Best Recliner Chair India

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

There are numerous types of chairs in the market one can buy. However, when choosing the type, there are constraints which one needs to keep in mind. For example, dining chairs should be stiff with a straight backrest, while a garden chair should be metallic. But, if you want to feel more comfortable, the recliners will be the ideal choice. But since you only want the best recliner chair India, you will have to narrow down your search and look for the ideal options which will fit your requirement here.

This is why this particular article will focus on the top recliners present in the Indian furniture market. Apart from that, we will also provide a buying guide to make the choosing process easier.

Things to consider before buying the recliner chairs:

·         Material

The first thing you need to choose is the material with which the chair is made. Solid wood, plywood, and laminated woods are the three principal material choices you will have.

·         Upholstery

Secondly, you need to consider the upholstery. To choose the best recliner chair India, you need to consider the upholstery fabric and the filling of the chair.

·         Finished look

The furniture shouldn’t behave like a sore thumb. Rather, you need to choose a finishing look that will complement your interiors and not demean the beauty.

·         Comfort

Lastly, based on the comfort level, you have to choose the recliner. The degree to which the recliner can be tilted will depend on how much comfort you are expecting.

Top 7 Best Recliner Chair In India

1. Furlay Teak Recliner Chair (Brown)

  • Dimensions: 61 X 21 X 94 centimeter
  • Upholstery fabric: cotton
  • Removable fabric: yes
  • Frame material: steel
  • Foldable recliner chair
  • Easy removable fabric for washing
  • Can be stored easily
  • Perfect for both indoors and outdoors

Recliners are perfect for relaxing. Be it a special lounge recliner or a patio recliner, this particular type of chair furniture will provide you with the utmost level of comfort without any doubt. So, if you want to have the best recliner chair from the market, the Hurley chair will be the ideal option.

It has quite a great tilt angle, which will help you relax or take a nap without the worries of having a stiff back and aching neck. Even though the furniture is one of the most exquisite designs, it is highly affordable. Hence, it doesn’t matter whether you are running tight on budget or not. Getting this recline is very much easy.

The chair has six different adjustable positions that will allow you to sit in peace and take a short nap after a tiring day of work. The upholstery is very much comfortable, which will automatically relax your muscles no sooner than your skin will come in contact with the chair. The best part of the chair is its padded cushion headrest which will prevent stiff back pains. 

The frame is made from iron steel which makes the furniture highly durable and long-lasting. This is why you will be able to use it both indoors and outdoors. The frame is painted in black, while the upholstery fabric has a bright brown color. This particular color combination will definitely match any interior décor. It has orthopedic cushion padding, and hence Hurley is the best recliner for back pain.

2. EQUAL PRO Zero Gravity Folding Single Recliner

  • Dimensions: 64 X 14 X 94 centimeters
  • Armrests: present
  • Headrest pillows: present
  • Frame: iron
  • Can be used both as a sitting chair and recliner
  • Perfect for indoor use
  • Sander covering fabric of the upholstery
  • Appealing design with thumbnails embedded in the upholstery

When you plan to buy the best recliner chair, you need to ensure that the furniture must meet your requirements. Unfortunately, not many furniture chairs are present in this category, except the Equal Pro recliner. If you have a separate lounge or an extended deck in front of the house, you can easily place the furniture at such locations. The chair has been designed in a way where you will be able to use it for both indoor and outdoor settings. 

This furniture is the epitome of comfort and style that will add value to your home and provide you with the utmost relaxation. The upholstery is present in both the headrest and the leg rest, and hence you won’t have to worry about having stiff joints after sitting for long hours on this chair.

A lever locking system is present using which you can adjust the position of the chair, from stiff furniture to the extended reclined position. There are two armrests on both sides and are covered with upholstery to provide maximum comfort. With a steel tubular frame, the recliner is highly durable and wouldn’t wear out easily.  

This is one of the best recliners for seniors as the furniture has super soft and comfortable cushion padding. The upholstery fabric is also breathable, which is why you need to have this chair for your parents. The cost might be a bit high, but the advanced features of the furniture trump over the excess cost. 

3. Spacecrafts Home Relax Recliner

  • Dimension: 92.99 X 61.01 X 15.01 centimeters
  • Manufacturer: Jasmine Furn
  • Color: black
  • Foldable: yes
  • Armrests come with cushion padding
  • Thick upholstery padding for pain reduction
  • Does not consume too much space
  • Can be folded into a chair form

One of the major complications with normal recliners is that their position can’t be adjusted properly. This is why people usually hesitate in buying this furniture, even though they need one desperately. Recliners are not only used for comfort and relaxation but also to enhance the functionality of the home. This is where the recliner from Spacecrafts comes in. 

This particular chair is known for its high adjustability and superior comfort level. Here, you will have five different adjustability levels, which will allow you to relax in any position you want. You can utilize it as a regular chair or in a tilted position while marveling at the outer beauty with a cup of steaming coffee. You can even extend the chair to the final position to have asleep. This is why it is considered to be one of the best recliners for sleeping

The price is affordable, which is why you won’t have any problem regarding our savings. In fact, this is one reason why this furniture has really won a lot of hearts. The framework is made from steel tubing. Steel will help the chair to last longer, and also, it will be able to hold the weight without collapsing. 

The cushion padding present in the recliner is foam type. Hence, the chair is super soft to sit on, and it will also avoid muscle pains and stiff joints. This is why the chair is said to be the best recliner for back pain.

4. AmazonBasics Zero Gravity Reclining

  • Upholstery: absent
  • Use: outdoors
  • Dimension: 89.92 X 109.98 X 65.02 centimeters
  • Cushion padding: absent
  • Weather – resistant bungee system
  • Foldable recliner chair for better space – saving
  • Perfect for outdoor placement
  • Highly durable frame material

Most times, you will find the recliners being made of wooden material. One of the major problems with wood is that the chair can’ be placed outdoors, courtesy of the harsh weather conditions. This is why you have got this amazing recliner from Amazon Basics, which will help you add comfort to the outdoor areas, like the patio, deck, backyard, and even in the balcony.  

It is made from stainless steel, which will help you to place it outdoors. Corrosion and rust-resistant paint are done on the entire body, and hence, the chair has a long life cycle. Also, since the seat and the headrest platform are made from meshed net, you won’t have to worry about cleaning the upholstery or maintaining the chair to increase its longevity.

Rather than having a straight armrest, here you will find slightly uplift armrests. This will add to the comfort level of the chair, making it perfect for relaxing outdoors while marveling at the nature’s beauty. There are stoppers on the support legs, which will prevent the chair from slipping from its original position. 

There is a lever system that will help you to adjust the tilt of the chair. This way, you can have more comfort as you will be able to change the position as per your comfort. Even though the entire frame is made from stainless steel, the chair is extremely lightweight, and hence moving it from one position to the other wouldn’t leave you all sweaty and tired.

5. SteelWin Recliner Chair

  • Material: steel
  • Dimension: 50.2 X 48.9 X 104.8 centimeters
  • Color: black
  • Frame material: steel alloy
  • Lightweight recliner chair
  • The Modern styling of the design
  • Unique leg rest shape
  • Integrated frame design

Most people believe that the recliners are usually old-fashioned, and hence coupling this furniture with modern-day interior décor will be a problem. However, SteelWin has overcome this difficulty with this specially designed recliner chair. It has a modern design that will help you enhance the beauty of the living room or the bedroom.

The entire chair is covered with black shade, be it the powder coating of the framework or the upholstery fabric. The steel frame will allow you to use the chair indoors and outdoors since the powder-coated surface is corrosion and rust-resistant. This way, no matter what the outdoor condition is, you will easily enjoy the ambiance.  

The leg rest of the chair is integrated into the chair which will help you to relax comfortably. There will be no discomfort against your leg that people usually face in a recliner where the leg rest is separately attached to the framework. With a sleek framework, the chair certainly is the best lazy boy recliner you will find in the market.

The position of the armrest is adjustable as per your need. You can make it straight and stiff like a regular chair, or you can even use it in the form of a tilted chair. Six different position adjustment settings are present in this best lazy boy recliner, allowing you to spend your time comfortably without any hassle. The lever is present in the armrest, giving you easy access to the position-changing system. 

6. Urbancart® Relax Bamboo Wooden Rocking Chair

  • Dimension: 30 X 16.99 X 3.99 centimeters
  • Material: wood
  • Upholstery: absent
  • Manufacturer: UrbanCraft
  • Made from high quality bamboo wood
  • Perfect for a farmhouse or rustic interior décor
  • Unique design for increasing the high appeal
  • Best for relaxing in the lounge or balcony

Wooden furniture has a special charm that you can never ignore, no matter what type of wood the furniture has been made of, the type of finished look, or any other constraint. Urbancraft is one of the most popular furniture manufacturers in the market, and hence you can easily get this particular recliner for your home. 

It has a wooden framework made from bamboo wood. Bamboo is highly resilient and durable, which has increased the longevity of the chair. This is why after having this furniture in your home, you won’t have to look for another one, at least not for a couple of years. 

The backrest and the seat are integrated with a slightly curved area for providing support to your back. There is a protruding neck rest, which will help keep your head in one place without causing aches and stiffness. The armrests are also curved so that you can place your hands comfortably without putting extra effort on the shoulders.

Unlike other recliners that you will find in the market, this particular furniture has a swiveling leg with which you can swing to and fro. This is why it is one of the best recliners for sleeping. In fact, this furniture is also perfect for seniors and pregnant women. The wooden framework of the seat and the backrests has slits in between, which will allow your skin to breathe. This enhances the chair’s beauty, making it a perfect element for farmhouse, cottage, contemporary, or rustic style interior décor. 

7. bi3 Household Adjustable Multi-Position Recliner

  • Frame material: alloy steel
  • Upholstery: present
  • Color: electric blue
  • Back style: cushioned padding
  • Lightweight furniture
  • Perfect for both outdoors and indoors
  • Leg rest also has cushion padding
  • Upholstered armrests

This is till now one of the best recliners for seniors. The chair has an amazing load balancing technology that will stabilize the frame without instilling the fear of collapsing under heavyweight. Apart from that, the bungee folding system of the chair is also durable enough to increase the life cycle of the furniture. 

Coming to the design, the entire chair’s top surface is covered with upholstery material. It is a cotton fabric that will allow your skin to breathe and prevent rashes from forming. The padding is extremely soft, which is why it is perfect for seniors who just wish to enjoy their time comfortably. A great thing about this recliner is that it can be used anywhere in the house.

Be it the living room, the bedroom, the balcony, or the patio, you can place the recliner anywhere. It has a sleek design that makes it perfect for modern and contemporary interior décor. Since the fabric has a strong, electric blue shade, it will be best to avoid using the chair for pairing up with traditional or contemporary interior décor. 

It has several adjustable positions which will allow you to relax comfortably. If you want to sit on a stiff chair, you can adjust the position accordingly. If you are looking forward to taking a nap, you can tilt back the chair according to your requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is a recliner chair costly?

Depending on the material, the presence of the upholstery, and obviously the quality and the cost of the recliner chair will vary.

What wood is usually used in a recliner chair?

If you are looking for a wooden chair, you can choose solid woods like Sheesham, teak, oak, etc. For lesser costly options, you can have a laminated wood chair.

Can I customize the recliner chair design?

No, most recliners come with a standard design. If you want to customize the design, you need to check with the manufacturer whether he provides the option for customization or not.

Are all recliners adjustable?

Most recliners have a high level of adjustability. But, if you are buying an integrated recliner, the positions can’t be adjusted.

Are the recliners made of leather?

Some of the recliners are indeed made from leather upholstery with sift and firm cushion padding inside.

Will a recliner chair lessen my back pain?

With a proper recliner chair, you will be able to lessen your back pain. But for that, make sure the recliner doesn’t have a hard surface.

Which is the ideal place to position a recliner?

A recliner can be placed anywhere, both in the outdoor and indoor. You can place the chair in the lounge, in the living room, patio, backyard, and so on.


Choosing the best recliner for yourself is definitely one of the biggest challenges. But with proper guidance and a little knowledge about the furniture, you will be able to get the best furniture for your home.

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