Top 10 Best Pedestal Fan In India

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

Summer is hitting us high, and we want something that can give a fresh breeze to chill us like ice. So, our expert has the solution for all of you. Yes, they have spent days choosing the best pedestal fans in India, so this summer can be cooler like never before. So, enjoy at your best from choosing the rest from your list of the best pedestal fans in India.

Top 10 Best Pedestal/Standing Fan In India 2021

1. Havells V3 Yurbo 450mm Pedestal Fan

  • 1540 mm above from the ground-level.
  • It comes with 3 blades of 120 cm each.
  • Offers 110 CMM air delivery with 1400 RPM speed.
  • 100 W power with 220 to 240 operating voltage.

Havells India is the main fast-moving electrical foods industry that offers so many quality electronic products. Be it kitchen machine, washing machine, and anything like pedestal fan; it has a very thing for their beloved customers. It is a significant force dispersion hardware maker with a solid worldwide nearness. 

Havells appreciates fortunate market predominance over a wide range of items, including cables, switches, heaters, domestic appliances, power capacitors, and fans is an unmistakably structured fan that conveys a force stuffed execution. It consists of excellent materials that make it entirely tough. Havells V3 18 inch includes a ground-breaking vitality productive engine, adaptive tallness change, smooth oscillation, and three-speed control. 

The novel’s efficiently structured three-leaf aluminum cutting edge gives brilliant air. It has an appealing metallic completion. 120 cm each, and there are three different blades incorporated in the fan. It also has a 1400 RPM speed that offers superb air delivery with 110 CMM. Apart from that it also has an operating voltage of 220 to 240. You can enjoy this fan with a number of benefits at affordable rates.

2. V-Guard Finesta Remote 400mm Pedestal Fan

  • The size of the motor is mini and compact.
  • 55 watts rated power supply.
  • Different airspeed manages mode.
  • The design is elegant, with spoke grill 120 guards.

V-Guard Finesta Remote is a very smooth and powerful feature in your platform fan. It includes a chic and beautifully structured case that is conservative. Highlighting three diverse speed settings, the V-Guard platform fan is flexible enough to be utilized in the home. It likewise has mechanized swaying with the goal that each side of the room uniformly gets air. 

It is an advantageous and conservative answer for all your mid-year stresses. This 55-watt platform fan is a practical method to make your room cool, considering high force costs.  Because of its smooth plan, it can without much of a stretch be obliged anyplace in the room. It is neither mass nor boisterous. 

Indeed, it works in quiet mode, not in any event, causing you to feel its essence in the room. This V-Guard platform fan accompanies a remote to control its tasks. The fan glances appealing in its body and adds to the excellence of your home while keeping it cool. It goes with a fundamental and brilliantly composed body that is immaterial in its structure. Including three different speed settings, the V-Guard stage fan is adequately flexible to be utilized at any place in the home. 

3. Bajaj 400mm VPR01 Pedestal Fan with Remote

  • Comes with 3 blades made up of acrylic.
  • It is incorporated with cutting noise feature for silent operation.
  • It has a timer feature to control fan operation.
  • 55 W power with RPM of 13000.

Bajaj is one of the major companies that have a huge fan base in the electronic world. Every item of this company has so many special features that make it one of the best brands so fat. When we talk about fans then, there is no denial that its fan is best in India. 

So talking to its feature, this Pedestal fan with remote is a rapid fan with an RPM of 1300. The force utilization is likewise low at 55 watts and can be utilized on an inverter. A fan can be worked by means of a remote, and we can set the clock on or off. There is a superior acrylic cutting edge, which gives higher air conveyance and is quiet inactivity when contrasted with sharp metal edges. 

So carry home this platform fan with remote from Amazon. If, in case of any doubt, you can refer all the fantastic reviews and ratings on the Amazon, people who are enjoying this fan’s working have shared their experience so far. It is also very affordable as per the features incorporated in it.

4. ANSIO High Speed 120 Watts 2300 RPM Pedestal Fan

  • It offers a high speed of 80-degree oscillation.
  • You can tilt the head of the fan.
  • 3 different types of speed settings.
  • Height can be adjustable as per your comfort.

One of the snappiest stage fans on this overview, the ANSIO fan, has a copper motor that can run at a speed of 2300 RPM, which is much higher than standard things. It is very cool due to its physical appearance. Influencing is reinforced up to 80 degrees, and you can change fan heads vertically while similarly having the choice to modify its height. 

For adjusting the fan speed, you have three options, and you can even set a 2-hour auto turn-off clock. Contrasted with the standard fans, the commotion level from this rapid fan will be more, so it may not be reasonable for a peaceful domain. The platform fan highlights three speed settings, such as medium, high, and low.  

The head of this fan is liable to be tilted upside or downside to alter the point of cool air inclusion. Fan edges are made of rugged ABS plastic. The clock causes you to set up a 2-hour clock, after which the fan will kill consequently. The company has incorporated a 100% copper engine for longer life. We endeavor to guarantee that our clients are totally happy with their buy. 

5. American Micronic Imported Pedestal Fan

  • The motor is energy saving with better air delivery.
  • You can get a long life of motor due to the automatic oil reservoir.
  • It has a timer setting as after 120 minutes shuts down automatically.
  • Blades are designed aerodynamically.

Have you heard about the American Micronic pedestal fan? It does not just convey wheels connected to its base to move it around, yet there is likewise a clockwork that you can set for 120 minutes. It has programmed oil repository oil for long engine life with a multiyear engine substitution guarantee, which means if you faced any trouble in your engine, you could get it to repair free of cost. 

This platform fan from American Micronic is a fantastic item that offers a considerable amount of highlights. This is an ideal mix of structure, execution, and quality. The fan is attractive, in vogue, and adds an appeal to your room’s stylistic theme or the setting of a gathering, any place it might be set. It has three fan speeds with 2 hours customized clock that encourages you to set the clock, after which the fan will kill naturally. Your requirements can balance the platform fan’s tallness. 

This accompanies a great engine, and that returns with a to-back multiyear engine substitution guarantee. It has a one of a kind oil store grease that guarantees unwavering quality and long life.

6. Usha Maxx Air 400mm Pedestal Fan

  • Strong fan built using ABS material, and blades are made using PP.
  • The designs of the blades are semi-transparent.
  • 67 mm option of air delivery with remote control feature.
  • 230 Volts are operating voltage with 55 watts power.

This fan, after some great research, and it closed up being a decent value. It was carried pleasantly stuffed in a little container. The pressing was initially from Usha. The white tone of the cooler is extremely pleasant. The establishment was a 5-minute undertaking. At the point when you fit the bar to the base, deal with the slight indent on the base, and adjust it appropriately with the bar else, the fan won’t stand accurately. Rest is all simple stuff to consider this fan. 

Quality is what people usually want, and USHA is the trusted brand to offer A-class quality in every product they made. The base is overwhelming, and all the segments are all around constructed. They ought to have a wheel on the base for simple development. It has a novel base structure and enlivening style, and the composite bundling gives you the comfort of simple get together. 

This fan is extraordinarily intended for Indian conditions to withstand a wide scope of voltage vacillations with a powerful engine for over warmth insurance. The price of Usha products is also very affordable. Everyone, even middle-class people can buy this pedestal fan for summers. The fan’s speed isn’t exceptionally high, yet the air toss is acceptable. You can utilize it inside a separation of 6 to 8 feet. 

The fan is a peaceful one and won’t upset your rest. Excessively sheltered with a resettable wire during warm over-burden and super style with exquisite focus plate to super supplement your stylistic theme.

7. Atomberg Energy Efficient 400 mm Pedestal Fan

  • BLDC energy efficient motors are used.
  • Very minimal power consumption, i.e. 30 W only.
  • 2-times better result than an induction fan.
  • Functions can be controlled using a remote.

Planned and fabricated by Stomberg advancements, Atomberg platform fan is India’s most vitality proficient bldc platform fan. In the previous time, it was known as Gorilla, but after years the name has changed, and now it is famous with Atomberg. 

This fans direct at an rpm of 1300, that performs it regularly calmer to residual platform fan; though, the last yield transmission of 81cmm stands unequaled compared with the business guidelines. 

The bundle accompanies included practical highlights like clock form, that would kill  the fan after a set number of hours, and in assistant style, the fan would deliver its capacity to supply you an air movement of 96cmm, which is 30 percent more than the roof aficionados of comparative range. It has 1320 speed of its motor. This fan has two times better results than an induction fan, which means the cost you pay will give you extra.

8. Crompton Hiflo 400 MM Pedestal Fan

  • 1300 RPM speed with 400 mm option of a sweep.
  • The power consumption is 50 watts.
  • It offers a minimum of 70 air delivery per min.
  • Modern looking blades design using high quality plastic

Furnished with a plastic body and base, Crompton Hiflo’s sharp edges are made of plastic for a cutting edge look. It is a rabid fan with rich looks. Also, the best is a wide swaying of the fan. Crompton trusts in quality, thus their items. CROMPTON HIFLO is space proficient. It has incredible and very much planned sharp edges that cool homes proficiently, is made of high-grade parts that offer an incentive for quite a long time. 

In this fan, one thing is very prominent, and that is the comfort that you can get buying this at a very reasonable price. The quality will be the plus point at such a rate card. HIFLO cools quicker and better than numerous models in its class.

It wavers to offer better inclusion, has sharp edges that work calm, and assemble that ensures enormous scope flow. This fan has a responsive three-speed framework. It additionally has movable tallness, a tilt-back head, and a strong base that keeps it grounded and makes this fan one of the best that can go from years to come. It will surely help you feel chill in the hot summer weather once you buy this.

9. iBELL CHROME10 5 Leaf Pedestal Fan

  • It is uniquely designed with 5 blades.
  • 55 power watt motor is used for effective working.
  • The outer structure of the fan is coated with powder metal grills.
  • Robust body for better durability.

iBELL fan-like platform causes one to bear taking off summer-temp with its ground-breaking engine. Two features of this fan are very popular such as it has a 55 W power  motor that is very effective in working along with its outer structure of the coated/covered with metal powder grills. 

This gorgeous fan retains your house very much cooled and supplies moment chilling. One can advantageously remove this convenient fan throughout your residence and introduce it in any of your places. It also has Five different kinds of wide as well as sharp edges. It blows the air effectively in the whole room. 

The fan builds the wind current in the room. iBELL Fan produces twitch free, uniform motions at all the velocities. Designed for Indian weather circumstances, the platform fan definitely opposes energy changes. White colour also makes it pop up in the dark or at the night time. The colour is very cool and makes it beautiful.

10. Orient Electric Crystal White Pedestal Fan

  • Piano switch control with 3 speed mode.
  • It has an oscillation of 90 degrees.
  • Resin blades for better delivery of air.
  • Blades design using aerodynamic methods.

Flawlessly planned and created to serve you for a considerable length of time to come, the Orient Electric fan has a beautiful combination of two colors to make it appealing. Ys, white and blue are combined to offer it a marvelous look. 

One can without much of a stretch alter the tallness of this fan by a contemporary collet, politeness of adaptive course of action. This model is high on feel and sports and alluring switchboard. A significant name in the fan business, Orient, has a striking platform fan in its index that is intended to give you some help from this mid-year. 

The base of the fan has wheels introduced for you to move it around without getting it. Some basic controls are remembered for the platform itself, and the fan head underpins stature alteration, vertical tilt component, and a wavering element that goes up to 90 degrees. The powder covered watchman, and the polymer ring guarantees the more drawn out life expectancy of the Stand 82 household stand fan. You can get this pedestal fan in India at an affordable rate and trust us it will also offer better durability.

Buying Guide for Pedestal Fans

What Are The Best Pedestal Fans?

The best pedestal fan in India is also called standing fans are only electric fans that are mounted over a long bar. It is a present-day fan that is extremely light in weight and can be conveyed initializing with a spot then onto the next quickly. The fan offers diverse turning modes that assist you in adjusting the swaying head so it can give a cold wind over the room. Like different sorts of fans, these fans likewise accompany a lot of highlights and choices.

How To Collect The Best Pedestal Fans In India?

You don’t need to be an ace to introduce a platform fan for your home, as it is simple. The main thing that you should do is to pick a screwdriver and have to fix it with the help of a screwdriver itself. Here’s how you can collect a platform fan and fix it with ease.

  • Now, take the engine and turn over gathering it. 

Which Are The Best Brands Of Best Pedestal Fans In India?

Dissimilar to previous days where Bajaj and Usha were considered as the most dependable brands as far as an electrical machine, numerous new brands offer similar highlights, truth be told, few are far superior to them. So, the names of best standing fans are as follows:

•              Crompton

•              Havells

•              Usha

•              Bajaj

•              Orbit

•              Eveready

•              V-Guard

Types of Pedestal Fans That You Should Know:

 There are two types available in the best pedestal fan in India:

1. Single Speed Pedestal Fans

The single-speed platform fan fundamentally utilizes a single-stage AC acceptance engine. Being appended to a shaft, the fan cutting edge stretches out into the engine. There are two sections inside the motor and stator.

2. Multi-Speed Pedestal Fans

A different speed platform fan utilizes a voltage controller, which is associated with a single-stage AC synchronous engine. These fans are increasingly unpredictable. The leader of this fan is bulkier because of its multifaceted nature. The worm gear axle is associated with the fan head axle by the CV joint.

Picking the Best Pedestal Fan In India By Following The Below Information:

In the vast majority of the spots across India, the climate gets extraordinary anytime. Consequently, it gets significant to have mitigating ventilation to remain calm in such conditions. A platform fan offers much-required serenity at home. The best thing that you would need in such a situation is the best standing fans. So, have a look at the most common features of the same:

Cutting edge: The round zone secured by the fan’s sharp edges during their pivot is called cutting edge. Makers ascertain the sharp edge clear’s wide range by estimating the scope starting with one cutting’s side then onto the next.

Commotion: A platform fan with viable cooling power makes practically no clamor while working. You ought to settle on a platform fan, which makes next to zero disturbances to forestall any unsettling influence.

Fan Modes: A couple of fans accompany different modes, including ‘rest’ mode. The pace of the fan turns with its various methods.

Remote Controls: A portion of the ongoing models of platform fans is thinking of the remote control framework to expand your solace.

Fan Speed: RPM is utilized to decide the fan speed. A platform fan’s switches can control the speed or managing dials of the fan.

Material: The most recent fans are being made of plastic, as it can’t be costly somewhat. Alongside being rust-evidence, they convey high cooling.

Fan Power: The fan power is estimated in CFM, and it is a significant reason for deciding on the modern fans.

Removable Grill: A platform fan gathers dust when utilized frequently, and for cleaning it. Luckily, barely any fans don’t require isolating at all for cleaning reasons.

You should turn off the fan to guarantee security while cleaning.


Will A Platform Fan Twist According To Our Necessities?

The simple answer is yes. Platform fan can be balanced according to your sitting position

Do Platform Fans Cause A Great Deal Of Unsettling Influence With Their Commotion?

All the platform fans referenced right now practically have no commotion, and they won’t bring on any aggravation.

Does A Roof Fan Expend More Force Than A Platform Fan?

Since platform fans are littler, they expend lesser power than roof fans. If a platform fan devours around 50-55 watts of intensity, the roof fans wind up utilizing 70-85 watts of energy at a similar speed level.

Where Would You Be Able To Purchase Platform Fans?

You can either purchase a platform fan from a store or on the web. Online destinations like Amazon give great deals.

Which Is A Better Pinnacle Fan Or A Standing Fan?

Both Pedestal and tower fans have a fundamental goal. The room should be a full air course of a more elevated level. As a matter of course platform, fans have an unrivalled air toss capacity than a run of the mill tower fan.

Do Platform Fans Utilize A Lot Of Power?

Not actually. The force devoured by a table fan and platform fans is nearly the equivalent. An investigation by Bijili Bachao has discovered that on various paces, a table fan and a platform fan on a normal devour around 50-55 watts of intensity. Well, the power is also differentiated as per the brand model.

How to Get Fresh Air from Platform Fans?

To get fresh air from a platform fan, you can either put it close to an open window or spot a wet material on the fan flame broil. This little may assist you with getting fresh air from platform fans.

The items we have decided for you have been picked by the expert under the category of best pedestal fan in India. Everyone has its advantages and disadvantages. However, all platform fans are active and perform well. We trust we have helped you decide the best. 

It is a decent item that will unquestionably draw near your financial limit. So, choose any from the above list and enjoy the experience of the best pedestal fan in India.

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