other worth features. 

The RYLAN best hair dryer under 1000 is quite easy to use and possesses an ergonomic handle, which makes the procedure convenient. The sturdy black piece looks more professional dryer. It is quiet with 2000 W motors, which makes the process faster but in a calm way. 

Our expert found that the product has a gentle drying option with two heat seating. It leaves your hair dry in minimal time with a soft feel and healthy-looking. You can add extra bounce or sleek your look with the worthy piece. 

It’s not pricey as other dryers in the market, its worth for those who are looking speedy way of drying with excellent results. With overheat protection, you could ensure that you won’t end up damaging your scalp and hair. 

2.0 M long cord gives you the flexibility to move while you style your hair. High-quality wind motor balances system, which makes it the best choice for salons. The box contains a concentrator that makes it easier for blow-drying, adding volume, or straighten hair.

9. CHAOBA 2000 Watts Professional Hair Dryer

  • Compact and ergonomically designed product.
  • Consume 2000 Watt power for fast performance.
  • 2 Flexible heat settings.
  • Overheat protection for avoiding damage.
  • Hot, Warm, and cold air blower functioning.

What could be better if you get the best hair dryer under 1000, which could simplify your salon job? Chaoba has a solution with high-performance results in beauty appliances. This hair dryer is efficient for professional and uniform heating. 

The artistic ergonomic design makes the dryer powerful with ease of usage. If you can hold the product comfortably, you could use it better and for a long time without hurting yourself. Chaoba designed the product focusing on the Indian market, for producing more results at less price. 

The high-quality buttons give you the flexibility to move upwards or downwards to adjust the fan speed. Lock your everyday style easily with 2000 W motor and adjustable speed buttons. The high-quality insulation and thick 2.0M long cords prevent you from risk and shocks while you can style while moving.

The product comes with two concentrator nozzles that add more convenience while styling.

10. Lifelong LLPCW08 Professional Hair Dryer

  • Super Cool Mode with easy to maneuver.
  • Not bulk, compact for secure.
  • Foldable handle option for convenient storing.
  • Flexible 1.8 M cord gives you more room to move.
  • three heat settings for most robust to lowest airflow.
  • 1600 W motor efficient in drying up the hair.

The Professional Foldable hair dryer comprises a lot of useful features at competitive prices. The 1600 W dryer is an ideal choice for everyday users. With heat balance technology, you don’t have to get worried about the uneven distribution of hot air.

To facilitate a fast-drying setting with ideal temperature, heat balance technology works well. The two speed, along with three heat settings, gives you the optimal temperature for better airflow while you style your hair. Use proper heat settings as per your hairstyle, or you would end up with Major disservice or loss.

With a cool shot, you could smooth down the hair cuticle and create shine along with smoothness. If you want your hair set to the last longer, always use a cool shot at the end.

The concentrator nozzle adds supremacy on the product. If you want to do a blow-dry or roll out hair, the nozzle can help you emit the air in an appropriate proportion. Whether you want to add volume or aiming to lift, the concentrator nozzle can dry your roots to create more size.

1.8 M cord gives you the flexibility to style up hair even if the plug is not beside your mirror. The dryer is balanced well, as per the size it’s compact and lightweight. With a foldable option, it can be your companion while you travel.

Despite being the best hair dryer under 1000, it has maintained its standards and quality. It will leave you to surprise by its high performance.

Summing Up

Over a month and extensive research, we have opted for ten finalists in the list of best hair dryer under 1000.  We consider everyone’s needs, and the requirement is different; still we have shortlisted some products keeping many factors into consideration.

Since the texture of hair and style may vary, it is hard to justify one dryer that fits everyone’s needs. But if you are confused regarding choosing a dryer, read our guide, and a common question arises while buying the right one.

Despite ridiculously low priced, there is a Salon professional dryer with high-end concepts and attachments that you find in top range models. Choose the best hair dryer under 1000 that meets your requirements and demands.

Always use protectant serums, lotions, and sprays for protection against hair damage and adding longevity to your style.

Queries related to Hair Dryers

Q. u003cstrongu003eCan frequent hair drying cause damage?u003c/strongu003e

Yes, as per studies, it has been proven that frequent hair drying can cause damage to hair strands and scalp. If you have to use it daily, keep the dryer at a distance with low or medium temperature.

Q. u003cstrongu003eAre there battery-operated hair dryers available?u003c/strongu003e

Yes, there is a practical and convenient battery-operated hair dryer available, which makes it comfortable while carrying or styling at home. But they come with a disadvantage of a shorter life span.

Q. u003cstrongu003eHow to reduce frizz while styling or blow-drying hair?u003c/strongu003e

Use ionic technology hair dryers or tourmaline dryer that reduces frizz. The hair emits positive ions, while the iconic technology neutralizes them during the drying process.

Q. u003cstrongu003eDo loud hair dryer are high in performance compared to quiet ones?u003c/strongu003e

The performance of hair is depended upon the motor and other features. The motor is a cause of producing noise; the higher strength produces more noise. But this does not case every time. With technology, some solutions offer low noise hair dryers.

Q. u003cstrongu003eIs there any particular dryer for curly hair?u003c/strongu003e

Curly hair is thicker in texture; they need high wattage dryers. Also, a diffuser is beneficial to most curly heads.

Q. u003cstrongu003eWhat is the minimum wattage that should be in a hair dryer?u003c/strongu003e

The minimum wattage for everyday use can be from 1000-2000; anything below it would give you struggle to efficient blow-drying. u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003e Curly hair is thicker in texture; they need high wattage dryers. Also, a diffuser is beneficial to most curly heads.

Q. u003cstrongu003eWhat is the minimum wattage that should be in a hair dryer?u003c/strongu003e

The minimum wattage for everyday use can be from 1000-2000; anything below it would give you struggle to efficient blow-drying. u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003e

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