Top 10 Best Rice Cooker In India

By Trusha Patel

Rice is an almost everyday ingredient in meals. What if you get a device that can cook rice and many other dishes for you? Here is the amazing and best rice cooker in India which will cook delicious rice for you. These rice cookers can also be used as a pressure cooker or you can also cook recipes with slow cooking. 

When you want perfectly cooked rice, you have to keep on checking it from time to time. If you fail to give proper attention, it may result in uncooked or overcooked rice. Rice cooker solves this time to time checks with its innovative functions.  

The best rice cooker in India has more features than just cooking plain rice. In the latest rice cookers with advanced features, you can even boil eggs. These rice cookers also have the latest feature which lets you cook finger-licking cakes. You can make bread and dishes like curry too. 

With such a variety of food, you can cook, this rice cooker comes at a very affordable price giving an advantage to your pocket. This appliance is easy to handle and easy to maintain too. It is very convenient to clean the rice cooker after use. 

You can set timers in this best rice cooker in India to let it turn off automatically. Such timer functions are user-friendly and save your lot of time you spend on cooking. You don’t have to keep an eye over it as it turns off when done according to the set timer. 

These rice cookers give you the facility of setting timer up to 240 minutes. The timer beep sound can also be set to a silent mode if you don’t want to get disturbed with it. You get the functions like keep warm which helps in maintaining the temperature of your dish.

Keep warm setting is both automatic and manual giving you setting time up to 10 hrs. Rice cookers have stainless steel material in the inner portion which is durable and easy to clean too. You can wash it using the dishwasher too. 

Another important feature is the safe handling. Out body of the rice cooker never gets hot and thus provides ease of handling it. You can choose the size of the rice cooker according to your need. 

Top 10 Best Rice Cooker In India 2021 Reviews

1. Bajaj Majesty New RCX 5 Multifunction Rice Cooker with 5 Years Warranty on Heating Coil, 1.8L, 550W, White

  • The capacity of 1.8 Litres
  • Can cook up to 1Kg raw rice
  • Automatic feature
  • Aluminum cooking bowl having anodized finishing
  • 2 years of product warranty
  • Power consumption: 550 watts

This rice cooker is from a well-known Bajaj brand with an attractive design. It is the best kitchen appliance if you want to switch over hassle-free cooking. It is completely automatic with its automatic cooking feature. 

This rice cooker does not need continuous monitoring. Users have to put rice and the right amount of water to it. Rice cooker will do anything else. It is available online as well as online. You will get a user manual with this rice cooker which you can refer to for its functions. 

This Bajaj rice cooker has a capacity of 1.8 liters which can cook 1 kg of raw rice in no time. It has a simple function which makes it easy to understand the use and maintain. The inner cooking bowl is made up of stainless steel material. This makes the rice cooker easy to clean and has no maintenance. 

This Bajaj RCX 5 rice cooker has a capacity of 1.8 liters uses very low power which assures safety to use at home. This rice cooker will not affect your electricity bills making it affordable and pocket friendly.

2. Prestige Delight PRWO 1-Litre Electric Rice Cooker (White)

  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Consumes 55 WATTS and operating voltage 230 VOLTS
  • Stainless steel lead in close fit size
  • The capacity of cooking 400 g of raw rice
  • Portable size and standard design

This rice cooker is from one of the best brand Prestige. The brand offers a one-year warranty on the product. It also gives unexpectable five years warranty on the heating plates, its power cord, and cool-touch handle. 

You will get a user manual and warranty card with this best rice cooker in India. If you have a small family you can buy this rice cooker without a doubt. You can enjoy a variety of food dishes with this rice cooker. 

You can cook your delicious soup, steam vegetables, or can even cook idlis and pulao. You get this amazing multipurpose rice cooker at an affordable price. You will forget about the traditional cooking ways with such low maintenance and hassle-free rice cooker. 

With the brand trust, you get a safe kitchen appliance which gives you safety assurance with low energy consumption. Multipurpose functionality of this rice cooker will help you cook your food in less time. 

3. Brayden Rizo V18 1.8 L Rice Cooker with Non-Stick Pot, Raspberry Red

  • Nonstick bowl with a unique design
  • Heat around technology which spreads heat uniformly all over the bowl
  • Transparent and tough glass lead
  • Soft press button to toggle between functions
  • Glamourous design in raspberry red color

Brayden is the brand which works to give you beautiful work experience. You will get trendy designs that suit your home interior and enhance its beauty. You can buy this rice cooker to showcase modern you. It let you discover your self with its automatic features.

With the challenging beauty with raspberry red colour this rice cooker can be the best rice cooker in India with its tough body. This rice cooker comes with a handle that never gets hot. You can thus handle and move the rice cooker with its handles. 

This Brayden rice cooker has dura nonstick coating on the cooking bowl. You get a brushed finish inside the bowl. It is very easy to clean this bowl and it also adds to the stylish look of the rice cooker. 

You get exciting freebies with this rice cooker which can attract you for sure. The measuring bowl you get with the rice cooker helps you in measuring the right amount of water. You also get flat ladle which is useful in stirring the cooked rice.

4. Prestige PRWO 1.8-2 700-Watts Delight Electric Rice Cooker with 2 Aluminium Cooking Pans

  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • It has a huge capacity for cooking 1000g of raw rice
  • Lid made up of stainless steel material
  • 5 years of warranty on the power cord as well as a heating plate
  • It consumes 230-volt operating voltage
  • Needs 700W for its working

Prestige is the most trusted brand in concern with an efficient and durable product. You can buy this electric rice cooker and make your life easier. This rice cooker is useful for multiple purposes. You get a detachable power cord with this rice cooker which makes it easier to move and carry. 

It has too aluminum cooking pan which can be used for various purposes. You can save your time by cooking more than one dish at a time. You don’t have to monitor the cooking process as it has an automatic feature. 

This prestige cooker has an attractive design with the full touch feature in its handle. You get a close fit lead made up of stainless steel. Stainless steel has no maintenance and also it is easy to clean. 

With such a sturdy body you get an advanced feature that cuts down your cooking time. This prestige rice cooker model huge capacity of cooking up to 1 kg of rice. Easy to use a model of prestige rice cooker uses 700 WATT power.

5. Panasonic SRWA 18 1.8 Liter Automatic Rice Cooker, White

  • Consumes 660 WATT power
  • The capacity of 4.4 liter
  • Automatic cooking function
  • Cooking pan made up of anodized aluminum material
  • 2 years warranty on the product
  • Additional 5 years warranty on heater
  • Scoop holder as a freebie

Panasonic rice cooker is no doubt the best rice cooker in India. You can enjoy well-cooked rice with a delicious aroma. You can also enjoy a variety of rice dishes like vegetable pulao, lemon rice or simply steam rice. 

This Panasonic model has a capacity of  4.4 litres which consumes 660 WATT power. It will make your rice ready to eat in almost 20 minutes. Automatic cooking assures no uncooked or over a cooked dish. Once the rice is completely ready power turns off automatically and your dish is ready to serve.

This rice cooker has enough capacity to cook rice for 6 people. If you have such a family with the eating habit of having rice in it, this is a must-buy kitchen appliance for you. It is very lightweight and easy to handle.

This rice cooker has easy to operate function which is an added advantage. The cooking bowl of this Panasonic rice cooker is made up of aluminum material making it durable and easy to clean. 

6. Prestige PRWO 1.5 Litre Red Colour Rice Cooker

  • 1-year product warranty
  • Heating plate warranty of 5 years
  • The capacity of 1.5 liters
  • The amazing automated feature of keeping warm
  • A power cord that can be detached
  • A lid and lever control switch

This is an amazing rice cooker with an attractive design. This prestige model comes in red colour having a great capacity of 1.5 litres. You can have this beautiful kitchen appliance at a very affordable price. With trust and brand assurance, this rice cooker needs low maintenance.

You can enjoy your cooking time with hassle-free cooking practices with this rice cooker. This rice cooker not only cooks raw rice but you can also enjoy a variety of dishes with its additional features. 

You can have healthy hot soup or can taste delicious pulao made with this Prestige PRWO rice cooker. You get a cool-touch handle with this rice cooker making it safe to carry and use. Once the rice is cooked this rice cooker automatically toggles to keep warm function assuring hot and healthy dishes to serve.

Each aspect from design to working can be rated best among all other rice cookers which makes it the best rice cooker in India. If you are looking for a rice cooker that will help you cook your food without much effort from a trusted brand then this rice cooker is for you. 

7. Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker with Stainless Steel Pot, Steamer Basket and Instant Access to Mealthy Recipe App. Pressure Cook, Slow Cook, Saute & More (3 litres)

  • Amazing programable rice cooker with a 9 in 1 program
  • Stainless steel cooking bowl
  • Slow cook, pressure cook, saute and many other functions
  • Comes with instant access to recipe app
  • With a variety of capacities starting from 3 litres

This is the best rice cooker in India having the most advanced functions. You get a smart digital control panel to operate these functions` with an easy touch. This appliance is smart enough to remember your last selection. 

You get an LCD screen having symbols of all the functions you can use. You can select these functions with a single touch. It is clear and simple making your task easier. You get an app with all the delicious recipes you can cook with a rice cooker.

You can also get a booklet of these recipes to enjoy a variety of dishes. Your quick reference sheets can be put on the fridge door. All these helps you cook like a pro. You can thus eat a new dish each day with a hassle-free cooking practice. 

This Mealthy Multipot rice cooker has a steamer basket made up of stainless steel. It also has raised a trivet having a high of 4 cm. This lets you cook two dishes at a time. 

8. Pigeon by Stovekraft Joy Rice Cooker with Single pot, 1 litres. A smart Rice Cooker for your own kitchen (White)

  • Attractive design with strong and durable material
  • The capacity of 1 litre
  • Warm indicator with keep warm feature
  • Assured healthy food with slow cooking feature
  • Easy operations with microswitch control
  • The cool-touch handle which is easy to carry
  • Unique cool and warm indicator
  • Aluminium pot for efficient cooking

Pigeon brand makes a modern kitchen dream come true with its beautiful kitchen appliances. This rice cooker is one such sturdy kitchen appliances you must buy to enhance the beauty of your kitchen interior and make cooking joyful. 

This electric rice cooker from the Pigeon brand can be used for cooking a variety of food in addition to plain rice. This multifunction rice cooker has a stainless steel lid easy to clean and maintain. You get a cool-touch handle as well as aluminum cooking bowl in this rice cooker.

This rice cooker keeps your food warm and healthy which assures delicious food whenever you serve. It can keep food warm up to 4 to 5 hours. It has 2 indicators namely cool and warm indicating the food temperature. Its lid prevents rice to spill off while cooking.

9. Geek Robocook Automatic 5 Litre Electric Pressure Cooker with 11 in 1 Function, Feather Touch Preset Menu (Non Stick Pot, Black)

This Geek Robocook kitchen appliance is all set to cook all king of delicious cook with a single rice cooker. You can make your breakfast dishes like momos or boiled vegetables using this rice cooker.

You get 7 safety guards which give you safety from pressure and temperature. It has a completely advanced cooking feature with a digital timer. You get nutritious food with this rice cooker which assures equal cooking all over the bowl.

There is a lot you can do with this rice cooker more than just cooking rice. You can bake your favourite cake, you can steam healthy vegetables you can also saut and fry in this rice cooker. This Geek Robocook rice cooker is more than expectation making it one of the best cookers in India. It is all in one rice cooker you must buy. 

This rice cooker offers efficient and fast cooking. Cook your favourite dishes with little manual intervention. All else will be the task of the cooker itself. It is thus the best smart rice cooker you must buy. 

10. Butterfly Wave 1.2-Litre Multi Cooker (Silver with Black)

  • Stainless steel material enhancing the durability of the product
  • The capacity of 1.2 litre
  • Automatic switch-off function
  • Has a knob to control the temperature
  • Uniform heating with 360-degree base
  • Transparent glass lid
  • Uses 600 WATT power
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty on the product

This is the most beautiful rice cooker you can buy for your modular kitchen. It has all features you want for cooking almost everything. Safety features help you cook with comfort. This rice cooker has an automatic shut off feature which gets turns off after cooking the rice. 

This saves power as well as give you freedom from monitoring the cooking process. You can use this rice cooker to boil eggs or make an instant tea with boiling water. This kitchen appliance is a must-have for a better cooking experience.

Enjoy your breakfast dishes prepared in half time with this butterfly wave rice cooker which comes in silver with a black finish. It has lengthy cod making it easy to relocate or move it.

Light indicators help in indicating the completion of the cooking process. Its comfortable and elegant handle makes it easy to carry. So, get this best rice cooker in India which is lightweight, stylish, and affordable too.

A Complete Buying Guide:

You must buy the best rice cooker in India to make your cooking experience easy. It saves time and helps in hassle-free cooking. So, stop using traditional methods of cooking rice, and get the best rice cooker in India. To select the best rice cooker in India among all available rice cookers in the market, you first have to understand its features and why you must buy it. 

The traditional method of cooking rice mostly done with pressure cookers. You have to be present in the kitchen till the rice gets cooked.  In addition to the vigilance you also have to be perfect with the water level in the cooker. To get the fluffy rice cooked completely, you have to be extra careful with the water in the vessel of rice. 

Rice cookers make this complete cooking experience more convenient than the pressure cooker. Rice cookers make your task easier without giving your precious time for vigilance. Electric rice cookers have a growing demand in the market. 

With their innovative and effective advance feature, these rice cookers become an essential appliance in your kitchen. There are some aspects you must look for while selecting the best rice cooker in India. So have a look at these important factors before choosing a one. 

Capacity and design according to need:

You can get rice cookers in a variety of capacities and sizes. Most of the appliances used in the kitchen are big in size. Thus, you have to choose them according to the space you have in your kitchen. Rice cookers are small in size, unlike those big kitchen appliances.

You can thus choose any of the rice cookers without concerning its size. Rice cookers will take space needed for a large vessel. So, you don’t have to worry about its size. 

Capacities are different from the size which is important in concern with the rice cookers. The capacity of the rice cookers majors in litres. You have to choose the capacity according to your family’s needs. It also depends on family member count and eating habits. 

You can see rice cooker capacities ranging from 1 litre which goes up to 6 litres and more. It thus is the first and most important aspect to consider your family size while buying the rice cooker. Three to five litres capacity is enough for a family having 5 to 6 members. 

With size and capacities, you can also look for designs available in the rice cookers. There are different colours available in the market you can choose from. Get the one that suits your kitchen interior perfectly.

Ease of operation:

Rice cookers available in the market have various features. These features have to be simple enough to understand and use. Go through each operation of the rice cooker in your shortlisted. You thus have to see these operations of the rice cooker you choose to buy.  

Advanced features add to the complexity of the operation. It is recommended to choose the rice cooker having functionalities you need. Those rice cookers having extra and complicated features will be of no use.

Most of the rice cookers work with one-touch technology. You just have to add rice and water and everything else will be the task of the rice cooker. You can set the timer on the cooker for efficient performance. You can set this timer according to the dish you want to prepare.

Some rice cookers offer advanced features like delay start, slow cooking, automatic/ manual keep warm, steaming, etc. The rice cooker has a self-time option that can be considered a good choice regarding the feature.

The self-timer feature is available in the best rice cooker in India. This function starts the cooking process at a specific time. It shows a timer which signifies the time left to serve the cooked rice. Such automated features will help you cook your favourite dishes easily.    

Lid designs:

Rice cookers have transparent glass lids or the lids made up of metal like stainless steel. Both have their looks. You can select anyone according to the design you want. The glass lid is completely see-through which helps you see your cooked rice without lifting the lid. 

Stainless steel lid can be said more durable than the glass lid. Though the glass lid is tough which does not break easily, stainless steel has a long-lasting life. You have a choice between both as per your requirement. 

Ease of cleaning:

Rice cookers are very easy to clean kitchen appliances. While buying the best rice cooker in India, you must ensure that the lid and the cooking bowl of the rice cooker are dishwasher safe. With such safe material, you can wash your rice cooker in the dishwasher without worries.

You can take a sponge scrub and soak it with dishwashing gel to clean your rice cooker. The scrub sponge and water are then enough to clean it thoroughly. You can check for the material of the cooking bowl and the lid. It varies from glass, stainless steel to aluminium too. 

You can select a non-stick coated cooking bowl which is very easy to clean. Nonstick coating helps inefficient cooking practice as food never sticks to its surface as it does to the aluminium surface. 

Automatic functions for efficiency :

You don’t have to be selected for this feature as almost all rice cooker has this built-in feature of automatic shut off. This function of the rice cooker switches off the cooking process and automatically shifts to keep warm function. This function thus gives you completely cooked rice always warm to serve. 

This toggle activity is automatic and completely hassle-free. You can choose any rice cooker to get the benefit of this useful feature. The automatic shutoff function helps you cook your rice without continuous monitoring. This gives you time to complete another task. It thus helps in saving your cooking time. 

More than the rice cooking:

If you are having a big family with more than six members, you can look for a multipurpose rice cooker. The advanced rice cookers are the kitchen appliance that can do more than just cooking the rice. 

You can expect features like steaming along with the rice cooking. You can use a rice cooker for steaming meat, vegetables along with the rice. You can choose such a layered rice cooker to use it for multipurpose. 

There are rice cookers which have features of simmer. You can simmer your pulses or soups in these rice cookers. You can have all or needed functions in a rice cooker. You can choose according to your family’s needs.

Accessories with the rice cookers:

The best rice cooker in India comes with a set of accessories. These advanced rice cookers work with electricity and have multiple features. For efficient working of these features, you need accessories like steaming tree, spoons, or spatula. 

Some rice cooker brands provide these useful accessories free of cost. It varies with the rice cooker model you choose. If you need such accessories you can select the brand and model of the rice cooker accordingly.

You can get measuring cups, steaming tray, spoons, foils, extra leads, and serving spoons with the rice cooker out of the box. 

The settings :

There are two types of rice cookers those with basic cooking options and those with advanced settings. It completely depends on your requirements to select one of these rice cookers. If your family eats cooked white rice only, you can have a basic rice cooker. 

Rice cookers having advanced settings can be used for multiple purposes. If you cook a variety of rice or eat steamed vegetables, you have to choose a rice cooker having an advanced setting. You will also have to buy additional accessories to use these features. 

Consider space :

Rice cookers come in a variety of capacities but they usually occupy space of a large vessel. Rice cookers are always handy and portable so that you can move them easily. Thus it is not a big issue to consider the space. You can buy any of the rice cookers and it will fit in your kitchen easily. 

Warranty :

You can get around 2 years warranty with the rice cookers. You must check about the warranty period as well as the terms and conditions of the brand before selecting the best rice cooker in India. Most of the brand offers a warranty on their rice cookers but you must go through the documentation provided with the product online or offline. 

Rice cooker is the appliance that you are going to use a daily basis. Thus, it is necessary to check the warranty for this appliance before buying it. You can assure the long life of the rice cooker with the assured warranty by the brand. It makes it necessary to check for the warranty period and keep it noted with you after buying the rice cooker also. 

After-sale service:

There are a number of brands you may come across while searching for a rice cooker. Some brands promise after-sale services but can’t keep with it. You can go for reviews to make sure whether the brand offers after-sale service promptly or not. 

As the after-sale service is very important to check it before buying the best rice cooker in India. You can also speak to the associate to conform to this after-sale service offer. You can ask these executives whether this service is free or paid. 


How do electric rice cookers work?

There is a removable bowl in the rice cooker. A thermostat is placed right below this thermostat. The user has to put rice and water in this bowl. It can be done using a measuring bowl to avoid any type of mistake in proportion. 

The bowl gets heated continuously. The temperature of the bowl is always maintained below the boiling point of water. This water gets absorbed by the raw rice for cooking. Rice cookers have an automatic turn off function which turns off the power when rice gets cooked.

How many types of Rice cookers are available in the market?

Cook and shut off: This type of rice cooker shuts off automatically, once the rice is well cooked and ready to serve. 

Cook and keep it warm: With this functionality of rice cookers, the rice gets cooked and the cooker shuts down. The appliance then automatically toggles to keep warm mode. This mode reduces heating and maintains the temperature of the dish to keep it warm and fresh.

Electronic cook and keep it warm: With this function, rice cookers cook the rice and maintain the temperature to keep the rice warm till long 12 hours. 

How can the user use the rice cooker more effectively?

Users must make sure that raw rice is thoroughly washed before starting the cooking process. Raw rice must be soaked I water a minimum half an hour before cooking it. Let the rice get cooked completely before opening the lid. 

White rice must be measure in a measuring bowl and added to the inner cooking bowl of the rice cooker. Then adding proportionate water to it is enough to start the cooking process. There are different proportions for different dishes. Once the raw food input into the cooking bowl, the lid is closed. Now the rice cooker cooks the food automatically.

How to choose the right capacity in the rice cookers?

A single person eats half to one full cup of rice. Accordingly, if the user is a single person, he does not need the rice cooker of huge capacity until he doesn’t have the party habits and has frequent guests.

The smallest capacity rice cooker available in the market is up to 3 cups of rice in a few brands. Most of the brands offer big size and a single person has to manage cooking with it. One can cook 10 cups of rice or 1 cup of rice in the same rice cooker. Thus rather considering the size of rice cooker users can focus on their budget. 

Is it worth spending on buying a rice cooker?

Appliances must be bought only if they are useful daily. If you have an eating practice in which you include rice daily, you must buy a rice cooker. Simply if you are going to use the rice cooker on a daily basis it is worth spending on this kitchen appliance. 

Most of the rice cookers have a product warranty as well as a warranty on its major functional part. If you are not going to use it frequently you must check the warranty period and durability offered by the brand in their appliances. 

You also have to give importance to the selection of a good rice cooker to make it worth spending your money. You should always buy good brand appliances that have quality and durability assurance. 

How to decide which rice cooker is best for me?

This completely depends on your eating habit. If you are habitual of eating white rice you must buy a rice cooker useful in cooking white rice only. If you enjoy eating a variety of dishes, you can buy a rice cooker having multiple features and functionalities.

What is the feature we must look for in the rice cookers?

There are some important functions, that are necessary for efficient cooking using a rice cooker. The timer is most important which makes cooking more convenient. The timer helps in cooking without much monitoring of the process. 

Look for a keep warm feature so that you always get hot and healthy food whenever you serve. Ease of operating the rice cooker is a must for convenient cooking. Too many features that are hard to operate will of no use. 

Check for brand durability assurance. Nonstick cooking bowls are always recommended over other cooking bowls. Your rice cooker must inform you when the rice is ready to serve. You have to look for a beeper function that notifies you about the completion of the process. 

How to make rice tasty using a rice cooker?

You have to choose raw rice wisely. Quality of the raw rice has a major role in cooking a delicious and tasty steamed rice. With the best quality of rice, you also have to be sure about washing the rice properly before starting the cooking process.

Raw rice may have coating or powder which has to be washed carefully before putting it in the cooking bowl of the rice cooker.

Do rice cookers have a function for cooking food other than rice?

Most of the advanced rice cookers have functionalities to cook a variety of dishes along with steamed rice. Rice cookers have a function that can be useful in baking, steaming, sauting, boiling and some of the brands also offer to fry.

All the dishes that involve such functioning can be cooked using a rice cooker. You can refer to the recipe books provided with the rice cooker. 

Is it necessary to buy a rice cooker?

If you are a busy person who has to rush for some other work, you must buy the rice cooker to save your time. You can buy a multipurpose rice cooker to save more time. Rice cookers can keep your food warm which is a very nice function for the people who like the food to be warm always. 

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