10 Best Headphones under 3000 In India 2021

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

Are you searching for the best headphones under 3000? If yes, then you have landed at the right place! Headphones have now become the most vital parts of our life when it comes to listening to the best quality of audio. There is an extensive range of headphones available in the market. Some of them are pretty expensive, while others are cheaper.

Our team surveyed a lot just for our audience, and as a result, we have come up with an array of the best headphones under 3000. These headphones have proved to be a blessing for the ears. Acting as a distraction for everyone from this monotonous world, they have always been a savior!

Have a look at our significant list of headphones under the range of Rs. 3000 and make a justified choice:

Best Headphones under 3000 In India 2021

1. Sony WH-CH510 Wireless Headphones - Black

  • It comes inclusive of a mic.
  • It is accompanied by a 5.0 Bluetooth version.
  • It has a wireless range of 10m.
  • It is facilitated with a battery life of 35 hrs.
  • The users can answer the phone calls by its simple touch controls.
  • Its rotatable ear cups help in easy packing.

If you are searching for the most commendable pair of headphones, then nothing’s better than the Sony WH-CH510 wireless headphones. These headphones hail with an impressive battery backup. Its notable features have made it count amongst the best headphones under 3000.

While doing in-depth research, this product was marking its existence as the best headphone in your budget. It has a mic that supports noise cancellation so that the user doesn’t get distracted with the outer noises. This headphone’s operation is also possible with the voice assistant of your phone.

You just have to press its center button, and you would be able to activate the notable Siri or the Google Assistant on your phone. It has got a one-year warranty, hands-free calling as well as a driver of 30mm.

2. OneOdio Foldable Over Ear Wired Stereo Sound Headphone with 50 mm Driver, Protein Earmuffs and Shareport for Recording Monitoring Podcast PC TV with Mic (Silver)

  • It has got a superior sound quality.
  • It is equipped with powerful bass, as well as clear vocals.
  • It needs no adapter to reach your TV since it has a 9.8-foot cord.
  • These headphones have shareport technology.
  • It has an ability to function with iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, and many other audio/video devices.
  • They ensure the utmost comfort to anyone wearing them.

On mentioning one of the most prominent add on to the list of best headphones under 3000, OneOdio Studio monitor headphones hold the second position. Anyone who wants to get lost in the super-crisp music and the perfectly balanced sound can vouch for these. They have got the best and the finest 50-millimeter unit drivers, which ensure the perfect Hi-fi level sound.

Also, it’s an undeniable fact that their memory-protein earmuffs are the most comforting things to your ears. You can expect high comfort along with notable isolation while using these amazing headphones. Its 9.8-foot-long cord would never let you feel the absence of an adapter. You would be able to connect it with the TV or other devices with no shortcomings.

The users can enjoy its unique and quite differentiated feature of shareport technology. It means that you can now share music and movies with your family as well as friends. Connect them with your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or any android device and enjoy the music!

3. Tribit XFree Tune Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear - Wireless Headphones 40 Hrs Playtime, Hi-Fi Stereo Sound with Rich Bass, Built-in Mic, Soft Earmuffs - Foldable Headset with Carry Case,Black/Red

  • These headphones have the most comfortable design.
  • They have a built-in rechargeable battery.
  • The users can enjoy hands-free calls as well as an excellent connection.
  • They are not at all fragile since these headphones are foldable.
  • They have significant CSR chips and a Bluetooth 4.1 technology.
  • The headphones can play for more than 40 hours once charged.

Are you someone for whom the comfort also matters apart from the sound quality of the headphones? If yes, then the Tribit XFree Tune Bluetooth headphones are the best choice for you! These are one of the best headphones under 3000 and would satiate you if you are tech-savvy.

These wireless over-ear headphones have the top-notch hi-fi stereo sound. They are incorporated with the 40mm soundstage drivers. Their adjustable headband, along with the protein leather and cushioned earmuffs, is comforting for your ears. You can thus use them continually with no fatigue.

Once you have charged them for a couple of hours, you can use them without any halt for over 40 hours. With the perfect assistance of its CSR chips and Bluetooth 4.1, you can connect it stably with any device immediately.

4. Samson SR850 Studio Headphones

  • These headphones have the best open ear design ensuring the best isolation.
  • They have a frequency response of 10HZ to 30HZ.
  • They are inclusive of 32-Ohm impedance.
  • The users can self-adjust them for a comfortable fit.
  • Their 50mm drivers ensure an impressive dynamic range.
  • They are lightweight.

Those who extensively search for a good choice when it comes to the best headphones under 300 can go for Samson SR850 studio headphones. These are designed in a way that would provide the best comfort of your ears. Also, the audio-quality generated by these headphones is quite satisfactory.

The users can bend the headphones if they want to fit it according to their ear’s comfort. You are going to perceive the great and detailed sounds while listening to the audio via these headphones. They have got the bright trebles as well as the finely pronounced bass that is quite satisfied.

A good number of users have already given it a thumbs up after enjoying their time while listening to their favourite songs! These earphones sound very well, and thus, you can count on them if you have a budget under Rs 3000.

5. Edifier W800BT Bluetooth Headphones - Over-The-Ear Wireless Headphone, Extended Playback, Lightweight - Black

  • It has the ability to let the music play for more than 35 hours once charged.
  • The user can easily switch over to the Bluetooth and wired modes.
  • They have a light frame and are also comfortable to wear.
  • You can control the volume, and control its playing via the Bluetooth device.
  • They have got a one-year warranty.

While searching for the best headphones under 3000, you would surely come across Edifier W800BT Bluetooth headphones. It’s because these earphones are quite worth it if you want to spend your budget on them. They are facilitated with a notably great built as well as good sound quality.

Once you have charged them for a couple of hours, you would be able to use them freely for more than 35 hours. These light to wear headphones are sturdy, and you would never feel dissatisfied with their usage. They look amazing, and at such a reasonable price, you would always enjoy using them.

These headphones also come up with a feature of swiping between the wired and wireless modes, especially for the users who forget to recharge. Since it is lightweight, you would also not have a fear of your head weighing down.

6. Fire-Boltt Blast 1400 Over -Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with 25H Playtime, Thumping Bass, Lightweight Foldable Compact Design with Google/Siri Voice Assistance

  • They are made out of premium materials and have a lightweight built.
  • The headphones comprise of the Hi-Fi sound and the finest bass.
  • The matte slider and the padded headband give a perfect fit to the users.
  • They are accompanied by Bluetooth BT5.0 + EDR + BR.
  • It has foldable ear cups and has always been the best travel mate.

Do you want to listen to music with the utmost comfort and a captivating bass? If yes, then you should start using the amazing Fire-Bolt Blast 1400. These are counted amongst the best headphones under 3000, and you would never feel guilty about their purchase. It is made up of the premium materials that give it the finest look.

You wouldn’t experience any kind of ear fatigue or discomfort while using the high-quality ear cups of these headphones. Their 40mm aperture drivers are eminently known to rivet the best thumping bass. Once you are done with the charging of these headphones, you can continually listen to music for more than 25 hours. Its 430mAh Li-ion battery has it all!

The unrivaled comfort facilitated by these headphones comes up with the cloud-soft ear pads and the foldable ear cups. Enjoy these amazing headphones accompanied by a one-year warranty, and you would get used to their uniqueness.

7. Sennheiser PC 8 USB On-Ear Stereo Headset With In-Line Volume, Mute Control, & Microphone - Noise-Cancellation - High-Quality Audio - Compatible with Laptop, PC, Mac - Telephony Calls and E-Learning

  • It is quite durable.
  • It hails with excellent sound clarity.
  • It comprises the noise-canceling ability.
  • It has a stereo sound Sennheiser quality that supports gaming as well.
  • It consists of a lightweight headband.
  • It has got an easy volume control.

Many people think about the best headphones under 3000, and if you are one of them, we have got the solution for you. If none of the six mentioned above suit you, you should definitely go for the Sennheiser PC 8 Over-Ear USB VOIP Headphone with Mic. It hails with excellent sound clarity.

Well, not only the sound clarity attracts the huge chunk of the population, but its durability is also a characteristic. You can plug it with any device of your choice and start using it with no hassle. The user can plug it to his/her PC, or Max and the headphone would commence its functioning.

Its headband is so lightweight that you would even forget that you are wearing a headset for a while. With its easy volume control feature, you are surely going to love listening to your favourite songs with the headphones.

8. OneOdio Over Ear Headphone, Wired Bass Headsets with 50mm Driver, Foldable Lightweight Headphones with Shareport and Mic for Recording Monitoring Podcast Guitar PC TV - (PRO-10 Red)

  • Listen to music with high comfort while using these headphones.
  • These headphones have got superior sound quality.
  • They come up with the facility of single-site monitoring.
  • It can work well with the iPad, iPod, Android, iPhone, and various miscellaneous audio devices.
  • Their 50mm speaker unit drivers form a balanced sound.

The dire followers of the best-wired bass headsets can rely on the finest OneOdio over-ear headphones. These are one of the best headphones under 3000, and you would always enjoy listening to your songs via them. They have the applaudable balanced sound as well as the utmost comfort while you are wearing them.

The overall build of these headphones is made up with the intention of letting the users stay comfortable. They come up with the padded ear cushions that would help in experiencing noise isolation. Also, they would provide maximum comfort with no shortcomings.

It has an ability to go well with the various other devices, whether they are the iPads, iPods, Androids, or any other audio and video devices. All you can expect is the high-quality sound and notable durability.

9. AKG K72 Close-Back Studio Headphones (Black)

  • They have an audio frequency bandwidth of 16-20000hz.
  • The max input-power of these headphones is 200 mw.
  • 32 ohms impedance and leatherette ear pads.
  • These headphones have a detachable cable.
  • They are not foldable but have got replaceable ear pads.
  • Their headband is self-adjusting, ensuring the finest fit.

Have you ever thought of using one of the best headphones under 3000 that has got a pro-quality sound along with the amazing style? If that’s the case, then you can rely on the AKG K72 Close-Back studio headphones. These are the over-ear and closed back kind of headphones with a professional look.

Whether you are indulged in making a concoction of the background harmonies or either just tracking a song, these headphones would help! They are capable of working with every audio and video device, and thus, they would accurately work with them. These headphones are invented by the king of mics and headphones, AKG, your experience while using them is going to be speechless.

These are majorly prominent for delivering the best quality of sound that, too, at such an affordable price. Count on them and let your soul dive deep into the rhythm of your favorite music!

10. AGARO Aspire Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones with Mic (Black)

  • It has got dual 400 mm sized aperture drivers.
  • Its battery life is exemplary i.e.; you can play it for more than 25 continuous hours.
  • It has a wireless range of 12 meters along with a Bluetooth version 4.2.
  • It can be used with laptops, PCs, and tablets.
  • It has got two modes- Bluetooth (wireless) and wired.
  • It has a collapsible design consisting of the ultra-soft cushion.
  • It contains a rechargeable battery of 430 mAh.

While searching for the best headphones under 3000, you are also going to know about the Agaro Aspire Over-Ear Bluetooth headphones. All you need to do is just charge these headphones for about 3 hours, and you would be able to play it for 25 hours. It comes along with a wireless range of 12 meters and a Bluetooth version of 4.2.

The users can easily adjust the track, change it, increase/decrease the volume with these headphones. Not only this, but you can also answer or hang up the calls with no issues. You can enjoy the amazing sound quality emitted by these headphones at a worth it rate!


You might get a lot confused when it comes to choosing the best headphones under 3000. It’s because there is a whole range of such products available. Buying the finest headphones turns out to be a tedious activity if we get to choose from so many options.

Just to ensure that you are picking up the right headphone, we have come up with a buying guide while choosing amongst the best headphones under 3000. You need to keep a check on so many technical aspects, and some of them are mentioned below:

Ø  Frequency response:

While keeping a check on the frequency response, you are going to ensure that your product is emitting the best sound range. The frequency response is measured in Hertz (Hz). While having a look at the headphone box, you will see 20Hz-20,000Hz. This range is highly preferable, and you should opt for the same.

Ø  Soundstage:

Your headphones should have the ability to attain the soundstage, however, its range varies from one headphone to another. As notified, the larger over-ears are far better than attaining the soundstage rather than the smaller in-ears. 

Ø  Drivers:

Drivers are considered to be the most important things in the headphones that are responsible for sound generation. These drivers are made up of the important voice call, magnet, and the diaphragm. You should have a look at the driver’s size. It’s because the larger the driver, the better would be the sound quality.

Ø  Impedance:

Impedance refers to the power that a headphone requires for its working. If the impedance is lower, then the headphones would be able to emit greater sound with fuller power utilization. When it comes to headphones, 16 Ohms is considered to be the best option of impedance.

Ø  Built and comfort:

While buying headphones, you would have to keep a good check on the design as well as the comfort of the headphone. In the case of the in-ears, you should opt for the ones having a rather smaller earbud. It’s because they are known to fit in well with your ears.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

u003cstrongu003e1.u003c/strongu003e u003cstrongu003eCan I wear headphones to bed?u003c/strongu003e

Yes, you can wear the headphones and earphones to bed only if you know how to use them appropriately. They are surely going to facilitate you with the best sleep. Just in case you are sleeping with the music on via your headphones, you should ensure that the volume doesn’t damage your earbuds over time.u003cbr/u003e

u003cstrongu003e2.u003c/strongu003e u003cstrongu003eHow long does it take to charge the wired/wireless headphones?u003c/strongu003e

If you are using the best and appropriate wired/wireless headphones, it would not take more than 4 hours to charge.

u003cstrongu003e3.u003c/strongu003e u003cstrongu003eDoes the lifetime of the battery reduce with time?u003c/strongu003e

If the user leaves the headphone uncharged for a longer time period, then there are higher chances of a significant reduction in the battery. Thus, it is highly recommended to recharge the notable headphones at least once or twice every month.u003cbr/u003e

u003cstrongu003e4.u003c/strongu003e u003cstrongu003eHow can a user protect his hearing while using headphones?u003c/strongu003e

The user would have to follow the below-mentioned tips if he/she wants to protect his hearing when using headphones:u003cbr/u003eØ  You should reduce the volume.u003cbr/u003eØ  Avoid listening to music at a higher volume.u003cbr/u003eØ  It is mandatory to take regular breaks.u003cbr/u003eØ  Lessen down or limit your listening time per day.

u003cstrongu003eu003cstrongu003e5.u003c/strongu003e u003cstrongu003eWhat to do if my Bluetooth headphones are not charging?u003c/strongu003eu003c/strongu003e

If a problem regarding your Bluetooth headphones’ charging comes up, you should mandatorily check its battery or loose connection. Here are some of the tips that you can follow:u003cbr/u003eØ  Ensure that you are using the supplied USB cable.u003cbr/u003eØ  See to it that the USB cable is connected to your power adaptor and the headset.u003cbr/u003eØ  Plug in your USB cable into another USB port.u003cbr/u003eØ  If you haven’t used the headphones for long, you can wait for it to charge a bit.u003cbr/u003eØ  There might be a case that the battery hasn’t been replaced for many years.

u003cstrongu003e6.u003c/strongu003e u003cstrongu003eFor how long should a person wear headphones (recommended)?u003c/strongu003e

As recommended by many experts, it has been noted that a person should not use headphones for more than 1.5 hours per day. The volume that should be favored during these hours should be no more than 80%.

u003cstrongu003e7.u003c/strongu003e u003cstrongu003eWhat are the two types of headphones?u003c/strongu003e

The headphones are broadly classified into two types, and they are:u003cbr/u003eØ  On the ear headphonesu003cbr/u003eØ  Over the ear headphones

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