Top 10 Best Hand Blender In India

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

Blending and mixing are the everyday part of kitchen chores. Well-designed hand blenders are the best kitchen companion in such cooking jobs. You can select the hand blender as per your need from light to heavy jobs.

Mixers and food processors used in the kitchen need to move food from vessels to the different pots. Hand blenders help you do this without moving your food in a different pot. It saves the time you spend in cooking preparations.

The hand blender is a multipurpose kitchen tool you can use to whisk, melt, blend, and mix. You can choose the hand blender with a simple press button operation or the blenders having speed variations.

Here is the list of Best Hand Blender In India you can select one from. Have a look at them and get the hand blender that suits your needs.

Top 10 Best Hand Blender In India Revies

1. Boss B101 Portable Blender 125W

  • It has 2 years warranty on its motor
  • Steel blades are durable which is useful in several purposes
  • This portable blender operates at 230 volts
  • Easy operations
  • You can clean it effortlessly
  • You get a wall mount stand, 3 steel blades and user guide

This hand blender is by the well known Boss brand having amazing sharp steel blades. It has quality and durability with the best material. You get 2 years of warranty on the motor proving its long life. You will receive a warranty card with the product.

This powerful hand blender operates at the speed of 12000 RPM. It requires 125 watts of power for its operations. You can mount the hand blender on the wall using the stand you get with the blender. The user manual can guide you to understand its simple operations.

It is very handy and thus convenient to use. You can use it for your everyday cooking chores. It just simplifies your cooking activities like blending and mixing. You do not need to worry about the size as its portable size does not consume too much space in your kitchen.

Buy this affordable and portable hand blender in a stylish grey color. Its color and look can match any kitchen interior turning it to be the Best Hand Blender In India.

2. PRO365 Indo Foamer Frother for Milk, Coffee, Cappuccino (Abs Material Handle)

  • Operates with a battery
  • Easy operation and easy to clean
  • Useful in multiple purposes
  • Need 2 AA Battery
  • BPA free material
  • Stainless steel casing & Quick froth

PRO365 brand is known for its stylish and advanced kitchen appliances. You can get this easy to use a hand blender with AA batteries. You can control the blender speed easily. This foam maker is safe with its complete casing.

You can use this Best Hand Blender In India for various purposes like stir, blend, and create foam for coffee. It is designed for light usage only. You can enjoy cocktails, juices, and hot chocolates too. Food grade material like steel makes the blender safe to use.

This PRO365 will give you a delicious cappuccino effortlessly. You just have to slide the top cover of the blender, insert two batteries in the opposite direction and it is ready to use. Do not expect heavy operations as it operates with the batteries.

Mouth-watering hot chocolate will be ready for you in just 15 seconds with a simple whisk using this handheld blender. It is manufactured in India and available at an affordable price. It is useful in preparing drinks and milkshakes too. It is easy and efficient in both installation and usage.

3. STAR WORK Hand Blender

  • Works without power, completely handheld
  • High-quality material like stainless steel and quality plastic
  • Easy to hold with a comfortable grip
  • Highly durable
  • Has a heavy gear system
  • High-quality blades
  • Available in multiple colors

This hand blender from Star Work is a must-buy tool for your kitchen. It is completely power-free and hence easy to control too. It is from a prestigious brand Star Work that promises high quality and durability.

You can use this hand blender for various purposes like beating eggs, making buttermilk, Mixing the ingredients for a recipe, etc. Such a multipurpose hand blender is finely designed to make it easy to store consuming less space in your kitchen.

This power-free Best Hand Blender In India is designed for quick clean. This kitchen tool is available in multiple colors you can select from. The design enables easy grip to hold the hand blender with comfort. It can be used as a blender, whisker, and even as a beater with its high speed of operations.    

Taste your food prepared with this handheld tool and enjoy the effortless cooking experience. The high-speed performance of the tool will be the best helping hand in your daily chores.

4. ZOSOE Milk Frother Electric Foam Maker Classic Sleek Design Hand Blender Mixer Froth Whisker Latte Maker for Milk,Coffee,Egg Beater,Juice,Cafe Latte,Espresso,Cappuccino,Lassi,Salad (Multicolor)

  • Amazing appliance available in multicolor
  • Useful in making milk froth
  • Can beat eggs
  • Works on budget-friendly power
  • Portable design & Affordable
  • Very lightweight to use

ZOSOE band has a name in making affordable kitchen tools to simplify your cooking. This handy blender is all you need for various cooking jobs. This tool will help you minimize your cooking time with its high speed.

This ZOSOE Hand blender has a clever design to fit into your kitchen easily. Its lightweight material makes it easier to use. It is manufactured with high-quality plastic that assures complete safety for food items.

You can use this Best Hand Blender In India for beating eggs in a bowl in no time. You can enjoy an Espresso or Cappuccino even when you are in a hurry. It is perfect for a fast life which saves your time giving tasty food.

If you have less time for cooking preparations you must buy this easy to operate and easy to store hand blender for your kitchen. You can choose any of the colors among a large palette available in these hand blenders. Add this useful tool to your kitchen for a happy cooking experience at a pocket-friendly price.

5. IVAAN NOVEL Power-Free Hand Blender & Beater in Kitchen Appliances with High Speed Operation (Egg and Cream; Milkshake; Soup; Lassi; Butter Milk Maker; Multicolour), Multicolor, medium (FILPO025)

  • Work without power
  • High-quality stainless-steel blades
  • Comfort grip & Durable blades
  • Plastic body for lightweight design
  • Multipurpose operations
  • Easy to use single press operation
  • Easy to fit design

NOVEL Hand Blender manufactures kitchen appliances that operate with the high-speed rotation to perform multiple tasks. Blades have a wavy design made up of stainless-steel giving durability to the product.

You get a lifelong ABS plastic body that can be used frequently for years. This hand blender has a powerful gear system for multiple operations. You can clean this kitchen appliance without much hassle. It is a well-designed tool with convenient features.

It works with a single press button which is easy to handle for everyone. This tool is perfectly pocket friendly as it is available at an affordable price and works without power. You can use this kitchen tool as a beater for eggs and creams. It is useful in liquidizing food like soup.

This Best Hand Blender In India is perfect for the preparations of milkshakes, lassi, dal, soups, and baby foods. You can have delicious food every day with this quick action kitchen tool. Get this hand-operated kitchen tool for you and enjoy happy cooking.

6. Inalsa Robot 2.5SS Hand Blender with Stainless Steel Stem, (White)

  • Works on 250 watts power motor
  • Warranty of one year on product
  • Shockproof design for safe use
  • Easy to use single push button
  • Detachable design
  • Requires 230 volts operating voltage

If you are looking for a safe and portable hand blender, here it is. Inalsa Robot 205 SS is the Best Hand Blender In India with a detachable stem. It is designed for a sleek body with a shockproof material. Instruction manual with the product can guide you about its easy to use functions.

It consumes low energy making it affordable and budget-friendly for daily use. You get a durable hand blender by Inalsa brand having a year of warranty. The convenient push-button is all you need to start using this amazing hand blender.

This kitchen tool is the must-have companion for you. You can use it for various purposes like whipping and beating. It has easy operations that can help you prepare delicious food without being messy.

You get a single speed in this hand blender giving uniform results. Detachable stainless-steel stem helps you clean the blender faster than other tools. Stainless steel blades used in the blender are tough and sharp.

7. Orpat HHB-100E WOB 250-Watt Hand Blender (White)

  • Stylish design & portable size
  • Comfort grip for use
  • Strong and safe body material
  • Operates at 250 Watt
  • Blades rotate with 18000 RPM

This is a stylish white color hand blender by top brand Orpat to add elegance in your kitchen. This is a multipurpose kitchen tool by a trusted brand you can buy at an affordable price. You get a strong and tough body with stainless steel material.

Orpat HHB-100E WOB blender is highly comfortable with its designed grip. You can quickly beat, churn, whip, and blend purees, juices, and so on. It requires little or no maintenance with a simplified design. This Best Hand Blender In India comes with 6 functions to select the speed required for the respective purpose.

This hand blender is energy efficient which saves your electric usage. It is compact to store in your kitchen. Such energy-efficient and easy to use kitchen tools are a must-have for everyone. You can own finger-licking recipes with the quick mix and blend hand blender. 

The lightweight and portable design of this hand blender is a perfect tool for your kitchen. Make your daily cooking routine easy and quick with minimum power usage. Steel blades are well designed to do their job efficiently.

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This Kitchen Utensil Kitchenware Hand blender is a perfect power free tool. You can make this kitchen tool yours at a very cheap rate. It can be marked Best Hand Blender In India in the budget. It has to be operated manually without power and thus it is very easy to handle.

You can use it for various cooking purposes like beating and mixing. This Kitchenware Hand Blender is designed in a compact style to fit in little space. You can get this affordable handy blender and mixer in any color you wish. It has a simple operation of pressing the handle.

You can taste buttermilk, milkshakes, and juices made with the use of Kitchen Utensil Kitchenware hand blender. You can decorate your delicious cake with the whipped cream using this cream beater. This tool can also be used in preparing your favorite lassi.

Prepare purees and mixes with this handy mixer. The simple design of the handy blender makes it easy to clean. Enjoy tasty milkshakes at your home using this handy power free blender.

9. PHILIPS HL1655/00 Hand Blender 250W, White

  • Operates at the power of 250 watt
  • Rotates with the speed of 18000 rpm
  • Product warranty of 2 years
  • Wall brackets for storage
  • Removable stainless-steel blades
  • Rust Proof material
  • Safe to use the arm

Philips brand needs no introduction and proof of its excellence in manufacturing appliances. The brand offers amazing appliances that are highly durable. You can choose the brand trust in selecting an appliance for you.

Here is the Philips Daily Collection hand blender model designed by experts. This most efficient appliance is the Best Hand Blender In India you can buy. You can do both hot and cold blending with this hand blender.

Stainless steel strong blades of this blender are removable making the blender easy to clean. You get a cord of length 1.2m giving you the convenience to use. This 13inch kitchen appliance is a must-have tool for your kitchen. With such a portable size and design, the hand blender is easy to store.

You will take a maximum of 20 minutes to blend or mix the ingredients. The rust proof material of the blender permits a high frequency of use. You can blend a large quantity of food quickly. A better grip in the design helps in using the blender effectively.  

10. Prestige Hand Blender - PHB 11.0

  • Works at 250-watt power
  • Long-life durability for frequent use
  • One-year warranty on the product
  • Clever design
  • Strong and tough stainless-steel blades
  • Safe to wash in dishwasher

Prestige is the first choice of customers when it is about the kitchen. The brand has gained trust with its quality promise. This top brand gives you the most advanced features and functionalities at an affordable price. You can choose Prestige over all other brands for an assured high-quality product.

This is the Orange colored hand blender by prestige you must add to your kitchen. It can help you blend and mix food items saving your kitchen time. This amazing hand blender promises uniform blending each time.

Stainless steel sharp blades give fine results and durability to the product. This Prestige hand blender is Best Hand Blender In India with slim body design. Easy-grip makes it comfortable to hold and control the hand blender.

Professionals are fond of this prestige hand blender. If you want fine blending like professionals, this is the tool you need. This kitchen appliance has a clever technology to balance power as per need. Super sharp blades, slim design, and low power usage make this hand blender the best choice.

Buying Guide For Best Hand Blender In India:

With the available variety of hand blenders in the market, it becomes tough to know Best Hand Blender In India. When you are investing your money in any appliance, it has to be worth it. Here is the complete buying guide to get the best hand blender in your budget. You have to consider the below aspects while selecting the one for your kitchen.

1.      Efficiency in operations

It is usually the ability to convert the ingredients into a fine puree. Whenever you buy an appliance, performance is the first aspect you must be looking for. This performance of the hand blender depends on the motor installed in it. Best quality motor results into a smooth puree like soups.

2.      Power requirement

Few brands offer hand blenders operating on power while some of the brands sell hand blenders working power free. You must check such power requirements of the hand blender before buying.

You can buy energy-efficient power free hand blenders for light jobs. For heavy jobs, you should prefer the hand blender operating on electricity.

3.      Control on speed

Speed settings are important for controlling the blender rotations according to the job. Some food ingredients are delicate and thud need slow speed. High speed will be required for jobs like pulverizing.

 Most of the hand blenders have two-speed settings useful for daily chores. Hand blenders offering more functions and settings may cost more than these two setting blenders.

4.      Hold comfort

Hold comfort depends on factors like grip design, cord length, size of the blender, overall design, and your power switch location. You can check your power switch location and the cord length provided with the blender accordingly.

Oversized hand blenders are not comfortable to use. Blender has to be slim and lightweight for easy grip. You can get efficient results only if you have a comfortable hold on the blender.

5.      The blade holder

The hand blenders have two to three blades for blending and mixing purposes. These blades are fixed or removable according to the blender design. This holder is referred to as a cage and you have to be sure about the durability and strength of this cage.

Solid cages may trap food particles. You have to look for the gaps and cutouts in the blender that can work for fine results.

6.       The material of the shaft

Hand blenders have a shaft made up of metal or plastic. Plastic material is lightweight whereas stainless steel ensures durability. Stainless steel material is safe for food and easy to clean.

Plastic material is not recommendable for long term use. Stainless steel shafts are strong and give better results than the plastic shafts. Professionals use stainless steel shafts useful for frequent use.

7.      Design and material of blades

Blades play an important role in the blender functions. These blades have to cut and blend the food ingredients. You have to check these blade designs and material before buying the hand blender.

Plastic blades are not durable and breakable which leads you to choose stainless steel blades for fine blending. Blade quality can be checked with the strength of the material used for it and its sharp design.

Big, thick, and elegant blades are ideal for heavy and frequent use. You can choose the tri-blade hand blender for best results.

8.      Overall Design

The overall design of the blender has to be ideal for grip and control. A sleek and lightweight design is comparatively more efficient than the heavy and bulky hand blenders. You have to look for the material used in the design too.

Shockproof materials are safe to use in the kitchen. This material has to be easy to grip and control. Stainless steel constructions are best for lifelong durability.

9.      Potential use

Basic hand blender has the blades that perform mixing and blending. Advanced hand blenders have different attachments for various jobs. These additional chopping blades add complexity to the operations.

You have to buy the hand blender having enough functions you need. Too many settings and blades for exchanging cannot justify a hand blender. Note your needs and go for the hand blender accordingly.

10.   Length of the blender

Hand blender lengths vary with the brands. This aspect is important to assure how the blender can reach the pot bottom. Taller wands help you blend large quantities. If you want to blend food in a deep pot, you have to be sure that the blender reaches the bottom for even results.

It is not always when you need a tall blender. Long blenders may become hard to operate when you want to prepare juice or mix food ingredients in a bowl. You thus have to get the hand blender according to your frequent purpose.

11.  Overheating is the issue

This is the most neglected aspect of buyer checks while buying a hand blender. Handheld blenders may get heat up with use and it is highly risky to use such blenders. This overheating issue is mostly because of cheap material used in the construction of the handheld blenders.

This overheating accumulates heat at the attachments which may lead to burning. It is quite important to choose the handheld model having the overheat protection mechanism. It is recommended to stay away from the cheap blenders made with low-quality material and choose Best Hand Blender In India.

12.  Easy to clean

Every kitchen appliance has to be kept hygienic and clean. You thus have to see if the appliance is designed for ease of clean. Most of the blenders have easy to clean construction with detachable parts.

Some of the handheld blenders are safe to wash with the dishwasher. You have to clean the blender immediately after use to keep it clean. Food particles may get stuck if it dries on the blender. Detachable wands are easy to clean which also helps you wash the handle separately.

13.  Warranty

Most of the handheld blenders available in the market give a one-year warranty on the motor. This warranty period gives a brief of the blender’s quality. You can find blenders having a warranty period of 2-3 years based on brands, models, and their functions.   

14.  Affordable price

Last but not least price is the most important aspect to look for. You first have to decide your budget to select the blender. Work out on the range you can spend on a hand blender and filter your search accordingly.

You can shortlist options available in your range to choose Best Hand Blender In India. You can finalize the blender after reviewing all its features and other aspects you need in your blender.


1.  Is a hand blender really useful? How?

Hand blenders are useful for daily chores in the kitchen. The cooking jobs like mixing, blending, and whipping take too much time when done manually. Hand blender makes these tasks easier and quicker.

Top brands design hand blenders with advanced features that can do multiple tasks other than the basic blending job. Thus, this kitchen tool is a time saver and a good helping hand every one must-have.

2. How much power does a hand blender consume?

Hand blenders are of two types, power-free hand blenders and those operate on power. Power free blenders are designed to do light jobs whereas the blenders consume power that is perfect for heavy jobs.

Power freehand blenders do not consume electricity and are completely pocket friendly. The hand blenders operating on electricity ideally consumes about 250 WATTS of power. One can select according to the need and available power supply.

3. Is it safe to use electric hand blenders?

Electric hand blenders are capable of performing mixing and blending at high speed. This saves time giving even results. A blending task takes too much time and energy to perform manually.

Hand blenders operating on electric power have the capability of performing heavy jobs on large quantities. Some of the hand blenders are designed with shockproof material which makes the hand blenders completely safe for use. So, yes it is completely safe to use electric hand blenders if they are manufactured with quality material.

4. How to clean the hand blender clean after use?

It is easy to clean hand blenders after use. You first have to check for the power which has to be off while washing. Then detach all the parts of the hand blender and immerse them in hot water.

You can use regular dishwashing soap and a sponge to clean your hand blender. You always have to clean the hand blender immediately after use. Food particles may get dry and stuck in cuts on the blender.

You can also wash hand blenders in the dishwasher. Detach all the parts and place the hand blender in the dishwasher except the motor pump. It is simpler than you think.

5. May I wash the hand blender in the dishwasher?

Yes, you can wash hand blenders in the dishwasher. By detaching its parts, you have to place them in the dishwasher except the base having a motor.

6. Can Hand blender crush ice cubes?

No, you cannot crush solid ice with a hand blender. It is a heavy job which may break blades of the hand blender designed for the simple task like blending.

7. Can I use a hand blender for whipping cream?

Yes, you can use a hand blender for whipping the cream. Hand blenders can do this job faster than doing it manually. Blades of the hand blenders rotate with complete power to give you even and uniform results in less time.

8. Can I buy hand blenders online?

You can buy any kitchen appliances online without hesitation. You just have to be sure about the trusted seller. You must check brands and reviews before buying any kitchen appliances. The same applies to the hand blenders too. You can get a smart discount on online eCommerce sites.

So, yes, it is safe and affordable to purchase hand blenders online as you can avail of smart discounts and offers on your purchase online. You must assure that you buy it from a trusted seller site having return and replace policies.

9. How to deal with the splashing issue?

You always have to tilt the shaft of the hand blender while using it. It is recommended to make a setting according to the food item before use. You can use a hand blender at a lower speed while using it on liquids like juice.

You have to control the hand blender while using it. It may cause a food container to spin and spread the food all over your kitchen. You also have to take care while blending hot food items as splashing them may also cause burns to your skin.


You must have gone through a handpicked collection of hand blenders in India. With the buying guide give above you must have understood how to select the best hand blender among the shortlisted products. Prestige, Inalsa, and Philips are the trusted brand you can go with.

You have to decide your budget range and shortlist the hand blender model according to your needs. If you have a love for cooking, you must get this amazing tool for you. This tool will help you give uniform results in less time. This makes it a must buy a kitchen appliance for you.

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