Top 10 Best Sewing Machine In India

By Trusha Patel

Sewing is just not only a skill but has become a necessity for modern life. People can utilize this skill in ways that go from daily use to innovative projects and designs. Productive sewing is possible if we have an adequate best sewing machine in India. 

Indian households, for the most part, have sewing machines as an essential appliance. So whether you’re just trying to get through your daily stitches and zippers or embarking on a new designing adventure, we will help you in finding the best sewing machine in India

Well, it can be quite confusing, especially for a new buyer to select which machine is the best for him. The reason behind the previous statement is that the market is too vast, has many options, and keeps growing. Also, not every user is familiar with particular features and how they compare to the others.

Fortunately for the users, we have taken the effort and presented to you the list of which we consider as the top ten sewing machines in India. This list is carefully selected according to user choices, reviews, and quality. The list also compares every product in its features and how they stand against other options. The list also presents the Pros, drawbacks, and main characteristics of every product. So do go through this list.

Top 10 Best Sewing Machine In India Review

1. Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine (White And Blue)

  • Usha is an electric sewing machine with arm free action.
  • It also comes with manual control for thread tension.
  • It has seven types of stitches already built-in.
  • Users can enjoy fourteen types of stitching applications.
  • It has a good sewing speed of 550 repetitions per minute.

Usha home appliances have been a part of Indian households for decades now. Usha has such a reputation in the market because of delivering quality appliances like Janome Dream Sewing Machine. Janome Dream has a round manual dial, for thread output control.

An innovative function is seven kinds of stitches programs that allow a user to make fourteen different applications of stitches. It has a light that will ensure proper visibility during sewing, and thread tension is manual, so the thread doesn’t break.

You can do zig-zag patterned stitching with this sewing machine too. Usha also ensures a compact design and a sturdy body for durability and convenience. This marvellous machine is backed up by a two-year warranty from Usha.

Also, there is an offer available where you can get an additional sewing kit for free with this machine. Users shouldn’t miss out on a great sewing machine like this.

2. Singer Tradition FM 2250 Sewing Machine (White)

  • Singer Tradition makes stitching very fast and convenient with its smooth operation.
  • You can adjust the seam length and width of zig-zag, so the fabric doesn’t pucker.
  • It has the power of impressive 80-watts.
  • It has about ten stitch types built-in for different outcomes.
  • There is a four-step control for buttonhole.

The Singer is a name often associated with best-in-class sewing machines out there. This machine is all about various choices because of up to ten stitching options that result in almost twenty-eight stitching applications and results. Thread management is effortless with this machine, and the adjustable dial ensures the thread doesn’t break off easily. 

It also has a separate arm function for sewing the cuffs and sleeves so you can do your work hassle-free. Tension control combined with stitch dial provides a user easy switching between options without the possibility of ruining your fabric. 

You get a dust cover, manual, and accessories in the box, and it comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty. Singer is an excellent choice for creative use and versatility. Thus it is a deserving candidate for the best sewing machine in India title.

3. Singer 8280 Sewing Machine, White

  • Singer 8280 can handle heavy-duty tasks easily.
  • Machine is compact and lightweight compared to its design.
  • You can apply up to twenty-four stitch applications with this machine.
  • There’s separate space for holding your accessories and sewing items.
  • You can do a maximum stitch of 5 mm width.

Singer remains one of the top brands for sewing machines because of the grasp it has and the options it presents to the user. Such a premium option is Singer 8280, which enables a user to use it for multiple operations. 

Singer 8280 can handle standard stitching and repairing to a heavy load of professional work. It is built with sturdy materials and is quite durable. You get a dial with seven kinds of stitching patterns so you can apply various designs, and the possibilities are up to twenty-four different applications. 

The machine is long-lasting in the sense that its inner frame is made of superior metal. Singer sewing machine comes with all the primary sewing accessories you will need and space for carrying them. Two-year warranty, along with a speed of 800 SPM, makes it stand out in the best sewing machine in India segment.

4. Singer Start 1306 Sewing Machine (White)

  • Singer 1306 is a combination of elegance and class.
  • It is one of the highest-rated sewing machines.
  • It has six different stitches with three categories.
  • You can easily switch between stitch functions with the dynamic steadiness of Start 1306.
  • It is powered by impressive 80-watts.

Yet another sewing option from Singer is Start 1306, and it proves Singer’s dominance in this market. The first and foremost feature that will catch your eye is six integrated stitching options with are of three categories: four of them are basic, one is decorative, and one is the buttonhole.

The machine also has a built-in LED light, so you have a sound vision while sewing. You can easily sew difficult areas like cuffs, borders, collars, etc. with a separate arm function. Multifunctional pressure foot comes with a zipper, buttonhole, and all-purpose foot.

You also have twin thread pins for double needle stitches. The inner body is made of sturdy metal, and design is portable. A combination of these features makes this machine a contender for the title of the best sewing machine in India.

5. Singer Promise 1408 Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine (White)

  • Singer Promise promises considerable ease at sewing.
  • It is recommended for any kind of use, may it be beginners or professionals.
  • You get eight types of stitching functions as a pleasant surprise.
  • Singer includes all the necessary accessories with the machine.
  • You get a two-year domestic warranty on this machine.

Singer just keeps impressing the buyers with a vast range to choose from. Singer Promise 1408 is unique in the sense that it enables any user to enjoy a superb sewing experience. First of all, is the diversity in terms of sewing operations, which are about eight in the number and result in almost thirty kinds of stitching applications.  

These eight operations are divided into categories like the straight, satin, zig-zag, buttonhole, and decorative. Singer household features like a free arm function and a robust metal body are an added charm. 

The pressure feet technology is improved with a snap off and snap on sensing for quick switching. All standard accessories and a two-year domestic warranty make Singer Promise, a promise of excellence for any sort of user.

6. Bernette Sew & Go 8-197 Stitch Designs Computerized Sewing Machine : Swiss Design by BERNINA Switzerland, 70 Watts, White and Raspberry

  • Bernette presents an example of swiss excellence in Sew & Go 8-197.
  • This machine is a premium quality sewing device made for extensive use.
  • It is a computerized sewing machine with an LCD screen.
  • You get various stitch patterns that make this a master of innovation.
  • You have input buttons for deciding the stitch pattern and applications.

Bernette comes in the best sewing machine in India segment with their top model Go 8-197. Its outstanding quality is that it is a professional computerized machine with input buttons. As its name suggests, it can apply up to 197 different stitch patterns.

Its versatility ranges from simple line stitching to alphabet, flowers, petals, and leaves, etc. You can sew up to a maximum width of 7mm. This machine stands out in looks too, as it seems like industrial equipment with a start-stop and input buttons. 

An LCD is there to show you the input and other measures for convenience. Quality surely comes at a price, as it is top quality form Bernette and is accordingly priced. You get an impressive speed of 850 SPM, that combined with its features, makes it a master class sewing machine.

7. Singer Simple 3223 85-Watt Automatic Sewing Machine (Green)

  • Singer Simple 3223 has a simple design with aesthetically pleasing looks.
  • It has 23 integrated stitching patterns for multiple stitches.
  • You get a darning plate for the protection of the fabric from teeth.
  • You can easily adjust the seam length with the dial.
  • It is powered by an impressive 85-watts of power.

Singer Simple looks very simple in terms of its vibrant colour options and aesthetically beautiful design. The unique look is backed by classy features such as twenty-three integrated stitch patterns and an adjustable dial to control them. The machine has many other flexible features like adjustable stitch length and a reverse lever. 

You can slide and access the storage space for all the standard accessories that come with your Singer Simple 3223. The pressure foot is designed with snap tech so you can easily control the sewing. You can use this machine even for various applications like stipple quilting, buttoned sewing, and monograms, etc. 

Bobbins can easily be inserted and taken out without damaging the needles or surface. The power of 85-watts means that you wouldn’t fall short of performance while working on dense fabrics or heavy-duty stitching. This device, along with its looks, is a decent addition to the list of the best sewing machine In India.

8. CHILLAXPLUS Portable 4 In 1 Mini Sewing Machine With Adapter And Foot Pedal

  • It is a mini sewing machine with portability as the main feature.
  • It comes with an adapter for on the go functionality.
  • It has an integrated vision light for assistance.
  • You have a hand-operated wheel with a speed control button.
  • Its size may be compact, but it can handle most sewing tasks.

ChillaxPlus makes you chill and relax from all your sewing worries as you’ve got your sewing tasks on the go. The compact design is made for portability and ease of carrying it with you while travelling or doing multiple stitching tasks. 

If we take a look at its functionality, it has a mixture of traditional sewing machines and modern ones. It has a hand-rotating wheel and an on and off switch facility. You, as a user, have the choice of selecting either the pressure foot tech or if you don’t want to use it, you can set the speed via high and low controls.

Don’t let ChillaxPlus’s size fool you as this small machine can handle most of the sewing tasks efficiently. You can run it on either the power adaptor or four AA batteries as per your choice. There is also a manual adjustment for thread tension, and all these features make this a favourable gift item.

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HNESS mini electric sewing machine is recommended for users who are looking for the comfort of portability. It is so lightweight and easy to carry that sewing wouldn’t be a hassle at all from now on. 

If you’re a home tailor or need occasional stitching for daily use or even want to learn the basics of sewing, then this machine will suit your profile very well. You get a provided lamp for clear vision while sewing and a thread cutting function. Also, you get dual tech: on and off functionality and foot pedal. 

It is suitable for light use and not much recommended for dense fabrics. Its manual is a charm for new users as you can access an online tutorial via it.  It has two levels of speed with manual control. The sophisticated looks and features make this a perfect gift item.

10. HNESS Multifunction Household Sewing Machine with 19 Types Multiple Stitch Patterns,Built in Handle with Cutter,Sewing Machine for Home,Mini Sewing Machine, Sewing Machines Mini Electric

  • HNESS has a beautiful dual-coloured design with flower patterns.
  • It has many stitch functions that go up to almost nineteen in number.
  • It is an electric machine but the design is very sleek.
  • Adjustable speed and directional dial with winding function.
  • It also comes with an accessories storage compartment.

This mini sewing machine is a perfect blend of smaller sewing machines and traditional ones. It looks exquisite and a thing of beauty in terms of bright colours and flowered patterns. Also, the body is very sleek, and the weight is around 1600-1800 grams. 

This elegant machine performs almost all the major sewing tasks with ease. It has a total of 19 stitching variations for you to apply many patterns on your fabrics. You have been provided with adjustable knobs for speed and thread pressure, ensuring the safety of your fabrics. 

You get dual-directional sewing and a LED light for assistance in vision. You get a separate accessories box for carrying your essentials in one place, and the power rating is DC 6V that comes with a 1000 mA adapter. Its unique design and best of both worlds functionality make this a choice for the title of the best sewing machine in India.

Final Words:

So here you’ve gone through the list of top picks in the best sewing machine in India segment. We hope that this list has been of help and assistance to you.

Many users may still find it difficult to keep track of technical terms and make a choice when all the options seem too good and attractive. For this very reason, here we are providing a research and buying guide for sewing machines.

Buying Guide For Best Sewing Machine In India:

Know Which Sewing Machine To Buy:

We all have been seeing sewing machines in your homes or around us for a long time. It means that the sewing machines have been a preferred appliance for Indian families, and buying them was quite easy in olden days. But these days with such a vast market, so many brands and even many more functions you may need assistance. 

Don’t worry as we are compiling the list of key things to look for next time you’re buying a sewing machine.

#Types Of Sewing Machines

The thing that should be one of your primary concerns is what kind of sewing machine you are going to buy. Because with the type of machine, its functionality, use, and price, etc. changes. Here are the kinds of sewing machines that are popular in India:

1. Traditional Or Mechanical Sewing Machines

This type of machine must be the ones we all have seen in our childhood. Our mothers and grandmothers used to sew dresses and repair our clothes in minutes skillfully. It has the lowest number of features compared to other types, and operation is entirely manual.

Manual functionality means it is complete physical control and effort. The initial variants of these machines were much heavy. They were operated by handwheels, and as the time progressed foot pedal, and spin operated machines came into existence. Now instead of rotating wheels through force, you just need to put pressure on the pedal.

Many professionals, over time, added the motor power to these machines, and they became a part of tailor shops. These machines are getting out of trend as they have their limitations, and you can’t stitch different patterns or make different designs. Also, You don’t have automation and speed control as effective as electric ones. Mechanical ones are also on the heavier side and not easy to carry. 

2.Automatic or Electrical Sewing Machines

The machines which belong to modern times are electrical sewing machines. These are compact devices, with elegant designs and beautiful outer bodies. These machines have overtaken the market, and options are vast from budget to the premium segment.

Many household brands like Singer, Rajesh, etc. also have upgraded their line up, and many newer brands have also emerged. These machines are for everyone, may it be a beginner, tailor, crafter, or even a fashion designer. Their adaptability is due to the functions like multiple stitch patterns, thread pressure control, automatic power, and speed control, higher range of speed, compactness, in-built design features, and lighting for excellent vision.

Also, some premium ones in the electrical segment come with a display screen and stitch modes like embroidery, bordering, patching, etc.

3.Computerized Sewing Machines 

This type of machine is used for industrial and heavy-duty professional usage. You can input the data with the given buttons and see it work as an automatic machine making various patterns and doing multiple stitches at a time.

4.Mini Sewing Machines

This type of sewing machines have features of both the traditional ones and electrical ones. The primary purpose of this machine is portability. These are popular gift items and very lightweight. You can do simple stitching tasks on it. Users who need to do light sewing tasks can go for this budget-friendly option.

So elect accordingly which kind of operation you need for determining the best sewing machine in India for you.


SPM stands for stitches per minute. SPM is the speed unit of a sewing machine. You should look for a machine that has a medium to high speed for sturdy stitches. The recommended amount is 600 stitches per minute, and you should go more for this or more than it.


Where traditional sewing machines are built with heavy metal, newer sewing machines are compact, lightweight, and made of dual materials. Don’t be fooled just by the aesthetics and make sure a machine which has an outer shell should have a sturdy metal frame to support it. Singer sewing machines are particularly famous for their robust metal skeletons.

#Stitches And Patterns

When we see how a tailor joins two pieces of clothes in a line that is known as a single line stitching and is the most common, nowadays modern sewing machines have many stitches patterns like zig-zag, buttonhole, pot, etc. and they can stack up to 8 to 10 types of stitches.

So for different tasks and different designs, these patterns exist. You should keep in mind that a machine with five to eight stitch pattern is good enough for most users. However, you may see many professional sewing machines with patterns counting up to 200.

#Foot Pedal

Especially newer machines come with different pedal variations for easy control of speed. There are also pattern-oriented foot pedals that make zig-zag, reverse stitching and buttoning, etc. very comfortable. 

#Warranty and Consumer Service 

Warranty is a factor that is sometimes forgotten by users while making a purchase. Sewing devices are, after all, machines and do need proper care and maintenance. Look for up to two to three years’ warranty with your product. Go through the user manual and warranty terms and conditions, so you don’t create any problems in your appliance.  Also, don’t be hesitant to contact customer service when you need help in operating or another kind of assistance.

#Additional Features

Additional features differ from variant to variant. Your preference for these should be according to your purpose.

  • Snap Foot tech
  • Automatic Thread Cutting
  • Speed Modes and Control buttons.
  • A display screen and lighting.
  • Dual Needle weaving.

So these were some additional features that may affect your decision while giving a particular machine the title of best sewing machine in India.

Tips To Follow:-

Apart from these pointers, you may follow these tips relating to a sewing machine. These tips will help you in choosing a perfect product and take appropriate care of it.

  • Always Keep in mind your purpose behind the purchase. You can be an enthusiast eager to learn a new skill or a professional or maybe just a beginner or, more commonly, a daily user. Your purpose affects your budget and design of the machine which you should choose. So be clear about your use and see which choices fit into that profile.
  • It is well said that quality comes at a price, so you may want to cross your budget a bit for the superior modal. Keep in mind that you should establish a balance between rate and the qualify desired. This thing is possible if you give importance to the requirement for which you need that machine.
  • Adhere to guidelines and instructions given in the user manual and follow all the directions. If you are confused or stuck at some point, you may contact customer service. Some brands these days provide online tutorials for you to learn and use the machine properly.
  • Clean your machine from time to time and keep it covered with its dust cover. Many brands provide a dust cover in the box.
  • Use all the required accessories for the best performance. Many companies like Singer provide accessories in the box, and you should carry them with the machine.

So these were some tips to keep a note of if you want your choice to be the best sewing machine in India.


Q1 What Are Some Of The Most Known Brands Of Sewing Machines?

Sewing machine market is ever-growing and has gotten a lot of boom in the last two years. Because of that reason, many new brands have emerged along with some household ones. The most known brand in India is Singer, and after that, Usha, HNESS, and others come in the line.

Q2 Why do my needles break too often?

Most sewing machines have a function of thread tension. If you don’t set it according to your fabric and sewing purpose, the needles will break. So do keep in mind the thread tension, and many modern sewing machines have a mode dial for that.

Q3 When to clean the sewing machine?

The answer to this question depends on how you use your sewing machine. The factors deciding it are your frequency of use, workload, and how you carry it. Most of the time, there are cotton or fabric residual that may get stuck and cause problems. So it is advisable to clean it from time to time.

Q4 How to make different patterns and designs with your sewing machine?

Most of the modern sewing machines, especially electric ones, come with dials or pressing buttons to guide the machine for a particular type of pattern or stitch. Some premium options are also a computerized device that can make intricate designs too.

Q5 Which is the best sewing machine in India?

If we come full circle, the initial query was this question. Reply to that query is that it depends on the purpose of a user, whether its regular use or professional, and also gets affected by the price and additional features. All in all, the verdict is to decide your priorities and compare those choices between options that are in your budget. Then you’ll know which is the best sewing machine for you.


Sewing has been an essential part of our life since we have started living as a civilization. It is just not a skill today but also a means of earning and a hobby too. For being good at these aspects of sewing, you’ll need a great assistant.

That great assistant would be a great sewing machine, and we hope that we helped you in finding one. We are glad that you’ve gone through this exploration of which machine could be the best sewing machine in India.

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