Top 10 Best Paper Shredder For Home/Office Use

By Trusha Patel

Confidential documents are always an integral part of every kind of office or institution, which needs to be destroyed with utmost security after they have served their purpose. Thus, the proper destruction of sensitive documents is a matter of concern in every government and private offices and organizations. Therefore, here we bring a few of the best paper shredder for home/office use

Paper shredding not only reduces the chance of exposure of highly confidential documents, but it also recycles the used paper and thereby has a positive impact on nature. Otherwise, if any institution burns out the confidential documents to seal the privacy, it causes a hazard to the environment and is not an eco-friendly method. Thus, the best shredders are always in demand, and we have picked a few of the best and laid out the details for your benefit and easy reference.

Top 10 Best Paper Shredder For Home/Office Use Review

1. AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Strip Cut Paper with CD and Credit Card Shredder

  • Besides papers, it can destroy ATM and credit cards
  • Separate slot for CD and DVD shredding purpose
  • Micro-cut shredding option available for maximum security
  • Three different varieties of shredding patterns for varied security levels

This paper shredding machine can shred eight strips of paper at once. It is a quick and easy alternative solution to burning or other destructive methods.

It can shred papers at a rapid rate of 9.84 feet per minute into various shapes as per your need, and this paper shredder is one of the best shredders and can even shred CDs and credit cards.

2. SToK 8 Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder 21 Liter Large Waste Bin Capacity with CD/DVD and Credit Card Shredder (ST-30CC) with One Year Offsite Warranty

  • 21-liter waste bin that does not require frequent emptying
  • A light-weight and highly portable device
  • Transparent waste bin to check its capacity
  • Micro-cut shredding option for sealing highly confidential documents

A total of 8 A4 Sheets can be shredded all at once using this SToK paper shredder. This is one of the best paper shredders for home/office use in this price range.

Not just papers, but CDs, DVDs, and credit cards can also be destroyed with utmost efficiency using this paper shredder. There are different slots for paper as well as CDs, DVDs, and cards.

3. AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Cross Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder

  • 4.1 gallon of the waste bin that can hold an amount of waste
  • Manual reverse waste bin system that is user-friendly
  • The higher duty cycle for an exclusive performance
  • Only 30 minutes of time gap between duty cycles

Ideally designed for destroying credit cards and ATM cards, this paper shredder can be categorized as the best shredder available in the market within this price range.

This shredder can sense it as you put papers in the shredding slot and will immediately begin the process of shredding. 

4. AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Cross Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder

  • Ideal for office as well as personal needs
  • It can process six sheets at a time and thereby saves a lot of time
  • Automated Start and shut-off technology for optimum power consumption
  • Sturdy and long-lasting make of the device that is very durable

The 3.8-gallon wastebasket is accessible to empty and clean, with the manual reverse technology. The compact and cool design attracts attention and makes the machine portable.

It is undoubtedly one of the best paper shredders for home/office use and also lasts for a long time.

5. Bambalio BCC-014 8 sheets Cross Cut Paper/Credit Card/CD Shredder (Black)

  • Cross-cut shredding of papers for maximum security
  • Optimum consumption of electricity and thus is eco-friendly
  • Waste bin capacity of 18 liters ends your worries of frequent emptying
  • Single-handed operation with auto-start and stop buttons

With a rigorous duty cycle of 3 minutes, followed by a thirty minutes break, this 8-sheet paper shredder is an excellent choice for every office and organization.

This shredding machine can shred papers in a cross-cut format, and besides, it can also efficiently shred cards and CDs. If you wish to buy the best shredder for sealing your privacy, then this machine should be on your list.

6. AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Cross Cut Paper with CD and Credit Card Shredder

  • Manual reverse technology to get rid of paper jam worries
  • 12 sheets of paper can be shredded at once, thereby saving valuable time
  • Cross-cut shredding pattern for highly confidential documents
  • Besides papers, CDs and DVDs can also be shredded

A fantastic paper shredder is the right combination of style and functionality. Not only shredding papers, but it can also shred CDs and Cards.

It can shred 12 sheets of paper at one go and is very quick and efficient. If you are trying to choose an all-rounder shredder for commercial purposes, then this is the best shredder.

7. Kores Easy Cut 822 Paper Shredder | 6 Sheets Capacity | 1 Year Warranty

  • Stylish and trendy design to attract the attention of all the visitors
  • LED light indicator for the standby mode of the machine
  • Noiseless operation is an added advantage of this machine
  • 2 minutes of the duty cycle for efficient paper shredding

Kores easy-cut paper shredder is the most attractive and the best paper shredder for home/office use. It can shred six sheets of paper at once, efficiently, and quickly.

With a duty-cycle of 2 minutes, it is undoubtedly one of the best shredders available in the market in this price range. 

8. SToK 8 Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder with CD/DVD and Credit/Debit Card Shredder(Black) 30CC Shredder

  • 2 minutes of the duty cycle for faster shredding of documents
  • CDs and Cards can also be shredded in this machine and thereby it has multiple uses
  • The capacity of the waste bin is 15 liters and does not need frequent emptying
  • A total of 8 sheets can be processed at one time

With an optimum bin size of 15 liters, this paper shredder is one of the best paper shredders for home/office use.

It can process up to 8 sheets of paper at once and thus is a time-saving option amidst your busy schedule. And not just papers, it also shreds CDs and cards very quickly. 

9. Bambalio BCC-2700 Paper/CD/Credit Card Cross Cut Shredder with 10 Sheet Capacity and 15 L Bin

  • A total of 10 sheets can be shredded at a time in this machine for saving time
  • Different slot for shredding CD and credit cards
  • Drawer type wastebasket that can be emptied without much effort
  • Consumes a minimum amount of electricity and is thus an eco-friendly model

One of the best shredders in the market at this price range, the Bambalio paper shredder is a class apart with an overheating indicator and Auto start and stop function.

Drawer type waste bin allows you to empty it without removing the entire paper shredder. Thus, this paper shredder is very user-friendly. 

10. Bambalio 14 Sheets Cross Cut Credit Card/ CD/DVD/Paper Shredder 1 Year Warranty (Low Noise) BCC-4000

  • 14 sheets can be processed at once and thus saves time
  • Not only papers but CDs and DVDs can also be shredded
  • 2 minutes of the duty cycle for efficient paper shredding experience
  • A light-weight and portable device that can be easily carried along

This paper shredder is your ultimate friend to contain all kinds of information that you feel needs to be contained confidentially.

With the cross-cut pattern of shredding, no data can ever be retrieved once it has been shredded. Not only papers but CDs, DVDs, credit cards, and ATM cards can also be shredded. 

The Complete Buying Guide

If you are examining for the best paper shredder in the market to suit all your needs, then it is indeed a challenging, confusing, and tiresome job. With all the publicity gimmicks taking over the real market, it is complicated for an amateur to understand which claim is correct and which ain’t.

Thus, here we are trying to make the job a bit easy for you, and we have sorted out a few of the best shredders available in the market for you.  However, you can also choose a different shredder from another brand that suits your choice.

As the primary purpose of a shredder is to contain privacy; thus, there are a few points that one must keep in mind while buying a shredder. Therefore, we are trying to provide you with a list of the things you must consider before choosing the right paper shredder for yourself.

There can be various classifications of the paper shredder; we are just pointing out the most important ones here.

1. Purpose or Utility

The primary classification is based on your needs. If you are trying to choose a paper shredder that is apt for home usage, it will be different from the shredder you would require for office usage. 

A shredder that is fit for home users would not need to be lightning-fast and also would not be able to shred a large quantity of paper at once. And thereby, it would also cost you a very meager amount of money as compared to a commercial product.

Whereas, a shredder fit for office usage needs to be able to process a large quantity of paper very quickly and efficiently. According to the functionality, it would also have a more fantastic price. Thus, you need to decide first what you actually need it for and then choose the paper shredder. 

2. The pattern of Shredding

This is another very important factor as it depends on the level of security and confidentiality of the information that your papers contain. Generally, three types of paper shredding are prevalent: Strip-cut, Cross-cut, and Micro-cut.

  • Strip-cut shred: As it can be well understood from the name itself, papers are cut into long and thin strips in this kind of shredding. These long vertical strips can, however, be assembled quickly. Thus, although this shredding technique does not take much longer, yet it is not very safe for highly confidential documents.
  • Cross-cut shred: This is like a step ahead of the strip-cut shredding. In this technique, the strips of paper are further cut into cross slices. Thus, you will get short and small strips of paper. Approximately, full A4 size is shredded into 400 little bits and pieces. This type of shredding is a better option in terms of security as compared to the strip-cut case. Also, as the paper is shredded into small rectangular bits, the waste bucket does not get filled quickly. 
  • Micro-cut Shred: The most secure option for highly confidential documents can not be published under any circumstances. In this type of shredding, the paper is cut into bits of confetti. A full paper is first shredded into strips, and then it crosses shredded into thousands of small bits, which can not be re-assembled by any means. The information contained in the micro-cut shredded papers can not be recovered by any means. Also, the amount of waste produced is minimal, and the waste bucket does not need frequent emptying. 

Having said about the classifications, we will tell you about the general points that you must consider.

1. Maintenance

One of the key points to be considered is the amount of effort you would need to give in for maintaining the shredder you have bought. Maintaining the shredder is a bigger deal than choosing the right instrument for you because, without proper maintenance, it would be a waste of your money.

By maintaining, we mean oiling the shredder and emptying the waste bucket at regular intervals. Different types of waste bins are available in the market. Choose the one which can be emptied without removing the shredder. Otherwise, you will need to move the shredder every time you need to open the waste bin. Also, depending upon the paper’s volume that you need to shred every day, choose the waste bin’s capacity.

2. Type of material to be shredded

The kind of material to be shredded should also be considered if you wish to shred CDs, DVDs, and cards besides papers, then do read the product description before choosing the shredder and be well-aware of the functions that the shredder can perform.

3. Price

Do not spend an extra amount on the functions you would never use but in your shredder. If you need a shredder for home-usage do not pay the extra bucks and buy a commercial shredder, it will only be a waste of money. However, if you need a fast and heavy-duty shredder for office usage, then you will have to pay a little more and choose the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I shred photo paper using a paper shredder?

Yes, definitely. One can shred all kinds of paper using a paper shredder. Shredding card stocks might be a little problematic in small home-usage shredders. But in commercial shredders, that would not be a problem either.

Q2. How do I oil my paper shredder?

There are various ways of oiling the paper shredding, and for maintaining it in the right condition, you will need to oil your paper shredder. The most common and popular method is to spread the oil in a piece of paper and let it run into the machine. Once the paper is shredded, reverse the order of the shredder for proper lubrication of all parts.
You can also directly oil the shredder and run it in the reverse order for 20 seconds. The only thing you need to ensure is that the oil must be well spread on the blade’s entire length.

Q3. What are the primary security standards for paper shredders?

The two primary security standards In terms of paper shredders are DOD approved and NSA approved. DOD stands for The Department for Defense, and NSA is the short form of National Security Agency.

Q4. How often do I need to oil my shredder?

It depends upon the level of usage. If the shredder is used continuously, then it needs to be oiled every four hours. However, if you rarely use the shredder, it is ok to lubricate it once in 1 or even two weeks. Just to remember, just keep in mind that every time you empty the waste bin, oil your shredder once.

Q5. Can paper shredder cause any kind of injury?

Most of the shredders are built in a manner that follows all the safety features. However, if you have long hair, just be a little cautious when you insert the pages in the shredding slot.


I hope our research will help you choose the appropriate paper shredder for your needs. If you feel we need to add further details to the article and that will help you, do not hesitate to let us know about it in the comment section below. 

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