10 Best Juicer Under 3000 in India 2021

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

“Health is Wealth.” Taking care of our health is the priority of every human being. Fresh juice plays a vital role in improving our health. Nowadays, people become so conscious about their health; almost everyone has a juicer in their home. So that they can have fresh juice daily.

In the age of 4G, nobody has much time to visit the market to purchase juice. Moreover, when you buy from the shop, they might not provide you with fresh juice. Some add water too. So, having your own is perfect for your health. Have a glass of fruit or vegetable juice anytime.

In the market, you will get plenty of best juicer under 3000. From a low price range to higher, all types of available. Each one comes with different features. Depending on your usage, choose the right one. Find out the juicer for your home or office, which fits in your budget.

Best Juicer Under 3000 In India 2021 Reviews

1. Sujata PM 900-Watt Powermatic Juicer

  • 900-Watt powerful motor juicer
  • Double ball-bearing
  • Capable of running continuously for 90 minutes
  • Detachable pulp container
  • Power supply – 230 to 240 Volts, AC 50-60 Hz.

Sujata Powermatic PM juicer is undoubtedly the best juicer under 3000. 900-Watt powerful motor and double ball-bearing make it more efficient and perfect for continuously extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. It can run 90 minutes continuously. 

Moreover, it has a detachable pulp holding container by which this juicer can run with uninterrupted operation. By 22000 rpm operation, it can extract the original flavor with an aroma of juice. The mixer jar is transparent and unbreakable. 

Class 1 double protection is installed in this juicer for which deficient maintenance is required, and it can provide trouble-free operation for years. With a robust stainless steel blade, it can cut fruits and vegetables in a fine form and also very faster. 

Overall – In an affordable price, you can get this juicer, which works outstandingly. For many years, in various juice parlors, hotels, and cafes are using this juicer machine. It is ideal for home use. The shock-proof feature makes it the best juicer under 3000. If you are looking for a good quality juicer under 3000, then just go for this one, and you don’t have to buy any other juicer for the rest of your life. 

2. Philips Viva HL7705/00 700-Watt Long lasting Juicer

  • 700-Watt Power, 230V-50Hz voltage
  • Stainless steel material blade
  • Online pulp chamber
  • Removable spout and blade
  • Drip stop spout
  • Plastic coupling unique sieve design

Phillips Viva HL 7705/00 juicer has a 700-Watt powerful motor by which it can extract juice from any type of fruit and vegetables. You can put a big size apple without cutting it, through the XL size feeding tube. The online pulp container takes all the extracted pulp and pours it outside into a container. 

The plastic coupling unique sieve design makes it easily washable. Moreover, it has a removable blade and spout. The long-lasting plastic body and the compact design makes it easily operatable. 

The most important thing is that it has a stainless steel material blade and knife, and the sieve material is metal. Because of this high-quality blade, knife, and sieve, this juicer can quickly chop the fruits and vegetables in a fine form and extract the original flavor juice. 

Overall – From the decades, Phillips has manufactured the best electronics good, and this juicer is one of those. Phillips gives 2-years warranty with this product which makes it the best juicer under 3000. If your budget is low, still you want to buy a good, trustable brand juicer then without any doubt purchase this one. You won’t get disappointed.

3. Borosil Primus 500-Watt BJU50SSB11 Juicer

  • 500-Watt Power, 230V AC, 50Hz
  • Cord winder for easy and huge storage
  • Dual switch operation for more protection
  • Stylish and compact design
  • Low noise monitor
  • Stainless steel material mesh and filter

Borosil Primus BJU50SSB11 juicer has a 500-Watt, 230V, and 50Hz powerful motor, which makes it more efficient and long-lasting. It has a cord winder for large quantities and easy storage. The motor has 100% copper winding, and the power cord is 1m long with 3-pin 2 core. 

Moreover, this juicer contains a dual switch operation for providing extra safety. The anti-drop option is designed in the juice outlet nozzle. This lighted compact and stylish design gives it a rich look. 

The 64mm extra-large feeding tube can take the whole apple, pear, or carrot and extract the juice with the original flavor. It also has a 350ml juicer jug. The low noise monitor, two-speed option, and the stainless-steel material mesh and filter makes it the best juicer under 3000

Overall – If your budget is low and wants to buy a juicer for your home, then this Borosil juicer will be perfect for you. They also provide a 1-year warranty with this product, so if it is in the warranty period, they will not take any charge for repairing. 

4. Prestige PCJ 7.0 500-Watt Centrifugal Juicer

  • 500-Watt heavy-duty motor
  • Large capacity with heavy and quick juicing
  • For extra safety – dual locking system
  • Extra-wide mouth
  • Anti-drip system
  • Advanced designed sieve with a rotary switch

Prestige PCJ 7.0 juicer has a 500-watt heavy-duty motor that can prepare fresh juices by extracting fruits and vegetables. It has a large capacity for holding fruit and vegetables. So, you can easily pour a large quantity of fruit for making juice. 

The blades are made of stainless steel, which is very sharp and can easily cut all types of vegetables and fruits without any difficulty. It is having an anti dripping feature and also a rotary switch. The dual locking system is giving it a higher safety and security. 

This juicer is made of plastic and stainless steel body that provides higher durability. The rust-proof property also makes it long-lasting. It has an extra-large, so you can easily pour a big apple without cutting it.  

Overall – All these features make it the best juicer under 3000. If you are planning to purchase a good quality affordable juicer for your home, then without any doubt, buy this juicer. Also, Prestidge provides a 1-year warranty with this juicer. If you have any quires regarding the working functionality of this juicer, then call their customer care number any time. 

5. Philips HR2775 1-Litre 220-240 volts Citrus Press Juicer

  • 25-Watt, 220-240 volts motor
  • Large capacity juice jug
  • Cord storage
  • Anti-drip system
  • Pulp selector option for extracting juice efficiently
  • Capacity 1-Liter

Phillips HR2775 juicer has a 25-Watt, 220-240V motor which can extract the juice from any type of fruits and vegetables. The price of this juicer is low; still, it is providing all sorts of features, which makes it the best juicer under 3000. It has 1-Liter juice storing capacity, so a good quantity of juice can easily be storable. 

Moreover, for efficiently extracting Juice, Phillips provides a pulp selector option with this juicer. An anti-drip system is attached to it for preventing the fruit or vegetable juice from dripping. You can extract juice from all types of fruits and vegetables. 

It also has cord storage by which the cord can store safely. As the product is quite affordable, you can easily buy this for your home. It serves all sorts of the requirement of making tasty juices. 

Overall – Sleek and compact design gives it a proper shape and style. So, undoubtedly it can be considered as the best juicer under 3000. Phillips providers all sorts of customer service 24 x 7. So, just go for this juicer and buy it for your home uses. 

6. CHEFWARE Aluminium Hand Press Citrus Juicer

  • Capacity – Heavy quality
  • Dimension – 50cm x 20cm x 20cm
  • Material – Aluminium
  • Light-weighted – 4.5kg
  • Ideal for extracting fruit juice

CHEFWARE hand press citrus juicer is convenient and compact. You have to pour the fruits in the juicer jug and rotate it manually for extracting the juice. If you are looking for a juicer for small using purposes, then this juicer will be perfect for use. 

This manual juicer is made of aluminum for which it can extract juice very smoothly. The color of this juicer is black, and it comes with a juice glass, all these give it a perfect classy look. You have to give minimal effort for extracting juice from oranges, limes, pomegranate, and sweet lime. 

It can extract a whole orange juice within a minute without any wastage. Moreover, you can take out the strainer very quickly. The sturdy and robust material gives it a long-lasting life up to 20 years. 

Overall – For 100% customer satisfaction, CHEFWARE juicers come in the market after three steps of proper quality checking. This brand gives five years of replacement and 15 years of spare parts warranty. All these advantages make it the best juicer under 3000. So, if you are searching for a juicer in a low budget and minimum using purposes, then without any doubt, buy this juicer. 

7. Qualimate Portable Electric USB Juicer Maker Machine

  • Portable and ready to charge
  • Light-weighted which can carry to champaign, school, college, and office
  • USB connector
  • 2000-mAh rechargeable in-built battery
  • Magnetic sensing switch for ultra safety

Qualimate portable juicer is quite light-weighted and can easily carry to school, college, office, picnic anywhere you want to take. It has a USB cord connectivity, by which you can charge it from laptop, mobile, computer, and power bank. This added advantage makes it the best juicer under 3000

This juicer has smart safety protection. Moreover, it has a magnetic sensing switch which provides ultra-safe protection to use and clean. You can separate the juicer cup’s body and bottom at the time of cleaning. 

It is a multi-functioning juicer that you can use for other purposes also. With this juice, blender, mixer, you can extract fruit and vegetable juice and also can make milkshake and smoothie for body food. This portable juicer is perfect for students. 

Overall – By reviewing this USB juicer bottle functionalities, it can be considered as one of the best juicers in a low price range. This brand provides multiple features with a single juicer blender. So, if you want to buy a portable juicer for your child, then it will be a perfect juicer in a low budget. 

8. Ganesh Fruit & Vegetable Steel Handle Juicer

  • Attached a steel Handel
  • Stainless steel body
  • Easily washable
  • Having multiple color option
  • Compact and stylish design

Ganesh fruit and vegetable juicer have the capacity to extract the right quantity of juice. This package contains a juicer glass and a steel handle with this product. For extracting juice, you have to pour the fruits and vegetables in the juicer container; then by rotating the handle, the fresh juice will be stored in the juicer glass. 

This juicer is manufactured with high-quality stainless steel and plastic. Moreover, it does need any electricity; you can extract juice manually. This high-quality stainless steel makes this juicer long-lasting. 

All the parts of this juicer are detachable, so you can easily wash every part of this juicer. The compact, beautiful design of this Ganesh juicer makes it perfect for home appliances. The functionality of this juicer is very easy and simple. 

Overall – In a low price range, Ganesh provides these functionalities in this juicer. So, if you want a simple juicer just for extracting juice, then buy this juicer. It will meet all the needs for making juice. For all these advantages this juicer can be considered as one of the best juicer under 3000

9. Black & Decker 30-Watt BXCJ0052IN Electric Citrus Juicer

  • Two-way spin
  • Total capacity – 0.5 Liters
  • 30-Watt Power and 220-240V motor
  • Anti-sleep rubber feet
  • Translucent bowl

This black and decker BXCJ0052IN juicer is perfect for extracting orange, lime, or any other fruit juice. The total capacity of this juicer is 0.5 Liters so that it can extract juice from one big orange or lime at a time. You can make fruit juice for your baby every day with this juicer. 

It consumes 30-Watt power, and the operating voltage is 220-240V. Moreover, it has a two-way spin feature. This extra feature helps to extract the maximum amount of juice. The size of the juicer bowl is quite large that it can contain the right quantity of fruit. 

If you want to purchase a juicer bowl in a reasonable price for daily using purpose, then this juicer will be perfect for you. The juicer bowl is translucent, which allows you to measure the juice level. 

Overall – The design of this juice is compact that it consumes minimal space. For the daily using purpose, this is the best juicer under 3000. You can make fresh fruit juice without giving any extra effort. This brand provides 2-years of warranty with this product. So if this product is in the warranty period, they won’t take charge of any service. 

10. Floraware Fruit & Vegetable Vaccum Locking Juicer

  • Attached steel handle
  • Ideal for vegetable and fruit juice
  • Handy and easily operable
  • High-quality material – ABS plastic and stainless steel
  • Lock system with vacuum surface

Floraware has manufactured this high-quality fruit and vegetable juicer which can able to prepare fresh and healthy juice within a minute. This juicer can produce more juice with less pulp, and the extracted juice tastes the same as the original. It has an extra-large metal feeding tube for pouring a whole apple or bananas. 

A metal handle is attached to this juicer, and it also very handy. This juicer is made with high-quality ABS plastic and stainless steel, which makes it very long-lasting. The compact design and size is good for easy storage and portability. 

It has an anti-drip system that prevents wasting of juice. The vacuum surface lock system makes it easily operable. The modern technology of this juicer ensures a totally leak-proof method while extracting the juice.

Overall – By reviewing the feature of this juicer, it can be considered as the best juicer under 3000. You can make juice from all sorts of fruits and vegetables by this juicer. Moreover, it can be easily washable as all parts of this juice are detachable. So, don’t think twice about buying this juicer. 

Buying Guide

Usability of juicer

Get healthy- Having your juicer is a quick solution for all the working people. Who has a shortage of time? When you have your juicer, you can make fruit or veg juice immediately at your place and have it. It’s time to get healthy.

  • Save your money- Purchasing juicer is a one-time expense, but when you go out for a juice, every time you have to pay. So, get the best juicer under 3000 from the market. A juicer can provide you fresh juice daily, without any cost, just one-time expense and relish for many years.
  • Give your body a fiber fix- If you do not like the wastage, you can use the leftover to get the right amount of fiber. You can use your juicer and make it your own. Check out the recipes from the internet.

Type of juicers

In the market you will get different types of juicers, those are mentioned below;

  • Centrifugal juicers- From this type of juicer, you will get both fruit and vegetable juice. The juicer first cut the vegetables and fruits with the cutting blade and then start spinning in high speed to produce the juice from the fruit or vegetable pulp.
  • Masticating juicers- The juicer is better known as a slow juicer or cold press juicer. The juicer uses a single drill to crush and make the fruit or vegetables into small pieces and start squeezing. Through a different outlet, it expelled the juice.
  • Cold press juicer- Cold press juicer crush the vegetables and fruits first them press it in a high speed. As the juicer does not produce much heat, so it keeps the nutrients intact in the juice. In the market, you will get all types of juicers. Depending upon the uses, purchase the right one.
  • Triturating juicer- Triturating juicer is close to the masticating juicer. The juicer is single gear. The Triturating juicer has two augers or drill. 

These processes help to separate the juice in the two beginning stages. It cut the veggies or fruits first and then make the juice out of them. The extracted juice contains more enzymes, fiber, vitamins minerals, etc. So without giving any second thought, go and get the best juicer under 3000.

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