Top 10 Best Kitchen Weighing Scale in India

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

A kitchen weighing scale is essential for every household. This equipment helps to reduce the guesswork by measuring the kitchen ingredients precisely. A kitchen weighing scale measures the vegetable, fruits, or other cooking ingredients and shows the weight on its LCD screen. If you are willing to purchase the best kitchen weighing scale, we think Glun Multipurpose Portable Electronic Digital Weighing Scale Weight Machine will be perfect for your kitchen. It has the TARE mode that measures different ingredients in the same container; this feature makes it the best kitchen weighing scale

Best Kitchen Weighing Scale to measure ingredients perfectly

Our Pick

HealthSense Chef-Mate KS 40 Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale & Food Weight Machine for Health, Fitness, Home Baking & Cooking, 1 Year Warranty & Battery Included (Milk Grey)

  • Made of high precision sensors to deliver accurate results. Total measuring range - 1g -5000g and can measures in ml/grams
  • Lightweight and strong, rectangular design. It also has a unique rounded hoop for hanging
  • A CR-2032 long-lasting battery is included that is usable for more than 6 months by using twice a day
  • A large LCD is provided, and the auto-off feature is added for power saving
Budget Pick

Black Olive Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale, Multipurpose (White, 10 Kg)

Black Olive
  • Comes in white color and total weight measuring capacity up to 10kg
  • It is a high accuracy based strain gauge sensor system, which makes it the best kitchen weighing scale.
  • The TARE option is included for measuring different ingredients in the same container
  • Resolution - 1g, 0.1oz and lightweight, battery operated
Upgrade Pick

bulfyss electronic kitchen digital weighing scale (10 kg) - white

  • It has a TARE option for measuring different ingredients in the same container
  • Its splash-proof design ensures precision weighing even in high humidity
  • Total capacity 10kg with 1.5v x 2 AA battery included
  • It is a high precision and strain gauge sensor system

QERINKLE Digital Kitchen Weighing Machine Multipurpose Electronic Weight Scale with Backlit LCD Display for Measuring Food, Cake, Vegetable, Fruit (DESIGN 1) (ROUND)

  • Capacity - 500g, 1000g, 3000g, 5000g
  • High precision strain gauge sensor system with a TARE function
  • It has an LCD display for measuring cake, food, vegetable, and fruit, so it comes under the best digital kitchen scale
  • Overload indicator, low power, and low battery and automatically switch off in 3 seconds

RYLAN Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale, Kitchen Scale Digital Multipurpose, Weight Machines for Kitchen, Weight Machine, Weight Scale Kitchen, Kitchen Weight Machine Digital(10 Kg). (SF-400-A)

  • Total weighing capacity - 10kg
  • It can be operated by battery and electricity both
  • Conversion of g / kg / lb / oz
  • It has a cleanable tray for routine cleaning. This digital kitchen weighing scale can be used for kitchen, workshop, or mail room

Glun Multipurpose Portable Electronic Digital Weighing Scale Weight Machine (10 Kg - with Back Light)

  • It has 3 buttons on the scale - on/off Mode and TARE mode and comes in white color
  • Made of PVC material, and a large LCD is provided. The display readings automatically lock when the data is stable.
  • Maximum capacity - 10kg, low battery indicator, and low power consumption
  • If it is in non-use condition, the scale automatically turns off

HESLEY HSK1 Digital Kitchen Scale 5kgs with Stainless Steel Platform

  • For convenient storage, it comes in a unique hanging design.
  • It is a high precision strain gauge sensor system with TARE option
  • Maximum capacity 5kgs and has a detachable stainless steel plate for easy cleaning
  • Lightweight and accuracy resolution - 1g, 0.1oz

Ketsaal Digital Electronic 10 Kg Weight Scale Machine Lcd Kitchen Weight Scale For Measuring Fruits, Spice, Food, Vegetable,White

  • It comes in white color and has a maximum capacity of 10kg
  • High accuracy strain gauge sensor system with TARE option to weigh various ingredients in the same container
  • It is battery operated, low battery and over-load indication
  • The splash-proof design enhances the accurate weighing even in high humidity

SHOPPOSTREET Electronic Flat Panel Digital Kitchen Scale Weighing Machine with Sensor System, Multicolour

  • It has an ON/TARE button to switch on the weighing scale and has a large LCD screen
  • High accuracy sensor for giving precision weighing results
  • It has an extra-large weighing area
  • A free switch is there within two different units - g/oz/kg/lb

MCP Kitchen Weighing Machine Digital Stainless Steel Electronic LCD Food Weighing Scale Upto 10kgs Weight with USB Cable

  • It has an auto switch-off feature, overload indicator, and low battery indicator
  • Included TARE functionality in determining the net weight
  • Clear LCD illuminated display by the purple backlight that makes it the best kitchen weighing scale
  • Perfect accuracy G-sensor enhance the response time

Tranding Kitchen Weighing Scale

We are providing a brief buyer’s guide, before buying a weighing scale for your kitchen, you need to consider this few points.

Buyer’s Guide of Kitchen Weighing scale 


Two types of weighing scales are available in the market - Digital and Analog. In the analog weighing scale, interior springs are used for calculating the weight. This spring gets worn out and damaged over time, so it will not give proper readings. However, batteries are used in the digital kitchen weighing scale, so they last-long. Moreover, you can easily read the weighing result in the LCD display. Thus digital kitchen weighing scale is better than the analog one. You can get the best kitchen weighing scale in digital format. 


Capacity is also an important factor that refers to the maximum weight; a kitchen weighing scale can display or handle. The maximum capacity of measuring kitchen ingredients varies in different kitchen weighing scales. You have to choose the weighing scale that fits your requirements. The best weighing machine for kitchen is available in a higher capacity range that will be perfect for your family. 

Display Screen

In the display screen, you can see the weighing result of the kitchen ingredients. The display screen should be clear and bigger so that the user can easily read the results. 


Most of people like to read the measuring result in kilograms. Some of the weighing scales provide different units for measurement. The best kitchen weighing scale has different units for measuring kitchen items. So, choose according to your choice. 

Low battery indication 

If the battery is running out, the low battery indicator will notify you to prevent any interruption while the scale is in use. All the best digital kitchen scale has this functionality to provide a hassle-free measurement. 


The battery life should last long, at least for 1-2 years. So while purchasing a weighing scale, make sure the longevity of the battery.