10 Best Mens Watches Under 2000 in India 2021

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

There no particular time that has been right for buying a men’s watch. It is always hard to decide which one to buy. We recommend Titan Analog Silver Dial Men’s Watch as Best mens watches under 2000 due to its style, budget, and reliability of the brand.  

Many people consider that watches have been extinct since the arrival of the smartphone. But the fact is proper wristwatch doesn’t limit itself till just an accessory or displaying the time. It is a style and standard that reflects for men of any age. 

We have testified dozens of brands literally and inspected thoroughly each factor that justifies Best mens watches under 2000. The practicality of owing watch has been into a new era of wearables in which deciding which model is right can be a daunting one.

We have judiciously chosen some timepiece that would satisfy your demand, keeping in consideration budget too.

Nothing preserves the value of intricate arm charm piece with ticking cogs under the glass with a prestigious manufactured timepiece. 

What’s inside it matters. 

With the upgrade of technology and styles, even timepiece has undergone many changes. Watches have been smart and can track many things. But still, the basic things that incudes in reliable timepiece are the movement. The movement, also referred to as the caliber, is considered as the beat of heart watch.

There are two types of movement includes in watch – Quartz, and Mechanical. The quartz-powered watches include hand ticking precisely for every second, while mechanical one functions when the hand smoothly glide as it rotates. 

Style of men’s watches

There are different styles and variety of watches available in the market, from luxury to daily wear; you can find tons of optional available.  

Dress Watch

Started in the early 20th century, the dress style watch can go well for occasions and complement with suit or tuxedo. 

A dress watch is different from others due to its simple design and slimness of the case so it can go well under the cuff of a shirt or blazer. Dress watch can be from simple leather strap to most precious metals. 

Driving Watch 

The timepiece has been developed in the ’20s with vital features of a unidirectional bezel that cater to the need of divers to keep track of time spent underwater. They are sportier style and include luminous dials, which make them convenient to wear every day.

Pilot Watches 

These watches have been first on sale in 1911 since then; there have been many improvements and upgrades in the designs. The primary vital features are larger dial with a luminous number and oversized winding crown. 

Racing Watch

The design was intended for the automotive industry with iconic models. These watches are usually equipped with tachymeter as well as chronography. The observations focus on legibility and clear numerals that are beneficial for drivers while racing.

How to find a men’s watch that suits you

Choose the case size of your watch as per you your suit. The case size ranges from 38mm to 46mm. If you wear too big, it will look awkward while too small would seem like you have borrowed from a schoolboy.

About 38mm-40mm watch would be comfortable to all wrist without being too bulky, which can be worn with jackets, blazers, and long sleeve shirts. Always match the color of leather strap as per your belt and formal shoes to enhance the look.

The best mens watches under 2000 should fit correctly and do not rely on the wrist loosely. 

Best Mens Watches Under 2000 in India 2021

1. Titan Analog Silver Dial Men's Watch

  • Brown straps highlighting a silver case.
  • Quartz movement ensures precision.
  • Water Resistance Depth 50 meters to withstand water droplets.
  • 42mm Brass case for a more modernized and manly look.

When we think about watches, the first name that clicks is Titan. Titan is well known for wristwatches with the practicality of design and functionalities. The wristwatch round silver display with mineral glass material. 

The design is quite elegant and along with brown leather material that adds sense to your style. The wrist strap is made of high-quality leather that can complement different clothing styles as well as colors. 

The steel case, along with white dial, enhances the look of the watch with classic Analog quartz function. If you are seeking for a modernly sized watch for the broad wrist, then this 42mm diameter case can just go well. 

The timeless design of Best mens watches under 2000 can go well for sports and dress watches. 

2. Casio Enticer Analog Blue Dial Men's Watch

  • Quartz Calibre for better accuracy and convenience.
  • Increased date visibility in white highlight.
  • Stainless Steel silver band complementing silver case.
  • The round mineral glass dial enhances the timepiece.

What could be better if you get reliability along with the Best mens watches under 2000? Casio has been dealing with Indian consumers for ages, keeping affordability, and functioning in mind. The timepiece works efficiently with a quartz caliber. The mineral glass dial with royal blue color in round shape enhances the view of the watch.

This watch a clever hybrid of style and versatility. It is intricately designed with white markings for an hour and date.

3. NIBOSI Chronograph Waterproof Blue Dial Watch

  • Japanese quartz movement for accuracy.
  • Dial giving space to a stopwatch, calendar, and chronography.
  • Stainless steel silver strap with a highlight of golden.
  • Golden case enhancing overall appearance.

The brand is well known for manufacturing premium and luxury watches. We have got the best mens wtaches under 2000 from a well-known brand. NIBOSI watch is a multipurpose tool that serves as a clock display as well as a stopwatch. Whether you are in a gym or underwater, the watch serves the purpose of keeping you in trend and on time. 

NIBOSI watch comprises a Japanese quartz movement for accurate timings golden and silver strap watches that stand out from rest and portray as a luxury timepiece. Japanese quartz movement doesn’t need human intervention; they can move consistently and accurately. 

A small blue dial with stopwatch, chronography, calendar satisfies most of your needs with a watch. The 30 m waterproof watch can withstand brief immersion and splashes of water. Don’t worry in monsoon, just enjoy your day with NIBOSI watch.

4. Fastrack Trendies Analog Men's Watch

  • Black Silicone staps with lock mechanism.
  • Acrylic glass can withstand scratches of daily wear.
  • 100 m water resistance depth can withstand water sports activities.

Securing a position in Best mens watches under 2000, the Fastrack watch brand has launched a trendy yet functional watch. What we loved about the watch is its range of sporty look, with black silicone band material. 

The Quartz movement with Acrylic glass material that can handle day to day knocks and are not easily shattered. With plastic case material and a diameter of 5.1 cm, it can be considered as average for men’s wrist. 

It includes functionalities of the Alarm, light button, day indicator, and much more — the orange highlight detailing complements the watch’s look. The 100 meters water resistance depth gives you the freedom to dive underwater without worries of damage.

5. Casio Enticer Analog Black Dial Men's Watch

  • Simple, elegant round case with mineral glass.
  • Black dial highlighted with white numbers.
  • Quartz movement for better accuracy.
  • 50-meter water resistance for minimal water contact.

Casio is known for its simple yet elegant design pieces. The round mineral dial with large bold white numerical draws the attention of the viewer. The stainless steel case is engraved with a distance of 10 minutes. The buckle clasp gives the flexibility of wearing with ease. 

Adding more style to piece brown leather band with black dial gives it an iconic look. With 50 meters of water resistance depth, it can bear water droplets but not ideal for water sports.  

6. NIBOSI Watches Men Sport Quartz Watches

  • Supports stopwatch, chronograph, date functionalities.
  • Round case shape with three subdials and date display.
  • White dial and brown leather straps give more elegance and classy look.
  • Thirty meters water resistant can withstand splashes of water.

The brown leather band with bluish-white dial and multiple stopwatch dial gives it a sporty yet classic look. The golden case with golden engraved numbers highlights the watch. The best mens watches under 2000 can be considered as a business watch due to its functionalities of date, timer, stopwatch. 

The design is durable, elegant, and sturdy with a fully functional chronograph. 42 mm case diameter can be best proportioned to wider wrists. The quartz movement and 30 meters of water resistance can serve you with high functionality for daily wear.  

7. Timex Analog-Digital Black Dial Men's Watch

  • Woven and engraved brown leather straps with a buckle clasp.
  • Sophisticated dial design covered with mineral glass.
  • 50 M water resistance for daily usage.

Timex has developed its pieces as Best mens watches under 2000. The 38.5mm plastic case material is complemented with brown leather straps. Whether you need an alarm or countdown timer, the watch has it for you. The Mineral glass dial material emphasizes more on white detailing inside. 

Though the watch is analog, the alarm is digital. The watch is made for toughness along with accuracy; overall, it looks good. It comes with quartz movement and leather engraved straps, which adds style to complete the look.

8. Sonata Analog Black Dial Men's Watch

  • Black stainless steel band adding style to your formal look.
  • Black dial with black case highlighted with a simple hour and minute hands.
  • Quartz movement and Analog display add preciseness and elegance to watch.

Sonata brand has been leading the market with best mens watches under 2000 and other products. The black background with black case intensifies the look of the watch. Whether you need it for casual wear or occasion wear, the watch has all for you.

The stainless steel case with 8.60mm of thickness gives it a sturdy and manly look. The Analog display and quartz movement make the watch simple yet classy. Be cautious while playing with water; the watch can resist 5 meters of water resistance depth.

9. Fastrack Analog Blue Dial Men's Watch

  • Elegant blue dial with highlighted white detailing.
  • Asymmetrical shape to add extra style beyond traditional rounds.
  • Quartz caliber for accuracy.
  • 50 meters of water depth resistance can go well with your daily routine.

The Fastrack Analog watch is brilliant for beginners as well as bargain hunters, particularly, but it has more to offer rather than just a simple timepiece. Being elegant and classy in design, the watch serves the purpose for formal as well as casual wear.  

This Best mens watches under 2000 looks pretty darn good with a minimalist design with remarkable given features. With quartz movement, you can assure smooth operation with accuracy compared to a mechanical system. We loved the detailing on the inner part of a shiny blue dial on the watch; it adds extra aspect and overall enhances the design.  

If you are bored with traditional round and square watches, then this Asymmetrical mineral glass watch is just for you.

10. Curren Men's Sports Waterproof Wrist Watch

  • Stainless steel case complements the style of watch.
  • Dark brown leather brown straps add elegance.
  • Serves essential features of date and timer.

The last one in our list of Best mens watches under 2000; we have a masterpiece of Curren Analogue Sports watch. The watch is waterproof with a stainless steel case to handle your daily activities even inside the water.  

Being a leather strap watch, it features in dark brown strap that goes well with most casual clothing. The quartz movement supports accurate and reliable timekeeping adding style with brown and blue dial.

Final Verdict 

As per our extensive research, we have mentioned Best mens watches under 2000 that are most popular yet serves well the purpose. We have shortlisted mid-range analog watches that comprise that can be worn for any reason, whether be casual or formal. We hope you would find the best timepiece for you. 

Most Relevant questions for timepieces

Q. u003cstrongu003eHow long would the battery in a new watch last?u003c/strongu003e

For the u003cstrongu003eBest mens watches under 2000u003c/strongu003e, the battery last as per the functionality. If the watch serves just Analog purpose of showing the time, then it can last for 2 to 3 years. While if it serves the purpose of time, chronograph, alarm, and other, then it would last till 1.5 to 2 years.

Q. u003cstrongu003eHow should I take care of my watch?u003c/strongu003e

To keep your watch run long and in good condition, clean case and strap on a regular basis. Don’t deal with water frequently, no matter if it is waterproof.

Q. u003cstrongu003eHow to pick a dress watch?u003c/strongu003e

Practically speaking, a dress watch should go well as per the wrist size; otherwise, it would draw attention negatively. The dress watch should be thin enough to slip inside and out of the shirt easily.

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