Best Milk Frother in India

By Trusha Patel

Are you a coffee lover and can’t visit a restaurant every time to taste the coffee of your choice? Then a milk frother is all you need to enhance your coffee drinking experience as this one will totally change the way you are having your beverages and provide you with a classy, restaurant styled experience every single time.

Here we have listed some of the best milk frothers available in the market with a buying guide which will help you out with making a purchase decision.

Top 10 Best Milk Frother Review

1. Hongxin Hand Blender, Black

  • Battery operated, easy to change and replace
  • Ergonomic design makes it easier to handle
  • Super fast frothing mechanism
  • Great for a variety of purposes
  • Available at an affordable price

A simple milk frother with a good variety of uses up its sleeves. It can be handled and operated easily and it adjusts itself to all of your frothing needs in no time. The powerful mechanism makes the task of frothing easy and quick, saves you all the time, power, and effort, which makes it one of the best milk frother available in the market.

2. IVAAN NOVEL Power-Free Hand Blender & Beater in Kitchen Appliances with High Speed Operation (Egg and Cream; Milkshake; Soup; Lassi; Butter Milk Maker; Multicolour), Multicolor, medium (FILPO025)

  • Attractive design and eye catching outlook
  • Easy to handle and operate manually
  • High quality blades used
  • Used for a variety of purposes
  • Affordable option from the house of NOVEL

One of the best milk frothers that you can go for, without thinking twice. If you are looking for a manually operated milk frother, this is a perfect choice for you. The comfortable handle and a unique design makes the process of frothing quick and stress-free. There are also multiple colour combinations and the attractive, good looking design is a hard one to say no to.

3. Ikea Milk Frother 303.011.67 (Black)

  • Extremely lightweight, hence easy to handle
  • Powered by additional batteries
  • Quick and efficient frothing mechanism
  • Easy to clean and operate
  • From the house of IKEA

IKEA brings in one of its finest milk frothers which simply has some best milk frother reviews on table. A battery-powered machine with a sturdy structure and ergonomic design, makes it easy to handle. The product is also extremely lightweight which is again one of its most notable features. It can be applied to both hot and cold food items and works impressively on multiple varieties of food and drinks. 

4. InstaCuppa Milk Frother Handheld Battery Operated Electric Foam Maker with Stainless Steel Whisk and Stand Included,Red

  • Professional milk frother with exceptional quality
  • Top of the class frothing mechanism
  • One of the best products at a luxurious range
  • Stylish, sleepy and elegant looking
  • Easy to handle and place and comes with a warranty

If you’re looking for a classy milk frother with a premium touch, this one has the best milk frother reviews and ratings in the market. A professional restaurant styled milk frother which simply catches all the attention in no time with its magnificent performance. Moreover it’s sturdy and comfortable to use, and can be applied to a variety of food and beverage items. 

5. PRO365 Indo Foamer Frother for Milk, Coffee, Cappuccino (Abs Material Handle)

  • Low priced, affordable and a best buy
  • Can be applied for a range of variety of purposes
  • Quality built with a sturdy outlook
  • Battery operated mechanism
  • Speedy frothing mechanism

If you’re looking for the best milk frother machine at an affordable price and which provides the performance worth the amount of money paid, this one carries the best milk frother reviews in its range. It is powered by a set of batteries which makes the frothing mechanism quicker and efficient. It can also be applied for over a variety of food items and beverages.

6. Hario CZ-1 Milk Frother, "Z"

  • Premium built, top-notch quality
  • Comes with a stand, safely put
  • Professional restaurant style frothing mechanism
  • Energy efficient functioning
  • Efficient and speedy frothing guaranteed

Let’s take a look at another product which holds the best milk for other reviews in this specific product range. The uncompromising quality and built-in set of features are simply remarkable and provide the best value for the money paid. From safety to comfort, the product covers an entire range of food items and beverages where it can do the frothing efficiently and perfectly. With this milk frother at home, you can transform your beverage experience into something wonderful.

7. ZOSOE Hand Blender, Multicolour

  • Priced at a medium budget range
  • Easy to handle with an ergonomic design
  • An attractive variety of uses
  • Works on battery
  • One of the quickest functional mechanism

Another product which is one the best milk frother reviews which simply is one of the best milk frothers in the medium budget range of the product. Comparatively this milk frother covers a wide variety of food items and beverages and also guarantees a faster operational mechanism. It is also backed by an ergonomic design which simply makes it more elegant.

8. InstaCuppa Travel Milk Frother Handheld Battery Operated Electric Whisker, Foam Maker, Coffee Beater with Stainless Steel Travel Casing

  • An attractive option at a premium price
  • Easy to carry and store
  • From the house of InstaCuppa
  • Professional restaurant style coffee at your kitchen
  • Lightweight and fast mechanism

InstaCuppa is widely known for its specialisation in getting the best milk frother reviews for their products. The products of top of the class, premium quality is their forte and they prove it again with this wonderful travel milk frother. It needs an additional battery to power up its mechanism and speed and one of the most attractive factors of this milk frother is the easiness in storing it and saving space.

9. CuppaJoe Milk Frother (Black)

  • Attractive design with a beautiful outlook
  • Easy to use with an ergonomic handle
  • Powerful whisk makes the operation faster and smoother
  • Pure professional functioning at a budget price
  • Priced at a medium range and worth a buy

Another contender which is known for its best milk frother reviews in the medium budget range, leaves a professional touch to your cup of milk based beverages. An ergonomic handle along with the placement of the button at the bottom of the handle makes it easier to operate. Moreover the powerful whisk which adds to the time and effort advantages makes this one a wonderful buy to look out.

10. HK MART Milk Frother, 100W (Multicolour)

  • Useful for a variety of purposes
  • Built of high quality 302 stainless steel
  • Available in attractive shades
  • Lightweight and hence easily handled
  • Made of plastic and food grade stainless steel rod

If you are looking for a budget but as per the best milk frother reviews then, this is the one which you can’t say no to. This milk frother can be applied to a variety of uses which makes it a buy worth the money you spend. Moreover the top quality built is also a great addition to its overall advantages.

Buying Guide For The Best Milk Frother 

If you are having the idea of buying a new milk frother, you should be aware about some features and criteria which will help you with making the right purchase decision. These features will decide whether the product is a suitable one for you or not on the basis of a certain set of factors.

This buying guide will guide you through those certain set of factors which need to be considered before making the purchase decision to make the best buy which doesn’t burn a hole through your pocket.

These factors which are crucial before buying a milk frother-

Material Used 

Most of the milk frothers are made of two major components, the stainless steel used for the blades and the body or the handle made of plastic. But apart from picking them just by considering the presence of these two factors it is recommended to look into it closely.

There are multiple varieties of stainless steel and the plastic used for manufacturing these milk frothers which are of extreme varying quality. Stainless steel blades of the grade 302 are considered as an ideal pick while you can always opt for the abs plastic or the food grade quality materials while picking a product. 


Another important element that concerns the picking of the right milk frother for your kitchen is the storage of the milk frother equipment. For some milk frothers, the manufacturer provides it with a storage device or at least a cap or lid that covers the frother and also keeps it safe from mishandling or breaking.

Thereby storage of the milk frother too qualifies as a factor which needs to be addressed before picking a product. Usually these milk frothers have their own stainless steel stands which keeps it safe and adds to the beauty of the kitchen. 


Just like every other product, the price too is a very important concern when it comes to purchase. The price and the affordability of that are the two factors which go hand in hand for the consumer. Therefore it is important to learn about the varieties of ranges of pricing for the milk frother and pick the right one that does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Usually milk frothers are available at almost all ranges, starting from the budget economical range to the premium range that provides with the milk frothers that serve the restaurant like experience at home. 


The purpose for which the milk frother is used by the consumer is also a concern, a factor regarding the mindset of the consumer as for what usage or utilisation does the consumer use the milk frother usually or highly for. 

Not every milk frother available in the market will be able to cover for the purpose but all you have to do is to pick one which maximum covers the benefits you want to generate from the usage. For this you can look into the different milk frothers available in the market and pick the ones which serve your purpose for which you want to buy milk frother. 

Battery requirements

One the basis of the battery requirements, the milk frothers appear in a variety of categories. Some are designed in a way to use the batteries only while some of them can be charged and used, which are provided with a seperate charging slot too.

The battery consumption too is an important factor associated with them as every usage of the milk frother will consume a certain amount of battery and the leftover charge depends on how much power does it uses on each. So make sure that the product you buy is a power efficient one too, so that you don’t have to replace the batteries or charge frequently. 


Another important deciding factor which often goes unnoticed is the comfort and the ease of handling in using the product. The milk frother is a tool which is entirely operated by a single hand and even with a plastic handle, it should be easy enough to operate with that single hand.

The gear or the button should be in a position which is easy to reach and the shape too, should be in favour of the user. Therefore the milk frothers with ergonomic design and handle is preferred to provide with maximum comfort. 


The applicability of the milk frother is somewhat associated with the purpose of the usage but it differs where there are restrictions or incapabilities over the application of the milk frother at some medium. Some of the milk frothers cannot be applied on any of the hot beverages.

At the same time the frothing machines sometimes cannot handle even the semi-solid food items and beverages. Therefore these milk frothers have a limited amount of applicability over some of the food items and beverages. So you need to be sure about the applicability of the milk frother you are planning to purchase. 

Speed and adjustability 

The speed of the milk frothing machine totally depends upon the efficiency of the motor which is for inside the frother. The RPM of the motor decides how fast the frothing mechanism is carried down on the specific milk frother. 

At the same time the adjustability of the milk frother depends on the flexibility of the wand or the handle which can be adjusted easily to fit into the hand and make sure the user can use it properly. Therefore adjustable milk frothers have a visible advantage over the non-adjustable ones. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a milk frother do?

A milk frother is usually used to enhance or upgrade your normal coffee or any beverage experience by creating a thick foam around the beverage. This is mostly used for the premium types of coffees and other caffeine varieties. Powered by a battery or electricity, the milk frother creates a faster rotating effect with its blades which automatically creates a certain amount of foam above the liquid.

 Does a milk frother heats the milk?

Yes. It may not be possible or applicable in the models which are usually used at homes but the more powerful ones can be used as a heater for the milk too. The frothing mechanism works more efficiently in the heated milk and therefore in most of the restaurants and cafés the milk frother itself heats and froths the milk quickly and efficiently.

Can you froth milk without a milk frother? 

It can be a difficult task but if you are willing to do it, you can carry on with the process of frothing the milk without any interference from a milk frothing machine. For this you simply need to shake the milk vigorously in a closed container and heat it which leaves some form but not as efficient as a milk frother. This is the reason milk frothers are widely used for enhancing the quality of the beverages.

Can you put sugar in a milk frother?

Yes. You can put sugar in the milk which needs to be applied with the milk frother and thereby it is possible to froth the milk which already contains the sugar. But in no way you can add the sugar to the milk with the help of a milk frother as it’s only duty is to froth the milk and nothing else. The sugar can also be applied to the heated milk in which the milk frother can be used to enhance its taste and looks.

Are electric milk frothers any good?

There are two types of milk frothers available in the market, the manual milk frothers and the electric milk frothers. The manual milk frothers doesn’t use any kind of power or any external power source for its functioning and is completely operated by the hand. But in the case of electric milk frothers, these are operated by a battery in most of the cases and the user simply needs to press a button for making it functional. Therefore electric milk frothers are much upgraded ones and in some ways better than the manual milk frothers.

Should you heat the milk before frothing?

Yes. It is recommended to heat the milk before you froth it as heating the milk only brings out the real sweetness and the taste of the milk out. It works well with the frothing mechanism once it is heated in a nice and good way. Also it is advised to hear the milk at a temperature of 60-68 Celsius to make the experience more wonderful and enjoyable.


The buying guide will guide you through the process of purchasing the best milk frother which suits you perfectly in every way. Only then you will find the experience enjoyable and consider it totally worth the buy. Milk frother is an essential accessory in the modern kitchen and for enhancing the taste and experience of a coffee or a hot or cold beverage, to its fullest like a restaurant styled experience.

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