10 Best Laptop Bags Under 1000 in India 2021

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

We have spent lots of time searching and testing just to find the right laptop bags for us. A laptop bag is a requirement for most of the students and professionals for carrying laptops or other essentials. A spacious padded laptop bag can carry good quantity material. For those people who are willing to buy a laptop bag, we think Killer Louis Large Navy Blue Polyester 38L Laptop Backpack is the best choice for them. Its durable, long-lasting material makes it the Best Laptop Bags Under 1000. 

Best Laptop Bags Under 1000 in India 2021 Reviews

1. Killer Louis Large Polyester Laptop Backpack

  • Number of compartments – 3 large, 1 easy-access small front pocket, 2 side pocket
  • Bag material comes in PU coated polyester fabric
  • Lightweight laptop bag – 800gm
  • Laptop compartments are well-cushioned

Killer Louis laptop bag is well designed, sleek, and lightweight that’s ideal for daily travel suing purposes. It comes in navy blue color and has 3 large compartments that are well-cushioned, and it gives proper protection to the laptop.

Moreover, this bag is so spacious that it can carry two days’ clothes easily, so it is considered as the Best Laptop Bags Under 1000. The bag is made of high-quality, PU coated polyester material that makes the bag durable and long-lasting.

2. HP Signature II Topload Laptops Bag

  • It comes in gray color and top load case
  • Two large compartments and various sized compartments are inside this zippered pockets
  • It can carry 15.6-inch laptops, and it has one small compartment at the front side
  • Trolley handle can be easily pass through this bag

HP signature II laptop bag is perfect for carrying a 15.6-inch laptop, and it is highly durable for daily using purposes. This top load case laptop bag comes in gray color with strategic matte black detailing; this feature makes it the Best Laptop Bags Under 1000. 

It comes with two large-sized padded compartments in which you can easily carry laptops, notebooks, or other necessary accessories. Other various sized pockets are located inside these large compartments. 

3. Lenovo GX40M52024 Laptop Backpack

  • Modern Italian designed laptop bag comes in black color
  • The size of this laptop bag is 15.6-inch
  • Comes with one large padded compartment with two zippered pockets
  • Added 2 open pockets, 2 pen holder and 4 card slots are given

Lenovo Italian designed laptop bag comes in full black color and designed by internationally well-known designer NAVA. The 15.6-inch laptop bag is perfect for daily use, and it can carry tablets, laptops, books, and other personal necessary things. 

It has one fully padded large compartment with two zippered pockets. Along with that, it has 2 open pockets, 2 pen holders, and 4 card slots.

4. Gear Classic Anti Theft Faux Leather Laptop Backpack

  • The material is synthetic and comes in brown color
  • Total waterproof and made of anti-sweat fabric
  • Having 2 large compartments and its capacity is 20 liters
  • Attached with an external bottle pocket and having USB, headphone slot

This Gear classic brown colored laptop bag is made of anti-sweat fabric on the shoulder straps and backside of the bag. It comes in synthetic and fully waterproof material, so you can easily carry this laptop bag in the rainy season also. 
It has 2 compartments and one external bottle pocket that makes this bag the Best Laptop Bags Under 1000. However, the total weight is 560gms and capacity 20 liters.

5. Medlar Leather Formal Laptop Bag

  • Synthetic leather material and dark brown color
  • 1 large compartment and 7 other multi-compartment
  • The shoulder straps are adjustable, and the straps are padded
  • Laptop, books, documents and other necessary things are easily carriable

Medlar 15.6 inch laptop bag came in deep brown color and made of synthetic leather material. It has one large compartment and 7 different sized multi-compartment. The sling strap is adjustable, detachable and padded that makes this bag the Best Laptop Bags Under 1000. 

This bag is ideal for professionals and it can easily carry a laptop, books, documents, diary, pen, key and other important stuff.

6. Shopizone 13 inch Stylish Laptop Bags

  • Comes in grey color and scratch-resistant
  • Fine workmanship, high-quality and provides full protection your machine
  • Attached top handle and multi-pocket with one large compartment
  • Stylish design and give professional looks

Shopizone 13 inch laptop bag comes in grey color with shockproof inside and scratch-resistant design. This bag gives a professional look and you can carry laptops and other documents in it. 

It is quite light-weighted and has multi-section compartments that make this laptop the  Best Laptop Bags Under 1000.  With the attached top handle, you can easily carry this bag. 

7. F Gear Luxur Brown Laptop Bag

  • Comes in brown color and the material is art leather
  • Total capacity is 25 liters, and weight is 800 grams
  • Water-resistant laptop bag and can carry 15.6-inch laptops
  • Having 2 large compartments

FGear 25 liters laptop bag can carry 15.6-inch laptops and other important things like diaries, bottles e.t.c. This bag came in brown color and made of high-quality art leather. 

The water-resistant feature of this bag makes it the Best Laptop Bags Under 1000. It has 2 large compartments and 2 external front pockets. The leather material makes this bag durable and stylish. 

8. HP 15.6 Classic Laptop Beg

  • Comes in full black color and Water-resistance material
  • It can carry 15.6 Inches laptops
  • The exterior part comes with hardy safeguard and reinforced zipper
  • The spacious compartment that can carry various items

HP 15.6 inch classic laptop briefcase comes in black color, and it is very durable and long-lasting. The interior section remains dry as this bag is made of water-resistant material. 

It has spacious compartments that make it the Best Laptop Bags Under 1000. The exterior part comes with a hardy safeguard and reinforced zipper that keeps the laptop safe.

9. HP Express 15.6-inch Laptop Backpack

  • Shoulder handles are padded
  • One large compartment and multiple pockets are available
  • Back panel design makes it comfortable to carry
  • The material is polyester

HP Express 27 liter laptop bag comes with polyester fabric material that makes it durable. It has one large section and multiple pockets for storing small things. 

The handles are fully padded that makes it the Best Laptop Bags Under 1000. This backpack is lightweight and comfortable to carry. 

10. COSMUS Polyester 29 Ltr Laptop Backpack

  • The material is PU coated polyester fabric
  • It is Water resistant and the compartments are well-cushioned
  • Weight is 780 gm and can carry 15.6 laptop
  • Comes in black color

COSMUS 29 liter laptop bag comes in black color, and it can carry up to 15.6-inch laptops. It has 2 large compartments and 2 front pockets with 2 mesh side pockets. The compartments are well-cushioned, which makes this bag the Best Laptop Bags Under 1000. It is made of PU coated polyester and water-resistant material. 

What should you consider before buying a laptop bag 

If you are looking for a laptop bag, then you need to know some essential factors before buying it. There are two types of laptop bags available, one is a backpack, and another is the briefcase type bag. 

Students and professionals mostly use laptop bags. Other than laptops, many essential things like document, diary, and the water bottle are carriable in laptop bags. Most of the students prefer backpack style laptop bags; it not only gives a stylish look but also make them feel comfortable to carry. On the other hand, briefcase-style laptop bags have a professional touch in its look. 

However, laptop bags come in various types of designs, sizes, colors, and brands. Moreover, top brands provide the Best Laptop Bags Under 1000, so you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on it. Choose the size of the laptop bag, depending on the laptop size you carry. Most importantly, the strap of the bag should be padded. 

Some laptop bags are waterproof, and it protects the laptops and other things from water. Laptop backpacks can also be used for multi-purpose like for carrying clothes. 

How to choose the best laptop bag


It’s most important that your laptop needs to fit in the bag. The laptop bags specify the maximum size of the laptop that can be fit well in the bag. So whenever you buy a laptop bag, choose one size bigger than the laptop size. If the bag is for everyday use, then a bigger size laptop backpack will be perfect as it can carry a good quantity of essential things. You can get different sizes of the bag in the Best Laptop Bags Under 1000. 


  1. The fabric of the laptop bag should be lightweight and durable. A laptop bag is something that you use every day. So, it should have extra coverage and a hard external side. 
  2. Secondly, good quality zips are also very essential as it keeps the bag safely locked. If the zips are broken, then the entire will be useless. The Best Laptop Bags Under 1000 have good quality zips in all the compartments. 
  3. Extra padding on the interior side and in the shoulder strap is very important. It keeps the laptop safe, and your spine also won’t get hurt. 
  4. Adjustable straps can easily fit your shoulder, and you can adjust the strap as per your requirement. 
  5. Waterproof material can protect the laptop in all weather conditions. 

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