Top 10 Best Non-Stick Frying Pan

By Trusha Patel

A frying pan is an essential kitchenware that is commonly used for frying purposes in our kitchens. Just like any other kitchenware, it’s close association with the food prepared reflects on the quality of the food and its effect on the people who are consuming the food. Therefore it is highly important to pick the best non stick frying pan for your kitchen

Since it is closely related to health, it should be the best non-toxic non stick frying pan which falls amongst the other safest non stick pans. So let’s take a quick look at some of these safest non stick pans which impressed us with its quality built and advanced specifications.

Top 10 Best Non Stick Frying Pan Review

1. Prestige Omega Select Plus Non-Stick BYK Set, 3-Pieces, Gas-stove compatible only

  • A set of three different non stick cookware of uncompromising quality.
  • The cooking activities will leave no marks, traces or residues.
  • Strong and smooth handling, with fit right into grips.
  • Aluminum built, completely free from scratches, abrasion and all kinds of stains.
  • The three layers of coating make it more durable and long-lasting.

We are looking at the best non stick frying pan category and here we present this wonderful product from the house of Prestige. This set of three different cookwares, consisting of a Kadai, a Tawa and a frying pan are made of solid aluminum, which completely resists scratches, abrasion, and all other kinds of stains. 

All these three kitchenwares have three layers of metal coating, which makes it much more durable, long-lasting and a complete worth for the money spent. Prestige is one of the leading manufacturers of kitchenware in India and is one of the most trusted brands. 

It will be a great pick for your kitchen as these kitchenwares simply look stunning and the quality of its built is unparalleled. Moreover the smooth and easy to handle grip, makes it easy to manage with this cookware. 

2. Hawkins Futura Nonstick Frying Pan with Stainless Steel Lid, Capacity 1 Litre, Diameter 22 cm, Thickness 3.25 mm, Black (NF22S)

  • The product is delivered with a firm lid, which is the best in restricting the heat and flavor .
  • The extra metallic coating makes it more durable and solid.
  • A perfectly designed base structure, which makes sure that the flame and the heat spreads evenly to all parts.
  • Made of solid aluminum, which only requires comparatively less oil and less heat.
  • A smooth, stable, easily manageable handle; works perfectly even if you’re a beginner.

The story of best non stick frying pans is that they don’t make any compromises when it comes to quality and customer satisfaction. Hawkins Futura non stick Frying Pan is undoubtedly one such product that will suit your kitchen perfectly. 

It is an advanced built frying pan which only consumes very less oil or the frying activities can be done without any oil in some instances. The easy to use handle with a soft and strong grip will make it an ideal choice for even beginners and professionals likewise. 

Also, the design of the base structure is a commendable one which makes sure that the base where the heat gets evenly distributed. Moreover, the front lid will help in preserving the flavor and aroma of your recipe from escaping. 

3. Nirlon Non-Stick Aluminum Mini Frying Pan (20 x 20 CM)(Red)

  • A highly affordable mini frying pan in the non stick category.
  • The layer of non stick makes sure that the pan only absorbs less oil and makes delicious food.
  • The body is fully built of solid aluminum and its an ideal pick for a regular use.
  • Don’t worry about scratches as the body completely resists the scratches on its surface.
  • Perfect and tailor-made for the use in gas stoves, which keeps it stable and balanced.

Here we have the best non stick pan in the most affordable category of frying pans for your kitchen. A mini frying pan is highly recommended when the intensity and frequency of your engagement in cooking activities or the usage of the frying pan are limited to a certain extent. 

It is undoubtedly the ideal product to pick when you are concerned about the spending and looking for the best one within the budget. Built with some excellent features, this mini frying pan has almost all the specifications of an advanced frying pan. 

The solid aluminum body, the multiple metallic coating, and a super smooth handle are some of the noteworthy attributes of Nirlon non stick mini frying pan. 

4. AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Induction Non Stick Frying Pan, 24 cm, with Soft Touch Handle

  • From the house of the biggest online retailer on a global scale, hence approves of the quality.
  • The extra-wide frying pan is easy to handle and it can manage even hardcore frying tasks.
  • Built of stainless steel, hence no worries of rusting under any existing conditions.
  • Not only gas stoves, but the frying pan is also highly compatible with the induction ones too.
  • Excellent gripping provided at the bottom of the handle, making it easy to manage .

One of the premium range frying pans, stuffed with all the essential attributes and features needed to completely enhance your frying experience in your kitchen. 

This is absolutely the best non stick frying pan if you’re looking for an upgraded version of kitchenware for your kitchen. This pan completely makes the frying task easy and smooth for you. It’s easy to hold with the smooth and solid grips, with which you can even undertake hardcore frying activities. 

The AmazonBasics Stainless Steel frying pan works perfectly with the Induction stove too, which most of the frying pans fail to satisfy. Moreover, the stainless steel body of the frying pan makes it resistant to rust and makes it more durable and long-lasting. 

5. Prestige Omega Deluxe Granite Fry Pan, 240mm, Black (36305)

  • An ultimate 5 layer coating which is capable of protecting the frying pan from all causes.
  • The plastic handle makes it easy to hold and flexible enough to take on the frying activities.
  • Works perfectly with both Induction stove and the gas stoves.
  • You don’t have to worry about the dishwasher damage to the product.
  • A perfect blend of aluminum and a granite topping.

The finest specification of this best non stick frying pan in the most durable category is the five layers of protection, making it unbelievably strong, shielded, and long-lasting. The five-layer protection includes the Top Coat, Reinforced Spatter Coat in two different layers, an intermediate coat, and finally the base coat. 

The granite surface combined with its aluminum built is a costly affair but Prestige is out with the frying pan at a much affordable price. 

It works perfectly with both the popular models of stove, gas, and the induction one. The outer layer is really smooth and solid which makes it easy to clean and dishwasher friendly.

6. AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Triply Non-stick Frying pan with Induction Base (28cm)

  • From the house of Amazon, the biggest retailer on a global scale .
  • The perks of being built with solid stainless steel, including rust and corrosion resistance.
  • The coating of Whitford Xylan Plus two-layer which restricts the PFOA, hence cook healthy food.
  • A tailor-made, easy to grip handle with a touch of silicone.
  • Works smoothly in both gas and induction stovetops.

The AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Triply frying pan approves of the fact that how and why cooking on a non stick pan is good for health. One of the notable features includes the presence of the Whitford Xylan Plus two-layer coating which prevents the PFOA from entering the food, being prepared. 

Hence the food will contain less fat and contributes to a healthy lifestyle. No wonder, you can pick it as the best non stick frying pan when it comes to the concern of health. 

Moreover, the strongly built aluminum surface resists the chances of getting rust or corrode. It makes it more durable and handy so that you can easily use it for cooking in both gas tops and induction top stoves. 

7. NIRLON Heavy Guage Non-Stick Cookware Fry Pan with Glass Lid, Red & Black (Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Bakelite)

  • An attractive, eye-catcher with bold and subtle colors with a glass lid.
  • A tailor-made a handle to perfectly grip the pan during the cooking activities.
  • The perks of having a glass lid make it easier to keep a check on the cooking process.
  • Built of strong and solid aluminum, makes it durable and long-lasting.
  • A great non sticking layer, which makes it easy to clean and maintain.

From the extensive range of kitchenware of Nirlon, this heavy gauge fry pan is indeed the best non stick pan with top of the class attributes and best value for the money. 

The aluminum coating is another notable specification of the product as the top quality aluminum built at this price range is an attractive pick. Moreover, it satisfies all the safety and ease of handling tests too, making it the Best safe frying pan in this price range. 

It might be the best, good looking frying pan too which really catches our attention. The glass lid has multiple perks, which adds to the beauty of the frying pan and also makes a transparent medium to keep a check on the food, being fried.

8. Hawkins Futura Non-Stick Stir-Fry Wok 3 Litre Without Lid

  • One of the best picks in the premium range of frying pan category stuffed with a number of specifications.
  • The base engineered in a way that it can distribute the heat evenly and keep a hold on to it.
  • The product has undergone solid anodization procedure which makes it a completely healthy option to consider.
  • Made of top quality stainless steel, durable and long-lasting, resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • The handles made of rosewood instead of plastic, giving it a more traditional outlook and classy experience while cooking.

Considering its wide range of features and specifications, it is sure that Hawkins Futura non stick Frying Pan qualifies as the longest-lasting non stick frying pan with an exceptional quality of stainless steel. 

Hawkins outdid their own range of products this time with this premium version of the frying pan, with a bunch of unparalleled features. The anodization procedure, conducted prior to the finishing, makes it the best nontoxic nonstick frying pan

It also underlines the fact that cooking on a non stick pan is good for health. Moreover, the touch of rosewood in the handle was a classic move, making it more attractive and handy. 

9. Anjali Mini Tapper Pan (16.51 cm) (Red Matte 100% Non-Toxic Coating)

  • One of the best frying pans in the budget and affordable category.
  • A guaranteed non-toxic coating makes it an attractive option to go for preparing healthy food.
  • Complete protection from the likely scratches while handling and the corrosion.
  • Two layers of protective coating in the base which makes sure that the fuel is being utilized efficiently.
  • A mini frying pan, easier to handle than a normal one, suitable for beginners and less frequent or less intense cooking activities.

A simple, stable and nicely built mini tapper pan is a perfect pick for you if you are looking for one in an affordable, budget category. It is undoubtedly the Best safe frying pan in the budget category with a non-toxic coating, promoting a healthy cooking style. 

Moreover, the protection against even minor scratches and chances of corrosion, base coating for the best use of the fuel makes it an even more attractive option. 
Not many of the frying pans in the budget category offer these many advantages and no doubt it made into the list of safest non stick pans in this classification.

10. Pigeon by Stovekraft Aluminium Non-Stick Fry Pan, 22cm - Black

  • An affordable pick from the mid-range category of non stick frying pans.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle with a smooth and stable grip.
  • Faster cooking mechanism with the advanced heat absorbance and even distribution.
  • The german-made coating that is simply of an outstanding quality.
  • Three layers of coating which is mostly found only in the premium range of fry pans.

The prominent manufacturer of the kitchenware, pigeon introduced its best non-toxic non stick frying pan in the mid-range category. 

The three layers of the coating make it much more durable than the products of the same category and comparatively long-lasting. Some of its exceptional features deserve a mention like the design of the base, which enables faster cooking mechanisms with the help of spiral bottoms that distributes the heat equally and absorbs them. 

It also helps in restricting the chances of warping. The tailor-made handle is perfect for managing this lightweight pan easily. Moreover, the adoption of German-made technology in a mid-range product is simply attractive and Pigeon has made the best use of it. It is also highly scratch-resistant and promotes a healthier lifestyle. 

Buying Guide For the Best non stick Fry Pan 

If you’re interested in a product and before buying it, it is recommended to have proper and in-depth knowledge about the product. Let’s take a proper look at what all features to consider before buying a nonstick frying pan. 

Features to consider before buying a non stick Fry Pan 

1. The Capacity 

The capacity simply refers to the size aka the radius of the pan. Even slight variations in the size of the pan lead to spilling or makes it more difficult to handle the pan. So it’s always recommended to go for a product of appropriate capacity, and easy to handle. 

2. The Coatings 

The more number of coatings doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is of greater quality. The layers which are used for coating are more important and how they function matters more than the number of coatings in it. 

3. The built material 

The primary material or the blend used for building the frying pan and its quality is another important concern to be looked into before making a purchase decision. In most of the cases, the built material determines the durability of the frying pan. 

4. The Handle 

The handle is one of the most important parts of a frying pan. The built of the handle, which is usually made of plastic or wood which isn’t a good conductor of heat needs to be checked twice before buying it. The gripping and ease of handling matter the most. 

5. The weight 

You have to control the movement of the frying pan mostly by using one hand and if the cooking activity needs a longer duration, then the feature of the weight of the product is an important concern. Lightweight fry pans are easier to handle compared to the slightly heavier ones. 

6. Resistance 

Apart from the quality and type of material used, the durability and longevity of the frying pan depend largely on the resistance level of the pan against scratches, rust, corrosion, etc. These factors will affect the frying pan if the product is not guarded with enough coatings. 

7. Affordability 

One of the important things to consider is the price of the product. Here too, you can find the budget picks, mid-range ones, and the premium luxury ones with advanced technology. Choose wisely so that it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

8. Compatibility 

Where are you going to use the frying pan? Your gas stove? Your induction stove? Check the compatibility of the frying pan in the medium of the stove you are going to use the frying pan most of the time. 

9. Health and Safety 

Just like any other kitchenware, the frying pan is also closely associated with the preparation of food. To keep the quality of the food untouched and pure, the kitchenware we use should be clean and suitable for cooking and thereby promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

What are the features of the Best non stick Fry Pan? 

Now let’s take a look at some of the features every fry pan should possess to make it a great pick for purchase. The features include;

1. Wider Capacity 

The non stick Fry Pan should have a wider base and the front so that the heat gets evenly distributed and there’s space for more ingredients above. The factor of capacity really shouldn’t affect the weight or difficulty in handling the frying pan. 

2. Quality Layers

The top of the class nonstick frying pans has at least three to five layers of distinct coatings, right from the base of the frying pan. Each of these layers should be functional and beneficial for the food prepared in the frying pan. 

3. Aluminium or Stainless Steel Built 

It is recommended to go for an aluminum built fry pan in the budget and least mid-range category. If you’re going for an upper mid-range and premium category, always go for the stainless steel products, which possess greater quality, durability and are also effective against rust and corrosion. 

4. Smooth Handling

Like said, the handles of the fry pans are usually made of plastic or wood which resists the heat. Even in plastic, the handles need to be tailor-made because of the structure and base of the frying area. Therefore the handle should have a smooth grip, stable enough to hold it easily and operate it with the utmost ease. 

5. Lightweight 

The weight of the frying pan should be light so that the movements with it can be carried out easily. It’ll be easy to carry it around, clean it, etc. Even slightly heavier fry pans cause disturbances and affect the movement of wrists and fingers. 

6. Resistance 

Before making the purchase, make sure that the product is scratch resistant, also has a resistance power against rust and chances of corrosion. It keeps the product durable and worth the money spent. Even lighter scratches will affect the surface of the pan and it will reflect on the food. 

7. Best Value at the cheapest price possible 

All we need is the best value from the product and getting that at the maximum cheapest price possible. The ideal fry pan should possess all these important features and also be available at a reasonable price. This makes the product more attractive and an ideal pick for the kitchen. 

8. Ideal fit for Gas Stoves and Induction Stoves 

Most of us use gas stoves in our kitchens and in some, only the induction stoves. Therefore it’s always better to buy a product that satisfies both the stoves. The best frying pan should have compatibility towards multiple mediums and works perfectly in them.

9. Health and Safety 

The frying pan is a regularly used kitchenware and it is important that it satisfies all the safety standards and guarantees that it adds to the food quality. These are important characteristics a fine frying pan should possess. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is the frying pan used for?

A frying pan is nothing but flat bottomed kitchenware with a long and smooth handle. These are used for the basic to hardcore frying purposes of various recipes. The frying pans are a commonly used kitchenware with a number of uses when it comes to frying. These are simply placed above the flame and eventually, it gets the frying task done. 

2. Is it better to cook with a stainless or nonstick?

Stainless steel pans have a more visible advantage over the nonstick ones as these can handle even the high temperatures of frying than the nonstick ones. At the same time, the nonstick frying pans are easier to handle and control. It may take some time for the new customers to get familiar with the stainless steel ones but with nonstick ones, it is much easier to execute. 

3. How good are ceramic frying pans?

The ceramic cookware is slightly better than all other varieties of the frying pans and at the same time, they are way too expensive. The ceramic pans aren’t prone to the problems of chemicals found in the Teflon coating like PTFE and PFOA. So they are more expensive than the premium range ones of normal frying pans.

4 Why does everything stick to your stainless steel frying pan?

The stainless steel frying pan, like said can take care of even extreme temperatures of the stove. Therefore it is quite unable to stick on to its non stick feature as it takes a lot more expertise to function with a stainless steel frying pan. The heat is the important reason behind every food getting stuck to your stainless steel frying pan.

5 How do you keep food from sticking to your pan when frying?

First of all the fresh new pan may face the most difficulties in cleaning as the food gets stuck to its surface very quickly. But give it some time and once the pan is seasoned properly, it will bring out its nonstick characteristics. 

Make sure the food is dry enough before dropping it to the pan for frying purposes. It will also eliminate the chances of food getting stuck on the surface of the frying pan. 


As we have gone through some of the best frying pans in the market which are also the most suitable ones you are looking for. The buying guide is prepared as an attempt to acknowledge you with the dos and don’ts before making a final purchase decision for a suitable frying pan for your kitchen.

Make sure you catch up with the buying guide and the best frying pans which are thoroughly researched and handpicked as the best.

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