Top 7 Best Popcorn Maker

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

A popcorn maker can easily make popcorn very quickly. Without any hassle, you can make oil-free healthy popcorn within 3 minutes. Sometimes, we have spent lots of time searching the right good quality, popcorn maker. For those people who are willing to purchase a popcorn maker, we think Trendz Forever TF-1720 900-Watt White Electric Popcorn Maker is the best choice for them. Its hot air circulation techniques make it the best popcorn maker.

Best Popcorn Machines For Movie Time In India

Our Pick

Nova Steel Npm-3772 1200-Watt Pop Corn Maker, Standard, White

  • Required 210-250V voltage and power consumption is 1200 watts
  • Heavy-duty and hot air popper popcorn maker
  • Comes in white color and it has a 1-year of warranty
  • No oil and butter required for making popcorn

Heavan Plastic Ball Shape Popcorn Maker 1200 W (Multicolor)

  • Comes in baseball-shaped design
  • Power consumption 1200W, and it can make the popcorn ready in 3 minutes
  • Makes healthy snack by hot air popping
  • The upper cover can be used as a bowl als

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Chef Pro CPM093 1200-Watt Popcorn Maker (Red/White)

Chef Pro
  • Detachable chute and butter warming cup
  • It can make oil-free healthy snacks within 3 minutes, this feature makes it the best popcorn maker.
  • Power consumption is 1200watts, and Chef Pro provides a 1-year warranty on the product
  • All the removable parts are washable

Norpro Old Time Popcorn Popper

  • It is made of non-rusting aluminum
  • Recipes and instructions are included
  • Hand wash is recommended
  • Crank gears are made of metal with a wood handle

iLO Popcorn Maker(Red)

  • Consumes 1200W power
  • Total capacity - 50-60gm
  • Comes in red color
  • Hot air circulation method can make oil-free popcorn quickly

Trending Popcorn Macker

When you are craving for some healthy snacks, popcorn might be the right option for this. Modern technology has introduced the home popcorn maker that can easily make oil-free popcorn within a few minutes. So, if you want to add a popcorn maker with your kitchen appliances, then you need to know the important factors before buying it. The best popcorn maker can be easily found in the market. Consider the below factors before buying a long-lasting popcorn maker. 

How to choose the right popcorn maker 

  •  Makes yummy and healthy popcorn 

If you are a bit health conscious, then you should buy a popcorn maker that heats up the air and circulate it throughout the container to pop the kernels. In this way, it can deliver oil-free and fat-less tasty popcorn. If you want to add some flavors in the popcorn, then buy a popcorn maker that has a butter-melting cup. Almost all the best popcorn maker has a butter melting cup with it. 

  • Keep the container cool during use 

The most important factor that you should consider is that the popcorn maker should keep cool during the popcorn making process. Therefore, it makes the appliance safe to hold when adding or emptying popcorn. Your finger will also not get burnt, and you can easily hold the popcorn maker after completing the making process. This feature is present in most of the best popcorn maker. 

  • Fast making technology 

The popcorn maker should make the popcorn ready within 2-3 minutes. For that, the kernels should start popping within 30 seconds, and it should only take 1-2 minutes to make the popcorn ready.  

  • Easy maintenance 

The popcorn maker should be designed in such a way that it can be washed easily. As for maintenance, quick cleaning of the lid, butter melting cup, and popcorn maker interior part are required. If the popcorn maker has a popcorn box or a large container under the dispenser slot, then it can store the popcorn just after preparing it.  

Multiple numbers of brands have manufactured fat-free hot air popcorn makers. Most of the popcorn makers are quite reasonable, so you can easily purchase the best popcorn maker at an affordable price. So, buy that popcorn maker which has at least a 1-year warranty.