Best Lint Remover

By Trusha Patel

A lint remover machine can restore all your old, not used woolen garments, blankets, and carpets. This machine can remove the lint, fuzz, pill from the woolen clothes and make it a brand new cloth. It is very compact and handy, so easily carryable in anywhere. It comes both in electric and battery-operated types. Almost everyone spends a lot of time searching and testing a good lint remover machine. For those people, who are willing to buy a good quality lint remover, we think Philips GC026 Electric Lint Removers/Lint Shavers/Clothes Shaver/Fabric Shavers will be the best choice for them. Its large lint shaving area makes it the best lint remover machine.

Top 10 Best Lint Remover Review

1. Philips GC026 Electric Lint Removers/Clothes Shavers/Lint Shavers/Fabric Shavers

  • Large blade and made of plastic material
  • Lint remover dimension: 8 x 9 x 13.8 cm LxWxH
  • Comes with height adjustable cap
  • Blade rotation – upto 8800 rounds/min
  • Very lightweight – 207gm

As a brand, Phillis is well known for its electronics items. It introduced modern technology-based lint remover, which can make your old cloth into a new one. Philips GC026 Electric Lint Remover comes with a large blade surface that covers a large area in just one go. 

If you are worried about the lint that not looks good on your winter clothes, buy Philips GC026 electric lint shaver. It will make your clothes totally looks like a new one. For properly removing all the lint, it comes with a blade that rotates 8800 rounds/min. 


Moreover, this fabric shaver has a height-adjustable cap that protects delicate garments. So, whenever you are going to remove lint from delicate garments, adjust the cap as per your requirements. However, it comes with 3 sizes of holes for tackling large to small sizes of pills. Once you have done the lint removal session, you just need to remove the container and empty it. This is how the Phillips best lint remover works.

2. SHOPTOSHOP under 500 Plastic New Lint Cum Fuzz Remover for all Woolens Sweaters, Blankets, Jackets (Multicolored)

  • Battery-free lint remover and 100% shock-proof
  • Handheld Grater and easy cleaning with a specially designed brush
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Remove lint from various type of clothes
  • Plastic material and sharp blade

SHOPTOSHOP lint remover machine comes with a handheld grater and also a perfectly designed brush for properly cleaning the machine. It has an attached cord, which you need to plug-in while using this lint remover.

The lint removing mechanism works so smoothly that it takes off all the lint from any kind of fabric very efficiently. Moreover, it is 100% shock-proof and very easy to carry anywhere. This product is made of superior quality material. 


If you can not wear your old jackets due to lint, then this lint remover is perfect for you. This fuzz remover machine can remove lint from woolens blankets, jackets, and sweaters. This fabric grooming tool lasts long for many years. Size is quite small, so it can easily carry to any destination. 

This product can be considered as the best lint remover machine as it works quite easily. Once you have done the removal process, you need to clean the inside knife. It will make the machine last long for many years.

3. Philips GC026/30 Fabric Shaver, Lint Remover for Woolen Sweaters, Blankets, Jackets/Burr Remover Pill Remover from Carpets, Curtains (White)

  • Rotation speed 8800 rounds/min
  • Effectively remove lint from garments
  • Large blade covers a wide area at once
  • It comes with 3 size holes for removing different size pills
  • Package includes – 1 lint remover, brush for cleaning, and 2xAA batteries

Philips GC026/30 fabric shaver comes perfect for removing lint from old woolen clothes, jackets, and blankets. This burr remover also removes pills from carpets and curtains. It comes with a large sharp blade that removes lint from a wide area in just one go. 

If you are looking for a lint remover within a budget, then you should buy this product. It rotates up to 8800 rounds/min for effectively removing lint from any type of fabric garments. However, it comes with a 2xAA battery that needs to be inserted for running the lint removing machine. 


You can use this Phillips pill remover anywhere and anytime, as it is easily carriable and no plug point needed. It has 3 sizes of holes that can easily tackle any size of lint. After using this machine, you need to remove the pill container and make it empty. 

So, turn the push button on to remove lint and restore your wardrobe and give a fresh look to all your clothes. All these features make it the best lint remover among all other lint removers. 

4. INFINITY ELECTRIC NOVA LINT Remover for for All Woolens Sweaters, Blankets, Jackets

  • Provide quick and efficient lint removing
  • Corded lint remover and also has an inbuilt battery
  • Large shaving head – covers a wide range of area
  • Adjustable height – Protects the clothes
  • Shock-proof and smart design

Premium quality infinity electric Nova lint remover is perfect for removing lint, burr, and pill from your woolen sweaters. It can be used for turning old clothes into new ones. This lint remover is made of smart design and modern technology. 

The large shaving headcover a wide area so that it can remove lint quickly. It comes with a removable lint store container. Empty the container once it is filled with lint. The adjustable height of this product protects clothes from damage. 


It is a corded lint remover but also has an in-built battery. This travel-friendly product will take only a few spaces in your bag. This product provides a comfortable grip and shock-prove body material.  

However, this product will last longs for many years if you clean it properly. A cleaning brush also comes with the package. This best lint remover machine can efficiently remove lint from your blankets also. So, do not think twice about grabbing this product; you won’t be disappointed. 

5. PETRICE Double-Sided Self-Cleaning and Reusable Lint Remover Pet Hair Dust for Clothing and Furniture

  • Extra-large lint remover with double-sided functioning
  • Removes pet hair from furniture
  • Fur brush is removed from the cleaning base
  • It does not require any electricity
  • Swipe to clean, dip into the base, remove fur from brush

PETRICE double-sided lint remover allows you to remove fur and hire from any kind of clothes and furniture. If you have any pets like dog in your home, then the pet hair must be falling here and there. With this machine, you can easily remove a pet’s hair from the furniture. 

Moreover, with double-sided dust removing facility allows you to clean your house quickly. First, you need to swipe the lint remover over any clothes or furniture. Then dip it in the self-cleaning base to remove the pet hair, dust, or lint from the brush. 


The self-cleaning lint brush draws all the hair, pet fur, lint, and dust bunny hordes from your clothes, carpet, and furniture. This travel-friendly lint removing machine can be easily fit in your travel bag. You can quickly clean your vehicle upholstery as well as your dress. This lint and pet hair removing machine is good for especially those who have pets in their house. All these good features make it the best lint remover.

6. StyleHouse Lint Remover for Woolen Clothes, Electric Lint Remover, Best Lint Shaver for Clothes

  • Efficiently remove lint from clothes
  • It comes with a battery-powered motor
  • Classic design and a comfortable grip
  • Wide blade area covers a large surface of clothes
  • Lightweight and easily carriable in any destination

StyleHouse lint remover machine comes with a modern technology-based line removing functionality for all types of clothes. It will help you to make the old clothes into a brand new look. If you can’t wear woolen clothes due to tons of lint all over them, then buy this lint removal machine. 

This lint remover comes with a battery-powered motor that keeps the charge for a long time. The blade of this machine is quite large so that it covers a wide area over the clothes. There are 3 different shaped holes in the lint remover head for efficiently removing of all sizes lint. 


Moreover, this machine is quite easy to use. It comes with an ergonomic design, which makes it lightweight, and the 180-degree handle provides an easy grip. After switching on the machine, the in-built motor creates strong suction. At that time, the blades start rotating, and it sucks the lint into the lint container. 

So, if you are searching for a good lint remover, then just go for it as it is one of the best lint remover machine in the market. 

7. House of Quirk Fabric Shaver and Electric Lint Remover for All Types of Clothes, Fabrics, Blanket and More - Purple

  • Sharp cutter head – Remove hairballs
  • Transparent shaving box – Lint storage
  • Works quickly and efficiently
  • Oversized mesh hole – for sucking any size lint
  • Charging indicator, anti-skid switch, anti-skid design

If your woolen clothes are not in a wearable condition due to lint, then this House of Quirk lint remover is perfect for you. This machine can remove lint, pill, fuzz, hairball, fabric fluff, and bobbles from woolen sweaters, garments, blankets, and carpet. It comes with a sharp cutter head that removes all the hairballs and makes the cloth into a new one. 

This lint remover is very convenient to use because it is lightweight, occupies less space, and also travel friendly. However, it has a transparent shaving box that you need to empty after every use. The handle material is made of alloy steel, so it is quite sturdy. 


This lint remover machine comes with a charging indicator light, so you can easily get to know when it is charging. All these features make it the best lint remover. 

The large honeycomb net covers a wide area of the cloth that ensures the job is done very quickly. Moreover, it is made of an anti-skid design and also an anti-skid switch. 

8. Iwon® Lint Remover for Woolen Clothes, Electric Lint Remover, Best Lint Shaver for Clothes

  • Body material – Plastic and handle material – alloy steel
  • Quick and efficiently remove lint, fuzz from garments
  • Compact, handy, and easy to carry
  • Easy to clean with the elbow brush
  • High-quality motor rotates – 9000 rotation/minute

Iwon best quality lint remover comes with a high-speed motor that rotates 9000 rotations per minute. You can restore all your old clothes with the help of this lint remover. All the lint, fuzz, pill, and bubbles can be easily removable with this machine from your garments, carpet, and blankets. 

This fabric shaver gives your clothes a brand new look. It comes with a sharp stainless steel blade that ensures quick shaving lint from garments. Moreover, the good quality blades will not damage the fabric of the clothes. 

It is very compact, handy, and easy to carry to any destination. After removing the lint, you need to remove the lint collection container and make it empty. The large blade section can remove lint from a wide area of garments that makes the shaving work faster; this feature makes it the best lint remover machine


You just need to push the switch button and rotate it gently across the fabric to remove unwanted lint. It’s quite easy to clean the blade section with the elbow brush. For making it long-lasting, proper cleaning is highly needed. 

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Techsum Reusable lint remover comes with both side lint removing textures that reduce half of the fur removing time. It is made of ABS high-quality material and size is 30×5.5 cm. It is compact, handy, and easily carriable in any travel destination. 

The package of this lint remover has one fur removing brush, one travel-sized brush, and a self-cleaning base. After removing all the lint from the garment, you have to empty the lint storing container properly. This machine helps you to store your old clothes. 


If you are searching for a good lint remover machine, then you can go for this one. All these features make it the best lint remover.  You just have to swipe to clean the fur, then dip the machine in the base to remove the lint from the brush. 

Remove bubbles, fur, lint from the carpet, blankets, and woolen garments. So, don’t think twice about going for this good quality affordable lint remover.

10. Easy Deal India Plastic Lint Remover/Cloth Shaver (Standard Size, White)

  • Compact, handy, and travel friendly
  • Sharp and good-quality blade for removing lint
  • Efficiently remove Lint from woolen garments
  • Small to large size holes – Removing different size lint
  • Wide Shaver removing face – Removes lint quickly

Easy Deal India standard size lint remover comes with a good quality shaving blade that will not damage the cloth fabric. With this new technology-based product, you can reuse all your old woolen clothes. The lint removing area is quite wide, so it can remove all the lint in a short time. 

You can also take this machine to any travel destination for quickly removing lint from woolen garments. However, to make it a long-lasting product, you have to clean the lint from the shaver after the lint removal process. It comes with a transparent lint storing container. 


All these features and its price range make it the best lint remover machine. It comes with small to large size holes for sucking all shapes of lint. This machine is quite affordable yet very useful. 

If you do not have any lint remover and also cannot wear old woolen sweaters, then this is the right product for you. Buy the Easy Deal India plastic pill, lint shaver, and style with your old clothes. 

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide of Lint Remover 

In every wardrobe, there are some clothes, especially sweaters, which are rejected due to the sign of lint. There is a very easy and quick method by which you can restore all your discard sweaters. A lint remover machine can easily pick all the lint from the woolen garments and make them a new one. With the help of this machine, you can reuse all your old clothes by removing the excess lint. A lint remover can remove all types of lint, pet hair, fuzz, pill, and bubbles from woolen garments, carpet, blanket e.t.c. The best lint remover also comes in various shapes and sizes and available in local stores and online. 

What feature should you consider before buying a lint remover machine?

There are various types of lint remover models available in the market but not all the models are good. You should buy that model that can pick all the lint within a short time. So, here are some tips that you should consider before buying a cloth shaver.


The lint remover is available both in battery-operated and without battery. Some device comes with batteries. So, if the machine is battery operated, check how long you can use it with just one full charge. If the machine holds the charge for a long time, you don’t have to charge it very frequently. 

Shaving Levels 

The normal cheap quality lint removers only can shave very normal fabric garments. That is why you can’t remove lint from all kinds of fabric. So, it’s advisable to go for that type of lint remover which can remove lint from wool, cotton, thick material, blanket, and carpet. 

Rotation speed of the blades 

Keep in mind that you should not provide much time for lint removal. Choose the lint shaver machine that rotates at least 8000 rotation/minute. It would be more useful and time saver. 

Methods of using lint remover machine

  • First, check the lint shaver machine that can be used for which type of fabric. Be aware, when you run the roller on any kind of fabric like woolen clothes, sweaters, jackets, fine material clothes. Carefully remove the lint from the clothes. 
  • For removing the lint from the clothes, first, switch on the device. Then gently run the machine on the clothes. It will pick the lint and store it in the lint storing container. 
  • After that, the vital point is maintaining the lint remover. Proper cleaning after removing the lint is highly needed. So, open the lint storing container and drain out all the lint. Do proper dusting and cleaning of the blade, else it won’t remove lint anymore. 
  • The most important part is changing the razor blade after a certain period. If you do not change the blade, it may ruin the cloth fabric and it will also not remove lint properly. 
  • There is no risk of shock while using the machine. You just need to run the shaver carefully, so that it does not damage the cloth fabric. 

Frequently Asked Questions-

1. What is the working functionality of an electric lint remover?

The lint removers have different size holes and blades inside for sucking the lint. So, the lint remover has to be rolled across the clothes, and it will pick up all the dust, lint, hair, pill, fuzz, and bubbles from the clothes. Both electric and battery-operated lint removers work in the same method. 

2. Do lint removers damage clothes?

Whenever you use the lint shavers for removing lint, you have to be extra cautious. Lint removers have blades inside, which might ruin the fabric if you are not using it carefully. But, with the best lint remover, the chance of damaging the fabric is very less. 

3. How can you remove lint from a blanket?

Removing lint from the blanket is very easy. You need to follow the steps carefully. 
1. Place the blanket on a plain table
2. Use the lint remover machine and roll it carefully on the blanket 
3. Remove the fuzz, pill, lint by sucking it off
4. If the machine blade is not sharp, then use a disposable new razor

4. What type of lint shaver is best?

The lint shavers, which is easy to hold, can be considered as the best lint remover machine. Moreover, the lint removers that remove pet hair also can be used for multi-purpose. Choose that lint shaver that has a wide area for removing lint. The lint remover comes with a brush for cleaning the lint is the best.

 5. How can you clean a lint remover? 

If you have a lint remover, then it must be cleaned after every usage. The pill shaver will not absorb any more lint if it is dirty. So, for cleaning, you have to press the side buttons to flip out the roll. Then wash it with water to wash off the dirt. Then gently dry the machine with a cotton cloth. After that, place the protective cap on the lint shaver to keep it away from the sunlight.

6. Can the lint remover machine be washed off?

Yes, you can wash a lint remover machine, but it is suggested to clean the dirt from it with a brush so that the blades will last long for a long time. 

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