Best Keurig Brewer in India

By Trusha Patel

A Keurig brewer can make any type of coffee instantly for you. In just less than one minute, you can enjoy the delicious coffee sitting on your couch. Most of us have spent lots of time searching for a good quality Keurig brewer. It’s quite easy to brew hot or cold coffee or Latte and cappuccino in a coffee maker. For those people who are willing to buy a Keurig brewer, we think the Keurig K55 Black color Coffee Maker will be the best option for you. The auto-off feature of the best Keurig brewer will turn off the coffee maker if it remains on for a long time; this ensures energy saving also.

Top 10 Best Keurig Brewer Review

1. Keurig K55 Coffee Maker, Black

  • User-friendly features – 3 cup sizes
  • 1 minute brew time and 48oz reservoir
  • Comes with a removal dip tray
  • 7.1 inches travel mug can fit in it
  • Auto-off energy saver option

The classic Keurig coffee maker comes with a single-serve k-cup. It has 4 k-cup pods and also a water filter handle. This Keurig coffee maker has 2 water filters for enhancing the beverage taste. 

Brews K-Cup pods are available in multiple sizes – 6, 8, 10 oz; all these are very popular sizes. If you want to get the strongest brew, then use 6 oz size. It has an amazing feature, which is an auto-off system if it keeps idle for more than 2 hours. 

2. Matte Black : Keurig K-Select Single-Sere K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, Matte Black

  • Strong brew for a more intense cup
  • Comes with multiple sizes – 4,6,8,12 oz
  • Less than 1 minute brew time
  • Easily fits a 7.1 inches mug
  • 52 oz removable water reservoir

This Keurig K-select coffee maker comes in multiple sizes. 4 cup sizes are available, which are 4,6,8,12 oz. It can provide the strongest brew in just less than one minute. 

A 52 oz reservoir gives you to pour a good quantity of water in it, and also it is removable. One water filter handle, one cartridge, and a k-pod cup are included. The dimension of this product is 12.5inches high, 9.2 inches wide, 11.6 inches deep, and weight is 7.3lbs. 

3. Keurig K-Cafe Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee, Latte and Cappuccino, Dark Charcoal

  • Available in 4 cup sizes – 4,6,8,12 oz
  • Provides strong brew and dishwasher safe
  • Shot buttons – for cappuccinos and lattes
  • Easy control – buttons to control cappuccinos and iced lattes

This single-serve Keurig K-cup available in 4 different sizes; those are 4,6,8,12 oz. It can make delicious cappuccinos and lattes. You just need to press the SHOT button to get a concentrated shot of coffee. 

Moreover, this coffee maker is dishwasher safe, so it will be easy for you to wash it. Height is 16.7 inches with an open handle. A 7.2 inches mug can be fit in it, as it is one of the best Keurig brewer in the market. 

4. Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System, Black

  • Brew – tea, coffee, especially iced beverages, and hot cocoa
  • Various brew sizes – 6oz, 8oz, and 10oz
  • Indicator lights that indicate while on and off
  • The package includes – 1 water filter handle, 12-count K-cup
  • One charcoal filter comes with this brewer

This Keurig k45 brewing model can brew the coffee, tea, iced beverages in just one minute. It has an auto on-off technology, and brew sizes are 6oz, 8oz, 10oz.

Moreover, the package includes 12 count K-Cup variety box, 4 Pieces sized Brewer, Charcoal Water Filter, and Water Filter Handle. This product can be considered the best Keurig brewer.

5. Imperial Red : Keurig K250 Single Serve, Programmable K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker with Strength Control, Imperial Red

  • 4 different size k-cup and provides a strong brew
  • 40oz removable reservoir and brew time take less than one minute
  • Black and white touch screen display
  • Strenght control and special beverage settings
  • Removal drip tray and 7.2 inches travel mug

Keurig k250 single-serve sleek and slim coffee maker comes with 4 k-cup pods. It is compatible with 4,6,8,10 oz size k-cup, 22, 26, or 30 oz k-carafe pods. You can easily use any size pod to brew the coffee. 

This package includes 2 water filters and one water filter handle. The touch screen display makes it easy to operate this brewer. However, it takes less than 1 minute to brew and has removal 40oz reservoir.

6. Keurig K-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker, Studio Gray

  • Easily fit anywhere: width is less than 5 inches
  • Cord storage for tidy countertops and easy transport
  • One cup reservoir and takes one minute to brew the coffee
  • 6-12oz k-cup size is perfect for this brewer
  • Auto turn off feature saves lots of energy

Keurig single-serve k-mini coffee maker comes in less than 5 inches wide that can be fit any small spaces. The matte finish slim and sleek mini Keurig brewer can brew the coffee in less than one minute. 

One cup reservoir and 6-12 cup sizes are compatible with it. However, it has a removable drip tray, and a 7.0-inch travel-friendly mug fits easily in this brewer. 

7. KeurigK155 Office Pro Single Cup Commercial K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, Silver

  • Single-cup coffee maker
  • Voice command over the touchscreen
  • Lightweight – 6 pound and Dimensions – 35.6 x 26.4 x 35.1cm
  • Brew the coffee in less than one minute

Keurig K155 single cup coffee maker has a very stylish design, and the silver color gives it a modern look. The commercial K-cup Keurig brewer can brew the coffee in just less than one minute. However, it’s quite lightweight and an operable button.

The touchscreen display makes it the best Keurig brewer. Moreover, 7.0 inches mug can also fit in this brewer. If you are looking for a good Keurig brewer, then without any doubt, go for it.

Buying Guide For Best Keurig Brewer

A Keurig Brewer is basically a coffee maker machine. Keurig is a brand that manufactures good quality, single-serve coffee machines. These coffee machines come in various designs and styles. It can be used in the home, office, or any commercial purposes.

These Keurig Brewers are available in various features, functionality that provides your daily dose of anytime’s coffee. Most importantly, it requires less than one minute to brew the coffee. A k-cup pod is used for delivering one cup of coffee in just a few seconds. 

What are Keurig K-cup pods?

K-cup pod is a small size cup that contains coffee and is available in various brands and flavors. With the k-cup pods, the coffee-making will be super easy. You just have to insert it in a holder and start the machine. The machine will give an indication when it is ready to brew. 

There are various types of the best Keurig brewer available in the market, so go through the below-mentioned points before purchasing any Keurig brewer. 

  • Quantity 

The single-serve Keurig coffee maker is very helpful for a single person. If you need this machine just to make coffee for you, then it’s a good option as it can make only one cup of coffee at a time. If you are buying this for making coffee for your whole family, then it might not be a good choice. However, in an office or any commercial purpose, a Keurig brewer is highly used. 

  • Cost 

The cost of a Keurig brewer is on a bit costlier side. If you have a good budget, then only go for it. If you have a shortage of time and have to make coffee by yourself, then this coffee maker will be beneficial for you. This machine is available in multiple price ranges, so depending upon your requirement, buy that coffee maker. 

  • Auto shut-off 

We all have rushed in the early morning, and most of the time, we forget some important things to do. For that reason, auto shut off is the most vital feature that you should consider. By this auto-off feature, the Keurig brewer will turn off automatically after staying idle for some time. It will save electricity also. Most of the best Keurig brewer comes with this auto shut-off feature. 

  • Programmable Settings 

Programmable settings allow you to do some prior settings from the start of making coffee to the end of the full procedure. You can set the coffee brewer time and get your coffee at that time.

  • Multiple warmers 

In offices or commercials, making coffee in multiple cups at a time is more convenient. So, in that case, multiple warmers will keep the cup hot for a long time. 

  • Built-in Grinder

Freshly ground beans always taste better. Making coffee with fresh ground beans will give you a different flavor. Having a grinder always ensures using pure and freshest ground beans. You can purchase a grinder separately also but having an in-built grinder in the Keurig brewer is very convenient. 

  • Streamer 

If you like to have steamed milk in your coffee, then ensure this feature is in your Keurig brewer or not. Most of the best Keurig brewer has this feature. But if you mostly like black coffee, then this feature is not needed much. 

  • Water Filter 

Water filter comes in some high-end Keurig brewer. This feature will help to bring out the right flavor while making the coffee that enhances the taste of it. 

Mostly Asked Questions By The Buyers

Can you make cold coffee in the Keurig brewer?

Yes, Making cold coffee in the Keurig brewer is not surprising at all. Normally, you use the pod for hot coffee. If you want to brew cold coffee, then just pour some ice in the pod. Next, you have to add water, milk, and sugar for having your cold coffee.

How long-lasting is a Keurig Brewer?

It depends on the quality and usage of the product. But approximately, it can last long up to 10 years. Do proper maintenance of the coffee maker so that it will last long for many years. You should buy the best Keurig brewer as the lifespan of this product is many years.

Are the Keurigs breakable easily?

No, good quality keyrings will not break easily.

What’s the process of draining Keurig Brewer? 

he process of draining the Keurig Brewer:
Step1: Plugin the coffee maker but make sure that it is powered off. 
Step2: Now place a big mug on the removable drip tray to fill the water to be drained. 
Step3: Check whether the water reservoir is fully empty or any water is left there.
Step4: If there is any water left, lift the brewer handle to drain out the full water.

How long is it safe to leave water in the Keurig brewer reservoir?

You can leave the water in the Keurig brewer reservoir for a maximum of 3-4 days. But you should not keep the same water for 3/4 days. It is recommended to refresh the water reservoir after every 1-2 days.

Is it safe to leave the Keurig brewer ON all the time?

If you leave the Keurig brewer on for a long time, then it will be automatically off. You will get an auto-off feature in some Keurig Brewer. That feature will make sure to turn off the machine after a certain time. So it is safe and saves energy also.

Is it possible to run the Keurig brewer without a filter?

Using a filter in the Keurig brewer is not mandatory. But if you use it, then it will give you extra filtration.

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