10 Best Skateboard in India 2021

By Trusha Patel

In this hectic and monotonous schedule, it is challenging for us to find an activity that would serve as a purpose of recreation and would help us de-stress ourselves. Sticking to a fixed activity or exercise regime is very difficult, and we often lack motivation. Thus, choosing an activity like skating is fun when you have the best skateboard under your feet. 

Skating is an active sport that has numerous health benefits and keeps you fit and fine. Skating burns calories and is a great lower body exercise that works on your calves, glutes, and thigh muscles, as well as keeps your heart healthy. It also has a positive effect on your mental health and lifts your mood. 

If your body aches from going to the gym or performing some kind of high-intensity workout, then skating is the thing for you. It has a low impact on your joints and thereby prevents joint and muscle pain. Thus, the best electric skateboards are in high demand in today’s market for cross-training activities and daily fitness schedules. 

Thus without wasting much time, we would directly delve into the analysis of the 10 best skateboards that are available in the market.

10 Best Skateboard In India 2021 Review

1. Strauss Bronx FT Skateboard

  • The exclusive quality of ball-bearing made from carbon makes the riding experience easy and smooth.
  • Graphic designs impart the cool and trendy look of the skateboard.
  • The robust wooden base of the skateboard can withstand the high weight and would not give away.
  • Optimum length, width and truck height provides maximum balancing ability.

The Strauss Bronx skateboard looks so trendy that you can boast about it amongst your peer group. And not just the looks of it even the utility and functionality of this skateboard is incomparable.

The make of the skateboard is such that it can adapt to multi conditions, and the deck is elastic and hard for easy usage.

2. Jaspo Wooden Hurricane Skateboard Suitable for Age Group Above 10 Years with 90 kg Weight handling Capacity (27" x 7")Uk,1 Piece Black

  • The wooden deck of the skateboard is very light-weight and durable that lasts long
  • Threshold weight of 100 kgs for very healthy persons
  • Concave design and double kicktail for better balancing and usability
  • Equally suitable for users from all age groups and proficiency
  • Anti-skidding and bearing support to prevent accidents and mishaps

The Jaspo Hurrican skateboard is made from 7-layered hard teak wood to provide high durability and makes this one of India’s best skateboards.

The concave design of the skateboard is perfect for 360s, and all kinds of action move. The skateboard has a 4-inch nylon composite and a PU shock absorber for almost no impact on your joints and muscles.

3. Nivia Skateboard

  • Light-weight and easy to ride on without much effort from the user
  • Cool and modern look with artistic graphics engraved on the deck of the skateboard
  • Durable and robust ball-bearing for a clean and effortless ride
  • No need of assembling the skateboard, as it comes in preassembled fashion

The Nivia Skateboard is available in two different blue and black colors, and you can choose as per your choice. The graphic design makes it a cool option for teenagers as well as young individuals.

The skateboard’s weight is very light, and you can not feel the weight while performing stunts and actions. The durable and robust ball bearing feature of this skateboard makes it one of the best skateboard in the market.

4. Swagtron 66242-2 Swag Board NG-1 Motorized Electric Skateboard (Black)

  • The deck of the skateboard is made from high-quality maple wood and allows for more traction while riding
  • 24 volts Li-Fe battery to go on for 10 hours on a single charge
  • The grip tape feature of this skateboard firms the grip of the user and prevents accidents
  • Durable polyurethane wheels to last you a lifetime

The Swagtron skateboard is one of the best electric skateboards in the market. It is 2equipped with a 24 vol LI-Fe battery that needs recharging periodically.

It can also be used as a standard skateboard and has got a firm grip and durable deck.

  • Made from very high-quality fiber material which makes it extremely durable and long-lasting making it one of the best skateboard that is available
  • Can withstand the high weight of up to 90 kgs and the high-density fiber keeps it intact for long-distance skating
  • The PU busing and seven ball-bearing settings put a low impact on the joints of the users and thereby gives a comfortable riding experience
  • The trucks of the skateboard are designed with high angle gravity for aggressive and action-filled skating experience

The Jaspo Dragonfire skateboard is made from a 7-layered high-quality fiber that makes it highly durable. Threshold weight of 90 kgs makes this skateboard an unavoidable choice and one of the best skateboards in the competitive market.

This is completely safe since the firm grip, and high-density fiber deck ensure anti-skidding and prevent accidents.

6. Klapp Skateboard, Colour may be Vary (Small)

  • 3-D graphics on the deck of the skateboard makes it a primary choice for young individuals
  • High-quality, reliable ball bearing for a smooth and comfortable ride
  • It is available in multiple colors and prints, and you can choose from the wide variety
  • Preassembled ready-to-use skateboard

The Klapp Skateboard has a 3-D graphic design on the deck and looks very attractive and cool. The make of the skateboard is very fine, and the ball-bearings help you have a very comfortable riding experience.

You have the option of choosing it from a wide variety of colors to suit your personality.

  • An optimum dimension of 27/6.5 inches along with rounded edges makes it a preferable choice
  • Adjustable bearings to allow you for aggressive and high-speed skating
  • This is a mini-cruiser, and all skill-level skaters would be comfortable on this skateboard
  • Light-weight but the durable deck helps in comfortable riding and maneuvering

The Jaspo Expert keyboard has just the optimum dimensions for the perfect skating experience, suitable for both adults as well as young learners.

The wheels’ ball-bearing can be customized for different skating levels, be it smooth or aggressive. You need not worry about your skill level before buying this best skateboard as it suits all skill-level of skaters.

8. Jaspo Ride On Penny Polypropylene Skateboard (22.5" x 5.5")Uk, 1 Piece (Black)

  • Available in a wide range of vibrant colors that suits all age groups
  • Ready-to-use skateboard needs no assembling and can be ridden upon 56 immediately after unboxing
  • The maximum load capacity of 60 kgs makes this a suitable choice for all age groups
  • Can serve as a perfect gift for every occasion

The Jaspo Ride skateboard provides you with the right combination of skating and portability and is a good competitor for the best skateboard position in the market.

This micro board is suitable for cruising and can also perform several tricks. Moreover, your backpack can also be fitted in this skateboard for added advantage.

9. Aurion skateboard

  • Specifically designed for beginners to perform tricks and for aggressive skating experience
  • Colorful graphic on the deck of the skateboard to attract the attention of your peers
  • The robust wooden deck that can withstand heavyweight of the user
  • The optimum size of 17*7 inches for exact balancing and comfortable riding experience

The Aurion Skateboard is one of India’s best skateboards, and it is a top-notch choice for beginners with all the premium features. The colorful graphic deck of this skateboard can not go unnoticed and is sure to catch your peers’ eyes.

All the tricks can be well performed with this skateboard, and it is durable enough to last a lifetime.

10. Jaspo Destructor Graffiti Fiber Composite Skateboard, Suitable for Age Group Above 8 Years, Multicolour, 31X8 Inches, 1 piece

  • 31/8 inches optimum dimensions make this skateboard an assorted choice for all
  • Polyurethane wheels make the ride enjoyable and safe for the users
  • The trucks are cast in a way such that it can withstand high-angle gravity, and thus aggressive tricks can be performed safely
  • The bushing support can withstand heavyweight and is also fit for raising high-speeds

The Jaspo Destructor skateboard is a premium quality product that serves on its words. It is the first choice for professional skaters and is one of the best skateboards available in the market at this price range. This skateboard is scratch-proof and has anti-skid features.

Buying Guide For Best Skateboard

It is quite a tiresome job to choose the right skateboard for yourself from the wide variety of choices available for you. Here we are trying to narrow down a few points that will help you choose the correct skateboard for yourself. 

Before knowing about the different varieties of skateboards, we must initially learn about the various types of skateboards that are commonly available. In general, three varieties of skateboards are widely popular in the market, viz: long, standard, and mini. 

The extended variety is suitable for professionals. These skateboards are more expansive and have much deck space. Most of the best electric skateboards are of this variety. These skateboards have excellent balancing abilities.

The cruiser skateboards, on the other hand, are mainly meant for cruising. These skateboards are suitable for beginners and are equipped with comparably softer wheels. The size of this skateboard is smaller. 

Both non-electric skateboards and the best electric skateboards are of the standard variety. These are midway between the longboards and the mini cruisers. This variety is suitable for beginners as well as professional skaters.

Things to be considered while choosing the right skateboard for yourself:

  • The material of the deck: Choose a skateboard with at least 7-ply maple or teak wood deck. This is the recommendation, even for beginners. And if you are an avid skater and would like to opt for the best electric skateboards, then go for an 8 or 9 ply deck.
  • Diameter and hardness of the wheels: This depends upon the purpose for which you are buying the skateboard. If your purpose is to roam around with the best electric skateboard, then go for longboards with hard wheels, having a larger diameter. 

However, if you are a beginner and would not perform tricks, then just for learning, you can choose penny boards. These are small skateboards fit for beginners and has smaller wheels. The best skateboards are available in both the varieties. 

  • The length of the deck: This is another crucial factor in choosing the right skateboard for you. Choose the size depending on your age, purpose, and height. 
  • Capacity: Choose a skateboard that can hold weight a little higher than your weight, since while performing the tricks, the impact on the skateboard increases and it might break. This also goes while you choose the best electric skateboard for yourself
  • Price: The last factor but not the least. Decide upon a budget and stick to it. Do your part of the research and then have a rough idea about the price of the skateboards. Do not spend a hefty amount on features that you would not even use.

Thus be it a standard skateboard or the best electric skateboard that you are searching for, you must do your part of the research and then opt the right one for you. Here, we have tried to make your research a little easier and have pointed out the things to be kept in mind while opting for the perfect skateboard.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Are there any guidelines that must be followed to keep my skateboard going for a long time?

It is advised not to skate with your board through rainy seasons and puddles or wet areas. Most of the skateboards are splashproof and thus can not withstand much water. The best electric skateboards are not at all meant to be used in wet areas as their batteries might get damaged in that way.

Q2. How can I figure out that the bearings of my skateboard wheels need replacement?

You will need to replace the wheel’s bearings if on giving the wheel a sudden rotation, it stops out of nowhere. However, bearings are inexpensive and would not cost much

Q3. My skateboard ever goes straight; what should I do?

You need to check the truck bushing of your skateboard. The truck bushing is responsible for taking sharp turns. Thus by checking and working on that, maybe you will be able to solve your problem.

Q4. What are the few top brands for the best electric skateboards?

The few top-notch brands for skateboards are Strauss, Aurion, Nivia, Jaspo, Swagtron, e.t.c.

Q5. Can I add lubricants in the wheels of my skateboard?

No. It attracts more dirt and is not an advisable option to use lubricants on your skateboard wheels.


Thus, choosing the best electric skateboard as well as standard non-electric skateboards is now easier. Read the article and do not forget to let us know if we missed out on something by commenting below.

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